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Fri Mar 21 17:09:23 2014 UTClccn-n790665650.22A double life : newly discovered thrillers of Louisa May Alcott /0.371.00Association for Documentary Editing records,25829891Joel_Myersonn 79066565299450Myerson, Joel Arthur, 1945-Myerson, Joel (Joel Arthur), 1945-マイアソン, ジョエルマイヤースン, ジョーエルlccn-n78085476Emerson, Ralph Waldo1803-1882hnrlccn-n79117152Alcott, Louisa May1832-1888lccn-n86125486Shealy, Danielothcmmedtlccn-n50022525Stern, Madeleine B.1912-2007auiothcmmedtsgnlccn-n78045559Bosco, Ronald A.auiannedtlccn-n79034266Fuller, Margaret1810-1850viaf-2478331Whitman, Walt1819-1892lccn-n82135250Burkholder, Robert E.edtlccn-n78095600Thoreau, Henry David1817-1862lccn-n2004155662Emerson, Charles Chauncy1808-1836Myerson, JoelBiographyRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcDictionariesBiography‡vDictionariesFictionBibliographyHistoryBio-bibliography‡vDictionariesAuthors, AmericanEmerson, Ralph Waldo,American literatureUnited StatesIntellectual lifeNew EnglandAuthors, American--Homes and hauntsAmerican literature--Bio-bibliographyTranscendentalism (New England)Alcott, Louisa May,Correspondence (Emerson, Ralph Waldo)Transcendentalists (New England)Literature and historyDetective and mystery stories, AmericanFeminismWomen--Social life and customsSex roleMan-woman relationshipsThoreau, Henry David,Southern StatesNew York (State)New York (State)--New YorkWomen authors, AmericanFeministsEmerson, Charles Chauncy,BrothersEmerson, William,Emerson, Edward Bliss,FamiliesAuthors, American--Family relationshipsFuller, Margaret,Emerson familyLiteratureBooksManners and customsWomenWhitman, Walt,FriendshipWalden (Thoreau, Henry David)Whitman, WaltEmerson, WilliamFuller, MargaretNovelists, AmericanMyerson, JoelThomas, DwightJackson, David KellyEditorsDuke UniversityTranscendentalismStudents1945197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201339609273699BPS1631ocn497937656ocn232567740ocn057299751ocn004757563ocn406986044ocn468510928ocn832708727ocn468480445ocn468481584ocn489571342ocn461951381ocn461794173ocn461794164ocn845275090ocn468265734ocn185645562ocn185939497ocn185707921ocn843179782ocn762395859ocn421944715ocn842399623229310ocn050175529com19970.28Emerson, Ralph WaldoThe selected letters of Ralph Waldo EmersonRecords and correspondenceThe Selected Letters of Ralph Waldo Emerson presents Emerson at his most guarded and his most vulnerable, writing to other Transcendentalists such as Henry David Thoreau and Margaret Fuller, to his wife and brothers, to friends like Longfellow and Whitman. With effusions of love, messages of condolence, letters of support for Thoreau and Whitman, and critiques of friends' writings, this extraordinary collection presents an Emerson deeply connected to the world around him+-+278550687517998ocn056109452file20030.39Emerson in his own time a biographical chronicle of his life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associatesBiography+-+8693092235171512ocn043434759book20000.29Myerson, JoelTranscendentalism : a readerA collection of writings from leading figures of the 19th century American Transcendentalist movement+-+276776046515485ocn042329460com19820.47Emerson centenary essaysBiography151612ocn040861972com19990.47Myerson, JoelA historical guide to Ralph Waldo EmersonHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcEmerson has maintained his place as one of the seminal figures in American history and literature. He was the acknowledged leader of the Transcendentalist movement. These essays discuss Emerson's life as well as women's rights, slavery and religion+-+5845760465146813ocn003934679book19780.31The American renaissance in New EnglandBio-bibliographyBiographyBiography DictionariesDictionariesBio-bibliography DictionariesContains biographical sketches of authors who wrote or began publishing their major works during the American Renaissance in New England (between 1830 and 1860). Wide scope of authors includes: novelists, poets, essayists, editors, humorists, translators, compilers, journalists, reformers, abolitionists, scientists, lexicographers; special attention is given to the Transcendental authors - headed by Emerson and Thoreau14406ocn017384056book19880.22Alcott, Louisa MayA double life : newly discovered thrillers of Louisa May AlcottFiction138243ocn030814959book19950.47Myerson, JoelThe Cambridge companion to Henry David ThoreauCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcThe Cambridge Companion to Henry David Thoreau is an accessible guide to reading and understanding the works of Thoreau. Presenting essays by a distinguished array of contributors, the Companion is a valuable resource for historical and contextual material, whether on early writings such as A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, on the monumental Walden, or on his Journal and later writings. It also serves as a biographical guide, offering insights into his