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Fri Mar 21 17:05:31 2014 UTClccn-n790431610.06Meet Edgar Degas /0.470.9319th-century British photographs from the National Gallery of Canada /152365555n 79043161276589Canada. Galerie nationale du CanadaCanada. Musée des beaux-arts du CanadaCanada. National Gallery of CanadaGalerie nationale du Canada.Galerie nationale du Canada OttawaGalleria nazionale del CanadaGalleria Nazionale del Canada OttawaGallery of CanadaGallery of Canada OttawaKanāda. National Gallery of CanadaMBAC.Musée des Beaux-Arts de CanadaMusée des beaux-arts du Canada.Musée des beaux-arts du Canada (Ottawa)Musées nationaux du Canada Galerie nationale du CanadaMusées nationaux du Canada, Musée des beaux-arts du CanadaMusées nationaux du Canada Musée des beaux-arts du Canada (Ottawa)N.G.C.National Art Gallery od Canada.National Art Gallery of CanadaNational Gallery of CanadaNational gallery of Canada OttawaNational Museums of Canada. National Gallery of CanadaNationalgalerie KanadaNationalgalerie Ottawa Ehemalige Vorzugsbenennung SWDNGC.Ottawa (Canada) Musée des beaux-arts du CanadaOttawa. National Gallery of CanadacontainsVIAFID/157597957National Museums of Canadalccn-n87136080Bailey, Colin B.pbdedtclblccn-n93119020Franklin, David1961-clbedtcurnc-galeries nationales du grand palais franceGaleries nationales du Grand Palais (France)lccn-n79129629Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)othlccn-n84235225Borcoman, Jamesedtlccn-no2011036746Hill, Charles C.edtlccn-n80126635Nemiroff, Dianaauictbedtlccn-n80046908Vancouver Art Galleryclbnp-renoir, auguste$1841 1919Renoir, Auguste1841-1919illlccn-n50031036Hubbard, R. H.(Robert Hamilton)1916-edtNational Gallery of CanadaExhibition catalogsBiographyHistoryCatalogsPictorial worksJuvenile worksCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition, pictorial worksGuidebooksHandbooks, manuals, etcCorot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille,National Gallery of CanadaFrancePhotography, ArtisticPhotographyCanadaOntario--OttawaArtRenoir, Auguste,Degas, Edgar,PaintersUnited StatesVoice of fire (Newman, Barnett)Art and statePublic opinionArt museum directorsImpressionism (Art)Portrait photographyAustria--ViennaArt nouveauKlimt, Gustav,Frontier and pioneer lifeModel, Lisette,Indians of North AmericaPhotograph collectionsGenre painting, FrenchLandscape painting, FrenchPhotographersArtistsGermanyAtget, Eugène,Expenditures, PublicArt, GermanArt, RenaissanceReformation--InfluencePhotography--Scientific applicationsBurtynsky, Edward,Art and scienceNature in artInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da,Gogh, Vincent van,AestheticsParmigianino,Italy--RomeBernini, Gian Lorenzo,Portrait sculpture, ItalianPortrait sculpture, BaroquePainting, AbstractNewman, Barnett,1858188018841887188918921894189719001901190319051906190719121913191419151916191719181919192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201479928759812712759.4ND553.C8ocn492342440ocn464259136ocn462654630ocn489961578ocn496059100ocn489966879ocn460553384ocn863039575ocn489872942ocn489939836ocn797330286ocn185695616ocn185289724ocn185589196ocn797092337ocn797324173ocn185578196ocn186455212ocn829811862ocn186387883ocn869744659ocn848195436ocn469374869ocn459552037ocn8638154579927ocn037208933book19970.28Bailey, Colin BRenoir's portraits : impressions of an ageExhibition catalogs"Of all the Impressionists, only Pierre-Auguste Renoir earned distinction as a professional portrait painter. For more than fifty years Renoir explored the genre of portraiture, experimenting and pressing forward in his determination to become -- as he explained to Monet in January 1884 - "a painter of figures." This sumptuously illustrated book is the first devoted exclusively to Renoir's portraiture, bringing together the finest examplesof the portraits he painted during each period of his prolific career. In these delightful paintings Renoir created uniquely endearing and enduring images of pleasure, comfort, and prosperity."