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Fri Mar 21 17:11:59 2014 UTClccn-n790349510.10Stolen gold : a Western trio /0.181.00To live strivingly /5009937Max_Brandn 7903495122862572286258268541Austin, Frank.Baxter, G. O.Baxter, George Owen.Brand, MaksBrand, Max.Brands, Maksis, 1892-1944Butler, Walter C. 1892-1944 PseudonymChallis, GeorgeChallis, George 1892-1944 PseudonymEvans, Evan.Evans, Evan 1892-1944 PseudonymFaust, Frederick.Faust, Frederick, 1892-1944Faust, Frederick 1892-1944 Wirklicher NameFaust, Frederick Schiller.Faust, Frederick Schiller 1892-1944Frederick, John 1892-1944 PseudonymFrost, Frederick.Frost, Frederick 1892-1944 PseudonymSchiller Faust, FrederickcontainsVIAFID/11397207Austin, Frank, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/13861634Baxter, George Owen, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/16318610Bolt, Lee, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/18773187Butler, Walter C., 1892-1944containsVIAFID/21231380Challis, George, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/60634033Dawson, Peter, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/23691884Dexter, Martin, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/40928653Evan, Evin, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/43391309Evans, Evan, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/63097332Faust, Frederick Schiller, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/45853630Frederick, John, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/48317456Frost, Frederick, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/45853624Lawton, Dennis, 1892-1944Manning, David, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/53241133Morland, Peter Henry, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/50776761Owen, High, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/58167894Silver, Nicholas, 1892-1944containsVIAFID/55701428Uriel, Henry, 1892-1944lccn-n50018918Tuska, Jonfast-941202Geraldi, James (Fictitious character)lccn-n50005330Nolan, William F.1928-lccn-n50024424Easton, Robert Olneyedtfast-896878Doone, Ronicky (Fictitious character)lccn-no96057043Bond, Jimnrtfast-987487Kildare, Doctor (Fictitious character)lccn-n79011137Grey, Zane1872-1939lccn-n84018652Stewart, James1908-1997actlccn-n78038757Donlevy, BrianactBrand, Max1892-1944FictionWestern storiesFilm adaptationsDramaHistoryWestern storiesFrontier and pioneer lifeUnited States, WestBrand, Max,AlaskaOutlawsLiteratureAuthors, AmericanSled dogsRevengeMexicoDogsleddingApprenticeship programsIndians of North AmericaFrontier and pioneer life in literatureCardsharpingSheriffsWomen entertainersCorruptionDetective and mystery stories, AmericanGrey, Zane,Chandler, Raymond,Hammett, Dashiell,American fictionNoir fiction, AmericanWolvesNovelists, AmericanWashington (State)RanchesCaliforniaFugitives from justiceMissing personsFaust, Frederick Schiller,Judicial errorMurderYukonDoone, Ronicky (Fictitious character)Fathers and sonsMamlok, UrsulaGoodman, Alfred,Geraldi, James (Fictitious character)ComposersKoffler, Józef,Political refugeesBrand, Max,GermanyNational socialism and musicWestern radio programsGunfightsVendetta189219441900190419051907191119141918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014201521603617086693813.52PS3511.A87ocn073565078ocn073305939ocn073688595ocn073612278ocn073612141ocn073612195ocn073612220ocn073612197ocn073612257ocn073612253ocn042184753ocn801785208ocn676322185ocn692043670ocn691775574214138ocn049295125file19210.20Brand, MaxThe seventh manFictionWestern storiesRenowned Western writer Max Brand does it again in the eminently enjoyable novel The Seventh Man. Packed with enough action and romance to please even the most die-hard fans of the genre, the novel also addresses a wide range of important themes with insight and sensitivity. This classic's appeal extends far beyond the core audience for Westerns -- give it to a yet-to-be-won-over friend or loved one, and soon they'll be clamoring for more+-+3089509516171320ocn007464275book19660.16Brand, MaxMax Brand's best western storiesFictionWestern storiesWine on the desert--Virginia creeper-MacDonald's dream--Partners--Dust across the range--The bells of San Carlos154921ocn034355413book19960.16Brand, MaxThe lightning warrior : a western storyFictionWestern stories"A red-haired blue-eyed giant called Cobalt" sets out to capture "the unblemished pelt of the Lightning Warrior as a betrothal gift" for Sylvia Baird, but instead he returns with the wolf itself, tamed.