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Fri Mar 21 17:04:35 2014 UTClccn-n790431630.00Sharing the challenge: an invitation to comment on new public facilities for the National Museum of Man0.701.00Archéologie des sites du Musée de l'Homme et de la Galerie nationale /139202554n 79043163276591Canada. Musée national de l'HommeCanadà. National Museum of ManMusée de l'hommeMusée de l'homme OttawaMusée National de l'HommeMusée national de l'homme (Canadà)Musée national de l'homme (Ottawa)Musées nationaux du Canada. Musée national de l'hommeMuseum of ManMuseum of Man OttawaNational Museum of ManNational Museum of Man (Canada). Archaeology DivisionNational Museum of Man (Canada). Communications DivisionNational Museum of Man (Canada). Ethnology DivisionNational museum of Man OttawaNational Museums of Canada Musée National de l'HommeNational Museums of Canada Museum of ManNational Museums of Canada. National Museum of ManNational Museums of Canada Ottawa Musée National de l'HommeNational Museums of Canada Ottawa Museum of ManNational Museums of Canada Ottawa National Museum of MancontainsVIAFID/134525449Canadian Museum of CivilizationcontainsVIAFID/145332583National Museum of Canada. Human History Branchlccn-n80120516National Film Board of Canadalccn-n79043164National Museums of Canadaothedtlccn-n82020765CanadaDepartment of Indian Affairs and Northern Developmentlccn-n81044205Fredrickson, N. Jayelccn-n81044206Gibb, Sandranc-national museums of canada canadaNational Museums of Canada (Canada)lccn-n81071228Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studiesedtlccn-n50053228Canadian War Museumlccn-no2008114743Brasser, Ted J.ctblccn-n84169078Collard, Elizabeth1917-National Museum of Man (Canada)Exhibition catalogsHistoryCatalogsArtConference proceedingsFilm catalogsFolkloreMusicPeriodicalsLegendsCanadaNational Museum of Man (Canada)Cicero, Marcus TulliusInuit printsAntiquitiesSpeeches, addresses, etc., LatinRome (Empire)Political scienceNorth AmericaIndian silverworkEthnologyIroquois silverworkIndian artIndians of North America--AntiquitiesNewfoundland and LabradorNewfoundland and Labrador--LabradorManitoba--WinnipegPottery, BritishAthapascan IndiansInuit artOntario--OttawaEskimo printsMilitary campaignsWorld War (1939-1945)France--NormandyIndians of North America--IndustriesMotion pictures in ethnologySapir, Edward,ManuscriptsManuscripts, AmericanEskimo artNorth America--Northwest Coast of North AmericaIndians of North America--ManuscriptsBarbeau, Marius,ArchivesKwakiutl IndiansNova ScotiaNova Scotia--Debert SitePressed glassSephardimMoroccoSocial historyInuit--MedicineQuébec--HullQuébec--Hull--Parc LaurierQuébecPottery, ScottishGreat BritainPottery, EnglishQuébec--Saint Maurice River Region1900191319141922192719281937194819541955195619581960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819901992199419962000200220042006842413352260769.9719074011E99.E7ocn464641755ocn015753694ocn470274820ocn468044688ocn490347580ocn185576102ocn464409055ocn186449713ocn18538824436510ocn008430393book19800.66Fredrickson, N. JayeThe covenant chain : Indian ceremonial and trade silver : the covenant chain by N. Jaye Fredrickson ; catalogue of the exhibition by Sandra Gibb : a travelling exhibition of the National Museum of ManExhibition catalogsAccount of the trade in silver between Indians and Europeans from 1760 to 1821. Illustrates and describes all the silver chosen for an exhibition which travelled throughout Canada and the United States3657ocn005777050book19770.35National Museum of Man (Canada)The Inuit print : a travelling exhibition of the National Museum of Man, National Museums of Canada, and the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs = L'estampe inuit : une exposition itinérante du Musée national de l'homme, Musées nationaux du Canada, et du Ministère des affaires indiennes et