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Fri Mar 21 17:13:43 2014 UTClccn-n790435660.25Men of peace0.620.97The Work of Norman Angell, by his contemporaries; a random collection of reviews, criticisms, comments, discussions, letters from readers, caricatures, sketches51708094Norman_Angelln 79043566276986Angell, NormanAngell, Norman L. 1874-1967Angell, Norman, SirAngell, Norman, Sir, 1874-1967Angell, Ralph Norman.Angell, Ralph Norman, 1874-1967Angell, Ralph Norman, SirAngell, Ralph Norman, Sir, 1874-1967Èndžel', Norman.Lane, Ralph 1874-1967Lane, Ralph N. 1874-1967Lane, Ralph Norman Angell.Lane, Ralph Norman Angell, 1872-1967Lane, Ralph Norman Angell, 1874-1967Lane, Ralph Norman Angell 1874-1967 Wirklicher Nameエンセル, ノルマンlccn-n2008032175Fettweis, Christopher J.lccn-n79110921League of Nationslccn-n79041626GandhiMahatma1869-1948lccn-n88002870Smith, Bradford1909-1964lccn-n79068416Tolstoy, Leograf1828-1910lccn-no2007080457AkhenatonKing of Egyptlccn-n79018534Labour Party (Great Britain)lccn-n79058751Woolf, Leonard1880-1969edtlccn-n79043567Marrin, Albertlccn-n50079419Geneva Institute of International RelationsAngell, Norman1874-1967HistoryTreatiesWarInternational relationsPeaceAngell, Norman,Great BritainWorld politicsWorld War (1939-1945)War, Cost ofDisarmamentPublic opinionUnited StatesGreat powersCommercial policyImperialismEconomic historyMoneySocial psychologyPolitical scienceEuropeDictatorsWar--CausesBiographyTolstoy, Leo,--graf,Akhenaton,--King of EgyptGandhi,--Mahatma,World War (1914-1918)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Military readinessSecurity, InternationalNeutralityPacifistsPropagandaDemocracyReconstruction (1939-1951)NationalismLabour Party (Great Britain)Social problemsReconstruction (1914-1939)Economic policyCommercial productsLeague of NationsNobel Prize winnersInternationalistsUnion of Democratic ControlEconomistsInternational lawWar--Economic aspectsDisarmament--Economic aspectsWar--Moral and ethical aspectsWorking class18741967190019031908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519471948195019511952195319551958195919601961196219631964196619671969197019711972197319751976197719791980198119821985198619871989199019921999200020022004200520062007200920102011201220132014207914391531172.4JX1952ocn458056501ocn458866011ocn422363082ocn180150375ocn698956400ocn459811133ocn458480423ocn458828615ocn405506769ocn316804586ocn477387079ocn316804583ocn047240360ocn721206417ocn723970802123012ocn000394410book19420.47Angell, NormanLet the people know76026ocn000236525book19290.56Angell, NormanThe story of moneyHistory66715ocn001292544book19380.53Angell, NormanPeace with the dictators?61758ocn004553033book19100.76Angell, NormanThe great illusion; a study of the relation of military power in nations to their economic and social advantage61025ocn000504835book19130.59Angell, NormanThe great illusion, 1933History5949ocn000394849book19390.53Angell, NormanFor what do we fight?57834ocn001041176book19210.73Angell, NormanThe fruits of victory, a sequel to "The great illusion,"Norman Angell's 1910 work The Great Illusion proved to be a major breakthrough in twentieth-century geopolitical thinking, although its central argument that global conflict was increasingly unlikely because of its mutually deleterious consequences was called into question by two world wars. In the sequel The Fruits of Victory, Angell expands his thesis to incorporate lessons learned from World War I52715ocn000634506book19320.66Angell, NormanThe unseen assassins52142ocn001498669book19090.70Angell, NormanThe great illusion; a study of the relation of military power to national advantageEt forsøg på at modbevise de almindeligt anførte grunde til forsvar for krigen+-+269091193650516ocn004070672book19370.63Angell, NormanThe defence of the Empire4497ocn000466957book19400.63Angell, NormanAmerica's dilemma: alone or allied?43119ocn005324206book19260.73Angell, NormanThe public mind : its disorders: its exploitation4284ocn000538684book19350.63Angell, NormanPeace and the plain man3926ocn001179452book19450.63America and the new world3927ocn000310588book19470.56Angell, NormanThe steep places35517ocn606016661book19330.73Woolf, LeonardThe