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Fri Mar 21 17:16:12 2014 UTClccn-n790042160.18The shoes of the fisherman0.360.97Vittorio De Sica : storia di un attore /90151800Vittorio_De_Sican 79004216238398De Sica, V. (Vittorio), 1901-1974De Sika, Vittorio.De Sika, Vittorio, 1901-1974DeSica, Vittorio 1901-1974Sica, V. de (Vittorio de), 1901-1974Sica, Vittorio de.Sica, Vittorio de, 1901-1974Ṭi. Cikā, Vikṭōriyā, 1901-1974Vittorio De Sicaデ・シーカ, ヴィットリオlccn-n79039726Zavattini, Cesare1902-1989wamaudadpsceccpdrtantausactlccn-n93021825Cicognini, Alessandroarrcommuscmplccn-n50042300Loren, Sophia1934-othprfactlccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)lccn-no97030638Maggiorani, Lamberto1910-1983cstprfactlccn-no97029370Staiola, Enzo1939-cstprfactlccn-no97029367Montuori, Carlo1885-1968ausillphtlccn-no97029368Carell, Lianella1927-2000prfactlccn-no95013200Image Entertainment (Firm)lccn-n81074742Janus FilmsDe Sica, Vittorio1901-1974DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryFictionRecords and correspondenceBiographyScriptsFilm and video adaptationsCriticism, interpretation, etcItalyDe Sica, Vittorio,Motion picturesMotion pictures, ItalianRealism in motion picturesEconomic historyMan-woman relationshipsRealismWorld War (1939-1945)JewsCivil service pensionersItaly--RomeDignityEconomics--Sociological aspectsRossellini, Roberto,Motion picture producers and directorsMotion pictures--AestheticsAdulteryBassani, GiorgioSocial historyFathers and sonsPoverty--Psychological aspectsThievesUnemployedBicycle theftPopesBicyclesWorld War (1914-1918)Jewish familiesJews--PersecutionsRich peopleFascismFamiliesSwindlers and swindlingCatholic ChurchPopes--ElectionMotion picture playsPolitical participationVisconti, Luchino,Italian fictionMotion pictures--Production and directionAntonioni, MichelangeloFellini, FedericoMotion pictures--PhilosophyMotion pictures--Social aspectsParent and childZavattini, Cesare,Underground movements, WarMontanelli, Indro,German Occupation of Italy (1943-1945)190119741932193719391940194119421943194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014211537702317791.4372PN1997ocn077216072ocn062364592ocn052908616ocn040293970ocn724024878ocn236209890ocn077121798ocn056899246ocn032804931ocn051183174ocn233218202ocn294860205ocn085823642ocn060748400ocn041392515ocn024105847ocn308592370ocn055589727ocn032400450ocn614416135ocn077216072ocn062364592ocn741365233ocn645754670ocn785705944ocn052908616ocn077121798ocn059224507ocn225690979ocn123992874ocn862340424ocn753866656ocn031423897ocn420901896ocn551086908ocn030889224ocn551086784ocn753690979ocn416422004ocn753688069ocn839375423ocn780282214ocn842459040ocn762307763ocn693960088ocn813945158ocn417336747ocn469317721ocn801794462ocn691896920ocn767072088ocn417336747ocn743001782ocn742830837ocn742783262ocn406046436ocn801794419ocn415606439ocn743148606ocn415330011ocn743039580ocn661523623ocn661525097ocn765067599ocn826723599ocn765435404ocn658479803ocn762647493ocn658921843ocn223436274ocn220148365ocn310919757ocn313261483ocn839917821ocn450813562ocn443060236ocn440149960ocn440152395ocn221061254ocn225851529ocn682994882ocn682983259ocn694024116ocn766074881ocn742855160ocn659280207ocn469521313ocn742783262ocn8331506202232163ocn043760878visu19480.27De Sica, VittorioLadri di biciclette The bicycle thiefHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsAn Italian neo-realism classic depicting the loneliness of a man in a complex world. It is the story of a poor laborer who needs his bicycle for his job and what happens when it is stolen. Winner of an Academy Award and New York Film Critic's Award as Best Foreign Film1633108ocn052710170visu19510.29De Sica, VittorioUmberto DHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsShot on location with a cast of nonprofessional actors, Vittorio De Sica's film follows Umberto D. an elderly pensioner, as he struggles to make ends meet during Italy's postwar economic boom. DVD+-+5291755325128761ocn047667637visu19700.27De Sica, VittorioThe garden of the Finzi-ContinisHistoryDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsIn Italy in 1938, Mussolini's anti-Semitic edicts begin to isolate the Jews from their communities. Among them are the Finzi-Continis, an aristocratic Jewish family forced for the first time to acknowledge the world beyond its fenced garden+-+7448132125103649ocn040293970visu19600.25Moravia, AlbertoTwo womenFictionDramaFilm adaptationsSeeking escape from city bombing, an Italian mother and daughter travel war-torn Italy during World War II trying to survive near-starvation, rape by wandering soldiers, and other horrors of war95659ocn233218202visu19530.27Ophuls, MaxMadame de--HistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptations"In order to pay her personal debts, Madame de... secretly pawns a pair of earrings given to her by her husband, telling him they are lost. As a tale of their possible theft surfaces in society, the exquisite jewels pass from pawnbroker to husband to mistress, from lover to wife, laying bare the hyprocisy and infidelity that lies beneath their veneer of opulent sophistication."