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Fri Mar 21 17:03:06 2014 UTClccn-n790431050.06Marc Chagall /0.290.56Daphnis & Chloe /103953801Marc_Chagalln 79043105276535Chagal, Mark 1887-1985Chagall.Chagall, 1887-1985Chagall, MarcChagall, Mark Sacharovich SchagalMarc ChagallŠagal, Mark.Šagal, Mark, 1887-1985Šagal, Mark Z. 1887-1985Šagal, Mark ZacharovičŠagal, Mark Zacharovič, 1887-1985Šagal, MarqSagal', Mojžeš ZacharovičŠagals, Mark 1887-1985Šagāls, Marks, 1887-1985Ščagal, Marca 1887-1985Segal, MosheSegal, Moshe, 1887-1985Shagal, M.Shagal, M. (Marḳ), 1887-1985Shagal, MarḳShagal, Marḳ, 1887-1985Shagal, Mark ZakharovichShagal, MoisheShagal, MosesShagal, MosheShahal, MarkShahal, Mark, 1887-1985Shiyagāru, Maruku 1887-1985Sjagal, Marc, 1887-1985Sjagal, Movsja ZacharovitsjSyagal.Syagal, 1887-1985Syagal, Marŭkkŭ.Syagal, Marŭkkŭ, 1887-1985Sygal, M. (Mark), 1887-1985Шагал, МаркШагал, Марк, 1887-1985שאגאל, מ.שאגאל, מ., 1887־שאגאל, מארקשאגאל, מארק, 1887־שאגאל, מארק, 1887־1985שגל, מרקשגל, מרק, 1887־שגל, מרק, 1887-1985シャガール, マルクlccn-n82011775Sorlier, Charlesotharrauirthclbltgedtcrelccn-n50019429Haftmann, Werner1912-1999auiedtlccn-n87892793Bet ha-ḥolim "Hadasah" (Jerusalem)Synagoguelccn-n79065489Leymarie, Jeanauiothwamlccn-n78080495Compton, Susan P.edtcrelccn-n82099828Meyer, Franz1919-2007othauiedtlccn-n84070225Forestier, Sylvieauictbadpedttrllccn-n83155504Harshav, Benjamin1928-auiedtlccn-n80040616Lassaigne, Jacques1910-crelccn-no93018446Baal-Teshuva, JacobauictbedtChagall, Marc1887-1985BiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsFictionJuvenile worksHistoryCatalogsPictorial worksRecords and correspondenceIllustrationsChagall, Marc,Russia (Federation)ArtistsPaintersDaphnis (Greek mythology)Middle East--JerusalemPainting, ModernStained glass windowsArt appreciationPainting, RussianArt theftsLoss (Psychology)TwinsFugitives from justiceJewish familiesParents--DeathBrothers and sistersJewish artistsBet ha-ḥolim "Hadasah" (Jerusalem).--SynagogueFrancePainting, FrenchThemes, motivesJews in artLove stories, GreekGreek literatureJewish artSholem Aleichem,Romances, ByzantineJewish theaterRussia (Federation)--MoscowMoskovskiĭ gosudarstvennyĭ evreĭskiĭ teatr imeni S.M. MikhoėlsaIsrael.--KenesetTapestryMosaicsArabian nightsBible.--Old TestamentIllustration of booksPostersRussiaExpatriate paintersGouache paintingWatercolor painting, FrenchGlass painting and stainingSoviet UnionPaintingEnglish fictionAuthors, YiddishArts--ForgeriesDaphnis and Chloe (Longus)Art, French1887198519001911191419151917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619381939194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149587944348131759.7ND699.C5ocn005703521ocn001497654ocn004097293ocn265036272ocn012265486ocn002815157ocn003491834ocn700302015ocn023430758ocn006686250ocn015113037ocn658623832ocn691806255ocn693133353ocn693133218ocn693133217ocn693133510ocn693133512ocn693133514ocn693132857ocn693133399ocn691806252ocn693133183ocn693133028ocn693133181ocn693133187ocn693133186ocn693133021ocn693133022ocn693133025ocn693132880ocn693132903ocn841674006ocn444057290ocn797890282ocn456161090ocn797759888ocn441047252ocn456309135ocn438923914ocn755138203ocn439953699ocn462709537ocn461715408ocn461597980ocn461681117ocn256310648ocn463056152ocn464251853ocn256082766ocn258187722ocn461725745ocn074485562ocn720196966ocn076636703ocn073295280ocn074313066ocn076350086ocn074432826ocn725013964ocn721709165ocn244078790ocn797936943ocn799404765ocn185890465ocn185912184ocn799619050ocn185711738ocn185758057ocn691548208ocn725310378ocn461573572ocn026524458ocn437499282ocn439050031ocn440262563ocn440033577ocn442962665ocn437700045ocn439455221ocn440696461ocn440348728ocn459650931ocn462773442ocn762551237ocn417557341ocn456621798ocn762279468ocn691892363ocn767352023ocn691547086ocn762260163ocn658449974ocn692039928ocn254784798ocn247033141ocn239499802ocn173974108ocn232331924ocn239499635ocn213292753ocn459467328ocn388032721ocn762945086ocn691860947ocn462734145ocn854920974ocn762945086ocn798505133ocn693062942ocn740270079ocn800232089ocn693062942Painters3300166ocn000624196book19220.23Haftmann, WernerMarc ChagallCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsMarc Chagall is one of the twentieth century's favorite artists, known and admired for his rich palette, his inventive approach, his accessible subjects, and the rich traditions behind his work. Combining fantasy, spirituality, and nostalgia with a distinctive modern painting style, Chagall's canvases are infused with a joyous, dreamlike simplicity. Even as styles shifted from Cubism to Suprematism to Surrealism, his work remained individual and idiosyncratic-sometimes harming