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V.(Harold Vincent)edtlccn-n50035709Chambers, Whittakertrllccn-n85026862Wiese, Kurt1887-1974illnp-case, davidCase, Davidnrtlccn-n50017449Barker, Dudleylccn-n50006663Mottram, R. H.(Ralph Hale)1883-1971Galsworthy, John1867-1933FictionDomestic fictionDramaJuvenile worksFilm adaptationsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcTelevision programsBibliographyRecords and correspondenceEnglandForsyte family (Fictitious characters)FamiliesGalsworthy, John,Manners and customsMiddle classDomestic fiction, EnglishWomenNovelists, EnglishDeerEnglish fictionGreat BritainConrad, Joseph,Television adaptationsMan-woman relationshipsMarriageForest animalsBennett, Arnold,Wells, H. 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Galsworthy's masterly narrative examines not only their fortunes but also the wider developments within society, particularly the changing position of women. - Publisher+-+49916902263243154130ocn000365555book19200.28Galsworthy, JohnA modern comedyHistoryFiction"This volume contains 'The White Monkey, ' 'The Silver Spoon, ' and'Swan Song, ' the fourth, fifth, and sixth titles of 'The Forsyte Chronicles; the epic story of an upper-middle-class British family from the 1880s through the 1920s."+-+20993659653242614261ocn000047408book19000.28Galsworthy, JohnThe man of propertyFictionDomestic fictionThe first part of Galsworthy's famous novel about the life and loves of an extended upper-middle-class Victorian family centers on the unhappy marriage of the proud solicitor and art lover Soames Forsyte with the beautiful Irene, and her love for the architect Phillip Bosinney+-+7950638325238884ocn000365619book19310.27Galsworthy, JohnEnd of the chapterFictionDomestic fictionOmnibus volume containing "Maid in waiting", "Flowering Wilderness", and "One more River". Preceded by "Forsyte Saga" and "A Modern Comedy"+-+7359365965324216287ocn000365538book19280.32Galsworthy, JohnSwan songFictionDomestic fictionAfter years living in America with his mother, Jon Forsyte is excited to be home and eager to show off his roots to his new bride. When Fleur Forsyte, now Fleur Mont?Jon?s first love?hears of his arrival, she doesn't know what to feel. She is now married too, and while Jon and Fleur try to interact as friends, their strong feelings for one another are not easily contained. When their passion is rekindled, no one can halt the devastating events that follow+-+15459800252137103ocn000365635book19090.29Galsworthy, JohnPlaysDramaFor other editions, see Author Catalog+-+19207539051881113ocn711901572book19090.39Galsworthy, JohnFraternityFictionAnnotation+-+93650902263241813107ocn701901294book19130.37Galsworthy, JohnThe dark flowerFictionBildungsromansCovering almost 30 years in the life and loves of Mark Lennan, The Dark Flower opens in 1880 with 18-year-old undergraduate Mark studying art at Oxford, and ends 30 years later with Mark ostensibly happily married, yet torn between his wife and a beautiful teenage girl--the last and most disturbing manifestation of the "dark flower" of passion. Within a dozen pages, Galsworthy establishes his mastery of compelling narrative and sketches an irresistible plot. Much of his achievement lies in the mixture of pathos and humor that he derives from characters little able to express their feelings. There is much else to admire, from Galsworthy's impressionistic descriptions and eye for detail to the subtle symmetry he creates between his characters, emphasizing the cyclical nature of the story. Published in 1913, the story also holds the fascination of a world about to be transformed by war--one in which a love letter could still be delivered by the hand of a discreet manservant, and the residents of Piccadilly kept their horses stabled close by so that they could gallop down to Richmond for fresh air+-+59946902263241779145ocn712070210book19070.35Galsworthy, JohnThe country houseFictionDomestic fictionThis 1907 novel later specifically cited by the Nobel Committee is set in an English country