--Container75110ocn077216072visu19860.27Ladri di biciclette Bicycle thievesHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsIn post-WWII poverty-stricken Rome, a man struggles to earn a living for himself and his family. When his bicycle and main means of transport is stolen, with his young son in tow, he attempts to find the thief67220ocn060580936visu19570.20Hemingway, ErnestA farewell to armsFictionDramaFilm adaptationsDrama about a wounded American ambulance driver who falls in love with his nurse during World War I4817ocn065185333visu20000.18The shoes of the fishermanFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsAll eyes are focused on the Vatican, hoping to see the puffs of white smoke signaling the selection of the next Pope, but this time, much more is at stake, for the new pontiff may be the only person who can bring peace to a world on the brink of nuclear war48137ocn294860205visu19590.31Rossellini, RobertoIl Generale Della RovereHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsFilm of intrigue and heroism within the Italian underground during the German occupation of Italy. Emanuele Bardone, a petty con man, fleeces his victims by posing as a colonel. Persuaded by the Germans to impersonate a partisan leader they have killed, he assumes the admirable qualities of the heroic officer and the German plan backfires45814ocn000481062book19680.59De Sica, VittorioThe bicycle thief; a filmScripts+-+161076620532438811ocn000061914book19680.63De Sica, VittorioMiracle in Milan3767ocn062364592visu20060.28I bambini ci guardano The children are watching usDramaA four-year-old boy is trapped in a loveless family with his suicidal father and his adulteress mother33829ocn056131015visu19610.24Yesterday, today and tomorrowDramaFilm adaptationsThree tales of women who use sex to get what they want out of the self-centered men in their lives32212ocn724024878visu19460.27Sciuscià RagazziDramaIn post WWII Italy, Giuseppe and Pasquale work on the street shining the shoes of American troops. But when the boys are falsely accused of a crime, they are sent to a brutal state juvenile detention center30510ocn061858769visu19640.24Marriage Italian styleDramaFilm and video adaptationsDomenico first meets 17-year-old prostitute Filumena in a Neapolitan brothel in the 2nd World War. After the war they become lovers on and off for 22 years. Domenico eventually rents an apartment for Filumena and even lets her run his shop but is always chasing other women. Finally Filumena asks Domenico to marry her on her deathbed, just before he had planned to marry his young cashier, and admits she had his legitimate child. Dominico uses different subterfuges trying to find which teenager might be his son28425ocn023485151visu19500.50De Sica, VittorioMiracle in MilanDramaComedy, satire, and realism are combined in a fantasy about the social conceits of man. An Italian orphan, with the aid of a miraculous dove, combats power and wealth and succeeds in bringing happiness to the inhabitants of a Milanese hobo camp26613ocn060748400visu19600.19Shavelson, MelvilleIt started in NaplesFictionDramaArriving in Italy to settle his late brother's estate and care for a nephew whom he has never seen, Michael Hamilton soon begins to enjoy the Italian sights, including the boy's beautiful and spirited aunt2641ocn052908616visu20030.31Indiscretion of an American wife & Terminal stationDramaFilm adaptationsAn American housewife (Jennifer Jones) vacationing in Italy reluctantly decides to put an end to her brief affair with an Italian academic (Montgomery Clift). She flees to Rome's Stazione Termini, where she bids him farewell, but he begs her to stay. The film's plot is simple; its production was not. The troubled collaboration between director Vittorio De Sica and producer David O. Selznick resulted in two cuts of the same film. De Sica's version, Terminal Station, was screened at a length of one-and-a-half hours, but after disappointing previews, Selznick severely re-edited it and changed the title to Indiscretion of an American Wife without De Sica's permission+-+659459400619016ocn049013459visu19660.23After the foxDramaA convicted con artist becomes a new wave Italian director as a front. Peter Sellers as the Fox dons no less than eight disguises en route to becoming director Federico Fabrizi16634ocn084734529visu19530.25Indiscretion of an American wifeFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAn American housewife takes a lover during her holiday in Rome+-+65945940069154ocn244767916com20000.53Vittorio De Sica contemporary perspectivesCriticism, interpretation, etcRecognized as a master of Italian cinema, Vittorio De Sica is perhaps best known and most respected for his critically acclaimed neorealist films of the period 1946-55. As this anthology reveals, however, his production was remarkably multifaceted. The essays included here - some newly commissioned, some reprinted, and others in translation - look at De Sica's varied career from many perspecives.Structured chronologically, the volume begins by introducing readers to De Sica's early popularity as an actor and singer during the years of Italian Fascism, and to his initial directorial efforts before