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Fri Mar 21 17:15:34 2014 UTClccn-n790633490.07The littlest angel /0.230.98Leone /73864000Sergio_Leonen 790633492962971417221Leone, Sergio, 1921-Robertson, Bob.Robertson, Bob, 1929-1989Robertson, Bob 1929-1989 PseudonymSergio, 1929-1989レオーネ, セルジオlccn-n50024426Eastwood, Clint1930-prfactlccn-n80158240Morricone, Enniocndprfarrcmplccn-no89012159Van Cleef, Lee1925-1989prfactlccn-no97046039Vincenzoni, Lucianowamaudadpsceccpauslccn-no90027509Grimaldi, Albertoprolccn-n81110577Wallach, Eli1915-prfactlccn-n50057783United Artists Corporationprolccn-n79086045Volonté, Gian Maria1933-prfactlccn-no98037755MGM Home Entertainment Inclccn-n81066419Fonda, Henry1905-1982othcstprfactLeone, Sergio1929-1989DramaJuvenile worksFictionHistoryLegendsBiographyFolkloreChristmas storiesCriticism, interpretation, etcFilm adaptationsOutlawsAngelsChristmas storiesArthur,--KingUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Bounty huntersUnited States, WestRevengeLeone, Sergio,MurderWidowsGangsArthurian romancesSmugglersNew York (State)--New YorkCriminalsGangstersJewish criminalsKnights and knighthoodCrimeMafiaJewsTreasure trovesItalyStrangersSouthwest, NewMotion picture producers and directorsPicture booksFalse arrestEnglandFolkloreDriftersKings and rulersChivalryCourts and courtiersCourtly loveSpaghetti WesternsMexicoRevolution (Mexico : 1910-1920)Gold theftMan with No Name (Fictitious character)RevolutionariesChristmasGunfightsIrelandTerroristsLeone, SergioMotion pictures, ItalianGreece192919891935194619481956195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013185294481513791.4372PZ7.T219ocn141234579ocn041351056ocn212973584ocn026796691ocn025453549ocn038314826ocn123378005ocn334391524ocn184845617ocn184843583ocn001680562ocn000923456ocn020787846ocn009522714ocn035794853ocn023856835ocn036586287ocn001279344ocn017589248ocn006693425ocn123378005ocn334391524ocn184845617ocn184843583ocn047828546ocn052564872ocn690927151ocn777396231ocn780964284ocn781092764ocn060129324ocn660064083ocn861796929ocn692033596ocn691610951ocn691235874ocn691946178ocn766660960ocn691922505ocn676196161ocn676552646ocn781325332ocn780964284ocn674515078ocn781064498ocn781121364ocn781435295ocn781094598ocn676526328ocn781077582ocn047019377ocn742890724ocn743130815ocn417262518ocn743129685ocn410868974ocn822804062ocn421399268ocn743161558ocn419231851ocn753697882ocn753680424ocn551834413ocn754075000ocn554009566ocn753860277ocn831323369ocn839310265ocn752607052ocn753620983ocn676526328ocn691443309ocn847568585ocn692033592ocn762758380ocn764276255ocn676196281ocn690446950ocn691234056ocn691257590ocn797786312ocn797049669ocn800385872ocn799790846ocn674515078ocn829982044ocn691629468ocn767250474ocn762670174ocn767250480ocn692006115ocn692006044ocn694033980ocn694033979ocn438791019ocn455943843ocn449824269ocn839917794ocn813942267ocn762663327ocn762630149ocn691646213ocn828239501ocn742735699ocn822823181ocn421754535ocn801777433ocn439987331ocn439563563ocn720713560ocn780753104ocn7978268385308216ocn039880425visu19650.19Leone, SergioThe good, the bad and the uglyHistoryFictionDramaSpaghetti WesternsWestern filmsWestern drama in which two bounty hunters join forces to capture an outlaw gang leader+-+28865374253242490104ocn053303049visu19590.21Leone, SergioOnce upon a time in the WestHistoryDramaA man preparing to welcome his new wife to his home is killed, along with his entire family+-+3727267425204687ocn043147947visu19640.20Leone, SergioA fistful of dollarsDramaA mysterious gunman has just arrived in San Miguel, a grim and dusty border town where two rival bands of smugglers are terrorizing the impoverished citizens. A master of the "quick-draw", the stranger soon receives lucrative offers of employment from each gang159472ocn054538734visu19830.22Leone, SergioOnce upon a time in AmericaFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAn epic tale of the lives of two New York gangsters from the period of the early 1900's through prohibition, and climaxing in their subsequent reunion in the 1960's. Friends from childhood, they entered a life of crime together that inevitably led to tragedy and death+-+9764325425151416ocn001680562book19460.07Tazewell, CharlesThe littlest angelJuvenile worksFictionChristmas storiesToy and movable booksAn earth-sick little angel newly arrived in the celestial kingdom finds his recent transition from boy to cherub a difficult one+-+88747904353489ocn060129324visu19910.19My name is NobodyDramaA generally light-hearted Western tale of would-be retiree Jack Beauregard, the fastest gun alive. Jack's