--Amazon+-+28862555853249595ocn046315032book20010.31Klimt, GustavGustav Klimt, modernism in the makingExhibition catalogs"Klimt's artistic vision pushed the boundaries of art at the turn of the last century. His unparalleled ability to merge the decorative arts with painting led him to create brilliant and glittering works studded with jewel-like motifs; and his richly patterned landscapes and portrayals of embracing figures and elegant women are among the most spellbinding images in the history of art" "Gathered here are essays by eminent scholars Colin B. Bailey, Marian Bisanz-Prakken, Emily Braun, Jane Kallir, and Peter Vergo that explore the extent and context of the artist's oeuvre. The full-color plates are illuminated by individual commentaries and accompanied by black-and-white comparative illustrations. In addition, an illustrated chronology traces Klimt's life and the milieu in which he worked." "With nearly two hundred color plates of Klimt's most popular images, as well as rarely published drawings and period photographs, this lavish book, which accompanies a major exhibition organized by the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, pays tribute to the unique style of this artist, one of the most important and revolutionary figures of the late nineteenth century."--BOOK JACKET+-+997084563585511ocn000138849book19710.37Kane, PaulPaul Kane's frontier; including Wanderings of an artist among the Indians of North AmericaPictorial works85215ocn034281799book19960.33Corot, Jean-Baptiste-CamilleCorotCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsCorot's long and prolific career coincided with major artistic developments: the flourishing of Neoclassical, Romantic, and Realist tendencies; the Barbizon school; the rise of Impressionism. Although he has been claimed at various times for each of these movements, Corot defies categorization. His art was fueled by a profound love of the natural world, and the vision he pursued was his own. This catalogue of the exhibition recounts the engrossing progress of his life and art+-+14124452357829ocn017841120book19880.35Degas, EdgarDegas : [an exhibition held at the] Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, 9 February-16 May 1988, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 16 June-28 August 1988, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 27 September 1988-8 January 1989Exhibition catalogsKatalog towarzyszący wystawom w: Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais w Paryżu, 9 luty - 16 maj 1988; National Galery of Canada w Ottawie, 16 czerwiec - 28 sierpień 1988; Metropolitan Museum of Art w Nowym Jorku, 27 wrzesień - 8 styczeń 19897272ocn021046441book19890.31Karsh, YousufKarsh, the art of the portrait : essaysExhibition catalogs"This volume offers readers new insights into the full range of the life and work of this internationally acclaimed Canadian photographer and portraitist. Following an exploration of the art of the Karsh photograph by James Borcoman, curator of the Karsh exhibition, art historian Estelle Jussim discusses the 'psychological portrait' in the work of Karsh and his contemporaries, photographer Philip J. Pocock outlines the biographical, historical, and social context within which Karsh carried out his profession, and archivist Lilly Koltun describes the Karsh Collection, purchased by the National Archives of Canada in 1987 and comprising some 355,000 negatives, prints, and transparencies7013ocn001173437book19740.53Sayre, Eleanor AThe changing image : prints by Francisco Goya : [exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, October 24-December 29, 1974, the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, January 24-March 14, 1975]6893ocn051330581book20030.39Bailey, Colin BThe age of Watteau, Chardin, and Fragonard : masterpieces of French genre paintingExhibition catalogs+-+51944555856834ocn072868889book20070.29Renoir landscapes, 1865-1883Exhibition catalogs+-+97784520366549ocn011423066book19840.50Borcoman, JamesEugène Atget, 1857-1927HistoryCatalogsExhibition catalogs6474ocn009281848book19810.56Andersson, ChristianeFrom a mighty fortress : prints, drawings, and books in the age of Luther, 1483-1546Exhibition catalogs6385ocn051924331book20030.50Pauli, LoriManufactured landscapes : the photographs of Edward BurtynskyExhibition catalogs"Over the past twenty-five years, the Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky has been an explorer of unfamiliar places where industrial activity has reshaped the surface of the land. His surveys of the man-made terrain of quarrying, mining, railcutting, recycling, oil refining, and shipbreaking remind us that these incursions into the earth arise out of perennial human needs and desires. Burtynsky's photographs may show us things that are disturbing, but they also have about them an unexpected beauty, subverting our usual notions of the sublime in nature and leading us to a new awareness of the landscape of our times." "Manufactured Landscapes, organized by the National Gallery of Canada, is the first major retrospective of Edward Burtynsky's work. This fully illustrated catalogue of the exhibition includes essays by Lori Pauli, Mark Haworth-Booth, and Kenneth Baker, and an interview with the artist by Michael Torosian."