intelligent man's way to prevent war, by Sir Norman Angell [and others]Treaties+-+213062159635311ocn001458443book19140.73Angell, NormanArms and industry; a study of the foundations of international polity+-+813388566632431212ocn000401513book19190.76Angell, NormanThe British revolution and the American democracy; an interpretation of British labour programmes3058ocn000549914book19320.70Angell, NormanFrom chaos to control2697ocn000168400book19360.79Angell, NormanRaw materials, population pressure and war10604ocn695994113file20100.53Fettweis, Christopher JDangerous times? the international politics of great power peace"Dangerous Times? is an examination of international politics that reveals both theoretical logic and empirical data that support the vision of a future where wars between great powers are unlikely and transnational threats can be contained. Despite popular perception, today a far greater percentage of the world's population lives in peace than at any time in history, and the number and intensity of all types of warfare have dropped steadily since the early 1990's. Terrorism, though reprehensible, can be combated and can actually increase international cooperation among states fighting a common threat. World wars like those of the twentieth century︢t︣he true clash of civilizations︢a︣re unlikely to be repeated in the close-knit world of the twenty-first century." "In this book, Fettweis discusses this revolution in human history and its ramifications for international relations theory. He suggests a new vision for a more restrained U S grand strategy and foreign policy and reveals how, despite pessimistic perceptions to the contrary, the world is more likely entering a golden age of peace and security."--BOOK JACKET+-+75626543065781ocn000391778book19640.25Smith, BradfordMen of peaceStories of fifteen major figures, ranging from Ikhnaton of ancient Egypt to Dag Hammarskjold of modern Sweden, who dedicated themselves to the abolition of war. For contents, see Author Catalog5115ocn001065053book19510.56Angell, NormanAfter all; the autobiography of Norman Angell3072ocn004804528book19790.66Marrin, AlbertSir Norman AngellBiography2494ocn012419146book19860.86Miller, J. D. BNorman Angell and the futility of war : peace and the public mind+-+08222076853242036ocn313664484book20090.88Ceadel, MartinLiving the great illusion : Sir Norman Angell, 1872-1967BiographyThis biography of one of the 20th century's leading internationalists, Sir Norman Angell, author of 'The Great Illusion', Labour MP, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, reveals that his life has hitherto been much misrepresented and misunderstood+-+81662044651429ocn002995951book19160.76Coulton, G. GThe main illusions of pacifism: a criticism of Mr. Norman Angell and of the Union of democratic control1302ocn008667248book19820.88Bisceglia, LouisNorman Angell and liberal internationalism in Britain, 1931-1935Biography183ocn003464478book19510.70Angell, NormanThe reminiscences of Sir Norman AngellBiography184ocn023741344book19140.86BENNETT, J. B. SterndaleNorman Angellism : how it concerns you93ocn682414364com19140.63Roberts, GeraldWhat about Norman Angell now?63ocn002685615book19750.47Jewell, Fred RSir Norman Angell : the World War II years, 1940-1945Biography51ocn008926994book19590.97The Work of Norman Angell, by his contemporaries; a random collection of reviews, criticisms, comments, discussions, letters from readers, caricatures, sketches52ocn007909682book19710.86Supina, Philip DaleNorman Angell and the years of illusion, 1908-191442ocn029087865book19140.96War and peace pamphlet, no. 1-742ocn012266191book19690.92Miller, Frederick GeneNorman Angell, peace, politics and the press, 1919-192432ocn025189228book19640.96Hines, Paul DavidNorman Angell : peace movement 1911-191532ocn008005295book19720.73Gavigan, Patrick JRalph Norman Angell Lane :33ocn008005282book19770.47Risinger, Edward AltonSir Norman Angell: critic of appeasement, 1935-194021ocn225740936book19760.47Jewell, Fred RichardSir Norman Angell the World War II years, 1940-1945+-+2690911936+-+2690911936Fri Mar 21 16:00:26 EDT 2014batch39666