plans of leaving gunfighting for a quiet life in Europe are put on hold when a man named Nobody tells Jack that there's a 150 hired hitmen on Jack's trail2294ocn124070526visu20050.23Duck you suckerHistoryDrama"Juan Miranda (Steiger) is a cigar-chomping, salt-of-the-earth peasant with a Robin Hood heart. John Mallory (Coburn) is a dynamite-tossing Irish revolutionary who has fled to Mexico to practice his skills. Together, they're a devilishly volatile mix of anti-establishment philosophies and violent tendencies as they attempt to liberate political prisoners, defend their compatriots against a well-equipped militia and risk their lives on a train filled with explosives"--Container1521ocn003194079book19650.08Pyle, HowardThe story of King Arthur and his knightsJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionLegendsRelates how Arthur became king, won a queen, and came to establish the Round Table1093ocn123378005visu20070.23The Colossus of RhodesHistoryDramaGreek hero Darios goes to see his uncle in Rhodes, but on the way he flirts with Diala, while becoming involved with a group of rebels lead by Peliocles10835ocn038233612visu19710.28Leone, SergioA fistful of dynamiteHistoryDramaWestern filmsA Mexican peasant turned revolutionary (Steiger) teams with an Irish terrorist (Coburn) to stage a daring break-in to liberate political prisoners. Filmed in Spain1063ocn141258443visu20070.23The Sergio Leone anthologyHistoryDramaA mysterious gunman arrives at a border town and sets up two gangs of criminal smugglers when he accepts both their offers of employment as a hired gun; bounty hunters go after an outlaw and his gang in order to get the $10,000 bounty; during the American Civil War, three men search for a buried fortune; a Mexican peasant and an Irish terrorist join forces in a daring rescue of political prisoners during the Mexican Revolution772ocn232648188visu20070.19Duck, you sucker aka A fistful of dynamiteHistoryDramaA Mexican peasant and an Irish terrorist join forces in a daring rescue of political prisoners during the Mexican Revolution723ocn244485466visu20070.15The good, the bad and the ugly Hang 'em highHistoryDramaSpaghetti WesternsMotion picturesThe good, the bad, and the ugly: A spaghetti western tale of greed, revenge and epic warfare. Three ruthless outlaws avidly search for a treasure chest containing $200,000702ocn301229469visu20080.14Fistful of dollars For a few dollars moreDrama"For a few dollars more" : Cint Eastwood plays a bounty hunter who doesn't quit until he finishes his job. He joins up with another bounty hunter to catch a sadistic outlaw named Indio622ocn503444319visu20070.20The Clint Eastwood collectionDramaA collection of four Clint Eastwood classics. In A fistful of dollars, an anonymous but deadly sharpshooter rides into a lawless Mexican border town torn by war between two factions, the Baxters and the Rojo's. Instead of fleeing or dying, as most other would do, the man schemes to play the two sides off each other, getting rich in the bargain. For a few dollars more is the sequal to 'A fistful of dollars, ' in which two bounty hunters join forces to capture an outlaw gang leader. In The good, the bad and the ugly, Clint Eastwood returns as the "Man With No Name," this time teaming with two gunslingers to pursue a cache of money and letting no one, not even the warring factions of the Civil War, stand in their way. In Hang 'em high, Jed Cooper is mistaken for a criminal and is unjustly hung by the ruthless Captain Wilson and his nine-man gang, who leave him for dead. Cooper escapes the lynching and sets out on a deadly rampage of revenge against his persecutors6133ocn263430604visu19680.35Spiel mir das Lied vom TodA lonely woman in the old west is in danger from a band of gunmen. [Halliwell's film & video guide 2000]569ocn468106157book19870.88Simsolo, NoëlConversations avec Sergio LeoneInterviews4631ocn421808078visu19850.47Leone, SergioLe bon, la brute et le truand"Pendant la Guerre de Sécession, Joe et son complice Tuco rompent leur association de truands pour se lancer à la recherche d'un trésor caché par les Nordistes. Le cruel Sentenza est également en chasse, et chacun possède un indice dont les deux autres ont besoin. La conclusion triomphale de la "trilogie du dollar" de Sergio Leone, avec un duel final rentré dans les annales du 7ème Art466ocn611591219visu20060.28The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Zwei glorreiche HalunkenEin mysteriöser Fremder namens Joe, der mexikanische Revolverschütze Tuco und Sentenza, ein