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Fri Mar 21 17:14:16 2014 UTClccn-n790436560.29What did I do? : the unauthorized autobiography /0.540.97Paul's blues /86716140Larry_Riversn 79043656277076Grossberg, Yitzroch LoizaGrossberg, Yitzroch Loiza, 1923-Grossberg, Yitzroch Loiza, 1925-2002Grossberg, Yizroch LoizaLarry RiversRivers, Larry, 1923-Rivers, Larry (1925- ).Yitzroch Loiza Grossbergリバース, ラリーlccn-n79142716Hunter, Sam1923-lccn-n80096436Marlborough Gallerylccn-n79041921Brightman, Carollccn-nr2007004688Harrison, Helen A.(Helen Amy)lccn-n81056647Weinstein, Arnoldlccn-n78083445Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Gardenlccn-n80036674Kerouac, Jack1922-1969nrtlccn-n79078140Rosenzweig, Phyllis D.lccn-n79122477Rose, Barbaraivelccn-n83065819Serwer, Jacquelyn DaysRivers, Larry1925-2002Exhibition catalogsBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsDramaFictionHistoryExhibition, pictorial worksInterviewsMusical settingsRivers, Larry,United StatesArtistsNew York school of artSaxophonistsBeat generationFictionKerouac, Jack,TravelAmerican poetryAfrican Americans in artAfrican American artPainting, AmericanPop artArt, Modern--Private collectionsPowers, KimikoJewsComputer artMotion picturesArtArt, ModernJews in artJudaism and artJewish artPoland--LublinPolandJewish Museum (New York, N.Y.)Artists' preparatory studiesArt, AbstractWomen--IdentityJoseph, Pamela,Women in artAbstract expressionismO'Hara, Frank,Poets, AmericanLeslie, Alfred,Appropriation (Art)Blues (Music)Songs (High voice) with pianoGoodman, Paul,Art, AmericanAuthors, AmericanAutobiographical fictionNew York School of Art (Corporate Name)Art in motion picturesAfrican American artsPaintersPortrait paintingFiction films19232002194919511952195319541957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200520062007200820092010201220139739393581709.24N6537.R57ocn171586103ocn671248622ocn011192218ocn174871962ocn311464443ocn311464454ocn174871714ocn313425234ocn228427595ocn315107497ocn313965732ocn465342851ocn780716908ocn865167431ocn658726394ocn762099786ocn801085573ocn799958376ocn462476140ocn464254685ocn691780868ocn691780845ocn740278294ocn237218779ocn7536584256992ocn011483080book19840.39Harrison, Helen ALarry RiversBiography59321ocn019886189book19650.50Hunter, SamLarry RiversCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogs5195ocn000577930book19710.37Hunter, SamRiversA study of the ideas and work of one of the first artists to merge non-objective, non-narrative art with narrative and objective abstraction4392ocn007577022book19810.56Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture GardenLarry Rivers : the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden collection, Smithsonian InstitutionExhibition catalogs2964ocn019272378book19600.31Kerouac, JackLonesome travelerBiographyFictionTells the story of the years when Kerouac was writing the books that captivated and infuriated the public, restless years of wandering during which he worked as a railway brakeman in California, a steward on a tramp steamer, and a fire lookout on the crest of Desolation Peak in the Cascade Mountains2212ocn000218777book19690.84Koch, KennethWhen the sun tries to go on2004ocn000134183book19710.76Rivers, LarrySome American historyExhibition catalogs1483ocn018493371visu19880.33Painting with lightThe Quantel Paint Box is a new computer device that enables an artist to create and paint original works directly onto a television screen. Shows four artists using the process1191ocn171586103visu20080.73Robert Frank the complete film worksPull my daisy: A short fictional film in which a married couple, Neal and Carolyn Cassady, hang out with their friends, including several beat poets and a "square" bishop+-+50186701381146ocn041168025visu19590.70Pull my daisyDramaIn Pull my daisy, a family struggles to fit in with their suburban neighbors, invites the local bishop over for dinner. However, their "Beat" friends crash the party. The last clean shirt follows a man and a woman as they drive a convertible automobile around in a city and talk to each other+-+9818670138791ocn011192218book19840.81Singer, Isaac BashevisThe magician of LublinFiction742ocn011186091book19840.88Kleeblatt, Norman LLarry Rivers' History of matzah : the story of the JewsHistoryExhibition catalogsExhibition, pictorial works633ocn006787410book19740.90Berkson, BillHymns of St. Bridget & other writings622ocn047357543book20010.93Joseph, PamelaPamela Joseph presents the sideshow of the absurdExhibition catalogs351ocn430827759visu20090.76Alfred Leslie cool man in a golden age : selected filmsInterviewsUSA: poetry, Frank O'Hara: Frank O'Hara reads poetry and discusses filmmaking with Alfred Leslie292ocn028005662visu19930.79Larry Rivers an American masterInterviewsA look at three of Larry Rivers' shows at the Marlborough Gallery in New York City. Also included are three different interviews with Rivers as well as interviews with Sam Hunter291ocn005274750book19780.95Towle, TonyWorks on paper271ocn024845779book19900.59Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers : recent work : 27 April-19 May, 1990Exhibition catalogs221ocn793348331book20120.84Tibor