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Fri Mar 21 17:03:37 2014 UTClccn-n790657520.47G.H. von Wright y los conceptos básicos del derecho /0.620.96Mente e azione : un'indagine nella filosofia analitica : Wittgenstein, Anscombe, von Wright, Davidson /108353460Georg_Henrik_von_Wrightn 79065752298669Von Wright, G. H. 1916-2003Von Wright, G. H. (Georg Henrik), 1916-2003Von Wright, Georg HenrikVon Wright, Georg Henrik, 1916-Von Wright, Georg Henrik, 1916-2003Von Wright, George H.VonWright, Georg Henrik 1916-2003Vrigt, G. Ch. von, 1916-2003Vrigt, G. Kh. fon (Georg Khenrik), 1916-2003Vrigt, Georg Khenrik fonVrigt, Georg Khenrik fon, 1916-2003Wright, G. H. v. 1916-2003Wright, G. H. von.Wright, G. H. von, 1916-2003Wright, G. H. von (Georg Henrick), 1916-2003Wright, G. H. von (Georg Henrik)Wright, G. H. von (Georg Henrik), 1916-2003Wright, G. Henrik von 1916-Wright, Georg H. von.Wright, Georg H. von, 1916-2003Wright, Georg Henrik von, 1916-Wright, Georg Henrik von, 1916-2003Вригт, Георг Хенрик, 1916-2003פון-רייט, ג.ה. 1916-2003ウリクト, G. H. vonヴリグト, G. H. フォンウリクト, ゲオルク・ヘンリク・フォンライト, ジョージ・ヘンリツク・フオンlccn-n79032058Wittgenstein, Ludwig1889-1951lccn-n79064560Anscombe, G. E. M.(Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret)othtrlcwtedtcrecomlccn-n80097509Nyman, Heikkiothtrlclbjt.edtcomlccn-n79043391Rhees, Rush1905-1989edtcrelccn-n50044314Malcolm, Norman1911-1990aftlccn-n78019149McGuinness, Brianothtrledtlccn-n80034084Ramsey, Frank Plumpton1903-1930othlccn-n79056054Russell, Bertrand1872-1970othlccn-n50028715Ogden, C. K.(Charles Kay)1889-1957lccn-n79004113Keynes, John Maynard1883-1946othWright, G. H. von(Georg Henrik)1916-2003Notebooks, sketchbooks, etcRecords and correspondenceBiographyMiscellaneaConference proceedingsBibliographyIllustrationsWittgenstein, Ludwig,PhilosophyLogicLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalMathematics--PhilosophyCausationEthicsCertaintyPsychology--PhilosophyLanguage and languages--PhilosophyPhilosophersIntention (Logic)HermeneuticsGermanyScience--PhilosophyGood and evilDutyComprehension (Theory of knowledge)ProbabilitiesTractatus logico-philosophicus (Wittgenstein, Ludwig)Free will and determinismComprehensionPhilosophy, ModernVirtuesDeontic logicPractical reasonGreat BritainWright, G. H. von--(Georg Henrik),Induction (Logic)Act (Philosophy)Semantics (Philosophy)Meaning (Philosophy)Analysis (Philosophy)Knowledge, Theory ofSocial interactionCognitionNorm (Philosophy)Philosophy, EnglishCivilization--PhilosophyPhilosophy and scienceTechnology--PhilosophyLaw--PhilosophyExplanationFinlandDavidson, Donald,Anscombe, G. E. M.--(Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret)Genetic epistemologySocial sciences--PhilosophyOntologyLinguistics--Philosophy19162003193619391941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112013287455222270192B3376.W564ocn000719743ocn002270676ocn000282735ocn000284879ocn001148369ocn002356334ocn029244082ocn024799984ocn433656316ocn421695676ocn049602549ocn185620247ocn185930752ocn186715300ocn185977189ocn186581378ocn186343863ocn186128339ocn186276834ocn185736064ocn185382955ocn462782233ocn438681699ocn761259940ocn769095126ocn034214750ocn449882744ocn637290651ocn778163924ocn760584918ocn712555867ocn312884098ocn312962183ocn832758889ocn464511160ocn246924735ocn448264698ocn468382685ocn455915509ocn468350912ocn468562216ocn460741912ocn072306640ocn719106553ocn721169926ocn721169920ocn721169923ocn719106539ocn721169916ocn185581734ocn824631128158665ocn008897727book19660.56Wittgenstein, LudwigOn certaintyIllustrationsWhat we publish here belongs to the last year and a half of Wittgenstein's life+-+0131686155141957ocn000719743book19670.56Wittgenstein, LudwigZettel520016351+-+1997075705140963ocn004530344book19560.63Wittgenstein, LudwigRemarks on the foundations of mathematicsParallel dual language text (German and English)+-+2215827175129857ocn006355797book19700.56Wittgenstein, LudwigCulture and valueMiscellaneaThe Past Masters Collected Works of Ludwig Wittgenstein database comprises the English language translations of the Wittgenstein corpus as published by Basil Blackwell in Oxford+-+5089541775109249ocn000164456book19710.59Wright, G. H. vonExplanation