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Fri Mar 21 17:14:15 2014 UTClccn-n790439780.06Moses the kitten /0.140.31James Herriot a critical companion /76317035James_Herriotn 79043978277393Chėrriot, Džejms 1916-1995Heriots, Džeimss, 1916-1995Hèrriot, Džejms.Herriot, J.Herriot, JamesHerriot, James, 1916-1995Herriot, James (1917-1995).Wight, Alf.Wight, Alf, 1916-1995Wight, J.A.Wight, JamesWight, James 1916-1995 Wirklicher NameWight, James Alfred.Wight, James Alfred, 1916-1995Wight, James Alfred Alf.Хэрриот, Джеймс, 1916-1995ヘリオット, ジェイムズヘリオット, ジェームズlccn-n84002542Timothy, Christopheractprfnrtlccn-nr2002014830Brown, Ruth1941-illlccn-n79086320Barrett, Peter1935-illcrelccn-n88051162Hardy, Robert1925-prfactnc-british broadcasting corporationBritish Broadcasting Corporationlccn-no96062151Davison, Peter1951-prfactlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n84002549Drinkwater, Carolactlccn-nr00006505Sellars, Billprolccn-n79103375Brabbs, DerryillHerriot, JamesBiographyAnecdotesJuvenile worksDramaTelevision programsFictionFilm adaptationsPictorial worksTelevision adaptationsRecords and correspondenceEngland--YorkshireHerriot, JamesVeterinariansCatsDogsFarm lifeVeterinary medicineDomestic animalsHuman-animal relationshipsTravelKittensSheep dogsGreat BritainPetsEngland--Yorkshire DalesHorsesCowsEnglandLambsCountry lifePopular cultureFriendshipFamiliesSpanielsDog ownersMelodramaDogs--Diseases--TreatmentChristmas storiesAuthors, EnglishAnimalsEngland--North YorkshireManners and customsAnimal welfareScotland--GlasgowVeterinarians--BiographyFarmersMan-woman relationshipsHusband and wifeTelevision seriesAudio-lingual method (Language teaching)Children's literatureWit and humorHorses--FictionBiographyPet showsTelevision adaptationsChristmasHomesBrothersCattle191619951958197019721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320141042548112780BSF613.H44ocn781391681ocn781391695ocn691827477ocn797523463ocn864751672ocn864748573ocn864749771ocn075323299ocn722808264ocn723126958ocn724069709ocn723748657ocn076223618ocn074973799ocn078197478Veterinarians308019ocn030546775book19940.15Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's cat storiesBiographyFictionAnecdotesA renowned writer on animals offers a collection of stories about the cats he has known+-+5798667685295731ocn010901244book19740.06Herriot, JamesMoses the kittenJuvenile worksBiographyFictionAnecdotesA bedraggled orphaned kitten is nursed back to health on a Yorkshire farm and when he recovers turns out to have a very unusual idea about the identity of his mother+-+0469157685255211ocn012107755book19740.06Herriot, JamesOnly one woofJuvenile worksBiographyFictionGyp, a cheerful but always silent sheep dog, startles everyone with uncharacteristic behavior during the championship sheep dog trials+-+K476457685230522ocn016082874book19720.06Herriot, JamesBonny's big dayJuvenile worksBiographyFictionAnecdotesFarmer Skipton is persuaded to enter his old carthorse, Bonny, in the Darrowby Pet Show+-+K620157685185918ocn017877060book19720.06Herriot, JamesBlossom comes homeJuvenile worksFictionAnecdotesTo make room for a younger cow, Farmer Dakin reluctantly takes his old cow Blossom to market with surprising results+-+362968588532412192ocn023941773book19910.06Herriot, JamesSmudge, the little lost lambJuvenile worksAnecdotesSmudge, a new twin lamb, gets into trouble when he pushes under the fence & goes free. After leaving Farmer Cobb's flock and exploring the outside world, Smudge the lamb has trouble returning home. Smudge is an adorable black-and-white lamb, who lives in Farmer Cobb's farmyard with his mother and many other animals. One fine spring day, though, Smudge decides to see the world outside Farmer Cobb's fence, and finds himself on a glorious adventure-until he discovers that he can't get back in. Smudge, the Little Lost Lamb, James Herriot's newest story for children, is another delightful addition to the beloved country veterinarian's award-winning series of books for young readers+-+221566768577210ocn049717098visu19760.14All creatures great & small the complete series 1 collectionFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsSet in the rugged beauty of the English countryside, this series begins with the arrival of James Herriot to the Yorkshire Dales in the late '30s. The newly qualified outsider from Scotland finds he still has much to learn if the country folk are ever to accept him as a vet on par with Siegfried Farnon, who established the Darrowby practice. As Herriot struggles with the native dialect, skeptical clients and ingrained rural superstitions, he must also learn how to weather the flare-ups between Siegfried and his younger brother, Tristan. Soon Herriot falls in love with Helen, a local farmer's daughter, only to suffer constant reminders that "the course of true love never did run smooth."