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Fri Mar 21 17:04:07 2014 UTClccn-n790567620.00Papers, 1947-19780.661.001976 program and participants /133569859n 790567622898532678825Aspen-Institut USAAspen InstituteAspen Institute BerlinAspen Institute of Humanistic StudiesInstitute for Humanistic StudiesInstitute for Humanistic Studies Aspen, ColoInstitute of Humanistic StudiesInstitute of Humanistic Studies Aspen, ColocontainsVIAFID/156483939Aspen Institutelccn-n79007398Overseas Development Councillccn-n79091334Brown, Lester R.(Lester Russell)1934-lccn-n79055511Adler, Mortimer Jerome1902-2001lccn-n50059280Institute for Philosophical Research (Chicago, Ill.)lccn-n92082454Gorman, Williamlccn-n82001516Sterling, Christopher H.1943-lccn-n78053052Haight, Timothy R.lccn-n50004009Scott, Anne Firor1921-lccn-no2005065419Martyna, Wendy1951-lccn-n89637083Cater, Libby A.1925-Aspen Institute for Humanistic StudiesConference proceedingsDirectoriesPeriodicalsUnited StatesPopulationMass mediaCivil rightsDeclaration of Independence (United States)Gettysburg address (Lincoln, Abraham)Constitution (United States)Interpersonal relationsMusic--Philosophy and aestheticsMusic--Social aspectsFeminismSex roleTelecommunicationTelecommunication--Law and legislationTelecommunication--Social aspectsPsychopharmacologyEducation, HumanisticEducational planningEducational equalizationCollege integrationInternational relationsPolitical scienceAmericaPan-AmericanismPacific AreaInvestments, ForeignIndustriesIndustrial policyEconomic historyEconomic policySocial policyIranDroughtsFaminesLabor productivityWork ethicPostal serviceLabor supply--Effect of automation onElectronic mail systemsLabor supplyUnemploymentNeuropsychologyChristianityDeveloping countriesJusticeChurch and social problemsStrategic Defense InitiativeBrainNational securityTelevision broadcasting--Research196419651966196719681970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199619971998199920002004200611058421582301.32HB871ocn185775226ocn185775221ocn185565290ocn18553020410717ocn000874171book19740.50Brown, Lester RIn the human interest : a strategy to stabilize world populationThe demographic backdrop; Populations growth on a finite planet; Common dependence on scarce resources; Populations growth and social conditions; Confronting the population threat7933ocn001530575book19750.33Adler, Mortimer JeromeThe American testament : for the Institute for Philosophical Research and the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies6922ocn002644177book19780.63Sterling, Christopher HThe mass media : Aspen Institute guide to communication industry trends+-+75759702753245604ocn018106029book19880.63Ling, DorothyThe original art of music5243ocn004136388book19780.73Robinson, Glen OCommunications for tomorrow : policy perspectives for the 1980s37010ocn005800061book19790.70Kaplan, MartinWhat is an educated person? : The decades aheadConference proceedings3604ocn002283909book19760.70Women and men : changing roles, relationships, and perceptions : report of a workshopConference proceedings3331ocn008846243book19820.73ACE-Aspen Institute Seminar on Desegregation in Higher EducationRace & equity in higher education : proceedings and papers of the ACE-Aspen Institute Seminar on Desegregation in Higher EducationConference proceedings3253ocn009830196book19830.79Governance in the Western Hemisphere+-+41456402753242873ocn010810780book19840.79Benjamin, Roger WThe Industrial future of the Pacific basinConference proceedings2828ocn001991283book19760.73Iran--past, present, and future : Aspen Institute/Persepolis symposiumConference proceedings2612ocn003273807book19770.70Rivers, William LAspen handbook on the media : a selective guide to research, organizations, and publications in communicationsDirectories2226ocn006914700book19810.84García, Rolando VictorDrought and man : the 1972 case history2164ocn003137521book19770.73Cater, Libby AWomen and men : changing roles, relationships, and perceptionsConference proceedings2134ocn011187271book19840.79The World at work : an international report on jobs, productivity, and human values : a joint project of the Public Agenda Foundation and the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies2123ocn008588818book19820.86The Future of the postal service1952ocn001663111book19750.76Aspen Interreligious ConsultationGlobal justice & development : report of the Aspen Interreligious Consultation, Aspen, Colorado, June 1974Conference proceedings1874ocn000106704book19700.88Cerebral Function SymposiumDrugs, development, and cerebral function; [papers]Conference proceedings1752ocn015107518book19870.79Aspen Strategy Group (U.S.)The Strategic Defense Initiative and American securityI bogen undersøgtes, om en ren defensiv strategi var en realistisk mulighed og hvordan SDI ville influere på USA's interesseområder. Det påvistes desuden, at SDI ikke kunne blive operativ inden for en overskuelig fremtid1513ocn009021972book19810.95The Social impact of television : a research agenda for the 1980s : report from the Aspen Institute Conference on Proposals for a Center for the Study of Television, Wye