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DailyPeriodicalsNewspapers182ocn016831926book18760.73Oneida CommunityMutual criticism173ocn613263694book19050.95Newhouse, SThe Newhouse trapper's guide144ocn019255317serial0.24The PerfectionistPeriodicals144ocn023876597book18660.95Noyes, John HumphreySalvation from sin, the end of Christian faith102ocn019255326serial0.73New covenant record : and advocate of freedom from sin, from sectarian legality, usurpation and delusionPeriodicals92ocn019255306serial0.35The Spiritual moralistPeriodicals81ocn002055231book19300.97Oneida CommunityTable ways of today87ocn180667373book18670.73Oneida CommunityHand-book of the Oneida Community with a sketch of its founder, and an outline of its constitution and doctrines72ocn437946582book18670.63Oneida CommunityThe trapper's guide; a manual of instructions, for capturing all kinds of fur-bearing animals, and curing their skins; with observations on the fur-trade, hints of life in the woods, and narratives of trapping and hunting excursions. By S. Newhouse, and other trappers and sportsmen. Second edition, with new narratives and illustrations71ocn018822344book18930.29Newhouse, SThe trapper's guide : for capturing furbearing animals and curing their skins73ocn007865609serial0.59The QuadranglePeriodicals52ocn855372113book18530.76Oneida CommunityBible communism; a compilation from the annual reports and other publications of the Oneida Association and its branches; presenting, in connection with their history, a summary view of their religious and social theoriesHistory51ocn010765263book0.95Seventeen reasons for believing that the Second Coming of Christ is past51ocn043295719book19010.96Oneida CommunityOneida Community 1848-190152ocn015468188serialThe CircularPeriodicals133812ocn000028166book19690.47Carden, Maren LockwoodOneida: Utopian community to modern corporationHistory+-+987051063513112ocn043475558file19840.50Mandelker, Ira LReligion, society, and utopia in nineteenth-century AmericaHistoryCase studies12536ocn027770659book19930.31Klaw, SpencerWithout sin : the life and death of the Oneida communityHistorySpencer Klaw's Without Sin chronicles the rise and fall of nineteenth-century America's most successful experiment in Utopian living: the Oneida Community in upstate New York. Founded in 1848 by a small band of Christian Perfectionists under the leadership of John Humphrey Noyes, the Community flourished for more than thirty years. Before it was finally destroyed by a fierce internal dispute - as well as external attacks by a legion of self-appointed "guardians of public morals" - Oneida could boast some three hundred practicing members who, following the tenets of Noyes's "Bible Communism," collectively owned and operated a number of profitable factories and mills and drew thousands of curious visitors to see how they lived. Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of life at Oneida was the highly unorthodox sexual regimen prescribed by its founder, who believed that in a community of true Christians, God did not intend love between men and women to be confined to the narrow channels of conventional matrimony. In the Oneidan system of "complex marriage," every woman in the Community was considered to be married to every man, resulting in a virtually constant exchange of sexual partners. Oneidan men were required to practice a special technique of birth control, freeing the women from the burden of bearing unwanted children. Child-rearing, like most work at Oneida, was shared by the Community's men and women. According to Noyes's view, work, like sex, was intended to be joyous: Oneidans were encouraged to change jobs often to prevent boredom, and whenever possible hard and monotonous work was transformed into a game or social occasion. Working for more than a decade from the letters and diaries - many previously unpublished - of Oneida's own members, Spencer Klaw has rescued a largely forgotten chapter in American history, reminding us of one of the most successful attempts ever made to build a society in which men and women could live together harmoniously sharing with absolute equality the fruits of their common labor. As one of the children born and raised at Oneida would write years after the Community had disappeared, "I have the faith to believe that here a great example of unselfishness was set for the world for all time, and that the future will find that out."+-+358487596511732ocn000082014book19700.35Robertson, Constance NoyesOneida Community : an autobiography, 1851-1876HistoryThe Oneida Community was founded in 1848 in upstate New York under the leadership of John Humphrey Noyes. Of all of the 19th-century utopian experiments in communal living, it was the most enduring and the most successful. In this compilation from the Community newspapers and other documents, the men and women themselves describe life in the Oneida Community--the way they lived, how they worked and played, their views on raising children, personal relationships, education, religion. The book is alive with a sense of joy, intelligence, commitment, and practical common sense. Noyes and his followers came to Oneida after being driven out of Putney, Vermont, where the Community had worked out the basic tenets and practices of Perfectionism, the religious concept by which they lived. Noyes believed it necessary for the Community to publish information about its members and activities, so that interested outsiders--and sister communes--could read the truth about life at Oneida.