--Cover+-+3101571325324151027ocn013333759book19190.13Brand, MaxRiders of the silencesFictionWestern storiesA bloodthirsty band of marauders sweep over the range seeking vengeance for the death of one of its members+-+K339964696147415ocn035637830book19960.12Brand, MaxThe stone that shines : a western storyFictionWhen Dick Rutherford loses all his money in a horse race, he asks his fiancee to wait for him while he heads into the Far West to seek his fortune+-+0982571325144520ocn032698139book19300.15Brand, MaxSixteen in Nome : a North-Western storyFictionWestern storiesA sixteen-year-old boy who is cold, hungry, and desperate goes to work for the owner of the most famous husky in Alaska and embarks on a dogsled trek across the Yukon+-+836257132532413167ocn011783680book19580.12Brand, MaxMountain gunsA stranger from the East came to the trading post deep in the wilderness looking for the man he must kill. What he found was trouble123917ocn037315331book19770.12Brand, MaxThe fugitive's mission : a western trioFictionContains three stories: 1) "The Fugitive's Mission"--Is the tale of a man released from prison and looking for the loot he served time for. 2) "The Strange Ride of Perry Woodstock"--Perry has a coded message that tells him of a buried treasure. 3) "Reata" - Apprehended as a pickpocket, Reata manages to escape jail with the help of a master criminal ... but there is a price+-+2502571325123335ocn006648801book19210.13Brand, MaxBull HunterFictionWestern storiesA man who could rip a tree trunk from the ground with his bare hands or tame the wildest stallion with his kind manner -- that was Bull Hunter. No sensible soul west of the Pecos would have dared run afoul of the mighty frontiersman. But Pete Reeve didn't have the reputation of a dead shot because he relied on his common sense. Then the two men crossed paths, and townsfolk from Cheyenne to San Antonio braced for a battle that would end up with either a couple of gut-shot gunslingers -- or a pair of living legends+-+3636549206123114ocn010997389book19610.12Brand, MaxTrouble in TimberlineFictionWestern storiesColor illustration on front cover of a man wearing western clothing on horseback in a grassy field surrounded by pine trees and mountains holding a rifle in his hands looking to his proper left at three horsemen in the distance+-+4345310596122217ocn037675780book19240.12Brand, MaxIn the hills of Monterey : a western storyFictionWestern storiesFrancisco Valdez arrives in Spanish California to marry Ortiza Tarabal, but she falls in love with his slave, El Rojo+-+2334571325121415ocn040423450book19990.10Brand, MaxStolen gold : a Western trioFictionAn exciting collection of three short novels from the master of Western fiction includes "Sheriff Larrabee's Prisoner," in which a rugged lawman must track a murder suspect even though his daughter believes that the suspect is innocent+-+288867132512018ocn034355398book19960.12Brand, MaxThe wolf strain : a western trioContains three western stories, "Bared Fangs," "Gallows Gamble," and "The Wolf Strain," by early twentieth-century American writer Max Brand+-+9711571325118123ocn212376277book19270.10Brand, MaxThe city in the skyFictionWhen Les Tarron, a young man looking for adventure, meets Doran, a loner on a mysterious errand, Les takes on Doran's job when Doran is shot and puts himself in the crosshairs of a cold-blooded killer+-+4341595696115813ocn039778770book19990.12Brand, MaxThe survival of Juan OroHistoryFictionWestern storiesJuan Oro, a young American brought up by Indians, is captured in battle by a Spanish lord. He is sent to apprentice with a famous gunslinger with instructions to learn the trade, then kill him. But during training a bond forms between pupil and teacher. A 1925 magazine serial, now published in book form+-+1078671325115623ocn011346437book19220.12Brand, MaxThe rangeland avengerFictionWestern storiesWhile Riley Sinclair relentlessly pursues the men who abandoned his injured younger brother, leaving him to die in the desert, one of the pursued commits suicide and another saves Sinclair from a lynching party+-+0167499006113711ocn039368437book19980.12Brand, MaxThe gauntlet : a western trioHistoryFictionWestern storiesIn The blackness of MacTee, Kate Malone nearly breaks up the duo of Red Harrigan and Black MacTee when she admits that she loves one more than the other. In The king of rats, Reata returns with his rawhide rope. In The gauntlet, Joseph Stillwater Larrimee has to choose between making the claim on the gold he's found and searching for the mysterious lady who is surrounded by a gang of toughs+-+9916671325113617ocn041977355book19990.12Brand, MaxGunman's goal : a western storyFictionWestern storiesJames Giraldi is a thief. One that steals from other thieves. He is begged to help find Louise Asprey's father and refuse the ten thousand dollars to locate the man, until a cold-blooded mercenary named Dick Renney takes the