house that stands as a microcosm of genteel society, where Victorian mores are coming into conflict with the realities of modern industrial life. When young George Pendyce falls for a common woman, the cracks in his family life are revealed+-+06650902263241765112ocn000365537book19230.37Galsworthy, JohnThe white monkeyFictionDomestic fictionFollowing her marriage to Michael Mont, Fleur Forsyte throws herself into the Roaring 20s with the rest of London and takes life as it comes. But her marriage is haunted by the ghost of a past love affair, and however vibrant Fleur appears, those closest to her sense her unhappiness. Michael, devoted to Fleur but not blind to her faults, is determined to stand by her through anything. Will their marriage last, and just how much can Michael forgive?+-+9335980025168755ocn000250285book19100.37Galsworthy, JohnCaravan, the assembled tales of John GalsworthyContents: Salvation of a Firsyte -- A stoic -- A portrait -- The grey angel -- Quality -- The man who kept his form -- The Japanese quince -- The broken boot -- The choice -- Ultime Thule -- Courage -- The bright side -- The black godmother -- Philanthropy -- A man of Devon -- The apple tree -- The prisoner -- A simple tale -- The consummation -- Acme -- Defeat -- Virtue -- The neighbours -- Stroke of lightning -- Spindleberries -- Salta pro nobis -- The pack -- "The dog it was that dies"--A knight -- The juryman -- Timber -- Santa Lucia -- The mother stone -- Peace meeting -- A strange thing -- The nightmare child -- A reversion to type -- Expectations -- A woman -- A hedonist -- A miller of Dee -- Late-299 -- The silence -- A feud -- A fisher or men -- Manna -- "Cafard"--The recruit -- Compensation -- Conscience -- Once more -- Blackmail -- Two looks -- A long-ago affair -- The first and the last -- Had a horse. Standard No: LCCN: 25-15982+-+2865330936166990ocn000705883book19280.33Galsworthy, JohnMaid in waitingFictionDomestic fictionA story of the struggle, elegant, but full of Dinny Cherrell's desire to not let her family be insulted and to restore the reputation of her brother Hubert+-+96459800251637113ocn711992729book19110.47Galsworthy, JohnThe patricianFictionAnnotation+-+1585090226324155375ocn001145826book19280.33Galsworthy, JohnFlowering wildernessFictionDomestic fiction+-+774598002514597ocn000225449book19290.06Salten, FelixBambiJuvenile worksBiographyFolkloreFictionLegendsAnecdotesThe adventures of a young deer growing up in a forest144661ocn000705857book19280.37Galsworthy, JohnOn Forsyte 'changeFictionDomestic fictionNineteen stories relating to the great family of Forsyte132487ocn000630505book19200.32Galsworthy, JohnTo letFictionDomestic fictionFor other editions, see Author Catalog+-+0177178036324127856ocn731646987book19180.39Galsworthy, JohnFive TalesFictionDramaDomestic fictionBeloved as the creator of the series of novels known as the Forsyte Saga, John Galsworthy also dabbled in fictional forms that were less epic in scope. This collection of sketches and short works of fiction offer a less intimidating introduction to Galsworthy for confirmed fans and curious new readers alike+-+8656090226324124078ocn712068870book19110.39Galsworthy, JohnThe Inn of tranquillityThis 1912 collection of twenty-six "essays and studies," divided between "Life" and "Letters" was praised by the New York Times reviewer as "a string of the finest pearls." Contents include the title entry, as well as "The Black Godmother," "Magpie Over the Hill," "Sheep-shearing," "Evolution," "On Our Dislike of Things as They Are," and "A Christian," among others+-+97458180663241152104ocn000365566book19140.47Galsworthy, JohnThe FreelandsFictionDomestic fictionA family tale reminiscent of his famous Forsyte Saga, the Freelands are four brothers: successful author Felix, government worker John, wealthy businessman Stanley, and the eccentric, revolutionary Tod. The family's fate in this sweeping social novel is intertwined with those of the workers on the land, including Bob Tryst, evicted at a squiress's