his art world reputation, but never his popular appeal. Lavishly illustrated with more than one hundred and fifty color reproductions, Marc Chagall is the first full-scale survey of the artist's work in nearly twenty years. An introductory essay by exhibition curator Jean-Michel Foray contextualizes the Russian-born artist's work, while a heavily illustrated chronology of Chagall's life assembled by Meret Meyer Graber and Jakov Bruk details the many stages of his career. The work is organized into four sections, each with an introduction by Foray, to help make sense of the artist's prodigious oeuvre. This catalogue is published on the occasion of a major retrospective conceived by Reunion des Musees Nationaux, Paris, with the Musee National Message Biblique Marc Chagall, Nice, and co-organized with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art+-+66719456352041204ocn001249264book19000.28Chagall, MarcChagallCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsIllustrationsExhibition catalogsWork of the celebrated expressionist+-+2221945635187269ocn038924922book19850.23Walther, Ingo FMarc Chagall, 1887-1985Criticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsA thorough record of the life and art of Marc Chagall, a Russo-French Jewish artist associated with several major artistic styles and one of the most successful artists of the 20th century. This work, written by a longtime friend of Chagall's, spans his early work in Russia and the monumental pieces of his later life. An early modernist, he created works in virtually every artistic medium, including painting, book illustrations, stained glass, stage sets, ceramic, tapestries and fine art prints. This work contains reproductions that capture his use of intense, glowing colors and the unique world he created, full of magic, enchantment, and fantasy+-+7627337738155336ocn000339694book19580.32Chagall, MarcThe Jerusalem windowsHistoryLower-priced edition of the original book published by Braziller in 1962. The volume explains as well as illustrates the story of the creation of the windows. For other editions, see Author Catalog+-+125351253591035ocn003408084book19610.56LongusDaphnis & ChloeFictionIllustrationsThis sole surviving bucolic novel of ancient Greek origin was written by Longus, a poet about whom nothing else is known, and dates to about the mid third century A.D. The lyrical beauty and sensual frankness of the story have found admirers from Shakespeare to Jacob Burckhardt, and have exerted lasting influence on European literature. It was not until 1810 that the first complete manuscript of Daphnis and Chloe was discovered, in Florence. This provided the basis for the present, superb translation, done in 1956 by Paul Turner+-+38286864287553ocn067289194book20060.37Harshav, BenjaminMarc Chagall and the lost Jewish world : the nature of Chagall's art and iconographyCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"Marc Chagall is one of the most popular artists of the 20[superscript th] century, famous for his poetic, surreal images that represent a topsy-turvy world, combining fantasy and spirituality with a modernist style. This new book offers insight into Chagall's Jewish roots and offers succinct interpretations of his major paintings, from his early masterpieces made in Russia and in Paris to his Yiddish art theater paintings. The book acts as a guide to the iconography of Chagall's best-loved works."--BOOK JACKET+-+17537329356456ocn051966451book20030.50Harshav, BenjaminMarc Chagall and his times : a documentary narrativeBiographyRecords and correspondence"This book presents a new and comprehensive biography of one of the most prominent artists of the twentieth century in dialogues with the events and ideologies of his time. It includes hundreds of private letters and documents written by Chagall and his contemporaries in Russian, Yiddish, French, English, and other languages, translated by Benjamin and Barbara Harshav into English and placed in their personal and historical context. The narrative encompasses Chagall's long life (1887-1985) in Russia, France, and the United States, as well as in Germany and Israel. It also explores his deep roots in folk culture, his personal relationships and loves, and his involvement with the art of the Russian Revolution, Surrealism, Communism, Zionism, Yiddish literature, and the State of Israel. The book exposes the complex relationships between Chagall's three cultural identities: Jewish, Russian, and French. It is a biography of the turbulent times of the twentieth century and the transformations of a Jew in it - his meteoric rise from the "ghetto" of the Russian Pale of Settlement to the centers of modern culture." "Marc Chagall and His Times provides a major contribution to the understanding of some of the central problems of modern art: originality, the interaction between the formal discoveries of the avant garde and cultural or multi-cultural representation, and the relations between an artist's art and his personal biography."