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National Portrait GalleryVelká Británie National Portrait GalleryWashington (D.C.). National Portrait GalleryWashington. National Portrait Gallerylccn-n81057164Voss, Fredericklccn-n81089418Christman, Margaret C. S.othedtlccn-n81056284Barber, James1952-lccn-n80133583Wein, Frances Stevensonauilccn-n79018182Pachter, Marcauiarredtlccn-n81137304Reaves, Wendy Wick1950-lccn-n81116329Carr, Carolyn Kinderedtlccn-n78017677Pfister, Harold Francislccn-n87840874Henderson, Amylccn-n50010477Stewart, Robert G.arrcomredctbNational Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Exhibition catalogsHistoryBiographyCatalogsPortraitsExhibition, pictorial worksUnited StatesPortraits, AmericanPortrait photographyWashington (D.C.)PortraitsNational Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)DaguerreotypeTravelVisitors, ForeignMusicalsPortrait drawing, AmericanNew York (State)--New YorkNew York (State)--New York--HarlemManners and customsAfrican Americans--PortraitsVan Der Zee, James,BiographyPresidentsCivilizationPhotographyAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)PhotographersBrady, Mathew B.,Hemingway, Ernest,Authors, AmericanInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Painting, AmericanWest, Benjamin,Sully, Thomas,Portrait paintersJournalistsPressWorld War (1939-1945)Journalism, MilitaryCommerceChinaSex symbolismSex customsArtHawes, Josiah Johnson,Southworth, Albert Sands,Wright, Joseph,Portraits, FrenchPortrait painting, FrenchPortrait painting, AmericanBiography--PortraitsPortrait drawingPortrait paintingBuildingsUnited States.--Patent and Trademark Office1890190419211922193519571961196219651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014512625731043BTR680ocn494562126ocn462444799ocn462317947ocn762651610ocn795405779ocn186680992ocn439021447ocn186472051ocn187022083ocn18677630312395ocn002020151book19760.33Abroad in America : visitors to the new nation, 1776-191412363ocn033971927book19960.25Henderson, AmyRed, hot & blue : a Smithsonian salute to the American musicalExhibition catalogsA survey of the Hollywood and Broadway musical from vaudeville to today's major revivals+-+534134510611358ocn027431596book19930.29Willis, DeborahVanDerZee, photographer, 1886-1983Exhibition catalogsExhibition, pictorial worksJames VanDerZee photographed the people and places of his Harlem neighborhood from the time he open a studio in 1912 until near his death in 1986+-+687484563510587ocn003868080book19780.35Pfister, Harold FrancisFacing the light : historic American portrait daguerreotypes : an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, September 22, 1978-January 15, 1979PortraitsExhibition catalogs9893ocn033948340book19960.23Christman, Margaret C. S1846 : portrait of the nationHistoryExhibition catalogsinstitution dedicated to the "increase and diffusion of knowledge." Marking the Smithsonian Institution's 150th anniversary, 1846 evokes the texture of American daily life, thought, and politics during a single influential year. In a narrative accompanied by nearly two hundred illustrations, Margaret Christman revisits a capital dominated by Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun, and James K. Polk and follows the westward journeys of Brigham Young, Francis Parkman, and the9604ocn040489182book19990.25Lewis, R. W. BAmerican characters : selections from the National Portrait Gallery, accompanied by literary portraitsBiographyPortraitsBrings together 160 famous American figures from Pocahontas to Louis Armstrong, providing visual and verbal portraits that illuminate their place in American life. Includes statesmen and outlaws, artists and athletes, and writers and performers+-+60432555859054ocn003730317book19780.37Christman, Margaret C. SFifty American faces from the collection of the National Portrait GalleryExhibition catalogs8524ocn040433241book19990.27Voss, FrederickPicturing Hemingway : a writer in his timeBiographyPortraitsExhibition catalogsThis book shows the full range of Hemingway's travels, moods, and adventures throughout his life+-+01742555853248513ocn036485937book19970.33Panzer, MaryMathew Brady and the image of historyHistoryBiographyExhibition catalogsTaking advantage of emerging photographic paper printing techniques to create large-format, classically posed portraits, Brady also collaborated with painters such as G.P.A. Healy and Alonzo Chappel, who used his photographs to complete their own heroically scaled images. Contending that Brady's photographs contribute to an ongoing national interest in the Civil War, Panzer concludes that they continue to function as Brady hoped they would, constructing an idealized history in which fact and memory are intertwined+-+18423451067864ocn006277812book19800.39Evans, DorindaBenjamin West and his American studentsExhibition catalogs7576ocn009219563book19830.47Fabian, Monroe