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Fri Mar 21 17:14:24 2014 UTClccn-n790549270.22The language of life : a festival of poets /0.350.93Dialects of the tribe : postmodern American poets and poetry /79847862Robert_Blyn 79054927288049Blaĭ, RobertBly, RobertBly, Robert, 1926-Блай, Робертבליי, רוברטבליי, רוברט, 1926-ブライ, ロバートlccn-n50036920Merwin, W. S.(William Stanley)1927-lccn-n50028672Wright, James Arlington1927-ivetrllccn-n79023350Lowell, Robert1917-1977lccn-n79059269Ashbery, Johnlccn-n79089567Clifton, Lucille1936-lccn-n50049988Levertov, Denise1923-comlccn-n79036313Hongo, Garrett Kaoru1951-lccn-no97056516Sundiata, Sekoulccn-n81082863McPherson, Sandralccn-n79021569Tranströmer, Tomas1931-othtrlBly, RobertCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsPoetryBiographyBly, RobertAmerican poetryPoetryUnited StatesMasculinityMen--PsychologyMenMerwin, W. S.--(William Stanley),Kinnell, Galway,Lowell, Robert,Ashbery, John,Poets, AmericanPoetry--AuthorshipRich, Adrienne,Ethnic groupsMinoritiesMinorities--Intellectual lifeMcPherson, SandraNye, Naomi ShihabCruz, Victor Hernández,Autry, James ABarks, ColemanLee, Li-Young,Baca, Jimmy Santiago,Hass, RobertAlegría, ClaribelForché, CarolynClifton, Lucille,TallMountain, MaryMura, DavidDove, RitaHongo, Garrett Kaoru,Stern, Gerald,McCarriston, LindaKunitz, Stanley,Zamora, DaisyHarper, Michael S.,Troupe, QuincySnyder, Gary,Kenyon, JaneHall, Donald,Harjo, JoyOlds, SharonSundiata, SekouChin, MarilynJarrell, Randall,Dickey, JamesWilbur, Richard,Baraka, Amiri,Culture1926192719521953195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320146900010111965811.54PS3552.L9ocn000163672ocn000094714ocn000508182ocn001093135ocn028255927ocn042442400ocn000197721ocn000413007ocn002301165ocn000217337ocn000596743ocn011887839ocn333747458ocn236073358ocn022231175ocn003891851ocn003450006ocn034831375ocn000552997ocn844952002ocn000464926ocn000508835ocn056957938ocn000547397ocn056395051ocn079459820ocn079419374ocn056395051ocn739977833ocn002767062ocn003183803ocn603869109ocn633207774ocn436076540ocn725121092ocn743027700ocn079419374ocn064087661ocn795160754ocn071124822ocn003370782ocn448281016ocn186622486ocn725442066ocn192054528ocn725592248ocn034378062ocn070112713ocn866822886ocn741022834ocn311372660ocn809809148ocn122514948397843ocn021674578book19900.24Bly, RobertIron John : a book about menOn the role of the male mentor, the author seeks to discover the truths about masculinity that gets beyond the stereotypes of our popular culture+-+4466824215321146ocn000280817file19530.35Bly, RobertSilence in the snowy fields : poemsStriking and moving poems that are rooted deep in the earth+-+2065604635174120ocn033667615book19950.24Bly, RobertThe sibling societyThrough his use of poetry and myth, Bly takes us beyond the sociological statistics and tired psychobabble to see our dilemma afresh. In this sibling culture that he describes, we tolerate no one above us and have no concern for anyone below us. Like sullen teenagers we live in our peer group, glancing side to side, rather than upward, for direction. We have brought down all forms of hierarchy because hierarchy is based on power, often abused. Yet with that leveling we have also destroyed any willingness to look up or down. Without that "vertical gaze," as Bly calls it, we have no longing for the good, no deep understanding of evil. We shy away from great triumphs and deep sorrow. We have no elders and no children; no past and no future. What we are left with is spiritual flatness. The talk show replaces family. Instead of art we have the Internet. In the place of community we have the mall+-+7191596575146220ocn000291714book19590.32Bly, RobertThe light around the body : poemsPoetry13583ocn726747552file19830.35Machado, AntonioTimes alone selected poems of Antonio MachadoPoems by the distinguished Spanish author explore the natural world and the experiences of ordinary life+-+7635104635116511ocn000587485book19720.31Bly, RobertSleepers joining handsPoetry11538ocn012695827book19810.28Bly, RobertSelected poemsAnthology of the poetry of Robert Bly covering the past three decades with accompanying commentary+-+039514515510548ocn000163672book19710.33Bly, RobertNeruda and Vallejo: selected poemsGathers poems by the Chilean and Peruvian poets, including both English translations and the original Spanish versions+-+5439152535104011ocn020827826book19900.31Bly, RobertAmerican poetry : wildness and domesticityCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+673574515532410168ocn004932914book19800.27News of the universe : poems of twofold consciousnessPublisher's description: Acclaimed poet and translator Robert Bly, known most recently for gatherings in which he guides men to greater self-knowledge, has created a unique multicultural collection of 150 poems that demonstrate the union of spirit between the poet and the natural world. Their "twofold" nature celebrates inner and outer consciousness, the participation of the object in the poetic vision. In this splendid anthology, Bly introduces the poems with extensive commentary to show society's changing attitudes toward nature - a movement away from anthropocentric assumptions fostered by Descartes, the church, imperial ambitions, and the rise of technology. Those beliefs held that human thought was the only sentient force in the universe and resulted in the subjugation of the natural world to the designs of the human intellect. Starting with the works of Pope, Swift, Milton, and others representing the "old position," the volume proceeds to the poetry of Blake, Hl̲derlin, Rilke, Goethe, Keats, and on to the enlightened sensibilities of Rexroth, Levertov, Berry, and, among many others, Bly himself. Bly's translations of Goethe, Rilke, Neruda, Lorca, Jimňez, Nerval, and others provide cross-cultural examples. The news this poetry brings is good news - of