--BOOK JACKET+-+18944555856367ocn037372476book19970.50Thomas, AnnBeauty of another order : photography in scienceHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+45982555853245966ocn018744368book19880.06Degas, EdgarMeet Edgar DegasJuvenile worksBiographyPresents the life and paintings of Edgar Degas in a first person narrative drawn from letters, notebooks, and people's stories about the artist58810ocn054350475book20030.56Franklin, DavidThe art of ParmigianinoCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"The beauty and range of the work of the sixteenth-century artist Parmigianino as painter, draughtsman, and printmaker make him one of the most remarkable figures of the Italian Renaissance. He was an artist who seemed to discover his style without any effort, and his art was universally recognized as being graceful, or full of grace. In his day, "grace" was understood to be a spiritual endowment, conferring qualities that could not be taught. It was one of the preconditions of natural genius, so highly valued among Renaissance artists. But nothing as effortlessly elegant as Parmigianino's drawings and paintings could have been achieved without effort. It is through a close study of the drawings, in particular, that one is able to discern the sources of Parmigianino's style and the creative struggles he endured." "This illustrated study offers a comprehensive reassessment of his work as a draughtsman. More than eighty works on paper, selected from collections around the world, are discussed in detail. Among Renaissance artists, Parmigianino was perhaps more conscious than any of the potential of the graphic arts to convey, and indeed broadcast, complex ideas. He explored this potential himself, not only by means of his numerous drawings but also through the etchings he produced on his own (effectively introducing this print medium into Italian art) and through the engravings and chiaroscuro woodcuts that were made after his designs. In these media, his influence travelled farther and wider than it could have through his paintings alone." "This book coinciding with the quincentenary of the artist's birth in Parma in 1503, accompanies an exhibition presented at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, from October 3, 2003 to January 4, 2004, and at The Frick Collection, New York, from January 27 to April 18, 2004."--BOOK JACKET+-+82085655855767ocn670481383book20110.39Franklin, DavidCaravaggio & his followers in RomeExhibition catalogs"The Italian artist Caravaggio (1571-1610) had a profound impact on a wide range of baroque painters of Italian, French, Dutch, Flemish, and Spanish origin who resided in Rome either during his lifetime or immediately afterward. This captivating book illustrates the notion of "Caravaggism," showcasing 65 works by Peter Paul Rubens and other important artists of the period who drew inspiration from Caravaggio. Also depicted are Caravaggio canvases that fully exhibit his distinctive style, along with ones that had a particularly discernible impact on other practitioners. Caravaggio's influence was greatest in Rome, where his works were seen by the largest and most international group of artists, and was at its peak in the early decades of the 17th century both before and after his untimely death at the age of 39. Not since Michelangelo or Raphael has one European artist affected so many of his contemporaries and over such broad geographic territory. Essays by an array of major Caravaggio scholars illuminate the underlying principles of the exhibit, reveal how Caravaggio altered the presentation and interpretation of many traditional subjects and inspired unusual new ones, and explore the artist's legacy and how he irrevocably changed the course of painting."