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Fri Mar 21 17:13:56 2014 UTClccn-n790561440.23Angels & insects : two novellas /0.630.98Essay on the philosophical writings of Cicero76446837Arthur_Hallamn 79056144289248Hallam, Arthur.Hallam, Arthur H.Hallam, Arthur H. 1811-1833Hallam, Arthur H. (Arthur Henry), 1811-1833lccn-n79142936Tennyson, Alfred TennysonBaron1809-1892lccn-n50032940Byatt, A. S.(Antonia Susan)1936-lccn-no2012043528Ross, Robert H.(Robert Henry)1916-edtlccn-n79082246Bradley, A. C.(Andrew Cecil)1851-1935lccn-n82126040Shaw, Marionlccn-n82126039Shatto, Susanlccn-n85228958Peltason, Timothy1951-lccn-sh85133916Tennyson familylccn-n79040353Kolb, Jack1946-edtlccn-n82020551Hallam, Henry1777-1859edtHallam, Arthur Henry1811-1833PoetryRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrationsBiographyHallam, Arthur Henry,Elegiac poetry, EnglishLiteratureFriendship in literatureEvolution (Biology)Authors, EnglishTennyson familyHistorical fictionTennyson, Alfred Tennyson,--Baron,English poetryShannon, Edgar Finley,ImmortalityGod (Christianity)Eton CollegeRossetti, Gabriele,Poets, EnglishGreat BritainFore-edge paintingHunt, John DixonEnglish literature--Italian influencesGaskell, James Milnes,Cicero, Marcus TulliusNaturalistsBook ornamentationMediumsNineteenth centuryChildren of clergyMacaulay, Thomas Babington Macaulay,--Baron,Encyclicals, PapalItalian literature--AppreciationComparative literature--Italian and EnglishComparative literature--English and ItalianPoetryPsychotherapyHypnotismHallam, HenryRiccardi PressMiniature books18111833182018231825182818291830183118321833183418501851185318541855186118621863186418651867186818691874187618771878188018811882188318841885188918901891189318951896189718981899190019021903190419051906190819091912191319141916192019231925192819291933193419351939194119421943194619491951195619581965196619691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198419851987199019921994199519992000200120022003200420092010201120129510200470821.8PR5562ocn25854091042952ocn003801316book18340.81Hallam, Arthur HenryRemains in verse and prose of Arthur Henry Hallam. With a preface and memoir25811ocn002847271book19430.79Hallam, Arthur HenryThe writings of Arthur Hallam25221ocn002475805book18930.81Hallam, Arthur HenryThe poems of Arthur Henry Hallam, together with his essay on the lyrical poems of Alfred TennysonCriticism, interpretation, etc434ocn002361128book19390.93Gaskell, James MilnesAn Eton boy; being the letters of James Milnes Gaskell from Eton and Oxford, 1820-1830323ocn060365086com20000.92Hallam, Arthur HenryThe poems of Arthur Henry Hallam together with his essay on the lyrical poems of Alfred Tennyson, edited with an introduction+-+K565543096212ocn013082885book18320.95Hallam, Arthur HenryRemarks on Professor Rossetti's "Disquisizioni sullo spirito antipapale."163ocn004091011book19650.92Hallam, Arthur HenrySome unpublished poems by Arthur Henry Hallam151ocn015583728book18340.63Hallam, Arthur HenryRemains, in verse and prose, of Arthur Hallam133ocn010679500book18320.98Hallam, Arthur HenryEssay on the philosophical writings of CiceroCriticism, interpretation, etc132ocn005871459book18830.97Gaskell, James MilnesRecords of an Eton schoolboy.Biography126ocn610848422book19810.73Hallam, Arthur HenryThe letters of Arthur Henry HallamRecords and correspondence102ocn300085771com19990.79Hallam, Arthur HenryOn some of the characteristics of modern poetry, and on the lyrical poems of Alfred Tennyson [in, The Englishman's magazine, from April to August inclusive. 1831. 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SAngels & insects : two novellasFictionThese two fascinating novellas, like A.S. Byatt's Booker Prize-winning novel Possession, are set in the mid-nineteenth century, weaving fact and fiction, reality and romance. "Morpho Eugenia" is a lively Gothic fable of the Earthly Paradise, of the Victorian obsession with Darwinian theories of breeding and sexuality and the parallels between insect and human society - the capture and taming of nature, whether it be a young woman in a country house or a rare butterfly, gleaming in the forests of the Amazon. "The Conjugial Angel" concerns Tennyson's In Memoriam, published in 1850, mourning the death seventeen years before of his friend Arthur Henry Hallam, who was engaged to Tennyson's sister Emily. A philosophical ghost story, bizarre, comic, and moving, in which fictive mediums meet "real" characters, it explores the contemporary preoccupation with God and life after death. Resonant, magical, entirely original, this is A.S. Bryant at her best8771ocn000520911book19730.39Tennyson, Alfred TennysonIn memoriam; an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetry+-+94284584856814ocn000408557book19290.59Bradley, A. CA commentary on Tennyson's In memoriamCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+02320885666164ocn008309035book19820.63Tennyson, Alfred TennysonIn MemoriamCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetry+-+72927634655811ocn012549765book19850.66Peltason, TimothyReading In memoriamCriticism, interpretation, etc4224ocn004983432book19790.73Hallam, Arthur HenryThe letters of Arthur Henry HallamRecords and correspondence3602ocn000228361book19510.73Mattes, Eleanor BustinIn memoriam: the way of a soul; a study of some influences that shaped Tennyson's poemCriticism, interpretation, etc3312ocn000101851book19700.59Hunt, John DixonTennyson In memoriam: a casebookCriticism, interpretation, etc2793ocn052133260book20030.59Tennyson, Alfred TennysonIn memoriam : authoritative text : criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetry"This Second Edition of Tennyson's In Memoriam represents a significant revision of its predecessor, taking into account major changes in the study of Tennyson's works in recent years. The editor has written a substantial Introduction that provides students with a historical and contextual overview, from In Memoriam's genesis to its publication and reception. The text of the poem is again that of the Eversley Edition of Tennyson's Works, published in 1901-8; it is accompanied by explanatory annotations." ""Criticism" collects thirteen essays - seven new to the Second Edition - that analyze the history and structure of the poem as well as present different readings of this seminal work."--Jacket+-+61742484852606ocn003410705book18950.79Tennyson, Alfred TennysonIn memoriamPoetry1454ocn001532392book19060.39Tennyson, Alfred TennysonAlfred Tennyson : In memoriam, Maud and other poemsPoetryA collection of the most well known and not so well known poems by the great poet himself. Tennyson was the poet of the Victorian age who succeeded Wordsworth as Poet Laureate1408ocn002830372book18980.86Gladstone, W. 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