consciousness operating outside our own, all around us, and universally available to receptive spirits+-+44461062359746ocn004907868book19810.28Rilke, Rainer MariaSelected poems of Rainer Maria RilkeIn this translation and commentary, award-winning poet Robert Bly brings his prowess as translator and critic to bear on the work of one of the indisputably major poets of the century, Rainer Maria Rilke+-+927254515595814ocn007464218book19810.28Bly, RobertThe man in the black coat turns : poemsPoetry+-+K1362451558837ocn001831880book19750.27Bly, RobertThe morning glory : prose poems8805ocn025634423book19920.25The Rag and bone shop of the heart : poems for menPoems on a number of different topics from such poets as Robert Bly, D. H. Lawrence, Emily Dickinson, Rainer Maria Rilke, Cesar Vallejo and William Butler Yeats+-+45797451558559ocn023976855book19920.25Bly, RobertWhat have I ever lost by dying? : collected prose poems8286ocn039307252book19980.24Bly, RobertThe maiden king : the reunion of masculine and feminineCriticism, interpretation, etcIn The Maiden King, two wise teachers guide us through the rich, metaphorical world of an ancient folktale to explore the possibility of a new relationship between masculine and feminine. Here, both women and men will find a vision of the powerful feminine, an energy our contemporary world has not been able to receive or sustain+-+21209571363248238ocn004835271book19790.32Bly, RobertThis tree will be here for a thousand years80813ocn010878444book19850.28Bly, RobertLoving a woman in two worlds7926ocn000508182book19730.32Bly, RobertLorca and Jiménez : selected poems+-+38671525357788ocn001272427book19750.33Bly, RobertLeaping poetry : an idea with poems and translations+-+784815253520211ocn032201913book19950.22Moyers, Bill DThe language of life : a festival of poetsCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryInterviewsPresents the author's interviews with contemporary poets from diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds discussing their work, lives, and creativity. Includes a selection of poems by each author+-+926429038516371ocn000269880book19650.28Stepanchev, StephenAmerican poetry since 1945: a critical surveyCriticism, interpretation, etcAlso includes material on Charles Olson, Robert Duncan, Robert Creeley, Denise Levertov, James Wright, Robert Bly, John Ashbury, James Dickey, Alan Dugan, LeRoi Jones, Louis Simpson, William Stafford, and May Swenson12931ocn004776803book19790.47Molesworth, CharlesThe fierce embrace : a study of contemporary American poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc11742ocn044962761com19920.47Harris, Victoria FrenkelThe incorporative consciousness of Robert BlyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+66826845358242ocn009826352book19840.53Nelson, HowardRobert Bly, an introduction to the poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+05680568753247622ocn013524700book19860.47Sugg, Richard PRobert BlyCriticism, interpretation, etc7344ocn006016539book19800.47Bly, RobertTalking all morningInterviews+-+95120672956161ocn000380931book19720.53Lacey, Paul AThe inner war; forms and themes in recent American poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc5702ocn018350835book19880.53Davis, William VirgilUnderstanding Robert BlyCriticism, interpretation, etc4702ocn011045195book19840.59Robert Bly : when sleepers awakeCriticism, interpretation, etc4092ocn026397237book19920.59Critical essays on Robert BlyCriticism, interpretation, etcEighteen reviews and fifteen essays trace the critical reputation of Robert Bly's literary works+-+31682616353781ocn029031763book19940.70Davis, William VirgilRobert Bly : the poet and his criticsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc3392ocn013063013book19860.73Roberson, William HRobert Bly : a primary and secondary bibliographyBibliography3081ocn003113373book19770.70Friberg, IngegerdMoving inward : a study of Robert Bly's poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc1652ocn032970187book19960.88Heep, HartmutA different poem : Rainer Maria Rilke's American translators Randall Jarrell, Robert Lowell, and Robert BlyCriticism, interpretation, etc1503ocn051059386book20030.88Wadden, PaulThe rhetoric of self in Robert Bly and Adrienne Rich : doubling and the holotropic urgeCriticism, interpretation, etc"This book pushes beyond modern/postmodern dichotomies to show how Robert Bly and Adrienne Rich, two of America's most prominent poets, engage in a process that is both dialectic and holotropic as they continually create - through doubling - fuller and more fluid self-identity. Ultimately, their use of alter-selves to deepen their subjectivity and transform otherness expands their voice and vision, culminating late in their careers in a polyphony of self. Bridging literary scholarship and writing pedagogy, this book concludes by illustrating how the two poets' writing practices offer invigorating models and departure points for writing students in contemporary literature and composition classrooms."--Jacket+-+66971957351221ocn741563470book20120.93Turco, LewisDialects of the tribe : postmodern American poets and poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+55805718461202ocn025629186book19920.63Walking swiftly : writings & images on the occasion of Robert Bly's 65th birthdayBiographyPoetry932ocn719427927book20110.76Robert Bly in This WorldRobert Bly in This World : proceedings of a conference held at Elmer L. Andersen Library, University of Minnesota, April 16-19, 2009Conference proceedings+-+5522211635692ocn021330361book19890.92Kaplan, StevenRobert Bly and Randall Jarrell as translators of Rainer Maria Rilke : a study of the translations and their impact on Bly's and Jarrell's own poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7191596575+-+7191596575Fri Mar 21 15:15:17 EDT 2014batch50676