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Fri Mar 21 17:16:17 2014 UTClccn-n790640040.22Sweet Charity0.390.98Flaiano e D'Annunzio : l'antitaliano e l'arcitaliano /99835198Ennio_Flaianon 79064004296945Ennio FlaianoFlaiano, EnnioFlaiano, Ernio.Flaiano, Ernio, 1910-1972Flajano, Ennio.Flajano, Ennio, 1910-1972Rota, Giovanniフライアーノ, エンニオlccn-n79056202Fellini, Federicoprfaudadpscedrtccpantausflmlccn-n85201905Pinelli, Tulliowamaudadpsceccpdrtantauslccn-n83049418Mastroianni, Marcello1924-1996cstprfactlccn-n83141246Milo, Sandraprfactlccn-n85201901Masina, Giuliettacstprfactlccn-n83187920Rota, Nino1911-1979scearrprfcmplccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)lccn-no96011712Cardinale, Claudia1939-prfactlccn-n86025275Corinth Filmsnp-rizzoli, angeloRizzoli, AngeloprodrtFlaiano, Ennio1910-1972DramaFilm adaptationsInterviewsFictionRecords and correspondenceMotion picturesBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcDocumentary filmsComedy filmsItalyMotion pictures, ItalianMan-woman relationshipsItaly--RomeMotion picture producers and directorsFellini, FedericoMotion picturesInspirationMotion pictures--Production and directionManners and customsJournalistsHedonismRich peopleTabloid newspapersReporters and reportingMen--Conduct of lifeProstitutesLoveWomenWomen--Sexual behavior--Psychological aspectsWomen--PsychologyFlaiano, Ennio,Sexual fantasiesMiddle-aged womenDelouche, DominiqueDe Laurentiis, DinoYoung menSpousesDance hallsCircus performersAdulteryAbused womenHoneymoonsBridesAcademy Awards (Motion pictures)Authors, ItalianCircusFathers and daughtersOlder menDeceptionSwindlers and swindlingMarital conflictTriennale di MilanoDegenerationLonelinessItalo-Ethiopian War (1935-1936)TravelVicesUpper classMann, Thomas,1910197219471949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013153293971489791.4372PN1997ocn055704162ocn606891485ocn077088827ocn077218219ocn042634970ocn055589727ocn310357124ocn501073087ocn082940147ocn765883214ocn421779065ocn799958585ocn780682639ocn780257328ocn416404294ocn676258503ocn468372659ocn812502882ocn780283602ocn797408189ocn799657982ocn797407518ocn797414073ocn797408163ocn762142892ocn797806775ocn797402539ocn797411339ocn801151635ocn801087183ocn800017398ocn800509945ocn797853391ocn780888337ocn762660530ocn691987784ocn801777381ocn743046041ocn691995513ocn762667064ocn766953795ocn691854219ocn693875480ocn691373968ocn766953812ocn693953796ocn765414488ocn691719630ocn765411947ocn691694388ocn836799853ocn753692499ocn743043960ocn220830524ocn221800726ocn225748891ocn225850143ocn800424758ocn779662014ocn450304876ocn797398433ocn767217969ocn694032778ocn310912294ocn867150549ocn469319740ocn691994049241143ocn048527313visu19620.27Fellini, Federico8 1/2FictionDramaDocumentary filmsMotion picturesDisc one contains Fellini's autobiographical film about a famous film director who loses his inspiration in the midst of making of film as well as an audio essay by Gideon Bachmann and Antonio Monda, an introduction by Terry Gilliam, and the theatrical trailer. Disc two features Fellini's rarely seen first film for television, an imagined documentary, as well as a documentary about Nino Rota, the maestro behind the music of Fellini's films, interviews, still photographs and production photos connected with the film+-+644675532516146ocn055704162visu19600.25Federico Fellini's La dolce vitaDramaMarcello Rubini, a frustrated 'serious' writer, does tabloid journalism to make ends meet. He spends every evening in Via Veneto awaiting the next scandal, party invitation, or sexual proposition. From an enigmatic woman named Maddalena, to wealthy