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Fri Mar 21 17:05:46 2014 UTClccn-n790627220.00Ethnoreligious politics in France : Jews and Muslims /0.751.00Giscardism and the "Barre plans" neo-liberalism, dirigism and political opportunism /14803851William_Safrann 79062722295674lccn-n82154736Codding, George A.(George Arthur)lccn-n80126099Parti socialiste (France)lccn-n50036013Laponce, J. A.auiedtlccn-n83219864Maíz Suárez, Ramónedtlccn-n2006214787Sahoo, Ajaya Kumaredtlccn-n85358476Lal, Brij V.edtlccn-n81139041Peters, B. Guylccn-n86128001Zariski, Raphaellccn-n50017852Hancock, M. Donaldlccn-n81095908Conradt, David P.Safran, WilliamHistoryConference proceedingsCase studiesPolitical scienceFranceEuropeNationalismReligion and politicsEthnic relations--Political aspectsEthnicity--Political aspectsHealth insuranceGermany (West)Pressure groupsChinaEthnologyAutonomyEthnicityCanadaMulticulturalismEthnic relationsCitizenshipLanguage and languages--Political aspectsIndiaEmigration and immigrationNationalism--Religious aspectsReligion and stateEthnic groupsEurope, WesternAnthropological linguisticsSwedenSociolinguisticsEurope--European Economic Community countriesInternational relationsEast Indian diasporaEast Indians--MigrationsSocial policyParti socialiste (France)1930195519641967197719781979198019841985198919911992199319951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200720082009201120132014346735151940.55JN2594.2ocn397982816ocn468567101ocn469414525ocn781211254ocn797423379ocn315102775ocn762622045ocn801018324ocn824553851ocn799243101159547ocn002968226book19770.73Safran, WilliamThe French polityHere William Safran provides an analysis of the changing and constant nature of the contemporary French political scene+-+40936865354407ocn004003814book19790.70Codding, George AIdeology and politics : the Socialist Party of FranceHistory37614ocn050149686book20020.73Safran, WilliamThe secular and the sacred : nation, religion, and politicsConference proceedingsThe relationship of religion to freedom and democracy has been a matter of controversy throughout known history. Locke believed that religion is not compatible with individual freedom or democracy. These essays explore the links between nation+-+831801962525410ocn039307280book19980.76William, SafranNationalism and ethnoregional identities in ChinaCase studiesWestern political scientists have tended to neglect the ethnic dimension in China, and have overemphasized the development from large empire to unified nation. This book brings together a number of case studies on the ethnic and regional dimensions of Chinese politics and society+-+01299196252424ocn000717252book19670.84Safran, WilliamVeto-group politics; the case of health-insurance reform in West Germany19612ocn043031533book19990.79Máiz, RamónIdentity and territorial autonomy in plural societiesFocusing on autonomy in countries whose societies are marked by ethnic diversity, this work examines the effects of territorial solutions to the safeguarding of cultural identities. Contributors distinguish among types of autonomy and their impact on pluralism, democracy and unity of the state+-+72750196253241426ocn033014136book19950.86Ethnicity and citizenship : the Canadian caseThe essays in this volume analyze both the components of citizenship in Canada and the diversity of attitudes concerning it from the interdisciplinary perspectives of political science, sociology, history, public law, and psychology. A number of related themes are addressed: the reciprocal nature of the relationship between legal (political) and societal (ethnic) citizenship; the conflict of identities for members of Anglophone and Francophone, native and immigrant, and European and 'indigenous' subcultures; the rivalry between federal and provincial orientations; and the processes of identity change resulting from shared experiences and interactions. In addition, the book contains an examination of past and present policies on immigration, of current arguments regarding the evolution of the Canadian constitutional system, and of the continuing search for new definitions of citizenship+-+38419196258410ocn058051508book20040.88Safran, WilliamLanguage, ethnic identity and the stateThis new study powerfully asserts the pivotal importance of the interplay between language and ethnicity, which is often underestimated as a component for political stability. These leading scholars present five key case studies of South Africa, Algeria, Canada, Latvia and Senegal. All five countries are multilingual nations where language has been a central political issue that has challenged their unity and stability.These studies are underpinned by two general, comparative and theoretical discussions, which analyse how scholars consider social class and econom+-+3776280695665ocn316738035book20080.81Safran, WilliamTransnational migrations : the Indian diasporaThis book studies Indian diaspora, currenlty 20 million across the world, from various perspectives. It looks at the 'transnational' nature of the middle class worker. Other aspects include: post 9/11 challenges; ethnicity in USA; cultural identity versus national identity; gender issues amongst the diaspora communities. It argues that Indian middle classes have the unique advantages of skills, mobility, cultural rootedness and ethics of hard-work+-+5778390695193ocn048975781book20020.70Identidad y autogobierno en sociedades multiculturales+-+257369989391ocn059233613book19790.32Safran, WilliamThe French policy94ocn535355980book19930.39Hancock, M. DonaldPolitics in Western Europe an introduction to the politics of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the European UnionThis second edition, introductory text, provides a clear, up-to-date country by country analysis of five European states and the European Community. The book briefly introduces the geographical, socio-economic, demographic, religious, historical and ideological background and proceeds to consider where power lies and what are the prospects for each political system. Comparative data are interspersed throughout the text+-+384341888532481ocn609921666serial0.31Cass series: nationalism and ethnicity42ocn847339022file2004Safran, WilliamEthnoreligious politics in France : Jews and Muslims"This article focuses on the relationship between the two major ethnoreligious communities - the Jews and the Muslims - and the state in France, as reflected in lobbying, electoral behaviour, and public policies. It shows how the evolution of that relationship, an aspect of the politics of ethnicity, religion and multiculturalism, has been both a cause and a consequence of modifications in approaches to secularism, communitarianism and affirmative action. Finally, it deals with the question to what extent this development corresponds to a pluralist or corporatist model of politics and argues that changes in the relationship between state and society suggest an evolving accomodationist pattern increasingly similar to that of the United States."--Editor42ocn012561778book19640.97Safran, WilliamHealth insurance in West Germany a case study in interest group politics21ocn034973074book19801.00Safran, WilliamGiscardism and the "Barre plans" neo-liberalism, dirigism and political opportunism22ocn718292911art2005Safran, WilliamLanguage and nation-building in Israel : Hebrew and its rivals23ocn769960242art19960.10Safran, WilliamRebuilding the unity of divided nations and ethnies : possibilities, incentives, and constraints11ocn438888038art1999Safran, WilliamSpatial and functional dimensions of autonomy: cross-national and theoretical perspectives11ocn043123092book19890.47Safran, WilliamMinorities, ethnics, and aliens : pluralist politics in the Fifth Republic+-+8318019625+-+8318019625Fri Mar 21 15:42:12 EDT 2014batch15782