Plantation, October 1980Conference proceedings232ocn001514483serial0.94Aspen Institute for Humanistic StudiesAnnual reportPeriodicals32ocn024385128serial1.00Aspen Institute for Humanistic StudiesAnnual reportPeriodicals31ocn058402228book19761.00Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies1976 program and participants21ocn009432224book19790.47The Aspen Institute for Humanistic StudiesHistory21ocn062526084book19871.00Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies1986 Report of program activities and participants21ocn647816236mix1.00Malone, DumasPapers of Dumas MaloneHistoryTopical files and research files for "Jefferson and his time" form the bulk of the collection. The topical files contain material on historical and learned societies and other organizations with which he was associated particularly The American Council of Learned Societies, The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, The History Book Club, The Literary Society of Washington, D.C., The Monticello Association, The National Endowment for the Humanities, The Southern Historical Association, The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, and The Virginia Cultural Laureate Society; material on publishers particularly Harvard University Press and Little, Brown and Company; professional correspondence with historians, educators, and students; grant applications; recommendations; material on "Empire for liberty" a textbook co-authored with Basil Rauch; awards and honorary degrees; lectures; the University of Virginia and its Department of History; books on Thomas Jefferson; and Jefferson controversies particularly re Sally Hemings21ocn052250092mix1.00Benton, WilliamPapersContains personal and professional correspondence, reports, legal documents, account books, diaries, manuscripts, speeches, research notes, transcripts of radio and television broadcasts, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, awards, and mementos. Papers highlight Benton's business and investment successes as well as his contributions to education and public affairs. Includes material relating to Encyclopaedia Britannica (1941-1973); Encyclopaedia Britannica Films (1939-1973); America First Committee; the Committee for Economic Development (1942-1973); Muzak (1941-1973); Benton & Bowles (1925-1973); the U.S. State Department (1941-1973); UNESCO (1946-1973); the McCarthy era; the establishment of Voice of America; the University of Chicago Board of Trustees; the Benton Foundation (1958-1973) commitments to Brandeis University, the University of Bridgeport, the University of Connecticut, the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, and the American Shakespeare Festival; and Connecticut and national politics (1948-1973). Correspondents include Mortimer Adler, Laird K. Bell, Chester Bowles, Gaylord Donnelly, Paul Douglas, John K. Galbraith, Paul Hoffman, Hubert Humphrey, Robert Hutchins, Harold Lasswell, Edward Levi, Henry and Clare Booth Luce, Anna Rosenberg, Bearsdley Ruml, Adlai Stevenson, Harry Truman, and Harold Wilson11ocn064751272mix1.00International Ladies' Garment Workers' UnionILGWU. Gus Tyler papersOrganizations include: the AFL-CIO; the American Association of Political Consultants; Americans for Democratic Action; the American Veterans Committee; the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies; the Democratic Party; the Fashion Institute of Technology; Histadrut; the Hudson Institute; the Jewish Labor Committee; The League for Industrial Democracy; the Liberal Party (New York State); locals and departments of the ILGWU; the NAACP; the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations (Cornell University); and the Socialist Party. Subjects include economic policy and conditions in the U.S.; electoral reform; politics in the U.S., especially in New York City and State; social conditions in the U.S.; the Vietnam War; voter registration; and worker training and education11ocn027788507book19880.47Williams, Colin WWalter Paepcke, entrepreneur-humanist : the thesis and the origins of the Aspen InstituteHistory11ocn313803376mixGeneral Service Foundation (Saint Paul, Minn.)General Service Foundation records#b The foundation also made major contributions in the areas of religion and international, industrial, and race relations. Many of the grants involved projects in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean area. The foundation was established and endowed by lumberman Clifton R. Musser (1869-1956) and his wife Margaret Kulp Musser (1875-1967) of Muscatine, Iowa. Its principal office was moved from St. Paul to Boulder, Colorado in 198511ocn309725015book19841.00Slater, Joseph ElliottReminiscences of Joseph Elliott Slater :Interviews11ocn057156448mix1.00Paepcke, Elizabeth HPapersHistoryIncludes biographical, personal and financial material, correspondence, subject files, photographs, audio-visual materials, awards, honorary degrees, ephemera, typescript drafts, publications, and newspaper and magazine clippings. The collection documents Elizabeth Paepcke's many interests in cultural, social and philanthropic activities. Includes