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Fri Mar 21 17:05:17 2014 UTClccn-n790584480.37From the ocean of painting : India's popular paintings, 1589 to the present /0.630.96Annual report /134854081n 79058448291509Museum of ArtMuseum of Art (Santa Barbara, Ca.)Museum of Art Santa Barbara, CalifSanta Barbara (Calif.). Museum of ArtSanta Barbara (Calif.) Santa Barbara museum of artSanta Barbara (Califòrnia). Museum of ArtSanta Barbara (Kalifornie). Museum of ArtSanta Barbara Museum of Art (Santa Barbara, Califòrnia)SBMA.lccn-nr93002951Howe, Kathleen Stewartlccn-n80114666Henning, Robertlccn-n79109756Henry Art Gallerylccn-n50018005Coplans, Johnlccn-n80028993Pasadena Art Alliancelccn-n83166252West, Richard V.auilccn-n83044954Nelson-Atkins Museum of Artothlccn-n78048571Kubiak, Richardadpcrelccn-n86811984Tai, Susanlccn-no2001099254Dance, Robert1955-Santa Barbara Museum of ArtExhibition catalogsHistoryCatalogsPortraitsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPictorial worksPeriodicalsArtCalifornia--Santa BarbaraFranceComposition (Art)Santa Barbara Museum of ArtCaliforniaMoholy-Nagy, László,Painting, AmericanPhotographyUnited StatesGlamour photographyMotion picture actors and actressesLouise, Ruth Harriet,Modernism (Art)IndiaFolk artPatas (Art)PaintingCubismHungaryPicasso, Pablo,Braque, Georges,Art--Private collectionsNyolcak (Group of artists)Avant-garde (Aesthetics)Aktivisták (Group of artists)Art, HungarianCalifornia--Los AngelesAntiquitiesEgyptMiddle East--PalestineFrench wit and humor, PictorialCaricatures and cartoonsManners and customs--Caricatures and cartoonsCartoonistsKokoschka, Oskar,Expressionism (Art)Bethusy-Huc, Reinhold,--GrafAustria--ViennaAustriaKent, Rockwell,DrawingFord, John Gilmore,Art, TibetanArt, IndicFord, BertheArt, NepaliWatercolor painting, AmericanRegionalism in artKinetic sculpture19411942194319441946194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013245476921094707.4019N5020ocn463525932ocn462019163ocn468036640ocn461963011ocn462396697ocn496105119ocn465321908ocn051538627ocn1856639887596ocn000170478book19680.53Coplans, JohnSerial imageryExhibition catalogsOm det samme motiv, fremstillet i serier, startende med Claude Monets malerier og videreført i moderne grafik6165ocn048494120book20020.47Dance, RobertRuth Harriet Louise and Hollywood glamour photographyPortraitsExhibition catalogs+-+93988757055691ocn036908953book19980.37Rossi, BarbaraFrom the ocean of painting : India's popular paintings, 1589 to the presentExhibition catalogs+-+K9466604655036ocn670481331book20110.53Picasso, PabloPicasso and Braque : the Cubist experiment, 1910-1912Exhibition catalogsPicasso and Braque offers an intimate look at one of the most pivotal exchanges in the history of Western art: the culminating two years (1910-12) of Analytic Cubism. While the Cubist experiment has long been a requisite chapter in the history of modernism, this is the first publication to delve deeply into these two intense years of productivity, revealing the intriguing pictorial game being played out between these two great masters. Essays by prominent curators and historians offer sustained readings of paintings, drawings, and prints in terms of their engagement with issues of genre, format, medium, and artistic process. In addition, the new technology of spectral imaging provides reproductions of astounding color and textural fidelity, making this an essential publication for those seeking to understand better the complexity of Picasso's and Braque's mark-making, which typically evades conventional photography.