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Fri Mar 21 17:07:55 2014 UTClccn-n790590410.28International travel and health situation as on 1 January 20050.660.96Publications; a bibliography245476170n 79059041292090Assemblée Mondiale de la SantéIrgun ha-beriʼut ha-ʻolamiMaailman terveysjärjestöMunaẓẓamat al-Ṣiḥḥah al-ʻĀlamīyahO.M.S.OMSʻOngkān ʻAnāmai LōkOrganisasi Kesehatan DuniaOrganisation mondiale de la santéOrganització Mundial de la SalutOrganização Mundial da SaudeOrganização Mundial de SaúdeOrganización Mundial de la SaludOrganizația Mondială a SănătățiiOrganization Mondiale de la SantéOrganizzazione mondiale della sanitàSāzmān-i Ṣiḥḥī-i JahānSegye Pogŏn KiguSekai Hoken KikanShih chieh wei sheng tsu chihSvetska zdravstvena organizacijaŚwiatowa Organizacja ZdrowiaTổ chức y tế thế giớiUnited Nations. World Health OrganizationVOZVsemirnai︠a︡ organizat︠s︡ii︠a︡ zdravookhranenii︠a︡W.H.O.Water, Sanitation and Health.Water, Sanitation, and Health Programme.Water, Sanitation and Health WHO.WeltgesundheitsorganisationWHA AbkuerzungWHOWHO CHPWHO Chronic Diseases and Health PromotionWHO. Water, Sanitation and Health.World Health OrganisationWorld Health OrganizationWorld Health Organization Assemblée Mondiale de la SantéWorld Health Organization. Water, Sanitation and Health.World Health Organization Water, Sanitation, and Health ProgrammeWorld Health Organization World Health AssemblyWSH.WSH World Health Organization.سازمان صحى جهانمنظمة الصحة العالمية世界衛生組織北京协和医院. 世界卫生组织疾病分类合作中心containsVIAFID/268595711Interim Commission of the World Health Organizationlccn-n79093850UNICEFphtlccn-n79125097International Agency for Research on Cancernc-food and agriculture organization of the united nationsFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nationslccn-n80004214Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nationsedtlccn-no98077794Tufts UniversitySchool of Nutrition Science and Policylccn-n79032054World Meteorological Organizationlccn-n89625214United Nations Population Fundlccn-n79043403World Banklccn-n80002388United Nations Environment Programmelccn-n2005043850Sayward, Amy L.1969-World Health OrganizationPeriodicalsClassificationHandbooks, manuals, etcBibliographyCatalogsBibliography‡vCatalogsMethodsCross-cultural studiesConference proceedingsWorld Health OrganizationAbortionWorld healthPublic healthTeeth--DiseasesAbortion servicesNosologyInfants--NutritionVaccinationCommunicable diseases--PreventionTravel--Health aspectsOlder people--NutritionAging--Nutritional aspectsChildren--NutritionMouth--DiseasesDental surveysMedical assistanceFood supply--International cooperationAgricultural assistanceEconomic assistanceDeveloping countriesComputer network resourcesChild carePediatricsWomen--Health and hygieneDrinking water--PurificationWater--FluoridationLeprosy--PreventionFluorine--ToxicologyFluorosisArthropodaInsects as carriers of diseaseDeath--CausesAnesthesiaCommunity health servicesCommunity health aides--Training ofCommunity health aidesChildren--Wounds and injuries--PreventionInfibulationClitoridectomyFemale circumcisionEmergency medical servicesWomen--HealthWomen--DiseasesCommunicable diseasesVital statisticsEpidemiologyMedical statisticsMedicineWomen's health services1900194719481949195019521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013415049612159618.88RA783.5ocn034352017ocn040771712ocn034279079ocn799222578ocn461789292ocn870965741ocn865503355ocn865503452ocn797595114ocn797678796ocn186830473ocn860422423119713ocn054539627file20030.37World Health OrganizationSafe abortion technical and policy guidance for health systemsMethodsIn June 1999, a United Nations General Assembly Special Session reviewed and appraised progress toward implementation of the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo, 1994. At this Special Session, the Governments of the world again recognised unsafe abortion as a major public health concern, and pledged their commitment to reduce the need for abortion through expanded and improved family planning services. They also agreed that, ''in circumstances where abortion is not against the law, health systems should train and equip health-s+-+69854069743248505ocn058532684file20050.28World Health OrganizationInternational travel and health situation as on 1 January 2005Annotation+-+918530697484910ocn044752406com0.63World Health OrganizationThe world health reportPeriodicals<1999-> include the full report; <1996-1998> include executive summary, 50 health facts, press release, figures and maps; <1995> includes executive summary only8304ocn053007785file20020.53Keep fit for life meeting the nutritional needs of older persons+-+756710697473516ocn032100138book19730.81World Health OrganizationApplication of the international classification of diseases to dentistry and stomatology : ICD-DAClassificationBased on the 9th revision of the International classification of diseases (1975). Numerical classification. Also includes classified listings of oral, oropharyngeal, and odontogenic tumors, jaw cysts, and allied lesions. Index+-+321990697472620ocn037029648book19710.88World Health OrganizationOral health surveys : basic methods6337ocn056344438file20030.50World Health OrganizationGlobal strategy for infant and young child feedingAnnotation+-+367710697453214ocn060652604file0.53World Health OrganizationWorld healthPeriodicals4498ocn080247271file20050.66World Health OrganizationPocket book of hospital care for children guidelines for the management of common illnesses with limited resources"This pocket book is for use by doctors, senior nurses and other senior health workers who are responsible for the care of young children at the first referral level in developing countries. It presents up-to-date clinical guidelines which are based on a review of the available published evidence by subject experts, for both inpatient and outpatient care in small hospitals where basic laboratory facilities and essential drugs and inexpensive medicines are available. In some settings, these guidelines can be used in the larger health centres where a small number of sick children can be admitted for inpatient care."