case+-+1203671325111313ocn012665254book19250.12Brand, MaxThe black signalFictionWestern storiesHandsome, reckless Lew Melody, gunfighter and gambler, falls in love with the belle of the range, Sandy Furnival, but his marriage plans are wrecked when he guns down a hired killer111117ocn071833344book19580.13Brand, MaxThe stingareeFictionWestern storiesWhen Alabama Joe drifted into Fort Anxious, his one friend there was the boy Jimmy Green. Most people thought Joe was just an easygoing tramp who would do anything to avoid a fight. Stanley Parker, however, suspected that the stranger was more dangerous than he pretended to be. Ever since Parker had won fame and fortune by gunning down the notorious Bob Dillman, he had been expecting the outlaw's partner, the deadly Stingaree. And Parker knew he would have to kill the Stingaree - if he could!+-+63842903068531ocn000059323book19700.29Easton, Robert OlneyMax Brand, the big westernerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliographyA biography of Frederick Faust (1892-1944), best known by his pen name Max Brand, popular writer of short stories, westerns, historical romances, etc6313ocn017162845book19870.50Hamilton, Cynthia SWestern and hard-boiled detective fiction in America : from high noon to midnightCriticism, interpretation, etc6103ocn028709558book19930.50Bloodworth, William AMax BrandCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of Max Brand4202ocn000130127book19710.56Ferlinghetti, LawrenceBack roads to far places3452ocn013756565book19850.56Max Brand, western giant : the life and times of Frederick Schiller FaustBiographyBibliography+-+97477242352111ocn029179450visu19930.21Marshall, GeorgeDestry rides againDramaFilm adaptations"Destry, a mild-mannered deputy who doesn't like guns ... is called to restore order to the hopelessly corrupt frontier town of Bottleneck. Though reluctant to undertake such an enormous task, he's soon roped into action after meeting the seductive Frenchy, an alluring saloon girl who belts out unforgettable show-stoppers like "The Boys in the Back Room," while winning the hero's heart."--Container+-+25685330063241543ocn034788048book19960.81Tuska, JonThe Max Brand companionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyFrederick Schiller Faust is not a name many readers recognize but who does not know the name "Max Brand?" How many avid readers of Max Brand's western classics are familiar with the 18 other pseudonyms used by Faust? Or that the author of Destry Rides Again penned the Doctor Kildare series? Or that Faust worked as a screenwriter, often without credit, on numerous Hollywood films? Or that Faust thought of himself as a poet, writing prose, as he put it, to "pay the bills?" Or that, to pay the bills, he constantly strove to surpass his record of some 20,000 publishable words a day - and that he sold 99 percent of the fiction he wrote? The Max Brand Companion serves to tell the reader about the man as well as the author, charts the history of Faust's work and its derivations, and presents works by Faust himself indicative of the scope and range of his imagination. It is the essential guide to a major American author as well as one of the most popular writers of the 20th century+-+75024786853241381ocn000354106book19710.81Faust, HenriHalf-light and overtonesBibliography1032ocn002170726book19570.63Brand, MaxThe notebooks and poems of "Max Brand"Notebooks, sketchbooks, etc883ocn001855887book19520.66Richardson, Darrell ColemanMax Brand, the man & his work; critical appreciations and bibliographyBibliography141ocn237480477book20010.88"Verfolgung und Wiederentdeckung" : Protokolle der Gesprächskonzerte des Vereins "Musica Reanimata" über die Komponisten Max Brand, Alfred Goodman, Józef Koffler und die Komponistin Ursula MamlokHistoryBiographyInterviews52ocn243542030book19850.47Max Brand, western giant : the life and times of Frederick Schiller Faust : compiled and edited, with notes and an introd., and with a comprehensive checklist of works by and about Frederick FaustBibliography+-+974772423541ocn654488279book20091.00Joralemon, Dorothy RieberTo live strivinglyBiography41ocn032462612serial0.92The Fabulous Faust fan-zineBibliography41ocn030008026book19930.84<>Criticism, interpretation, etc42ocn611339921com20030.18Frederick Schiller Faust (1892-1944)Criticism, interpretation, etc21ocn011731779book19840.92Fox, David LThe history of a hero : a study of Max Brand's Destry rides againCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn043756958book0.10Faust, Frederick SchillerVerspielte Ehre : Roman21ocn052908190art19990.10Faust, Frederick Schiller21ocn043756957book0.10Brand, MaxMänner ohne Furcht+-+0982571325+-+0982571325Fri Mar 21 15:59:22 EDT 2014batch115844