--Publisher+-+K6241655854215ocn022542816book19910.63Mansbach, Steven AStanding in the tempest : painters of the Hungarian avant-garde, 1908-1930History+-+49278671753243972ocn021297222book19900.59Karlstrom, Paul JTurning the tide : early Los Angeles modernists, 1920-1956Exhibition catalogsThe role of Los Angeles in the international modernist movement3574ocn029358484book19930.56Howe, Kathleen StewartExcursions along the Nile : the photographic discovery of ancient EgyptPictorial works+-+24356044353243463ocn036672024book19970.59Howe, Kathleen StewartRevealing the Holy Land : the photographic exploration of PalestineHistoryThis is the catalog for an exhibition of ninety nineteenth-century photographs drawn primarily from the world-class collection of Michael G. Wilson. Included are the starkly beautiful photographs of Sergeant James McDonald's surveys of Palestine and Jerusalem recently discovered photographs by Ernest Benecke and the rare photographs by Maxime Du Camp taken in 1850 as he traveled with Flaubert. With the invention of photography and the increasing popularity of travel in the mid-nineteenth century, the Holy Land became one of the most photographed places on earth. Interest in Jerusalem and Palestine was particularly pronounced in England, partly because of England's need to control its routes to the riches of India, but also because of Britain's cultural identification with the people and lands of the Bible. Imperial ambition and deeply ingrained cultural associations resulted in a surge of photographic activity in Palestine. McDonald's photographs from surveys of Jerusalem and the Sinai epitomize the dual imperatives of Bible and Empire. Photography provided a new standard for authenticity in pictorial representations. Early photographs were considered the ultimate bearers of "reality" at a time when viewers had not yet lost their naive faith in the objective accuracy of photography. Throughout the last half of the nineteenth century, the Holy Land drew legions of photographers: amateurs recording a stop on the Grand Tour, academics pursuing archaeological theories, military surveyors--all trying to capture the truthfulness of a land that had enormous spiritual, emotional, and political connotations for most of the Western world. What they saw, and how they saw it, are the themes of this beautifully recorded collection. ... Publisher description+-+69456044353243353ocn019981172book19890.70Farwell, BeatriceThe charged image : French lithographic caricature, 1816-1848HistoryBiographyExhibition catalogs3304ocn015653793book19870.73Kokoschka, OskarOrbis pictus, the prints of Oskar Kokoschka, 1906-1976 : selected from the collection of Reinhold, Count Bethusy-HucExhibition catalogs3224ocn012312315book19850.76West, Richard V"An enkindled eye" : the paintings of Rockwell Kent, a retrospective exhibitionExhibition catalogs3073ocn048529465book20010.53Pal, PratapadityaDesire and devotion : art from India, Nepal, and Tibet in the John and Berthe Ford collectionCatalogsExhibition catalogs"The collection of John and Berthe Ford represents one of the most important private holdings of Indian and Himalayan art in the world. Certain objects have been widely exhibited; others have never been publicly shown. The exhibition and the accompanying publication bring together works from both India and the Himalayas, demonstrating the range and depth of the Ford collection, providing an extraordinary overview of 2,000 years of history; and illustrating enduring themes in the art of Southeast Asia with outstanding works of art." "The catalogue is accompanied by two introductory essays: "Introduction: Desire and Devotion," by Pratapaditya Pal, and "Artistic Production, Religious Practice: Material and Ideological Constraints," by Hiram Woodward."--BOOK JACKET+-+22802110353005ocn000567858book19690.79Moholy-Nagy, LászlóLászló Moholy-Nagy : an exhibition organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum ... in cooperation with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the University Art Museum at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Seattle Art MuseumCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogsDalší svazek oblíbené edice přibližuje život a fotografické dílo maďarského umělce, který byl významným spolupracovníkem Státního Bauhausu, založeného r. 1919 ve Výmaru z podnětu Waltera Gropia, průkopníka nových směrů vestavitelství2944ocn024539799book19920.37Fels, Thomas WestonWatkins to Weston : 101 years of California photography, 1849-1950HistoryExhibition catalogs2792ocn018134723book19880.66Regionalism : the California view, watercolors, 1929-1945Exhibition catalogs2676ocn001862554book19660.73University of California, BerkeleyDirections in kinetic sculptureExhibition catalogsExhibits of