the end of World War II. It was not until the postwar era, however, that De Sica made his mark in film history. Special attention is given to this critical phase of his career, which encompasses the neorealist films that made him famous: "Shoeshine", "Bicycle Thieves", "Miracle in Milan", and "Umberto D."When the neorealist movement waned after 1955, De Sica returned to his roots in Neapolitan comedy for a series of commercially successful films starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Memorable works from this period include "Two Women" and "Marriage Italian Style" as well as "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow", which won De Sica an Academy Award in 1965. In one of his final films, "The Garden of the Finzi Continis", he returned to the subject of World War II and to the human tragedy characteristic of his best neorealist productions. This fine anthology offers a comprehensive critical survey that covers the entire scope of De Sica's career, and is an excellent resource for students, critics and film enthusiasts+-+66383575355695ocn159897532book20070.66Wagstaff, ChristopherItalian neorealist cinema : an aesthetic approachHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+35704575353993ocn056030451visu20030.27Il mio viaggio in ItaliaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcMy Voyage to Italy is a warm and loving look at the power of movies, ideal for fans of Italian cinema and Martin Scorsese. Scorsese brings an infectious enthusiasm to his recollections of watching neorealist and epic Italian films on television, and to his examination of the masters of Italian neorealism: Roberto Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica, Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini, and Michelangelo Antonioni. While offering a solid postwar timeline, basic information about the intellectual movements that influenced Italian filmmakers, and close readings of key films, the subject of the documentary is less about Italian cinema than Scorsese's passion for Italian cinema, especially the movies that made him fall in love with moviemaking. Viewers seeking a primer on Italian cinema may be disappointed, while those familiar with both Italian cinema and Scorsese's films will find much to enjoy2392ocn008846454book19830.79Darretta, JohnVittorio De Sica : a guide to references and resourcesCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography1926ocn667051016file20090.70Cardullo, BertVittorio De Sica actor, director, auteurCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecognized as a master of Italian and world cinema, Vittorio De Sica is considered one of the major proponents of neorealism, an Italian movement that forever altered the content and style of the cinema worldwide. This work covers De Sica's entire career as a stage and screen actor, director, and screenwriter. Vittorio De Sica: Actor, Director, Auteur begins with a chronology of this great artist's life and work. A lengthy essay then discusses his biographical and career information in detail+-+28876389963241832ocn047973325book20020.84Cardullo, BertVittorio De Sica : director, actor, screenwriterBiography"Stage acting credits, screen acting credits, a filmography of De Sica's directorial work, selected credits related to De Sica's neorealism films, and a filmography of De Sica's work as a screenwriter are included. Two interviews with the master provide additional insights. A bibliography of works by and about De Sica in the English language completes the book."--BOOK JACKET+-+K0866913251488ocn002862349book19550.88Agel, HenriVittorio De Sica ... Choix de textes [de Vittorio De Sica]Criticism, interpretation, etc662ocn007032629book19800.93Pecori, FrancoVittorio De Sica482ocn028047424book19920.93Mostra internazionale del nuovo cinemaDe Sica : autore, regista, attoreCriticism, interpretation, etc462ocn003261717book19560.93Gandin, MicheleIl tetto di Vittorio de Sica391ocn036796464book19970.93Nuzzi, PaoloDe Sica & Zavattini : parliamo tanto di noiRecords and correspondence392ocn018008346book19870.95De Sica, VittorioLettere dal setRecords and correspondence392ocn030307269book19930.93Governi, GiancarloVittorio de Sica : Parlami d'amore Mariù363ocn058727472book20040.96De Sica, VittorioLa porta del cielo : memorie 1901-1952Biography342ocn005028197book19780.93Mercader, MariaLa mia vita con Vittorio De SicaBiography333ocn049902203book19990.95Moneti, GuglielmoNeorealismo fra tradizione e rivoluzione : Visconti, De Sica e Zavattini : verso nuove esperienze cinematografiche della realtàHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc332ocn053878873book20030.96De Santi, GualtieroVittorio De SicaCriticism, interpretation, etc313ocn057027074book20030.93Moscati, ItaloVittorio De Sica : vitalità, passione e talento in un'Italia dolceamaraCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography251ocn812251078book20120.97Masecchia, AnnaVittorio De Sica : storia di un attoreCriticism, interpretation, etc243ocn015316718book19840.95Bolzoni, FrancescoQuando De Sica era Mister BrownBiography+-+5291755325+-+5291755325Fri Mar 21 15:54:41 EDT 2014batch61007