--BOOK JACKET+-+38679295355212ocn033471293book19950.27Chagall : a retrospecitveCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography5095ocn023214206book19900.39Compton, Susan PMarc Chagall : my life, my dream : Berlin and Paris, 1922-1940Catalogs45211ocn015113037visu19840.24Chagall, MarcMarc ChagallBiographyThis film portrait, made shortly before the death of Chagall in 1985, takes the viewer on a journey through time and place on the trail of this enigmatic artist. Eventually to become the grand old man of French painting, Chagall began life in a Jewish ghetto in Russia. He escaped the restrictions of his background and moved to Paris, where he rubbed shoulders with artists such as Matisse, Leger and Dufy. There he began to create the floating surrealistic style which has remained his hallmark4391ocn029361257book19940.06Loumaye, JacquelineChagall : my sad and joyous villageJuvenile worksBiographyWhen a small boy visits his friend Nicholas, he learns about a famous Russian-born painter, Marc Chagall+-+52537564254243ocn000590049book19730.29Marteau, RobertThe stained-glass windows of Chagall 1957-19704133ocn010483438book19840.31Verdet, AndréChagall's world : reflections from the Mediterranean3986ocn000213767book19710.56Genauer, EmilyChagall at the MetDen russiskfødte maler Marc Chagalls (1887-1985) værker på Metropolitan operaen i New York, især med hensyn til Mozart's opera Tryllefløjten3804ocn039636271book19980.50Chagall, MarcChagall : love and the stage, 1914-1922Criticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsDuring the years (1914-22) that Marc Chagall spent in Russia, he developed his distinct blend of cubism and expressionism. This book focuses on the decorations he created for the Yiddish State Theatre in those years+-+83059430363794ocn000324728book19550.39Sholem AleichemThe great fair : scenes from my childhoodBiographyFiction3182ocn000677465book19730.53Amishai-Maisels, ZivaTapestries and mosaics of Marc Chagall at the KnessetHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc3086ocn029360468book19880.53Arabian nights : four tales from a Thousand and one nightsIllustrations"Inspired by the powerful magic of the tales in A Thousand and One Nights, Marc Chagall created a series of stunning coloured lithographs to illustrate four of them, perfectly mirroring the colourful splendour of the Orient, with its mystery and poetry. The original translation by the British explorer, linguist and Orientalist Sir Richard F. Burton (1821-90) captures the very essence of the tales, and reflects the fascinating experience gathered by the translator during his extensive travels." "Marc Chagall: Arabian Nights reproduces the subtle, iridescent colours of the original lithographs together with the texts of the four classic love stories that Chagall selected."--Jacket+-+06357864282906ocn015082922book19870.56Rosensaft, Jean BChagall and the BibleExhibition catalogs2853ocn000743316book19660.37Chagall, MarcMarc Chagall: posters and personality524887ocn011346421book19280.28Chagall, MarcChagallCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsIllustrationsExhibition catalogs"The choice of illustrations presents a complete panorama of the artist's work. From the first paintings, dated from Vitebsk, to the ceiling of the Opera in Paris, all his periods and techniques are represented: oils and gouaches, watercolors and drawing, lithographs and engravings, ceramics, stained-glass windows, and theatre decoration. Many works are here reproduced in color for the first time."--BOOK JACKET+-+2221945635410257ocn000166501book19290.23Haftmann, WernerMarc ChagallCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsFull-scale portrait of the artist by his son-in-law. Largest and most profusely illustrated book on the artist to date+-+8971532935133816ocn000518318book19600.33Chagall, MarcMy lifeBiographyCompleted by Marc Chagall (1887-1985) in 1922, this lyrical, evocative, and unique book is a key work to understanding the life and art of this creative genius who has come to be known as the "Father of Surrealism." His deep roots in Jewish tradition-religious and secular-are reflected in these recollections of his poverty-stricken youth in White Russia, to his involvement in the Paris art world prior to World War I, and back again to Russia until his decision in 1923 to finally return to Paris. "Belongs unmistakably to the world of his paintings ... it flickers with sharp responses and vivid phrases."