HMr. Sully, portrait painter : the works of Thomas Sully (1783-1872)BiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogs7176ocn006144117book19800.39Sadik, Marvin SAmerican portrait drawingsExhibition catalogs7154ocn010301997book19840.39Christman, Margaret C. SAdventurous pursuits : Americans and the China trade, 1784-1844HistoryExhibition catalogs7101ocn028889994book19940.28Voss, FrederickReporting the war : the journalistic coverage of World War IIHistoryWith a pantheon of talent including Ernie Pyle, Edward R. Murrow, Helen Kirkpatrick, Margaret Bourke-White, Carl Mydans, Bill Mauldin, and Ernest Hemingway, the Fourth Estate's reporting of World War II surpassed all previous war coverage. For the first time, new technologies enabled almost instantaneous transmission to a waiting audience back home. Radio listeners heard the voice of Edward R. Murrow, speaking from a London rooftop during a German air raid, and newspapers ran stories and pictures of battles in the Pacific and Europe, sometimes only hours after the reporters witnessed the scenes. And for the first time women covered the war, earning the respect of their male colleagues for insightful, accurate reporting+-+93983451063246863ocn627693494book20100.47Katz, JonathanHide/Seek : difference and desire in American portraitureExhibition catalogsA new interpretation of modern American portraiture based on the history of sexual difference. This companion volume to an exhibition of the same name at the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, traces the defining presence of same-sex desire in American portraiture through a seductive selection of more than 140 full-color illustrations, drawings, and portraits from leading American artists. Arcing from the turn of the twentieth century, through the emergence of the modern gay liberation movement in 1969, the tragedies of the AIDS epidemic, and to the present, Hide/Seek openly considers what has long been suppressed or tacitly ignored, even by the most progressive sectors of our society: the influence of gay and lesbian artists in creating American modernism.--From publisher description+-+44479833066693ocn002339089book19750.50Sobieszek, Robert AThe spirit of fact : the daguerreotypes of Southworth & Hawes, 1843-1862HistoryExhibition catalogs6657ocn045399875book20000.28Voss, FrederickPortraits of the presidents : the National Portrait GalleryBiographyCatalogsPortraits"The most visited gallery of the National Portrait Gallery is the Hall of Presidents, the collection of portraits of America's elected leaders. More than a visual record of holders of power, these images evoke the careers and legacies of the men they portray." "An authoritative text by Frederick Voss illuminates the pictures, offering a concise history of each President and telling how each portrait came to be made. Included in this book are images of every American President, from Gilbert Stuart's famous depiction of George Washington, to Elaine de Kooning's John F. Kennedy and Norman Rockwell's Richard Nixon, and concluding with Chuck Close's photographic portrait of Bill Clinton."--BOOK JACKET+-+73477329356586ocn011786003book19850.47Fabian, Monroe HJoseph Wright, American artist, 1756-1793HistoryExhibition catalogs6543ocn009970111book19830.50Stapp, William FRobert Cornelius, portraits from the dawn of photography : an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, October 20, 1983 to January 22, 1984Exhibition catalogs6493ocn010100853book19830.50Gordon, Alden RMasterpieces from Versailles : three centuries of French portraitureExhibition catalogs8909ocn006626208book19780.53National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Permanent collection illustrated checklistCatalogs83016ocn004032871book19780.56National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian Institution : permanent collection, illustrated checklistCatalogs4202ocn050073574book20020.59National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Eye contact : modern American portrait drawings from the National Portrait GalleryExhibition catalogs"Fifty graphic masterpieces representing the American artistic tradition from the 1880s to the 1980s are showcased in this volume, including the work of such renowned artists as Mary Cassatt, Edward Hopper, Stuart Davis, Jacob Lawrence, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein. Life portraits of well-known Americans, from politicians and inventors to writers, artists, and musicians are represented. Theodore Roosevelt, W. C. Fields, Alice B. Toklas, Igor Stravinsky, Stokely Carmichael, Truman Capote, and Robert F. Kennedy number among them." "In her introductory essay for Eye Contact, Wendy Wick Reaves analyzes the history of twentieth-century portraiture in America and the changing role of drawing within it. Bernard F. Reilly Jr. follows with an essay about the intellectual developments that influenced artists' conceptualization of the figure. The volume also contains in-depth essays by Reaves and twelve other art historians on each of the highlighted National Portrait Gallery treasures. What emerges are rich, wonderful stories: Gaston Lachaise capturing an exuberant Hart Crane dancing nude with his hands clapping over his head; William Zorach drawing Edna St. Vincent Millay for Century magazine just after the young poet won the Pulitzer Prize; Beauford Delaney remembering James Baldwin after an intense, decades-long, mentoring friendship; Andy Warhol and Jamie Wyeth portraying each other, relishing their supposedly antithetical roles as the "Patriarch of Pop" and the "Prince of Realism.""