--P. xvii+-+152190697432439010ocn631566078book20090.70World Health OrganizationWomen and health today's evidence tomorrow's agendaDespite considerable progress in the past decades, societies continue to fail to meet the health care needs of women at key moments of their lives, particularly in their adolescent years and in older age, finds this report. WHO calls for action both within the health sector and beyond to improve the health and lives of girls and women around the world, from birth to older age. The report provides the latest and most comprehensive evidence available to date on women's specific needs and health challenges over their entire life-course. It includes the latest global and regional figures on the health and leading causes of death in women from birth, through childhood, adolescence and adulthood, to older age.--Publisher's description+-+50381069743879ocn020894452book19590.88World Health OrganizationA Guide to leprosy control3743ocn078623284book20060.56Fawell, J. KFluoride in drinking-waterFluoride is known to occur at elevated concentration in a number of parts of the world where it can be a significant cause of disease. The primary focus of this book is the prevention of adverse health effects from excessive levels of fluoride in drinking-water. The book provides information on the occurrence of fluoride, its health effects, ways of reducing excess levels and methods for analysis of fluoride in water.--Publisher's description+-+014777554637212ocn006344049book19760.86World Health OrganizationThe primary health worker : working guide, guidelines for training, guidelines for adaptationHandbooks, manuals, etc3659ocn000463433book19490.88World Health OrganizationManual of the international statistical classification of diseases, injuries, and causes of death3576ocn044935421book19880.88Dobson, Michael BAnaesthesia at the district hospitalHandbooks, manuals, etc3562ocn000179494book19670.79Wright, Jonathan WilliamGenetics of insect vectors of disease3287ocn567901333file20080.70Peden, M. MWorld report on child injury prevention"Child injuries have been neglected for many years, and are largely absent from child survival initiatives presently on the global agenda. Through this World report on child injury prevention, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children's Fund and many partners have set out to elevate child injury to a priority for the global public health and development communities. The knowledge and experience of nearly two hundred experts from all continents and various sectors were invaluable in grounding the report in the realities faced in many countries. This World report on child injury prevention should be seen as a complement to the UN Secretary-General's study on violence against children released in late 2006. That report addressed violence-related or intentional injuries. Both reports suggest that child injury and violence prevention programmes need to be integrated into child survival and other broad strategies focused on improving the lives of children. Evidence demonstrates the dramatic successes in child injury prevention in countries which have made a concerted effort. These results make a case for increasing investments in human resources and institutional capacities. This would permit the development, implementation and evaluation of programmes to stem the tide of child injury and enhance the health and well-being of children and their families the world over. Implementing proven interventions could save more than a thousand children's lives a day." - p. vii+-+02081069743285ocn037029347book19970.73World Health OrganizationFemale genital mutilation : a joint WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA statement+-+11361069743208ocn748590921file20080.73World Health OrganizationOlder persons in emergencies an active ageing perspectiveIn collaboration with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Help the Aged (UK), the World Health Organization commissioned case studies in 2006-2007 to examine how older persons fared in conflict-related and naturally caused emergencies in both developed and developing countries -- war, drought, heat wave, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami, ice storm, wild fires and a nuclear power plant explosion. The report contributes real-life experiences to inform policy and practice makers about the needs and contributions that older people face during emergency and reconstruction phases.