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Fri Mar 21 17:02:42 2014 UTClccn-n790567320.00Medvedev, Roy (Aleksandrovich)0.381.00Medvedev o Putine : trinadt︠s︡atʹ otkrovennykh intervʹi︠u︡ o samom populi︠a︡rnom rossiĭskom politike XXI veka /108262194Roy_Medvedevn 79056732289823Medvedev, R. 1925-Medvedev, R. A.Medvedev, R.A., 1925-Medvedev, R. A. (Roj Aleksandrovič), 1925-Medvedev, R. A. (Roy Aleksandrovich), 1925-Medvedev, RoïMedvedev, Roi Aleksandrovič 1925-Medvedev, Roĭ AleksandrovichMedvedev, Roĭ Aleksandrovich, 1925-Medvedev, Roï AleksandrovitchMedvedev Roï Aleksandrovitch 1925-....Medvedev, Roj.Medvedev, Roj, 1925-Medvedev, Roj A.Medvedev, Roj AleksandrovičMedvedev, Roy.Medvedev, Roy, 1925-Medvedev, Roy A.Medvedev, Roy A., 1925-Medvedev, Roy A. (Roy Aleksandrovich), 1925-Medvedev, Roy Aleksandrovič, 1925-Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichMedvedev, Roy Aleksandrovich, 1925-Medvedev Roy Aleksandrovitch 1925-....Medvedev, Roy (Roy A.), 1925-Medwedew, R. A. 1925-Medwedew, R. A. (Roy Aleksandrovich), 1925-Medwedew, Roy, 1925-Medwedew, Roy A., 1925-Medwedjew, Roy.Medwedjew, Roy, 1925-Medwedjew, Roy A. 1925-Miedwiediew, Roj.Miedwiediew, Roj A.Miedwiediew, Roj A. 1925-Miedwiediew, Roj Aleksandrowicz 1925-Медведев, Р.А., 1925-Медведев, Р. (Рой Александрович), 1925-Медведев, Рой А.Медведев, Рой АлександровичМедведев, Рой Александрович, 1925-Медведев, Рой (Рой Александрович), 1925-メドヴェージェフ, ロイメドヴェージェフ, ロイ・Aメドヴェーデフ, ロイメドヴェーデフ, ロイ・Aメドベージェフ, ロイ・Alccn-n80044789Stalin, Joseph1879-1953lccn-n79054186Medvedev, Zhores A.1925-lccn-n80021705Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich1894-1971lccn-n81145238Durkin, Andrew R.1945-lccn-n91029408Shriver, George1936-othtrledtlccn-n85822618Pearce, Briantrllccn-n80001141Ostellino, Pieroedtlccn-n80001170Saunders, George1936-edtlccn-n80126940Chiesa, Giulietto1940-lccn-n79099175Cohen, Stephen F.edtMedvedev, Roy Aleksandrovich1925-BiographyHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcPersonal narrativesSoviet UnionPolitical scienceStalin, Joseph,DissentersHeads of statePolitical atrocitiesPolitical prisonersKhrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich,Underground literatureStatesmenRussia (Federation)Economic policyEconomic historyCapitalismPsychiatric hospitalsRevolutionariesCommunist stateFriendshipMedvedev, Zhores A.,United StatesChinaInternational relationsPerestroĭkaBukharin, Nikolaĭ,Soviet Union.--Raboche-Krestʹi︠a︡nskai︠a︡ Krasnai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡Mironov, Filipp Kozʹmich,SoldiersAuthorshipTikhiĭ Don (Sholokhov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich)CommunismDetenteAgriculture--Economic aspectsPoliticiansMedvedev, Roy Aleksandrovich,Intellectual lifeRussiaSholokhov, Mikhail Aleksandrovich,Civil rightsPutin, Vladimir Vladimirovich,Djilas, Milovan,Communist revisionismEmployeesRegan, Donald TGalich, Aleksandr,Johnson, Lyndon B.--(Lyndon Baines),Southern StatesHellman, Lillian,Nationalities, Principle ofYugoslaviaMiddle East1925196019621963196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013278144041144BDK267ocn760581987ocn657982705ocn173822479ocn462128095ocn185478620ocn780501130ocn646310152ocn186576818331264ocn000251139book19710.31Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichLet history judge: the origins and consequences of StalinismBiographyA Soviet scholar's monumental study of the Stalinist system+-+5508156875324221719ocn002331805book19760.31Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichKhrushchev : the years in powerBiography+-+2423558485159514ocn050175528file20000.32Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichPost-Soviet Russia a journey through the Yeltsin era"Roy Medvedev analyzes the main events that have transpired in the Russian federation since late August 1991. He looks at the plans that were meant to restructure a society in crisis but - for reasons both complex and obvious - were destined to fail. From the drastic liberalization of prices and "shock therapy" to the privatization of state owned property and Yeltsin's resignation and replacement by Vladimir Putin, this is a saga of good intentions, philosophical warfare, and catastrophic miscalculations."--BOOK JACKET+-+K817506875138517ocn004775704book19790.33Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichThe October RevolutionHistory134517ocn009084024book19820.27Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichKhrushchevBiographyA Russian biography of Krushchev, containing new information on his private and political life127735ocn000190480book19710.47Medvedev, Zhores AA question of madnessBiographyPersonal narratives+-+6674558485113425ocn001177090book19750.50Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichOn socialist democracy+-+4503558485105412ocn009853081book19830.31Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichAll Stalin's menHistoryBiographySøgeord: A.I. Mikoyan ; M.A. Suslov ; V.M. Molotov ; L.M. Kaganovich104110ocn005101034book19790.37Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichOn Stalin and Stalinism82112ocn012549182book19860.39Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichChina and the superpowersAnalyse van de politieke verhoudingen tussen China, Rusland en de Verenigde Staten van Amerika sinds het einde van de tweede wereldoorlog8088ocn003089348book19770.50The Samizdat registerBiography7353ocn007462470book19820.39Cohen, Stephen FAn end to silence : uncensored opinion in the Soviet Union from Roy Medvedev's underground magazine Political diary71919ocn057397035com20020.37Medvedev, Zhores AThe unknown StalinBiographyJosef Stalin remains one of the greatest enigmas of modern history. Unflinching, impenetrable, inhuman in his cruelty, bathed in misery himself, he represents to many a very paradigm of evil - perhaps, in his icy rationalism, even more so than Hitler himself. More than a hundred biographies of Stalin have