--BOOK JACKET+-+02173404753546ocn047637519book20000.63National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)A brush with history : paintings from the National Portrait GalleryCatalogsExhibition catalogs"Portraiture is a unique genre that is common ground both for American art history and for history told through the biographies of the people who shaped it. Offering 78 wide-ranging examples from the incomparable National Portrait Gallery's collection, A Brush with History showcases the American portrait tradition from the country's beginnings to the present. The book contains essays by the museum's Deputy Director Carolyn Kinder Carr and by Curator of Painting and Sculpture Ellen G. Miles. The full-page color portraits display such works as John Singleton Copley's Self-Portrait, Henry Inman's Sequoyah, Edgar Degas's Mary Cassatt, and Thomas Hart Benton's Self-Portrait with Rita. This handsomely designed volume also includes a foreword by Alan Fern, Director Emeritus of the National Portrait Gallery, and an essay by the Gallery's Research Historian Margaret Christman on the history of the National Portrait Gallery."--BOOK JACKET+-+14250193062292ocn004593215book19790.32National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)A gallery of presidentsPortraitsPresidential portraits from the National Portrait Gallery are reproduced and accompanied by biographical sketches2263ocn047734244file0.59National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Profile Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery newsPeriodicalsExhibition catalogs2244ocn061353000book20060.66Robertson, CharlesTemple of invention : history of a national landmarkHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+00384020362232ocn030319686book19940.84Miles, Ellen GrossSaint-Mémin and the neoclassical profile portrait in AmericaCatalogs2143ocn001623471book19730.70National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Checklist of the permanent collectionCatalogs1762ocn052189416book20030.47National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Americans : paintings and photographs from the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DCExhibition catalogsFeaturing an elegant foreword by Pulitzer-Prize winning author John Updike, a pictorial celebration of those who shaped American history drawn from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., and being published to coincide with an exhibition at the National Gallery in London.)+-+75885587351483ocn014698331serial0.76National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)The National Portrait Gallery calendar of eventsCalendars1231ocn018465301book19870.81National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Then and now : American portraits of the past century from the National Portrait GalleryHistoryExhibition catalogs1193ocn010956511serial0.47National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Permanent collection illustrated checklistCatalogs1043ocn002236092book18540.50Herring, JamesThe national portrait gallery of distinguished AmericansHistoryBiographyCatalogsPortraits1031ocn378731395visu20080.17Picturing the presidentsPortraitsA look at the presidential portraits housed at the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C822ocn000003650book19680.70Smithsonian InstitutionNational Collection of Fine Arts, National Portrait Gallery: museums of the Smithsonian Institution803ocn050402114book20020.63National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Americans : paintings and photographs from the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.BiographyPortraitsExhibition catalogs+-+4550960036324504ocn010956462serial0.86National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)Checklist of the permanent collectionCatalogs432ocn007480524serial0.37National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, permanent collection illustrated checklistCatalogs303ocn018537121book19650.90National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution)National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution+-+5341345106+-+5341345106Fri Mar 21 15:11:52 EDT 2014batch41980