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Thu Feb 12 22:12:52 2015 UTClccn-n790539730.06Dorrie and the Halloween plot /0.060.10Patricia Coombs: American children's author ; illustrator, poet, July 23, 1926-79306365Patricia_Coombsn 79053973287122Fox, Patricia Coombslccn-n79076696Schertle, Aliceautlccn-n50018833Cretan, Gladys Yessayanautlccn-n79119349Gerson, Noel B.(Noel Bertram)1914-1988autlccn-n50057084Listening Librarynp-williamson, shelaghWilliamson, Shelaghautfast-897012Dorrie (Fictitious character : Coombs)np-schertle, aliceSchertle, Aliceautlccn-n87120002Isbel, Ursulanp-west, bonnieWest, Bonnielccn-n78091251Levy, ElizabethCoombs, PatriciaFictionJuvenile worksWitchesMagiciansParanormal fictionHalloweenMagicSchoolsCatsFairiesChildren's stories, AmericanFairsCampsRobotsGhost storiesHaunted housesFairy talesFortune-tellersWeatherWeather controlHuman behaviorConduct of lifeChildren's storiesWitchcraftDreamsDorrie (Fictitious character : Coombs)ElixirsPoets, AmericanIllustratorsAuthors, American192619621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198619871988198919911992199320052010201120131836759231[E]PZ7.C7813ocn002035217ocn023869774ocn017841986ocn009622478ocn000516151ocn001218568ocn005992407ocn011517687ocn008494130ocn004804585110210ocn002035217book19760.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the Halloween plotJuvenile worksFictionDorrie, the little witch, foils the plan of the Halloween demons to kidnap the Great Sorceress and steal the Book of Shadows, and is rewarded by a promise of flying lessons from the Great Sorceress herself+-+69126033159332ocn023869774book19920.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the haunted schoolhouseJuvenile worksFictionDorrie the little witch goes to school where she and Dither, a fellow student, cause chaos when they mix up some spells+-+416651048587212ocn000516151book19720.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the goblinJuvenile worksFictionDorrie rescues the Short High Sorcerer from a goblin spell and ensures the success of her mother's tea and magic show+-+255269599583221ocn000097877book19700.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the haunted houseJuvenile worksFictionDuring her search for shelter from a storm, a little witch unknowingly saves all witches and wizards from being turned into weathervanes, toads, and park benches81213ocn007497250book19640.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the blue witchJuvenile worksFictionWhen the Big Witch leaves her daughter, Dorrie, alone in their house, the nasty Blue Witch pays a surprise visit. Dorrie uses everything in the magic cabinet to outwit her8112ocn017841986book19890.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the Pin WitchJuvenile worksFictionDorrie suspects that the evil Pin Witch is responsible for the witches' angry behavior on the day of the Witches' Ball7752ocn009622478book19840.06Coombs, PatriciaThe magician and McTreeJuvenile worksFictionBy mistake an old, old magician causes his cat McTree to talk and thus begins a series of exciting adventures for the feline7445ocn001218568book19750.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the witch's impJuvenile worksFictionThe wicked Gloris conjures up a double for Dorrie, but the double arouses suspicion with its unnatural neatness and courtesy7414ocn002798773book19770.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the dreamyard monstersJuvenile worksFictionAfter Dorrie rescues the Dream Witch from imprisonment by the Dreamyard monsters, pleasant dreams replace the nightmares of the residents of Witchville7278ocn000841689book19740.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the amazing magic elixirJuvenile worksFictionLeft in charge of an elixir that will make one spell-proof, Dorrie, the little witch, foils the Green Wizard's attempt to steal it+-+693169599570912ocn000161990book19710.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the birthday eggsJuvenile worksFictionWhen she accidentally breaks the eggs meant for the Big Witch's birthday cake, Dorrie and her cat must brave the forest to get more eggs from the Egg Witch6834ocn004804585book19770.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the Screebit ghostJuvenile worksFictionA little witch conjures up a lively ghost that interferes with Big Witch's seĢance6564ocn011517687book19860.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the museum case : story and picturesWith the help of her cousin Cosmo, Dorrie, the little witch, thwarts the scheme of Giblett the Enchanter on the opening day of the Witchville Museum6541ocn005992407book19800.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the Witchville FairJuvenile worksFictionBad-tempered Old Irontoes is up to something at the Witchville Fair and only Dorrie suspects6521ocn008494130book19830.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the witches' campJuvenile worksFictionBig Witch, Dorrie's mother, is turned into a robot by Morzo, the Magician of Machines6297ocn000952906book19660.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the weather-boxJuvenile worksFictionDorrie, the little witch, wanted to have a picnic, but it was raining. She decided to fix the weather. Up she climbed to the secret room where her mother, the Big Witch, made magic. She couldn't find a recipe for fixing weather in the Big Witch's Book of Magic, but she mixed two others together and hoped they would work62113ocn000448615book19680.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the wizard's spellJuvenile worksFictionWink the Wizard bewitches Big Witch with a magic potion, but his passion for fudge undoes him as well as his spell over Big Witch+-+24579748966156ocn002614580book19770.06Coombs, PatriciaThe magic potA demon in the guise of a magic pot outwits a greedy, rich man and brings wealth and happiness to a poor old fellow and his wife6105ocn000704773book19730.06Coombs, PatriciaDorrie and the fortune tellerJuvenile worksFictionIt seems doubtful that even Dorrie can save Witchville when a wizard forecloses a mortgage and a fortune teller behaves suspiciously4447ocn000069034book19700.06Coombs, PatriciaLisa and the grompetJuvenile worksFictionUntil she met the undisciplined grompet, Lisa couldn't stand being told what to do11ocn021281458visu19830.10Patricia Coombs: American children's author ; illustrator, poet, July 23, 1926-Portraits+-+6912603315+-+6912603315Fri Feb 13 10:25:33 EST 2015batch16022