kinetic sculpture2473ocn027922472book19920.63Lee, So Kam NgBrushstrokes : styles and techniques of Chinese paintingExhibition catalogs2413ocn317471871book20090.76Sinsheimer, KarenChaotic harmony : contemporary Korean photography"Presents the latest developments in Korean photography with a survey of works by forty leading contemporary photographers, two essays, artists' biographies, and a chronology"--Provided by publisher+-+88020655852356ocn070114650book20060.79Tamayo, RufinoTamayo : a modern icon reinterpretedCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"Tamayo: A Modern icon Reinterpreted accompanies a major internationally-touring exhibition of paintings by Maxican modernist Rufino Tamayo. It not only documents the works included in this landmark presentation but also features many others, as well as a comprehensive selection of his murals, in order to provide readers a richer context for understanding the achievements of this world-renowned artist." "Featuring 140 full-color plates, over 200 text illustrations, and essays by leading authorities on modern Mexican art, this ̃art book is essential for anyone interested in twentieth-century figure painting and Maxican modernism."--BOOK JACKET+-+31921502932144ocn051722797book20030.79Du Pont, Diana CRisking the abstract : Mexican modernism and the art of Gunther GerzsoCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+49901502932642ocn008052655book19810.70Santa Barbara Museum of ArtThe Preston Morton Collection of American artCatalogs2462ocn002401532book19760.70Santa Barbara Museum of ArtEuropean drawings in the collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of ArtCatalogs1663ocn022422219book19850.66Santa Barbara Museum of ArtSanta Barbara Museum of Art : selected worksCatalogs1332ocn011523525book19840.66Santa Barbara Museum of ArtThe Ala Story Collection of international modern artCatalogs1171ocn009323183book19820.81Santa Barbara Museum of ArtRussian icons in the Santa Barbara Museum of ArtCatalogs982ocn009323172book19820.84Santa Barbara Museum of ArtWright S. Ludington, four decades of gifts to the Santa Barbara Museum of ArtExhibition catalogs682ocn001859927book19620.88Santa Barbara Museum of ArtThe collection of Greek and Roman antiquities at the Santa Barbara Museum of ArtCatalogs685ocn000074198book19700.84Santa Barbara Museum of ArtDrawings; the Collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; [an exhibitionCatalogsExhibition catalogs431ocn001070201book19410.95Santa Barbara Museum of ArtThe Santa Barbara Museum of Art presents an exhibition of masterpieces of ancient China : collected in China by Jan Kleijkamp during 1940-1941 : October 19-November 23, 1941Exhibition catalogs381ocn785786667book20120.95Santa Barbara Museum of ArtPortrayal-betrayal : Santa Barbara Museum of Art : photographic portraits from the permanent collectionCatalogs383ocn015350769serial0.95Santa Barbara Museum of ArtBiennial reportPeriodicals382ocn007115568serial0.96Santa Barbara Museum of ArtAnnual reportPeriodicals361ocn000835014book19730.92Santa Barbara Museum of ArtIconocom: cross-cultural iconography for the communityCatalogs252ocn047713449book19640.90Santa Barbara Museum of ArtDonald Bear memorial collection, 1964 : [exhibition]CatalogsExhibition catalogs182ocn021684658book19660.96Two collections, Margaret Mallory, Ala Story : [exhibition] Santa Barbara Museum of Art, January 15 through February 20, 1966, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, March 5 through April 10, 1966Exhibition catalogs151ocn748712661book20110.47Christie, Manson & Woods International IncFine American paintings, drawings and sculpture151ocn024132170serial0.94Santa Barbara Museum of ArtTriennial reportPeriodicals151ocn748589067book20110.66Christie, Manson & Woods International IncFirst open : post-war and contemporary art121ocn724037729book20110.47Christie, Manson & Woods International Inc500 years : decorative arts, Europe : including Oriental carpets121ocn062352327book19670.90Santa Barbara Museum of ArtThe Ala Story Collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; January 17 through February 19, 1967. 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