sadistischer Krimineller, sind auf der Jagd nach einer Geldkassette. Inhalt: 200.000 Dollar. Die drei Desperados haben untereinander nichts gemeinsam - werden aber zu Komplizen, wenn es die Situation erfordert. Doch jeder verfolgt nur ein Ziel: die Geldkassette. Und keiner von ihnen ist bereit, zu teilen4425ocn799199714visu19640.53Leone, SergioPer un pugno di dollariDramaAn avenging stranger, violent and mysterious, cleans up a Mexican border town. [c.f. Halliwell's]5433ocn042621692book20000.32Frayling, ChristopherSergio Leone : something to do with deathBiographyThe life and passions of the director of the "Dollars" trilogy and Once Upon a Time in the West+-+73891662054492ocn057004012book20050.25Frayling, ChristopherOnce upon a time in Italy : the westerns of Sergio LeoneCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+39330456353193ocn156975400book20080.47Cumbow, Robert CThe films of Sergio LeoneCriticism, interpretation, etc"In this enhanced revision of Once Upon a Time: The Films of Sergio Leone, Robert C. Cumbow examines the work of this Italian filmmaker who made his mark re-envisioning the American Wester. This volume includes a greatly expanded introduction and contains newly revised essays in which Cumbow analyzes the transition from "peplum" films to Westerns in the Italian popular tradition. It also examines each of Leone's major films as director, as well as the swan song Western My Name Is Nobody, which Leone co-wrote and guided as producer. Cumbow also studies Leone's compositional style and the influence of Catholicism and the Italian grand opera tradition on his work. He provides a critical evaluation of Leone's style in reshaping the Western genre (and later, the crime film), as well as an assessment of the influences on Leone's work and his continuing impact on contemporary filmmakers."--Jacket+-+96951356353183ocn014214659book19870.70Cumbow, Robert COnce upon a time : the films of Sergio LeoneCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+82946356351953ocn070769099file20010.56Carlson, MichaelSergio LeoneCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyAlmost everything you need to know about Sergio Leone in one handy volume. Presents an analysis of each of his films and discusses his influence on his contemporaries and the film-makers who came after him - all at a bargain price+-+76929585461304ocn057574254book20050.27Frayling, ChristopherSergio Leone : once upon a time in ItalyBiography+-+53776055051042ocn038299921book19970.79De Fornari, OresteSergio Leone : the great Italian Dream of Legendary America+-+1945658233992ocn009110869book19830.79Roth, LaneFilm semiotics, Metz, and Leone's trilogySemiotics offers a systematic approach to analysing the stylistic structure of film. When this study was originally published in 1983 this was a recent addition to the methods of film study and it presents an explanation of film semiotics with direct application to comparative film research. It takes as its representative subject one trilogy of films and applies semiology, with careful textual analysis. The book begins with a basic introduction to semiotics and the ideas of Christian Metz on cinesemiotics. It then presents a syntagmatic analysis of each of the three Dollars films, with an o324ocn022757533book19870.94Mininni, FrancescoSergio LeoneCriticism, interpretation, etc273ocn028755710book19900.59Aguilar, CarlosSergio, LeoneCriticism, interpretation, etc262ocn042798757book19990.95Garofalo, MarcelloTutto il cinema di Sergio LeoneCriticism, interpretation, etc243ocn182765898book20070.95Moscati, ItaloSergio Leone : quando il cinema era grandeBiography221ocn012908009book19840.92Cèbe, GillesSergio LeoneDes documents photographiques accompagnent cette rétrospective de la carrière du cinéaste western dit "spaghetti"171ocn022543166book19870.88Simsolo, NoëlConversations avec Sergio LeoneInterviews161ocn002874734book19760.95Lambert, GillesLes Bons, les sales, les méchants et les propres de Sergio Leone161ocn034995790book19940.93Ortoli, PhilippeSergio Leone : une Amérique de légendesCriticism, interpretation, etc162ocn004504638book19770.96De Fornari, OresteSergio Leone151ocn185038684book20070.59Uebbing, SandraAmerika (er- )finden : Tradition und Transformation von Mythen in Filmen von Sergio LeoneCriticism, interpretation, etc121ocn060528835book20040.95Donati, RobertoSergio Leone : America e nostalgiaCriticism, interpretation, etc122ocn052604984book20020.98Granata, RobertoLeoneExhibition catalogs+-+3727267425+-+3727267425Fri Mar 21 15:29:41 EDT 2014batch47946