de Nagy GalleryLarry Rivers : later works211ocn013481014book19840.97Rorem, NedPaul's bluesMusical settings108616ocn000127167book19600.50Hunter, SamLarry RiversCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogs9112ocn005102085book19790.37Rivers, LarryDrawings and digressionsRivers is considered by many scholars to be the "Godfather" and "Grand Father" of Pop art, because he was one of the first artists to really merge non-objective, non-narrative art with narrative and objective abstraction. This is a collection of his works from his long career7377ocn025831914book19920.29Rivers, LarryWhat did I do? : the unauthorized autobiographyBiographyAside from his major work as a painter, Rivers has written poetry, acted in plays and films, designed sets, illustrated books, played jazz saxophone, composed music, and collaborated with writer friends. Along the way there have been marriages and children, affairs and addictions, comic and farcical happenings, sadness and tragedy. -Derived from book jacket+-+84680751063921ocn050726871book20020.59Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers : art and the artistExhibition catalogs"Artist Larry Rivers has shocked, scandalized, and intrigued audiences for close to fifty years. Rivers emerged as a pop art pioneer in the 1950s and later became one of America's most important figurative painters. Ever the iconoclast, Rivers is a multimedia artist, working in painting, sculpture, collage, and installation pieces. His eclectic style draws from a surprising range of sources - from historic events like Washington crossing the Delaware, the Russian Revolution, and the Holocaust to Hollywood movies. He courted controversy, as in his shrewd satire of Manet's luscious nude Olympia, painted in blackface. Rivers worked abroad, linking the art worlds of Paris and New York; he became notorious not only for his work, but for his provocative lifestyle. He moves fluidly outside the traditional art world, accomplished as a jazz musician, writer, and filmmaker. At age seventy-eight Rivers has never had a complete retrospective of his work. Now the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., brings his legacy to light in this definitive Rivers monograph."--BOOK JACKET+-+K3427767351843ocn000122639book19700.76Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers, 1965-1970. [Exhibition] December 1970-January 1971, Marlborough Gallery, New YorkExhibition catalogs1772ocn049555589book20010.73Pop art : the John and Kimiko Powers collectionExhibition catalogs+-+37090653361591ocn000127587book19700.79Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers: drawings, 1949-1969Exhibition catalogs1382ocn060525654book20050.84Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers : paintings and drawings: 1951-2001 ; May 3-June 4, 2005Exhibition catalogs+-+05372424351033ocn024174778book19900.81Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers, works from the sixties : May 3-21, 1990, Marlborough Gallery, IncExhibition catalogs944ocn007741753book19800.88Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers, Retrospektive : Zeichnungen : [Ausstellung], 20. Dezember 1980 bis 25. Januar 1981, Kestner-Gesellschaft HannoverExhibition catalogs911ocn310157418book20080.93Die verborgene Spur : jüdische Wege durch die Moderne : = The hidden trace : Jewish paths through modernityExhibition catalogs833ocn027973343book19930.84Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers : art and the artist : March 3-27, 1993, Marlborough Gallery, IncExhibition catalogs822ocn020008569book19880.88Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers : recent relief paintings : December 7, 1988-January 7, 1989Exhibition catalogs791ocn009895794book19800.84Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers, Retrospektive : Bilder und Skulpturen : 19. Dezember 1980 bis 15. Februar 1981Exhibition catalogsRez.: 2. u. 3. Ex. Han 881/22 Zs:1980,6 a-b781ocn014971682book19860.79Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers : recent work (relief paintings)Exhibition catalogs703ocn008255733book19810.86Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers, the continuing interest in abstract artExhibition catalogs664ocn003349228book19740.92Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers : from the coloring book of Japan : December 7, 1974-January 4, 1975Exhibition catalogs602ocn025019694book19900.86Butler Institute of American ArtLarry Rivers : public and privateCriticism, interpretation, etc541ocn040761021visu19980.35Larry Rivers public and privateBiographyIn the forty years that Larry Rivers has been a prominent artist, jazz musician and recently an author, he has been known for his outspokenness, irreverence, and wit. Here Rivers appropriates images of historically restablished masterpieces and transforms them according to his personal vision. The result is a bombastic display of his superb figurative technique473ocn001476038book19730.90Rivers, LarryLarry Rivers, 1970-1973: [Exhibition] March 24-April 14, 1973, Marlborough Gallery, New YorkExhibition catalogs+-+5018670138+-+5018670138Fri Mar 21 15:44:54 EDT 2014batch29715