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Fri Mar 21 17:12:02 2014 UTClccn-n790586130.00Survival or prophecy?0.561.00Interviste con dom Jean Leclerq : una postilla di Girolamo Arnaldi /c a cura di Valerio Cattana39379932Jean_Leclercq,_OSBn 79058613291672Leclercq, J.Leclercq, J. 1911-1993Leclercq, J. (Jean), 1911-Leclercq, J. (Jean), 1911-1993Leclercq, JeanLeclercq, Jean, 1911-Leclercq, Jean, OSB, DomLeclercqu, Jean, 1911-1993Leclerq, JeanLeclerq, Jean, 1911-1993ルクレール, ジャンlccn-n79059107Bernardof Clairvaux, Saint1090 or 1091-1153cmplccn-n50046597Rochais, Henritrledtlccn-n85340279Talbot, C. H.(Charles H.)clbedttrllccn-n80005353Merton, Thomas1915-1968auilccn-n50036613Meyendorff, John1926-1992edtlccn-n79043226McGinn, Bernard1937-edtlccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n81012408Benedictineslccn-no2002055920Vandenbroucke, Françoisclbcrelccn-n94013505Callerot, FrançoiseauitrledtLeclercq, Jean1911-1993HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyChurch historyBibliographyRecords and correspondenceSermonsInterviewsChristian literature, EarlyMonastic and religious lifeSpiritual life--Catholic ChurchFranceBernard,--of Clairvaux, Saint,Theology, DoctrinalSpiritual life--Christianity--History of doctrinesLeclercq, Jean,Courtly loveSaintsBenedictinesMerton, Thomas,Christian saintsLuxembourgUnited StatesTrappistsCatholic ChurchSermons, LatinCisterciansTheologySermons, Early ChristianWomen in ChristianityHermitsPsychologyMonasticism and religious ordersSpiritualityLord's SupperGiustiniani, Paolo,Spiritual life--Christianity--History of doctrines--Middle AgesMeditationsParablesSpiritual lifeSpiritual life--History of doctrinesTheology, Doctrinal--Catholic authorsContemplationChristian literature, Latin (Medieval and modern)Sermons, FrenchFrench literatureLove in literatureChristianity and literatureChurch historiansMedievalistsHistoriographySermons (Leo I, Pope)Spiritual life--ChristianityReligious gatheringsChristianityChurch history--Middle AgesChristianity and other religions--HinduismMoffitt, 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.47Leclercq, JeanThe love of learning and the desire for God a study of monastic cultureHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8259578735114721ocn011915268book19850.47McGinn, BernardChristian spirituality : origins to the twelfth centuryHistory+-+02935097359766ocn000127701book19710.33Merton, ThomasContemplation in a world of actionThe spiritual and psychological insights of these essays were nurtured in a monastic milieu, but their issues are universally human. Merton lays a foundation for personal growth and transformation through fidelity to "our own truth and inner being." Our desire and need to attain "a fully human and personal identity" is the focus of Merton's concern. The republication of this classic in a newly restored, corrected edition is the first of Gethsemani Studies, a series of books that explores, through the twin perspectives of psychology and religion, the dynamics and depths of being fully human5809ocn004593272book19790.66Leclercq, JeanMonks and love in twelfth-century France : psycho-historical essaysHistoryChurch historyCriticism, interpretation, etc52924ocn000110923book19610.56Leclercq, JeanThe spirituality of the Middle AgesHistory4386ocn002669088book19700.59Leclercq, JeanBernard of Clairvaux and the Cistercian spiritBiography3427ocn007731811book19820.66Leclercq, JeanMonks on marriage, a twelfth-century viewHistory3225ocn000700665book19730.66Bernard of Clairvaux: studies presented to Dom Jean LeclercqHistoryBiographyBibliography31735ocn008449033book19470.73LeoSermonsSermons25811ocn026001259book19920.73GalandParabolaire25813ocn010119066book19630.73BaldwinLe sacrement de l'autel2535ocn020264366book19890.73Leclercq, JeanWomen and Saint Bernard of ClairvauxHistory+-+89592542352492ocn048943144book20020.59Merton, ThomasSurvival or prophecy? : the letters of Thomas Merton and Jean Leclercq ; edited by Patrick Hart ; foreword by Rembert G. WeaklandRecords and correspondence"Thomas Merton, the American Trappist monk who wrote The Seven Storey Mountain, spent his literary career in a cloistered