and understandingThis volume distinguishes between two main traditions in the philosophy of science - the aristotelian, with its stress on explanation in terms of purpose and intentionality, and the galilean, which takes causal explanation as primary. It then traces the complex history of these competing traditions as they are manifested in such movements as positivism, idealism, Marxism and contemporary linguistic analysis. Hempels' theory of scientific explanation, the claims of cybernetics the rise of an analytic philosophy of action and the revival of hermenuetics are all discussed. This volume also deals with causal explanation, intentionality and teleological explanation, and explanation in history and the social sciences. The author concludes that explanation of human actions cannot be reduced to simple causality, and discusses the implications of this conclusion for the disciplines of history and sociology+-+418439653596150ocn000372992book19410.66Wright, G. H. vonThe logical problem of induction93047ocn000374628book19630.59Wright, G. H. vonThe varieties of goodness+-+678715003691738ocn006627450book19800.59Wittgenstein, LudwigRemarks on the philosophy of psychologyThis bilingual edition of the Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology presents the first English translation of an essential body of Wittgenstein's work. It elaborates Wittgenstein's views on psychological concepts such as expectation, sensation, knowing how to follow a rule, and knowledge of the sensations of other persons. It also shows strong emphasis on the "anthropological" aspect of Wittgenstein's thought+-+418954177589532ocn001089367book19630.66Wright, G. H. vonNorm and action; a logical enquiry87326ocn009213078book19800.63Wright, G. H. vonWittgensteinBiography73845ocn008627617book19820.63Wittgenstein, LudwigLast writings on the philosophy of psychologyPreliminary studies for part II of the Philosophical investigations+-+807954177563524ocn000373449book19510.70Wright, G. H. vonA treatise on induction and probability+-+039077069562922ocn000760184book19730.63Wittgenstein, LudwigLetters to C. K. Ogden with comments on the English translation of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus61419ocn000948020book19740.59Wright, G. H. vonCausality and determinism61021ocn001094715book19740.59Wittgenstein, LudwigLetters to Russell, Keynes, and MooreBiographyRecords and correspondence60527ocn000373443book19570.66Wright, G. H. vonLogical studies+-+485367069559953ocn005101457book19610.59Wittgenstein, LudwigNotebooks, 1914-1916Notebooks, sketchbooks, etcWittgenstein destroyed a large number of his notebooks, but by accident three of them remain. They serve to show what problems were occupying him in connection with many of the paragraphs of the Tractatus which are found in the notebooks as a first draft+-+929954177557742ocn010402818book19580.56Malcolm, NormanLudwig Wittgenstein, a memoirBiographyIt is widely acknowledged that the most powerful influence upon the contemporary practice of philosophy has been that of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who died at Cambridge in 1951. Wittgenstein avoided publicity; little has hitherto been known of his life and character outside the small circle of his relatives and friends. One of those friends, Professor Norman Malcolm of Cornell University, has now written a remarkably vivid personal memoir of this gifted, difficult man. As a frank portrait of a tormented genius, based on many unpublished letters, it will prove of absorbing interest not only to philosophers and students of philosophy but to all, at whatever remove, who have felt the impact of his thought. The memoir is supplemented by a biographical sketch by another of Wittgenstein's friends, Professor Georg Henrik von Wright of the University of Helsingfors+-+04029744655228ocn007462414book19810.66Fløistad, GuttormContemporary philosophy, a new survey+-+024782975432449520ocn010501985book19830.70Wright, G. H. vonPractical reason4123ocn020635918book19890.70The Philosophy of Georg Henrik von Wright+-+17283902353243071ocn001659651book19760.73Manninen, JuhaEssays on explanation and understanding : studies in the foundations of humanities and social sciences+-+07405227541273ocn039335637book19980.92Weinberger, OtaAlternative action theory : simultaneously a critique of Georg Henrik von Wright's practical philosophyAction is conceived of as an intentional behavior of an individual or of an institutional subject; it is determined by information processing, namely by a process in which pieces of descriptive and practical information are involved. Action is explained by a formal and finalistic theory which is connected with a specific theory of institutions. The philosophical basis of the logic of norm sentences and of other systems of practical thinking (formal teleology, axiology, logic of preferences) is discussed. The author criticizes traditional deontic logic and argues in favor of a genuine logic of norms. The book gives a structure analysis of the so-called practical inference and of nomic causal propositions. Besides a critical account of von Wright's practical philosophy the author offers critical analyses of discourse rationality (Habermas, Apel, Alexy) and of Wittgenstein's views on philosophizing. The book addresses readers interested in philosophical logic, practical philosophy, sociology of institutions, legal philosophy, and theory democracy+-+89360874251263ocn041338193book19990.92Egidi, RosariaIn search of a new humanism : the philosophy of Georg Henrik von Wright"This collection of essays presents a systematic and up-to-date survey of the main aspects of Georg Henrik von Wright's philosophy, tracing the general humanistic leitmotiv to be found in his vast, varied output. The analysis covers the developments in Von Wright's thought up to the end of the 1990s." "Readership: Scholars and students of moral philosophy, logic, psychology, sociology, cognitive science and the history of contemporary philosophy."--BOOK JACKET+-+9563087425976ocn039800602book19980.81Meggle, GeorgActions, norms, values : discussions with Georg Henrik von WrightConference proceedings+-+1939065668661ocn065185094book20050.95Philosophical essays in memoriam Georg Henrik von WrightConference proceedings411ocn039017780book19960.86Weinberger, OtaAlternative Handlungstheorie : gleichzeitig eine Auseinandersetzung mit Georg Henrik von Wrights praktischer Philosophie235ocn000040090book19660.86Flo, OlavBibliography of the writings of Georg Henrik von Wright, 1938-1966Bibliography132ocn013920717book19810.56Huisjes, Cornelis HermenNorms and logic : an investigation of the links between normontology and deontic logic, especially in the work of G.H. von Wright124ocn029225250book19930.53Wright, G. H. vonMyten om framsteget : tankar 1987-1992 med en intellektuell självbiografi111ocn053384153book20030.96Carli, EddyMente e azione : un'indagine nella filosofia analitica : Wittgenstein, Anscombe, von Wright, Davidson91ocn049243632book20010.88Wright, G. H. vonMitt liv som jag minns detBiographyErindringer af den finske filosof Georg Henrik von Wright (f. 1916)91ocn031267379book19920.70Di Lucia, PaoloDeontica in von Wright81ocn191089552book20010.47González Lagier, DanielG.H. von Wright y los conceptos básicos del derecho53ocn016015380book19860.66Clowney, DavidVirtues and divine commands : an essay in ethics and the philosophy of religion51ocn055500003book19950.73Arbetarnas bildningsförbundRöster om Georg Henrik von Wright : ABF Stockholms seminarium 11 mars 1995Criticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings41ocn069371762book19950.66González Lagier, DanielAcción y norma en G.H. von Wright31ocn223369281book20040.92Ajatuksen kulku : suomalaiset filosofit maailmalla, maailman filosofit Suomessa = Tankens vägar : finländska filosofer i världen, världsfilosofer i Finland = Trains of thought : Finnish philosophers in the world, the world's philosophers in FinlandHistory21ocn004718581book19760.92Ray, JackPrescriptive deontic logic : a study of inferences from linguistic forms expressing choice and conditional permission and obligation22ocn083678933book19690.96Wiseman, Charles MichaelEpistemic logic; an examination of the logics of von Wright, Chisholm, and Hintikka+-+4189541775+-+4189541775Fri Mar 21 15:14:02 EDT 2014batch55846