material related to the Aspen Institute for the Humanities and the Goethe Bicentennial Foundation. Her interests in the arts, environment, education and politics are also reflected by the records of her art collection, interest in works of numerous artists and involvment in the Art Institute of Chicago and Museum of Contemporary Art. The collection also includes personal and family material in the form of calendars and guest books, correspondence, and photographs. Her extensive correspondence concerns both her cultural and social activities and personal and family relationships. The collection focuses primarily on the years between circa 1950 and 1993, although the earliest material dates to 188911ocn727512138mix1.00Schorr, DanielDaniel Schorr papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, speeches, broadcast scripts, articles and book production material, family papers, printed matter, and other papers relating primarily to Schorr's career in journalism. Documents his work for Cable News Network, Columbia Broadcasting System, inc., and National Public Radio. Also documents his service as a U.S. Army intelligence officer stationed at Camp Polk, La., and Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Tex., during World War II, and his participation in the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies (later the Aspen Institute). Subjects include civil rights, environment, freedom of speech, urban problems, scandals involving the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Watergate Affair. Subjects also include postwar reconstruction, the Marshall Plan, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Berlin Crisis, the Cold War, superpower summit meetings, and political affairs in the Soviet Union. Individuals represented include Konrad Adenauer, Fidel Castro, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev, and Isaac Stern. Correspondents include Harry A. Blackmun, Charles W. Colson, Captain Alfred Friendly, Richard M. Nixon, William S. Paley, Richard S. Salant, Ted Turner, Herman Wouk, and Schorr's mother, Tillie Godiner Schorr11ocn647823010mix1.00Williams, JonathanPapers of Jonathan WilliamsThe collection contains eleven letters to Felix Pollak discussing work in progress, readings, the Jargon Society, the Nantahala Foundation, the publishing business, and several poets and authors11ocn012534407book19640.10Aspen Institute for Humanistic StudiesAlumni directory11ocn122618537mix1.00Williams, JonathanApproximately 50 or more letters, numerous postcards, and other miscellaneous items largely sent by Jonathan Williams to Nicholas Dean, art photographer and lecturer in fine arts. The letters discuss work in progress, publication challenges, and forthcoming exhibitions. Some personal matters are also discussed11ocn025029698mix0.47Stevenson, William EdwardsPapersHistoryArchivesSourcesCorrespondence, photographs, scrapbooks, writings, tape recordings, oral history transcripts, printed materials, honorary medals, plaques, and gifts collected or created by Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stevenson during their youth (1917-25); during their Red Cross service overseas (1942-45); at Oberlin College during Stevenson's presidency (1946- 59); in the Philippines during Stevenson's tour as Ambassador; at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Study (1967-70); and in retirement (1970-87)11ocn702156606mix1.00Vance, Cyrus RCyrus R. Vance and Grace Sloane Vance papersHistoryThe Vance papers primarily document Cyrus R. Vance's professional and personal activities. Of particular significance are background materials, correspondence, position papers, and handwritten meeting notes relating to SALT II negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union; the Camp David Summit and the signing of the Middle East Peace Treaty; diplomatic relations with the Far East, especially China; and negotiations to release the American hostages in Iran. Proposals, reports, handwritten notes, and correspondence provide insight into the dispute between Greece and Turkey over Cyprus in 1967, federal recovery assistance to Detroit after the riot of 1967, and the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam in 1968. Governmental statements and commentaries, draft bills, and Senate committee background materials from 1958 document Vance's involvement in the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA). Extensive files of position papers, project proposals, meeting minutes, reports, publications, and handwritten notes document Vance's involvement with various events and organizations following his resignation from the Carter administration. The collection also contains manuscript drafts used for Vance's book Hard Choices: Critical Years in America's Foreign Policy11ocn173692694mixMickelson, SigThe processed portion is summarized above and is described in the register. Additional accessions are described below11ocn005577351serial1.00Aspen Institute for Humanistic StudiesAspen Institute publications catalogBibliography+-+7575970275324+-+7575970275324Fri Mar 21 15:45:59 EDT 2014batch32208