whim+-+K338589596245446ocn002189059book19160.39Dupré, CatherineJohn Galsworthy : a biographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyAuthor - Background of the novels and plays; Forsyte saga99616ocn000421236book19350.50Marrot, H. VThe life and letters of John GalsworthyBiographyRecords and correspondence96110ocn000349963book19230.50Chevrillon, AndréThree studies in English literature: Kipling, Galsworthy, Shakespeare94313ocn001424148book19530.47Mottram, R. HJohn GalsworthyCriticism, interpretation, etc8264ocn014967346book19870.47Sternlicht, SanfordJohn GalsworthyCriticism, interpretation, etcProvides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of John Galsworthy8074ocn000327674book19230.50Overton, Grant MAmerican nights entertainmentCriticism, interpretation, etc7082ocn050756897visu20020.17Moore, David DThe Forsyte sagaFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIt is late in the Victorian era, and two branches of an upper-crust family--the "good" Forsytes, headed by well-meaning Old Jolyon, and the "bad" Forsytes, headed by crusty barrister James--are at odds, eternally squabbling. The 'saga' focuses on the younger generations - Young Jolyon, Soames, Winifred, June - and their struggles with emotional repression, the rejection of Victorian mores, and the sea changes taking place as a less repressive society emerged. Every family may indeed have its vicissitudes, but few have as many as John Galsworthy's Forsytes6802ocn000012883book19690.33Barker, DudleyThe man of principle; a biography of John GalsworthyBiography67010ocn000233214book19630.50Barker, DudleyThe man of principle: a view of John GalsworthyBiography6534ocn000159826book19710.56Bellamy, WilliamThe novels of Wells, Bennett, and Galsworthy, 1890-1910Criticism, interpretation, etc5275ocn015340292book19870.56Gindin, James JackJohn Galsworthy's life and art : an alien's fortressCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography5045ocn000521814book19340.63Galsworthy, JohnLetters from John Galsworthy, 1900-1932Records and correspondence4973ocn000365560book19120.39Galsworthy, JohnThe Inn of tranquillityThis 1912 collection of twenty-six "essays and studies," divided between "Life" and "Letters" was praised by the New York Times reviewer as "a string of the finest pearls." Contents include the title entry, as well as "The Black Godmother," "Magpie Over the Hill," "Sheep-shearing," "Evolution," "On Our Dislike of Things as They Are," and "A Christian," among others4813ocn008132256book19820.59Fréchet, AlecJohn Galsworthy : a reassessmentCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography4777ocn000771048book19280.63Reynolds, M. EMemories of John GalsworthyBiographyRecords and correspondence45212ocn001252403book19280.73Marrot, H. VA bibliography of the works of John GalsworthyBibliography4465ocn051742759visu19870.18The Forsyte sagaFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsLove storiesBBC television adaptation of John Galsworthy's work, chronicling nearly 50 turbulent years of a wealthy English family4323ocn053965796visu20030.15Galsworthy, JohnThe Forsyte sagaFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsTelevision programsSet in the 1920s, two decades after the first series ends, the plot follows the courtship of two teenage Forsyte cousins: Fleur and Jon. Fluer, the daughter of Soames and Annette, and Jon, the son of Irene and Jolyon, meet by chance as youngsters; now Irene's son has fallen in love with the daughter of Soames, the man she despises above all others. Fleur and Jon haven't a clue that Soames and Irene were once married, all they know is that the family won't talk. Little do they suspect that their parent's dark secret will turn their nuptial dreams into a Romeo and Juliet ordeal4176ocn002496159book19300.50Cross, Wilbur LFour contemporary novelistsCriticism, interpretation, etc3723ocn005750341book19790.73Stevens, Earl EJohn Galsworthy : an annotated bibliography of writings about himBibliography+-+4991690226324+-+4991690226324Fri Mar 21 15:44:11 EDT 2014batch186077