--From publisher description9702ocn006447299book19810.53Foster, LawrenceReligion and sexuality : three American communal experiments of the nineteenth centuryHistoryCase studiesFrom the Dust Jacket: From the earliest days of settlement to the present, Americans have experimented with varied forms of communal living, alternative marriage and sexual patterns, and other unorthodox lifestyles. During the turbulent decades before the Civil War in particular, thousands of Americans joined communally oriented religious groups which rejected existing family and sex-role patterns. In Religion and Sexuality, Lawrence Foster analyzes the origin, early development, and institutionalization of three such alternative systems-Shaker celibacy, Oneida Community complex marriage, and Mormon polygamy. These three experiments highlight the process by which individuals and groups can radically change an entire belief system and way of life. Based on extensive research in the primary sources-including the first work ever conducted by a non-Mormon with full access to the central Mormon archival holdings on polygamy in Salt Lake City-Religion and Sexuality breaks new ground both factually and conceptually. Foster presents his findings in case studies, sympathetically yet critically describing the development of each experiment. A comparative introduction and conclusion link the groups to each other and to the antebellum crisis in marriage and family life that led eventually toward more restrictive sexual attitudes. Special attention is devoted to the role of women and the reorganization of sex roles in each of these movements. Although many previous accounts have treated these experiments as failures, Foster emphasizes the factors that allowed each of the groups to create and maintain a successful alternative system for over a quarter of a century. He concludes that these communal experiments reveal a distinctive type of religious creativity which has implications for any period of crisis and transition. In each case, an initial overpowering visionary experience of the prophet-founder led not to psychopathic withdrawal but to an active attempt to create a new and more satisfying way of life9695ocn000297900book19720.39Robertson, Constance NoyesOneida Community: the breakup, 1876-1881HistoryIn this first detailed examination of the breakup of upstate New York's Oneida Community, which was for more than thirty years a most successful experiment in communal living, Mrs. Robertson traces the strands of dissent and dissolution as reported in the members' own writings. Extracts from extensive private diaries, journals, letters between members of the old Community, and files from the Community's archives thought lost, provide a unique collection of sources previously inaccessible. They reveal the agony of indecision and disharmony felt by members as the years and the times took their toll of Bible Communism.--From publisher description8571ocn006042789book19810.56Kern, Louis JAn ordered love : sex roles and sexuality in Victorian Utopias : the Shakers, the Mormons, and the Oneida CommunityHistory+-+79259325358233ocn001233004book19750.56Whitworth, John McKelvieGod's blueprints : a sociological study of three utopian sectsAn analysis of the Shakers, the Oneida Community and the Bruderhof8042ocn002968686book19770.53Thomas, Robert DavidThe man who would be perfect : John Humphrey Noyes and the Utopian impulseBiography7681ocn023179920book19910.56Foster, LawrenceWomen, family, and utopia : communal experiments of the Shakers, the Oneida Community, and the MormonsHistory+-+408071063571211ocn016739149book19350.56Parker, Robert AllertonA Yankee saint; John Humphrey Noyes and the Oneida communityBiography6468ocn000824091book19370.53Noyes, PierrepontMy father's house; an Oneida boyhood"The publishers of My Father's House feel for it a particular and personal enthusiasm. They believe that it is an account of one of the noblest attempts which men and women have made in all human history to live together in peace and honesty and a communion of spirit. Such an experiment, seen through the eyes of an active, vigorous, and thoroughly normal boy, makes not only a lively and moving story but an important historical record."61912ocn000517155book18530.76Oneida CommunityBible communism; a compilation from the annual reports and other publications of the Oneida Association and its branches; presenting, in connection with their history, a summary view of their religious and social theoriesHistory5162ocn002984084book19770.56Robertson, Constance NoyesOneida Community profiles5149ocn000579195book19000.63Estlake, AllanThe Oneida community; a record of an attempt to carry out the principles of Christian unselfishness and scientific race-improvementHistory49511ocn011061727book18490.76Eastman, HubbardNoyesism unveiled a history of the sect self-styled Perfectionists ; with a summary view of their leading doctrines46213ocn011804831book18470.76Noyes, John HumphreyThe Berean a manual for the help of those who seek the faith of the primitive church4486ocn000597995book19230.63Noyes, John HumphreyReligious experience of John Humphrey Noyes, founder of the Oneida community"... Early life ... to his twenty-seventh year, when he founded a religious community at Putney, Vermont"--Dust jacket40616ocn000244837book18700.84Ellis, John BFree love and its votaries; or, American socialism unmasked. Being an historical and descriptive account of the rise and progress of the various free love associations in the United States, and of the effects of their vicious teachings upon American society3871ocn042080260book20000.66Herrick, Tirzah MillerDesire and duty at Oneida : Tirzah Miller's intimate memoirHistorySourcesNoyes about issues and personalities, about her love affairs, about her doubts about communism and her love of music, and her anguish over the loss of two partners. Throughout the memoir she is torn by her desire for romance and her duty to the community."--BOOK JACKET+-+2841888075+-+7925932535Fri Mar 21 15:12:30 EDT 2014batch36909