du NordExhibition catalogsCatalogue of the traveling exhibition The Inuit Print, which was mounted at the AGO in 1978. Includes various prefatory essays, on topics such as techniques of modern printmaking and its antecedents. The catalogue is organized according to region, and includes work from Kinngait (Cape Dorset), Puvirnituq (Povungnituk) and other Arctic Quebec centres, Uluhaktuk (Holman), Qamani'tuaq (Baker Lake), and Panniqtuuq (Pangnirtung). Contains various appendices: a list of Inuit artists and printmakers, both alphabetically and by community; data on number of images produced and graphic techniques used, 1959-1976; and a brief history of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council2595ocn011650217book19830.70Collard, ElizabethThe potters' view of Canada : Canadian scenes on nineteenth-century earthenwareHistoryArt2053ocn003933918book19770.59Artibise, Alan F. JWinnipeg : an illustrated historyHistory1606ocn003334644book19760.73Brasser, Ted J"Bo'jou Neejee!" : profiles of Canadian Indian Art : a travelling exhibition of the National Museum of Man, OttawaExhibition catalogs1563ocn010942225book19840.63Roy, Reginald H1944 : the Canadians in NormandyA look at the Canadian forces in Europe in 19441524ocn010650001book19830.88Canadian Ethnology ServiceConsciousness and inquiry : ethnology and Canadian realitiesConference proceedings1435ocn001419172book19730.90Zimmerly, David WMuseocinematography : ethnographic film programs of the National Museum of Man, 1913-1973CatalogsFilm catalogs1213ocn000072650book19690.76Barclay, IsabelArt of the Canadian Indians and Eskimos. L'art des indiens et des esquimaux du CanadaArt1054ocn004406525book19000.66National Museum of Man (Canada)The Inuit print = l'estampe inuitExhibition catalogs9612ocn013496760book19600.86Canadian Arctic ProducersShamans and spirits : myths and medical symbolism in Eskimo art = Chamans et esprits : les mythes et le symbolisme médical dans l'art EsquimauExhibition catalogsCatalogue of an exhibition of Eskimo art illustrating shamans and spirits942ocn000206589book19700.90Thomas, Alexandert'a:t'a:qsapa : a practical orthography for NootkaThis work presents illustrations of selected sounds in the Nootka Indian language of western Vancouver Island, with a guide to pronunciation, lists of numerals, names of tribes and seven texts913ocn029066387visu19920.39Curtis, Edward SIn the land of the war canoesLegendsMusicA dramatic presentation of Kwakiutl Indian life on the northwest coast of America, shot in 1914 on Vancouver Island862ocn012550597book19850.90MacDonald, George FDebert : a Paleo-Indian site in central Nova Scotia671ocn009491092book19820.76Elbaz, André EFolktales of the Canadian SephardimFolklore643ocn017548159book19840.92Hardy, RenéForêt et société en Mauricie : la formation de la région de Trois-Rivières, 1830-1930HistoryVue d'ensemble des multiples dimensions de l'histoire sociale de la forêt mauricienne durant cette période646ocn077743076book19750.59National Museum of Man (Canada)"Bou'jou, Neejee!" : profiles of Canadian Indian artExhibition catalogsCatalogue for a travelling exhibit of Canadian Indian art604ocn002248854serial0.86National Museum of Man (Canada)Publications in archaeologyPeriodicals601ocn003478182serial0.93Publications in ethnology. Publications d'ethnologie593ocn004281034book19760.73Tuck, James ANewfoundland and Labrador prehistoryHistoryPopular summary of archaeological evidence available up to 1975. Covers six cultures and traditions of Newfoundland and Labrador: the first settlers; the Paleo-Eskimo tradition, the Beothuks, the Naskapi-Montagnais and the Thule Eskimo1621ocn002072931book19740.53National Museum of Man (Canada)The Athapaskans : strangers of the North : an international travelling exhibition from the collection of the National Museum of Man, Canada, and the Royal Scottish