monastery in Kentucky. His great counterpart, the French Benedictine monk Jean Leclercq, traveled relentlessly to and from monasteries world-wide, trying to bring about a long-needed reform and renewal of Catholic religious life." "Their correspondence over twenty years is a record of the common yearnings of two holy men. "What is a monk?" is the question at the center of their exchange, and in these letters they answer it with great aplomb, touching on the role of ancient texts and modern conveniences; the advantages of hermit life and community life; the fierce Catholicism of the monastic past and the new openness to the approaches of other traditions; the monastery's impulse toward survival and the monk's calling to prophecy. Full of learning, human insight, and self-deprecating wit, these letters capture the excitement of the Catholic Church in the era of the Second Vatican Council - and the perennial appeal of the life of monastic solitude."--Jacket+-+415727928524119ocn003108542book19570.70Leclercq, JeanL'amour des lettres et le désir de Dieu; initiation aux auteurs monastiques du Moyen AgeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc2389ocn000753263book19610.47Leclercq, JeanAlone with God+-+66786372453242376ocn019065168book19890.70Leclercq, JeanA second look at Bernard of Clairvaux2306ocn003845052book19780.73Leclercq, JeanAspects of monasticism2231ocn008306018book19840.63The roots of the modern Christian traditionHistory2176ocn003985547book19730.73Leclercq, JeanContemplative life21426ocn301204303book19660.76Leclercq, JeanSt Bernard et l'esprit cistercienCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography681ocn226911609book20080.79Leclercq, JeanSurvival or prophecy? : the correspondence of Jean Leclercq & Thomas MertonRecords and correspondence"Survival or Prophecy? contains the correspondence exchanged between Dom Jean Leclercq, a French Benedictine monk and scholar from the monastery of Clervaux in Luxembourg and Father Thomas Merton, an American Cistercian monk of Gethsemeni Abbey in Kentucky. Their correspondence over twenty years is a fascinating record of the common yearnings of these two monks. Full of learning, human insight, and self-depreciating humor, these letters capture the excitement of the Catholic Church in the era of the Second Vatican Council - and the perennial appeal of the life of monastic solitude."--BOOK JACKET+-+K265254235413ocn045215344book20000.73Leclercq, JeanLettere di dom Jean Leclercq (1911-1993)Records and correspondence341ocn043599151book20000.59Leclercq, JeanMemoirs : from grace to graceBiography+-+1172554236262ocn053152931book20030.81Penco, GregorioDom Jean Leclercq tra storia e profezia del monachesimo : una svolta epocaleBiographyBibliography81ocn034439533book19930.95Leclercq, JeanDi grazia in grazia : memorieBiography71ocn137294280book19790.27Merton, ThomasLove and livingRecords and correspondenceAuthor examines the nature of love and Life41ocn035075042book19950.66Leclercq, JeanInterviste con Dom Jean LeclercqInterviews21ocn645580451book20020.23Merton, ThomasSurvival or prophecy? : the letters of Thomas Merton and Jean LeclercqRecords and correspondence+-+415727928511ocn690375586book2008Leclercq, JeanSurvival or prophecy?Records and correspondence+-+K26525423511ocn702715718book19951.00Leclercq, JeanInterviste con dom Jean Leclerq : una postilla di Girolamo Arnaldi /c a cura di Valerio CattanaInterviews11ocn647875691mix1.00Moffitt, JohnCorrespondence related to the publication of A new charter for monasticismCorrespondents include B.M. de Floris, John Howard Griffin, Dom Jean LeClerog, George Nauman Shuster; and S. Pia Valeri11ocn055771561mix1.00Moffitt, JohnA new charter for monasticismAlso included is a Mar. 10, 1974, newspaper article about the author, 2 1987 obituaries of the author, an undated Report on unpublished work, an undated Bibliography of published work, and a Dec. 6, 1975, issue of the periodical America, with an article by Moffitt entitled "Who or what is a religious poet?"11ocn222872993book19910.47Jeauneau, ÉdouardHommage à Dom Jean Leclercq+-+8259578735+-+8259578735Fri Mar 21 15:59:45 EDT 2014batch42081