been written since his death in 1953, but this study looks at the torrent of new material unleashed with the opening of the secret Soviet archives when the Union collapsed. The truths extracted from these long-secret archives provide a radically fresh insight into the life and career of one o+-+531291513632471313ocn020593737book19890.33Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichTime of change : an insider's view of Russia's transformation+-+20588950363246765ocn006250653book19800.50Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichNikolai Bukharin : the last yearsBiography5336ocn003710759book19780.53Starikov, SergeĭPhilip Mironov and the Russian Civil WarBiographyHe was an authentic hero of World War I and the Russian Revolution. He commanded a successful Red Army that treated prisoners mercifully, refrained from pillaging the countryside, and educated the people about the objectives of the Bolshevik regime. His eloquent advocacy of the ideas and aspirations of farmers and workers in the civil war period after World War I helped to weaken the cause of the White armies. Yet Philip Mironov has been systematically defamed in official Soviet history, and today his name is remembered by very few. This Cossack leader was distrusted and even despised by the more radical Communists, removed from his army command, and tried for treason. Leon Trotsky declared him a traitor and careerist who wanted "to climb upward on the backs of the toiling masses." After being pardoned and "rehabilitated" (at least partly through Lenin's personal intervention), Mironov continued in his independent ways until he was again arrested by the Cheka (Secret Police). While exercising in a prison courtyard in Moscow on April 2, 1921, he was mysteriously shot in the back and killed. Drawing upon archives, reminiscences, and Mironov's own brief, fragmentary, unpublished memoir, Sergi Starikov and the celebrated Soviet scholar Roy Medvedev have written a compelling book that helps explain the complex social processes of revolutionary Russia5249ocn053469511book20030.25Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichThe unknown Stalin : his life, death and legacyBiographyGiving the best and most informative explanation to date of the mystery of Stalin's death, renowned historians Roy and Zhores Medvedev have written a gripping new biography of Joseph Stalin, based on findings from research into archives only recently made available, as well as the Medvedev brothers' own experiences during and after Stalin's brutal regime. Conventional beliefs and cliches are contradicted and disproved, inaccuracies and misconceptions are corrected, and the facts about Stalin's intellect, ancestry, and the fortunes of his personal effects after his death are fully examined. Perhaps most remarkable of all are the Medvedevs' revelations and contentions concerning Stalin's death: There has been much suspicion over whether he was assassinated or died of natural causes, and the authors go a long way toward resolving this question. The Unknown Stalin resonates with particular intensity due to the personal detail and recollections of the two authors -- each of whom has his own history as a Russian dissident and commentator. This startling new work represents one of the most significant contributions to the study of Russian history in decades, a book of vital interest to scholars and general readers+-+97502103064777ocn002493215book19770.63Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichProblems in the literary biography of Mikhail SholokhovCriticism, interpretation, etc3445ocn007647134book19810.47Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichThe Samizdat register IIBiography34212ocn002371736book19750.79Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichDétente and socialist democracy : a discussion with Roy Medvedev : essays from East and West+-+98769760353248604ocn005942416book19800.50Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichOn Soviet dissentHistory102ocn004002113book19770.96Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichIntervista sul dissenso in URSS52ocn011088485book19800.96British and Irish Communist OrganisationMedvedev's notion of Stalinism : a review of developments in Roy Medvedev's writing about the Soviet system31ocn814512840book20121.00Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichMedvedev o Putine : trinadt︠s︡atʹ otkrovennykh intervʹi︠u︡ o samom populi︠a︡rnom rossiĭskom politike XXI vekaInterviews31ocn033523570book19780.92Medvedev, Roy AleksandrovichSoren ni okeru shōsū iken23ocn840019000book19900.23Mason, Bobby RayMilovan Djilas and Roy Medvedev : a comparative intellectual history of two dissidentsHistory11ocn027254972book19921.00Jones, Jeffrey WRoy Medvedev : prophet of perestroikaBiography11ocn070983175file1.00Smith, HedrickHedrick Smith papersHistoryInterviewsRecords and correspondenceSubjects include life in the Soviet Union under the Communist system and changes with glasnost and perestroika in such areas as consumer and economic issues, culture, dissent, media and intellectual expression, nationalities and minorities, politics, religion, Soviet-U.S. relations, and the exodus of Jews. Includes material pertaining to Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev and to dissidents Aleksandr Galich, Roy Aleksandrovitch Medvedev, Zhores A. Medvedev, Andrei Sakharov, Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn, and Vladimir Vysotsky11ocn051884190art1984Medvedev, Roy (Aleksandrovich)Biography11ocn004926141book19781.00Colozzi, Paula MarieBetween Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn : the political and ideological dissent of Roy Medvedev11ocn015377094book19871.00Trevithick, John AndrewRoy Medvedev : Soviet dissident historian11ocn039851467book19821.00Williams, R. WRoy Medvedev's socialist democracy+-+5508156875324+-+5508156875324Fri Mar 21 15:59:45 EDT 2014batch36541