--Publisher's description+-+172526558557110ocn023288004book19900.56Sussman, ElisabethLisette ModelBiographyExhibition catalogsEtudie l'oeuvre de l'artiste à travers 55 de ses photographies, accompagnées de brefs commentaires5716ocn758983003book20120.37Van Gogh : up closeExhibition catalogs""Through a glass, darkly" is the biblical phrase that Vincent van Gogh borrowed in a letter to his mother, Anna Cornelia, when reflecting on his clouded perception of those closest to him. Painting, on the other hand, was a more certain venture. Van Gogh's relationship to the object is tirelessly recounted in a number of paintings and drawings that privilege an intimacy between viewer and viewed. The close examination of objects in nature was one first explored in his youth. These early efforts and their subsequent development are here considered through the spirit of adventure suggested by Lewis Carroll's imaginative novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871), focusing on the artist's childhood imagination and passion for nature, flowers and insects and the element of wonder and spontaneity in his work. The "enlarged" and detailed viewing and distortions in scale that Alice experiences in both novels provides a way in which to approach Van Gogh's imagery that reflects the "close-up" view. Considered in four parts, with titles drawn from Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass, this thematic overview centers around the concept of the close-up and considers the impact of various developments in the fields of art, literature, science and technology, religion and popular culture on the artist's way of seeing and perceiving. Highlighted here are some key subjects relating to Van Gogh's engagement with objects and the natural world, such as the experience of the artist's youth, his childhood studies, the importance of flowers, plants, trees and insects, literature as a source of inspiration in his work, and the evolution of the detail in his paintings"--55913ocn191763342book20080.53Bernini, Gian LorenzoBernini and the birth of Baroque portrait sculptureExhibition catalogs"Gian Lorenzo Bernini was the greatest sculptor of the Baroque period, and yet - surprisingly - there has never been a major North American exhibition of his work. Bernini and the Birth of Baroque Portrait Sculpture - on view from August 5 through October 26, 2008, at the J. Paul Getty Museum and from November 28, 2008, through March 8, 2009, at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa - showcases portrait sculptures from all phases of the artist's long career, from the very early Antonio Coppola of 1612 to Clement X of about 1676." "Bernini's portrait busts were masterpieces of technical virtuosity; at the same time, they revealed a new interest in psychological depth. Bernini's ability to capture the essential character of his subjects was unmatched and had a profound influence on other leading sculptors of his day, such as Alessandro Algardi, Giuliano Finelli, and Francesco Mochi." "Bernini and the Birth of Baroque Portrait Sculpture is a groundbreaking study that also features drawings and paintings by Bernini and his contemporaries. Together they demonstrate not only the range, skill, and acuity of these masters of Baroque portraiture but also the interrelationship of the arts in seventeenth-century Rome."--BOOK JACKET+-+568418743554210ocn000603791book19670.53Lyons, NathanPhotography in the twentieth centuryHistoryExhibition catalogs10705ocn288092297com19960.53Voices of fire art, rage, power, and the stateCase studiesItem contains cartoons, letters, articles, essays, etc resulting from the debate (or outcry) following the purchase of Barnett Newman's "Voice of fire" by National Gallery of Canada. Also includes papers from a symposium organised by the National Gallery of Canada10284ocn759157064com20090.47Horrall, AndrewBringing art to life a biography of Alan JarvisHistoryBiographyIn 1959, Alan Jarvis - the brilliant and charismatic director of the National Gallery of Canada - was forced to resign following a disagreement with the government over the purchase of works by European Old Masters. He never fully recovered from this dismissal, or the public humiliation that followed, succumbing to alcoholism in a little over a decade+-+39208082254394ocn000275159book19710.59Boggs, Jean SutherlandThe National Gallery of CanadaHistoryCatalogs3633ocn053000528book20030.53National Gallery of CanadaTreasures of the National Gallery of CanadaCatalogs"This volume, featuring 128 full-page