--New Statesman+-+062053158513359ocn060454215book20060.18Horn, DaraThe world to come : a novelFictionPsychological fictionDomestic fictionHaving stolen a million-dollar Marc Chagall masterpiece, thirty-year-old quiz-show writer Benjamin Ziskind and his twin sister work to evade the police and evaluate the eighty-year-old link between their family and the famous painting+-+715478848513059ocn778436066file20030.25German, MikhailMarc ChagallCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsChagall's work and life has an international dimension that endows it with universal appeal. Throughout his life, this Jewish artist imbued his painting with passion and poetry, and left his mark across the world, from the Metropolitan Opera House of New York to the Opera Garnier of Paris+-+191086593612942ocn192048175book20080.24Wullschläger, JackieChagall : a biographyHistoryBiographyAn insightful portrait of the Russian-born modernist artist describes his stunning studies of the lost world of Eastern European Jewry in his paintings of the shtetl life of his childhood, his pioneering role in twentieth-century art, his colorful personal life, and his lasting artistic legacy, in a study highlighted by more than forty reproductions of important paintings+-+K00969028511394ocn003396815book19780.29Alexander, SidneyMarc Chagall : a biographyBiography11038ocn000567565book19560.33Venturi, LionelloChagall : biographical and critical study9029ocn001081082book19460.53Sweeney, James JohnsonMarc ChagallExhibition catalogs8785ocn000096186book19700.28Werner, AlfredChagall : watercolors and gouachesBiography+-+365155873584110ocn000172803book19680.31IzisThe world of Marc ChagallPictorial worksA biographical study of the noted French artist Marc Chagall with photos by Izis7909ocn001467558book19570.47Erben, WalterMarc ChagallExhibition catalogsAusstellung vom 30.6. - 20.9.2005 im Benois Wing, Russisches Staatsmuseum, St. Petersburg7806ocn040098976book19980.27Bohm-Duchen, MonicaChagallCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"One of the best-loved artists of the twentieth century, Marc Chagall (1887-1985) is paradoxically one of the least understood. Although his colourful images of flying cows and floating lovers may seem naive, and he promoted a view of himself as an intuitive genius, he was in fact a complex and sophisticated individual."--BOOK JACKET. "In this book, Monica Bohm-Duchen places the artist firmly in his social, religious and cultural context, examining his prodigious output not only in painting but also in book illustration, theatre design, stained glass and poetry. She follows Chagall from his Russian-Jewish childhood, through his encounter with the Parisian avant-garde in the period prior to World War I and his activities in revolutionary Russia, to his later years in America and the South of France, where he died at the age of ninety-seven. The first survey of Chagall's work to take full advantage of new material available to the West since glasnost, the book encourages a critical reappraisal of all phases of the artist's long career."--BOOK JACKET+-+85168396257745ocn004857464book19790.31Chagall, MarcChagall by Chagall7702ocn019630632book19890.25Kagan, AndrewMarc ChagallBiographyAn illustrated account of Chagall's life with images in all of his diverse styles and media+-+80844014357394ocn070176922book20070.24Wilson, JonathanMarc ChagallBiographyA portrait of one of the twentieth century's leading artists, Marc Chagall, reveals how his work reflects both a nostalgia for the vanished past and Jewish life in the early twentieth century, and his attraction to the secular goals and mores of modernism+-+06579705356611ocn042072151book20000.06Venezia, MikeMarc ChagallJuvenile worksBiographyDiscusses the life and work of the artist Chagall, from his birth in Russia to his death at the age of ninety-seven+-+10056716056583ocn000100609book19700.32Crespelle, Jean PaulChagall6486ocn018899203book19880.27Chagall, MarcChagall discovered : from Russian and private collectionsExhibition catalogs6123ocn019354860book19670.07Greenfeld, HowardMarc ChagallJuvenile worksBiographyExamines the life and work of the painter whose Russian Jewish background did not prevent him from making an international search for his own ways of expression+-+9706845635+-+6671945635+-+6671945635Fri Mar 21 15:23:36 EDT 2014batch143557