--Publisher's description+-+39181069743186ocn041387387book19990.81Abortion in the developing worldCross-cultural studies+-+K4914910365763ocn060741994book20060.53Sayward, Amy LThe birth of development : how the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization, and World Health Organization changed the world, 1945-1965HistoryFocused on the creation and evolution of post-1945 internationalist ideology, The Birth of Development highlights efforts to diffuse the destructive role of the nation-state in world affairs by constructing truly international organizations with global agendas?the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Health Organization. These organizations, and the men and women who worked for them, pioneered the advancement of the quality of life for all and established an ongoing obligation to promote worldwide economic development. As author Amy Staples reveals, the results of their efforts were mixed. Grounded in archival research conducted in the archives of the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization, and World Health Organization, as well as in other archives in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, The Birth of Development provides a foundational understanding for many of today's debates on economic globalization, especially those that involve the World Bank and World Trade Organization. Given the current role of international peacekeepers and multinational aid agencies, this story is timely and makes clear that the issues that confronted early postwar planners and reformers remain in many ways unsolved even today. The Birth of Development is the only comparative study of these crucial architects of the theory and practice of economic development, and it contributes significantly to the ongoing effort to view the postwar period as more than simply an East-West Cold War. It breaks new ground conceptually and methodologically and will be a welcome addition to the literature in the fields of modern diplomatic history and international relations+-+149338823557514ocn001339577book19580.79Brockington, FraserWorld healthThis book explains the wordwide problems of food, population, disease, and physical and social welfare which the World Health Organization is seeking to solve1842ocn002211136serial0.92World Health OrganizationHandbook of resolutions and decisions of the World Health Assembly and the Executive BoardPeriodicals1611ocn008300889book19820.84United StatesImplementation of the World Health Organization (WHO) code on infant formula marketing practices : hearings before the Subcommittees on International Economic Policy and Trade, and on Human Rights and International Organizations of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, first session, June 16 and 17, 198115343ocn001770146serial0.86World Health OrganizationMonograph series1361ocn003090898book19740.88World Health OrganizationHealth education, a programme review : a report by the Director-General to the fifty-third session of the Executive Board963ocn244063593book20090.79Guilloux, AlainTaiwan, humanitarianism and global governanceGuilloux explores the complexities and dilemmas of providing humanitarian aid to people in need and distress, especially underlined by Taiwan's unclear status in the global arena, and how in its efforts Taiwan faces both international isolation and opposition from the People's Republic of China at multiple levels+-+3804190695883ocn005722513serial0.95World Health OrganizationPublications catalogueBibliography CatalogsCatalogs683ocn022227385serial0.95World Health OrganizationPublications cataloguePeriodicalsBibliography CatalogsCatalogsBibliography612ocn232117097serial0.53World Health OrganizationWHO in EuropePeriodicals523ocn039552761book19980.93World Health OrganizationPublishing for a purpose : fifty years of publishing by the World Health OrganizationHistory443ocn001451837book19560.86World Health OrganizationHandbook of resolutions and decisions of the World Health Assembly and the Executive BoardPeriodicalsConference proceedings411ocn001161484book19690.70World Health OrganizationPublications of the World Health Organization, 1963-1967; a bibliographyBibliography413ocn010511419book19700.81Szawlowski, RichardLes finances et le droit financier d'une organisation internationale intergouvernementale; examen sur la base de l'Organisation mondiale de la santé et certaines autres organisations392ocn003717356book19640.56World Health OrganizationPublications of the World Health Organization, 1958-1962 : a bibliographyCatalogsBibliography323ocn004935307serial0.90World Health OrganizationProposed regular programme and budget estimates for the financial yearPeriodicals321ocn026230494book19470.93Kramer, Morton AInternational health security in the modern world, the sanitary conventions and the World Health Organization311ocn427513032file20090.70Labbé, YolaineActivités d'integration, de diffusion, de transfert de connaissances et de support aux activities d'Ouranos, du MSSS et de son réseau, de Santé Canada et de l'OMS rapport final312ocn029827639serial0.96World Health OrganizationPublications; a bibliographyPeriodicalsBibliographyReferences to technical, administrative, and general articles and publications, arranged in alphabetical order under subjects. List of WHO publications by series. Author, country indexes301ocn027059743book19920.63Leadbeater, NeilEuropean health services handbookDirectories+-+9185306974+-+9185306974Fri Mar 21 15:57:48 EDT 2014batch56901