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Fri Mar 21 17:10:29 2014 UTClccn-n790627170.00The discovery and conquest of Mexico, 1517-152 /0.681.00Alfred Percival Maudslay, 1850-193130316514Alfred_Maudslayn 79062717295669Alfred Percival MaudslayMaudslay, A. P.Maudslay, A.P., 1850-1931Maudslay, A. P. (Alfred Percival), 1850-1931Maudslay, Alfred.Maudslay, Alfred 1850-1931Maudslay, Alfred P.Maudslay, Alfred P... 1850-1931lccn-n50002086Díaz del Castillo, Bernal1496-1584lccn-n50016359García, Genaro1867-1920edtlccn-n80133120Cortés, Hernán1485-1547lccn-n79106106Graham, Ian1923-lccn-n50038827Joyce, Thomas Athol1878-1942lccn-n2006028246Goodman, J. T.lccn-n82098839British MuseumDepartment of Oriental Antiquities and of Ethnographylccn-n79095270American Council of Learned Societieslccn-n2005037954Jay I. Kislak Collection (Library of Congress)viaf-280926633Maudslay, Anne Cary MorrisMaudslay, Alfred Percival1850-1931HistoryPictorial worksMapsExhibition catalogsCatalogsMexicoConquest of Mexico (1519-1540)Cortés, Hernán,Mayas--AntiquitiesAntiquitiesCentral AmericaMaudslay, Alfred Percival,TravelIndians of MexicoArchaeologistsGreat BritainInscriptions, MayanMaya architecture--Conservation and restorationEpigraphistsGuatemalaMayan languages--WritingMaya artIndians of Central America--AntiquitiesIndians of Mexico--AntiquitiesMayasIndians of Central AmericaPolynesiaCentral America--Yucatán PeninsulaDipteraBotanyMaya calendarMexico--Yaxchilán SitePaleographersMexico--Palenque SiteInsectsMexico--Chichén Itzá SiteBelizeMexico--Mexico CityMaya sculptureExplorersEntomologyIndian architectureMaudslay, Anne CaryMexico--Valley of MexicoMaya architectureSpainColoniesAztecs--WarsMontezuma--II,--Emperor of Mexico,Discovery and exploration, SpanishMaler, Teobert,Baker, Shirley W.--(Shirley Waldemar),TongaMissionsZoology1850193118791882188318861889189018921895189618971899190219081909191019121916192319281930193119331936193719381939194219561957195919611962196319671970197419751976197719791986198719901991199219931996199820012002200320052006201020112013243898257972.02F1230ocn000197869ocn007364336ocn003647281ocn233677877ocn832258290ocn443015431ocn832201815ocn622702547ocn459231565ocn083098997ocn824102907ocn820637384ocn824103556ocn824103561ocn443015431ocn739164943ocn739164942ocn460385643ocn49498814034133ocn017592213book19080.73Díaz del Castillo, BernalThe true history of the conquest of New SpainHistoryMaps+-+615265356623626ocn002761182book19280.29Díaz del Castillo, BernalThe discovery and conquest of Mexico, 1517-1521HistoryA Spanish soldier's account of his observations and experiences during Cortes' Mexican campaigns+-+13299806952329ocn298105303com19630.37Díaz del Castillo, BernalThe conquest of New SpainHistoryRecollections of the conquest of New Spain describes the various expeditions, marches, embassies, important leaders, sieges, and captures22520ocn001847458book18990.81Maudslay, Anne Cary MorrisA glimpse at Guatemala, and some notes on the ancient monuments of Central America+-+095265356621913ocn003242772book18970.86Maudslay, Alfred PercivalArchæology1349ocn003498019book19230.86British MuseumGuide to the Maudslay collection of Maya sculptures (casts and originals) from Central AmericaCatalogs1174ocn002497212book19230.88British MuseumGuide to the Maudslay collection of Maya sculptures (casts and originals) from Central America; with 8 plates, 20 illustrations and a mapExhibition catalogs768ocn015056848book19860.93Maudslay, Alfred PercivalYaxchilán : antología de su descubrimiento y estudios597ocn004568437book19740.93Maudslay, Alfred PercivalBiologia Centrali-Americana, or, Contributions to the knowledge of the fauna and flora of Mexico and Central AmericaPictorial works483ocn715159068com19080.25Díaz del Castillo, BernalThe true history of the conquest of New SpainHistory+-+1471694596324472ocn715158878com19120.25Díaz del Castillo, BernalThe true history of the conquest of New SpainHistory+-+9181694596324362ocn003599660book19620.92Clegern, Wayne MMaudslay's Central America : a strategic view in 1887223ocn011408534book19120.92Maudslay, Alfred PercivalA note on the position and extent of the great temple of Tenochtitlan, and the position, structure and orientation of the teocalli of Huitzilopochtli115ocn030467739book18890.96Osten-Sacken, C. 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"Maudslay, the grandson of a famous English inventor and engineer, spent his formative adult years in the South Seas as a junior official in Great Britain's Colonial Office. Despite his exotic experiences, he did not find his true vocation until the age of thirty-one, when he arrived in Guatemala." "Maudslay played a crucial role in exploring and documenting the monuments and architecture of the ancient Maya ruins at Palenque, Copan, Chichen Itza, and other sites previously unknown. His photographs and plaster casts have proven to be invaluable in the deciphering of Maya hieroglyphics. Personal resources allowed him to undertake fieldwork at a time when no institution provided such support. He made plaster casts of large stone monuments, accurate maps of sites, and painstaking recordings of inscriptions. His Biologia Centrali-Americana, a multivolume compendium of photographs, drawings, plans, and text published almost a century ago, remains an essential foundation for Maya studies. Perhaps Maudslay's greatest legacy is his magnificent collection of glass-negative photographs, many of which are reproduced in this book."--BOOK JACKET+-+K509861535971ocn005309060book19300.84Maudslay, Alfred PercivalLife in the Pacific fifty years ago263ocn040662625visu19980.33In search of the MayansBiographyUsing photos, sketches, and diary excerpts, this program follows the prolific research of the first men to formally study Mayan culture: John Lloyd Stephens, Frederick Catherwood, and Alfred Maudsley251ocn060313956visu19920.19Searching for the Maya Buscando a los MayasDramatization of the archaeological discoveries of Alfred Maudslay, as well as actual Mayan historical events taking place at the Mexican archaeological sites of Palenque and Chichén Itzá61ocn156764390book18790.47Resume of enquiry in re Tongan Mission Affairs, October 1879 : Mr. A.P. Maudslay, H.B.M. Vice-Consul v. Rev. S.W. 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