intellectual Steiner's penthouse, to a famous actress named Sylvia, Marcello finds himself caught up in the carnival spectacle of nightlife and its fleeting happiness. The empty evenings seem to weave together, a decadent rhythm punctuated only by the regret of the following morning. Marcello is consumed by self-doubt and unable to enjoy the success he has, and so stumbles on, dreaming of attaining the elusive sweet life+-+277557269693430ocn049377701visu19650.28Fellini, FedericoGiulietta degli spiritiDramaWhen she suspects her husband of infidelity, a housewife unleashes an unconscious ripe with erotic fantasies. In this film, Fellini's first feature-length color film, his examination of the sexual psyche unfolds via the surrealistic use of abrupt cut-aways to illustrate the woman' sexual fantasies+-+355075532592034ocn042600288visu19570.28Fellini, FedericoLe notti di CabiriaFictionInterviewsDramaA bitter-sweet glimpse into the life and dreams of an unquenchably optimistic prostitute that was the inspiration behind the musical "Sweet charity"80641ocn047417936visu19600.28Antonioni, MichelangeloLa notteDramaAn emotionally estranged couple faces heartache, desperation, and personal loss all in the course of one night69429ocn055620138visu19530.27Fellini, FedericoI vitelloniFictionDramaThis film compassioniately details a year in the life of five young men lingering in post-adolescent limbo, dreaming of adventure and escape from their small town and struggling to find meaning in their lives6458ocn051821489visu20030.22Fosse, BobSweet CharityDramaFilm adaptationsA lovelorn New York dance hall hostess, Charity Hope Valentine, who dreams of old-fashioned romance but falls in love with one undeserving man after another52411ocn052131767visu19800.35Lo sceicco bianco The white sheikDramaComedy filmsIvan Cavalli brings his new wife Wanda to Rome on the least romantic honeymoon in history--a rigid schedule of family meetings and an audience with the Pope. But Wanda, dreaming of the dashing hero of a photo-strip cartoon, drifts off in search of the White Sheik, thus setting off a slapstick comedy36938ocn018408156visu19540.28Fellini, FedericoLa StradaFictionDramaMotion picturesA pathetic, impressionable little woman is sold to the strong man in a travelling sideshow. She falls in love with him, but her love is not returned until it is too late+-+024675532532692ocn006490579book19470.86Flaiano, EnnioTempo di uccidereFictionSullo sfondo della guerra di conquista dell'Etiopia (1935-1936), il dramma intimo di un tenente, colpevole dell'uccisione di una ragazza indigena. Un eroe solitario, un uomo senza qualità che si lascia vivere tra amori, omicidi, stregonerie e lo spettro della lebbra. "Tempo di uccidere" coglie originalmente un clima morale e mentale, offrendo una rappresentazione profana, laica, ironica e amara dell'Africa e della vita militare. Tutto secondo la penna acre e tragica di un moralista che ha saputo cogliere gli aspetti più paradossali della storia e della realtà contemporanea25084ocn018110916visu19590.28Fellini, FedericoLa dolce vitaDramaA tabloid reporter sees his life in shallow Rome society as worthless, but he can't change+-+277557269624929ocn044756845visu19550.32Fellini, FedericoIl bidoneDramaAn aging swindler, ringleader of a trio of petty thieves who impersonate priests to cheat peasants, finally realizes the futility of his life16533ocn002636158book19600.90Flaiano, EnnioUn marziano a Roma e altre farse15527ocn001338235book19730.86Flaiano, EnnioLa solitudine del satiro14713ocn015263001visu19640.56Mann, ErikaTonio KrögerDramaFilm