+-+207611532532467613ocn237176855rcrd20070.06Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's Treasury for children [warm and joyful animal tales]Juvenile worksBiographyCollects all of the beloved veterinarian's delightful tales for young listeners. From the springtime frolic of "Oscar, Cat-About-Town" to the yuletide warmth of "The Christmas Day Kitten", these stories are perennial favorites+-+397057279667216ocn050846941visu19780.13All creatures great & smallBiographyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsSet in the rugged beauty of the dales of Yorkshire, England, this season continues the true-life story of young veterinarian James Herriot. Newly married to Helen and settled into a partnership with Siegfried Farnon--with the sporadic support of Siegfried's errant younger brother, Tristan--James finds that there is no end to the joy and heartache, tears and laughter that go with caring for all creatures great and small6387ocn031062654rcrd19940.12Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's cat storiesBiographyAnecdotesThe veternarian relates tales of cats of farmers, merchants and matrons, cats with definite social graces, and wild, untamed natures, and some cats who became a cherished part of the life of the Herriott family+-+556827400657951ocn001302267book19720.16Herriot, JamesAll creatures great and smallBiographyAnecdotesHandbooks, manuals, etcJames Herriot reads from his books+-+34950758853245367ocn060995841visu20050.13All creatures great & smallFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsThe continuing story of country veterinarian James Herriot, his wife Helen, and his various idiosyncratic associates+-+44719346965299ocn070583174visu19890.13All creatures great & smallBiographyFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsTelevision programsThe period is now the early Fifties, but the Dales are slow to embrace the world of tomorrow. Even with Calum on the team, the vets see little of the leisure that the modern age promises4576ocn162139147visu19900.13All creatures great & smallDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsThe final installment of the heart-warming tale about Yorkshire veterinarian James Herriot, his wife Helen and his volatile but warm-hearted partner, Siegfried Farnon. Life at the small veterinary practice continues to challenge the partners, but through all the trials and tribulations, the social upheavals and the years gone by, friendship and family prove themselves as strong as ever+-+362303469645628ocn013269735book19770.14Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's dog storiesBiographyPersonal narrativesAnecdotesA collection of 50 tales that will warm the hearts of dog lovers+-+23148976853866ocn020969253rcrd19860.12Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's dog storiesBiographyFictionAnecdotesMore unique and wonderful stories about the animal James Herriot loves most, the dog. These stories will make you laugh and sometimes cry+-+880719133536411ocn085841395visu19790.13All creatures great & smallBiographyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsTelevision series that follows the true-life adventures of veterinarian James Herriot. Set in the windswept dales of Yorkshire, England, the series perfectly captures the warm drawing room fires and freezing wintry barns of the English countryside of the '30s. While this remote area cannot remain untouched by the threat of impending war, there are still plenty of battles to be fought on the home front: on the farms, in the fields and hand-to-hand in the surgery+-+627611532532435483ocn059907157book19700.16Herriot, JamesIf only they could talkHistoryBiographyPersonal narrativesAnecdotesRecords and correspondenceHow now, brown cow ... The genial misadventures of James Herriot, a young vet in the lovely Yorkshire Dales, are enough to make a cat laugh-- let alone the animals, if only they could talk+-+88328758853243432ocn043286598book20000.12Love of spaniels : the ultimate tribute to cockers, springers, and other great spanielsPictorial worksAnecdotes+-+98093014353228ocn014063992rcrd19780.15Herriot, JamesIf only they could talkBiographyRecords and correspondenceEpisodes from Herriot's days as a veterinarian dealing with animals and their owners in the English countryside of Yorkshire in the 1930's707864ocn000524390book19720.16Herriot, JamesAll creatures great and smallBiographyAnecdotesHandbooks, manuals, etcAn English veterinarian reminisces about his life, career, and animal patients in a small village+-+0035887685628627ocn013395903book19860.14Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's dog storiesBiographyPersonal narrativesAnecdotesA collection of dog stories by James Herriot+-+2314897685596440ocn001004031book19730.17Herriot, JamesAll things bright and beautifulBiographyAnecdotesA Yorkshire veterinarian describes the adventures and experiences of his career as he tends to sick cattle, pregnant ewes, ailing dogs, and their eccentric owners, in a celebration of the relationships between human and animal+-+4585757685562927ocn007246724book19800.17Herriot, JamesThe Lord God made them allBiographyFictionContinues the memoirs of Yorkshire veterinarian James Herriot, as life for Herriot, his wife, and two children gets back to normal after World War II+-+4983497685562639ocn003001903book19760.17Herriot, JamesAll