colour illustrations, showcases a wide-ranging selection of the most outstanding works from Canada's largest art museum. Each of the pieces chosen for inclusion is introduced by a curatorial specialist, who sets it in its historical context and comments on its meaning and its place in the artist's oeuvre." "Pride of place is given to the Gallery's unparalleled holdings in Canadian art, but European art - paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings - is equally well represented. Masterworks from the Inuit art collection are also included, as well as examples from the Gallery's small but distinguished Asian collection. In recent decades, photographs have become an increasingly important part of the Gallery's collecting mandate, both through its own collection and that of its affiliate the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, and this emphasis too is amply reflected here."--BOOK JACKET+-+29944555853242964ocn051446790book20030.81Ord, DouglasThe National Gallery of Canada : ideas, art, architecture"The National Gallery of Canada: Ideas, Art, and Architecture examines the National Gallery as an institution, a collection, and a series of sites for the display of the nation's art. Douglas Ord explores how, throughout the gallery's development, art has consistently been linked to notions of religious truth, national spirit, and hallowed atmosphere, culminating in Moshe Safdie's design for the institution's current building. Integrating accounts of political intrigue and public controversy with philosophy, art theory, and architectural analysis, Ord provides vivid accounts of successive directors' struggles to obtain a permanent home for the nation's art and sheds light on the place and the role of art in Canada."--Résumé de l'éditeur+-+74507082252942ocn029799485book19930.70National Gallery of CanadaMagicians of light : photographs from the collection of the National Gallery of CanadaExhibition catalogs2724ocn020391442book0.76National Gallery of CanadaCanadian artCatalogs2304ocn018051137book19870.81National Gallery of CanadaEuropean and American painting, sculpture, and decorative artsCatalogs2042ocn006326922book19790.63Jackson, Henry Alexander CarmichaelMr. Jackson's MushroomsBiographyPictorial worksExhibition catalogsExhibition, pictorial worksCe livre reproduit l'essentiel de l'oeuvre du célèbre artiste et naturaliste canadien. Il s'agit de 42 magnifiques planches en couleurs, dont 40 représentent les champignons en grandeur nature. Le tout est précédé de "carnets" ou notes prises de 1931 à 1954. Une véritable "fête visuelle" qui ne peut que donner le goût d 'observer les champignons1782ocn001047314book19740.81Koch, Robert AHans Baldung Grien; Eve, the serpent and death. Hans Baldung Grien; Ève, le serpent et la MortCriticism, interpretation, etc1432ocn020798037book19880.84Noppen, LucIn the National Gallery of Canada : one of the most beautiful chapels in the landCriticism, interpretation, etc1384ocn000462654book19670.88National Gallery of CanadaMaster drawings; from the collection of the National Gallery of Canada. [CatalogueCatalogsExhibition catalogs1303ocn051203907book20030.79National Gallery of CanadaItalian drawings from the National Gallery of CanadaExhibition catalogs1222ocn145430286book20070.76National Gallery of CanadaModernist photographs from the National Gallery of CanadaBiographyExhibition catalogs+-+84739333351191ocn445235725book20100.92National Gallery of Canada19th-century French photographs from the National Gallery of CanadaHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+58239333351091ocn037654481book19970.70National Gallery of CanadaDivine images, human visions : the Max Tanenbaum collection of South Asian and Himalayan art in the National Gallery of CanadaCatalogs+-+K0545714361083ocn019353497book19880.70National Gallery of CanadaGuideGuidebooksHandbooks, manuals, etc1053ocn729343864book20110.92National Gallery of CanadaAmerican photographs 1900-1950 from the National Gallery of CanadaHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+24339333351052ocn676690009book20110.93National Gallery of Canada19th-century British photographs from the National Gallery of CanadaHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+71339333351045ocn003196569serial0.79National Gallery of CanadaAnnual review - National Gallery of Canada. 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