adaptationsTonio Kroeger is an exquisite visualization of the short story by Thomas Mann, with production supervised by his daughter Erika. Mann's semi-autobiographical story portrays the struggles of a sensitive young writer to overcome his artistic detachment from the world he seeks to describe12915ocn001438452book19740.94Flaiano, EnnioAutobiografia del Blu di Prussia12418ocn001855773book19700.84Flaiano, EnnioIl gioco e il massacro11617ocn005836171book19720.79Flaiano, EnnioLe ombre bianche1129ocn019622934book19900.93Flaiano, EnnioOpere1036ocn001014473book19500.76Flaiano, EnnioThe short cutFiction1353ocn320813233book20100.93Trubiano, Marisa SEnnio Flaiano and his Italy : postcards from a changing worldCriticism, interpretation, etcDiaries+-+1867913835592ocn036262245book19960.94Sergiacomo, LucillaInvito alla lettura di Ennio FlaianoCriticism, interpretation, etc501ocn034054176book19950.93Flaiano, EnnioSoltanto le parole : lettere di e a Ennio Flaiano (1933-1972)Records and correspondence464ocn048939778book20010.96Russo, GiovanniOh, Flaiano!433ocn053946285book20030.96Mesirca, MargheritaLe mille e una storie impossibili : indagine intorno ai racconti lunghi di Ennio FlaianoCriticism, interpretation, etc422ocn692270082book20100.98D'Angelo, GiacomoFlaiano e D'Annunzio : l'antitaliano e l'arcitalianoCriticism, interpretation, etc412ocn019932685book19880.93Ferrario, MicheleBibliografia degli scritti di Ennio FlaianoBibliography402ocn035697508book19960.96Esposito, VittorianoVita e pensiero di Ennio FlaianoBiography392ocn062283424book20050.96Natalini, FabrizioEnnio Flaiano : una vita nel cinemaBiography373ocn190838192book20070.93Celenza, FrancoLe opere e i giorni di Ennio Flaiano : ritratto d'autoreBiography302ocn055199012book20010.97Bo, CarloContributi agli studi in Abruzzo su D'Annunzio, Flaiano, SiloneCriticism, interpretation, etc291ocn814301543book20120.96Ruozzi, GinoEnnio Flaiano, una verità personaleCriticism, interpretation, etc"Narratore, poeta, giornalista, autore di cinema e di teatro, scrittore di fulminei e memorabili aforismi, Ennio Flaiano (1910-1972) è stato interprete acuto e veritiero, ironico e pungente, del secondo Novecento e degli anni della Dolce vita in particolare, che egli stesso ha contribuito a creare e definire. Nel libro se ne propone un ritratto completo, dai soggetti e dalle sceneggiature per il cinema (per Fellini, Antonioni, Risi) al romanzo anticoloniale (Tempo di uccidere, 1947), agli ultimi e amari racconti delle Ombre bianche (1972)"--Publisher information282ocn016079738book19860.96Palermo, AntonioSolitudine del moralista : Alvaro e FlaianoCriticism, interpretation, etc281ocn764326877book20100.97Farias, FrancoLa cultura italiana nel mondo e i Premi Flaiano282ocn635376475book20100.97Ioannisci, GiacomoLo spettatore immobile : Ennio Flaiano e l'illusione del cinemaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc241ocn032011767book19940.97Ceccarini, EnnioC'era una volta-- Ennio FlaianoCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviews223ocn041981746book19950.96Associazione culturale Ennio FlaianoIl teatro di Flaiano : convegno di studio : Pescara, 6-7 ottobre 1995Criticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings222ocn688495781book20100.98Schembri, PascalUn marziano in Italia : vita di Ennio FlaianoBiography224ocn030620536book19930.93Flaiano, EnnioFrasario essenziale per passare inosservati in società202ocn023071435book19860.93Flaiano, EnnioLettere a Lilli e altri segniCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondence+-+2775572696+-+2775572696Fri Mar 21 15:39:33 EDT 2014batch44350