things wise and wonderfulBiographyPersonal narrativesAnecdotesIn the midst of World War II, the Yorkshire veterinarian muses on past adventures through the Yorkshire dales, visiting with old friends and introducing scores of new characters--both human and animal+-+2685757685482825ocn026013508book19920.17Herriot, JamesEvery living thingBiographyFictionAnecdotesVeterinarian Herriot continues his delightful recollections of his work among the animals & people of the Yorkshire Dales in the 1950s+-+K336357685308916ocn005353781book19700.18Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's YorkshireBiographyAnecdotesA guide to the villages, towns, and countryside of the Yorkshire area of England+-+080266362532430339ocn009682476book19820.17Herriot, JamesThe best of James Herriot : favourite memories of a country vet : James Herriot's own selection from his original books, with additional material by Reader's digest editorsBiographyJames Herriot's own selection from his original books, with additional material by Reader's Digest editors+-+0162257685272858ocn003003117book19700.16Herriot, JamesIf only they could talkHistoryBiographyPersonal narrativesAnecdotesRecords and correspondence"From the author whose books inspired the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small, this first volume of unforgettable memoirs chronicles James Herriot's first years as a country vet, with the signature storytelling magic that has made him a favourite the world over." -- Page 4 of cover+-+619899588525573ocn013760731book19860.06Herriot, JamesThe Christmas Day kittenJuvenile worksBiographyFictionAnecdotesPicture booksThe famous veterinarian/writer shares the true story of how an independent-minded stray cat gives a woman and her three Basset hounds a Christmas present+-+5212457685245515ocn036949779book19970.15Lord, GrahamJames Herriot : the life of a country vetBiographyPersonal narrativesTells the story of the Scottish veterinarian who wrote extensively about his life's work, animals+-+351952132520949ocn036841361book19970.12Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's animal storiesBiographyAnecdotesJames Herriot's Animal Stories contains ten of the Yorkshire vet's best-loved stories, celebrating dogs, cats, lambs, horses, cows, and their colorful human counterparts--all brought to life via the Herriot storytelling magic and illustrated with Lesley Holmes' radiant watercolors+-+392316768518546ocn019920537book19890.08Herriot, JamesThe Market Square dogJuvenile worksBiographyFictionAnecdotesThe famous veterinarian tries to heal a stray dog and find him a home+-+6210157685169515ocn043524916book19990.16Wight, JimThe real James Herriot : a memoir of my fatherBiographyA portrait of the best-selling author by his son describes the life and times of the beloved Yorkshire veterinarian, describing his devotion to his family, his work as a rural vet, and his writing+-+060679098515805ocn021904465book19900.06Herriot, JamesOscar, cat-about-townJuvenile worksFictionAnecdotesNobody knows why a stray cat keeps sneaking away from his new home until he begins turning up at social events all over the village+-+858645768513311ocn026257613book19920.06Herriot, JamesJames Herriot's treasury for childrenJuvenile worksBiographyA collection of the author's stories most loved stories for children+-+076035768513087ocn051389722com19970.31Rossi, Michael JohnJames Herriot a critical companionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExamines James Herriot's five major books, discussing their plot development and narrative structure, character development, and thematic issues, and provides some biographical information+-+537355868510484ocn045728716com19950.28Sternlicht, SanfordAll things Herriot James Herriot and his peaceable kingdomCriticism, interpretation, etcveterinarian came into existence and how he developed over the course of the series of books. How and why Herriot made the transition to television is examined as well as the effect the shows had on audiences. This is the story of the "creating" of James Herriot, how he captured the imagination of popular culture. This simple man, with his profound love for all creatures in his peaceable kingdom, has earned for himself a secure and enduring place in the hearts and minds+-+2661510635100922ocn027338445book19770.15Herriot, JamesVet in a spinBiographyAnecdotesRecords and correspondenceYou can't teach an old dog... Strapped into the cockpit of a Tiger Moth trainer, James Herriot has swapped his wellingtons and breeches for sheepskin boots and a baggy flying suit... But the vet-turned-airman is the sort of aircrew trainee to terrify instructors who've faced the Luftwaffe without flinching. Very soon he's grounded, discharged and back to his old life in the dales around Darrowby+-+220899588599620ocn056348741rcrd19850.13Herriot, JamesAll creatures great and smallBiographyRecords and correspondenceDr. Herriot lovingly recounts his encounters with all manner of house pets and livestock, as well as their often eccentric owners+-+9822274006+-+0469157685+-+0469157685Fri Mar 21 15:17:24 EDT 2014batch67584