MuseumExhibition catalogsIllustrated catalogue of the items in the exhibit1361ocn011252593book19840.90Dallaire, LouiseEdward Sapir's correspondence : an alphabetical and chronological inventory, 1910-1925CatalogsGuide to the Edward Sapir's professional correspondence and lists for the years 1910 to 1925. Material is most applicable to the fields of ethnology and history1062ocn013837173book19850.92Cove, John JA detailed inventory of the Barbeau northwest coast filesCatalogs411ocn012289071book19840.81Massey Foundation CollectionWorks of craft from the Massey Foundation CollectionExhibition catalogs201ocn010640351book19740.70National Museum of Man (Canada)Les Athabascans, ces étrangers du Nord : une exposition itinérante formée des collections du Musée national de l'Homme (Canada) et du Royal Scottish MuseumExhibition catalogs142ocn002184999book19740.94National Museum of Man (Canada)History Division annual review, 197391ocn002468776book19750.93National Museum of Man (Canada)History Division annual review, 197481ocn005593904serial0.81Canadian War MuseumAnnual review - Canadian War MuseumMilitary historyPeriodicals62ocn059731911book19841.00Archéologie des sites du Musée de l'Homme et de la Galerie nationale62ocn011942040book19821.00Canada Museums Construction CorporationFive museum sites : comparative site evaluation - The National Gallery of Canada and the National Museum of Man61ocn002153385book19730.90National Museum of Man (Canada)History Division annual review,1972History51ocn015958336book19841.00Collection de la Fondation MasseyObjets d'art, oeuvres d'artisans : la Collection de la Fondation Massey31ocn456697322book19730.92National Museum of Man (Canada)Across Canada, 1972-73Exhibition catalogs31ocn604968858book19820.88Rottenberg, Barbara LangGlass manufacturing in Canada : a survey of pressed glass patternsPatterns31ocn319751799book19840.93Brousseau, FrancineHistorique du nouvel emplacement du Musée national de l'homme à HullHistory21ocn778815832book19810.47National Museum of Man (Canada)Who we are and what we do21ocn224281560book19610.56Cicero, Marcus TulliusThe speeches, with an English translation: Pro Publio Quinctio--Pro Sexto Rosico Amerino--Pro Quinto Roscio Comoedo--De lege agraria I., II., IIISourcesCICEREO (Marcus Tullius, 3rd Jan. 106-7th Dec. 43 B.C.), Roman lawyer, orator and politician (and even philosopher), of whom we know more than of any other Roman, lived through the stirring era which saw the rise, dictatorship, and death of Julius Caesar in a tottering republic. In his political speeches especially and in his correspondence we see the excitement, tension and intrigue of politics and the part he played in the turmoil of the time. Of about 106 Speeches, delivered before the Roman people or the Senate if they were political, before jurors if judicial, 58 survive (a few of them incompletely). In A.D. 1345 Petrarch discovered copies of a collection of more than 900 Letters of which more than 800 were written by Cicero and nearly 100 by others to him. These afford a revelation of the man and all the more striking because they were not written for publication. Six Rhetorical works survive and another in fragments. Philosophical works include seven extant major compositions and a number of others; and some lost. There is also poetry, some original, some as translations from the Greek21ocn060120759book19831.00The National Museum of Man : planning guidelines = Le Musée national de l'Homme : lignes directrices de planificationDesigns and plans22ocn505785838book1982National Museum of Man (Canada)Sharing the challenge: an invitation to comment on new public facilities for the National Museum of Man21ocn060120543book19730.84Halpin, Marjorie MThe Tsimshian crest system a study based on museum specimens and the Marius Barbeau and William Beynon field notesArtFri Mar 21 15:56:42 EDT 2014batch51799