publishing career and his brief but extraordinarily original life. In short, the Companion helps the reader to approach Thoreau's writings, as he would say, "deliberately and reservedly," by suggesting how Thoreau uses language, how his biography informs his writing, how personal and historical influences shaped his career, and how his writings function as literary works+-+3285996705128311ocn005029131book19790.31Antebellum writers in New York and the SouthBio-bibliographyBiographyBiography DictionariesDictionariesBio-bibliography DictionariesContains biographical sketches of authors who wrote or began writing their major works during the period 1820 to 1860. Represented are writers of short stories, juvenile literature, sermons, and popular literature, as well as novelists, poets, essayists, editors, humorists, translators, compilers, journalists, reformers, historians, abolitionists, and scientists123011ocn015017391book19870.28Alcott, Louisa MayThe selected letters of Louisa May AlcottRecords and correspondenceCollects the writer's letters, revealing her observations, struggles, and triumphs+-+8592685735122913ocn019355172book19890.28Alcott, Louisa MayThe journals of Louisa May AlcottDiaries+-+8504685735122111ocn065178067com20050.53Bosco, Ronald AThe Emerson brothers a fraternal biography in lettersRecords and correspondence"The Emerson Brothers: A Fraternal Biography in Letters is a narrative and epistolary biography drawn from the unpublished lifelong correspondence exchanged among four brothers: Charles Chauncy, Edward Bliss, Ralph Waldo, and William Emerson. This is an extensive correspondence, for not counting Waldo's previously published letters, there are 768 letters exchanged among the brothers and an additional 483 unpublished letters from the brothers to their aunt Mary Moody Emerson, mother Ruth Haskins Emerson, and Charles's fiancee Elizabeth Hoar, among others." "While lesser figures might have faltered under the burden of having been born an Emerson, with social, political, and ecclesiastic roots extending back to the first century of New England settlement, the brothers' letters reveal that all were invigorated by a shared sense of origin and aspired to make a significant reputation for themselves. Across six richly developed chapters, the signal events and friendships that shaped the Emerson brothers' lives are strung together to reveal a remarkable family culture. For the first time, The Emerson Brothers treats the illustrious history of the Emerson family in America as a foreshadowing of expectations the brothers inherited; defines the extent of Waldo's debt to William for his encounter with German Biblical Criticism; develops Charles's and Edward's incredibly promising but ultimately tragic lives; examines the profound emotional and intellectual impact of Aunt Mary on the younger Emersons; considers the three-year courtship between Charles and Elizabeth Hoar in the context of Waldo's own marriages; and studies the brothers' preoccupation with financial security for "the family," revealing, too, that finances were at least as powerful a motivation behind Waldo's 1832 resignation from Boston's Second Church as were the death of his first wife and his religious doubts." "This biography approaches Waldo's inner life in a way that makes him a figure to imagine personally by portraying him in relation to his brothers who are his intellectual equals. It offers an imaginative social and cultural history of one of our oldest and most gifted families, unique players in a period often considered to be the "American Renaissance.""--BOOK JACKET+-+718596046512169ocn297116206file20080.37Myerson, JoelFuller in her own time a biographical chronicle of her life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associatesBiographyWriter, editor, journalist, educator, feminist, conversationalist, and reformer Margaret Fuller (1810 - 1850) was one of the leading intellectuals of nineteenth-century America as well as a prominent member of Concord literary circles. Yet the challenging spirit behind her intellectual confidence and mesmerizing energy led to the invention of an unbalanced legacy that denied her a place among the canonical Concord writers. This collection of first-hand reminiscences by those who knew Fuller personally rescues her from these confusions and provides a clearer identity for this misrepresented personality. The forty-one remembrances from Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Carlyle, Harriet Martineau, Henry James, and twenty-four others chart Fullerrs's expanding influence from schooldays in Boston, meetings at the Transcendental Club, teaching in Providence and Boston, work on the New York Tribune, publications and conversations, travels in the British Isles, and life and love in Italy before her tragic early death. Joel Myerson's perceptive introduction assesses the pre- and postmortem building of Fullers' reputation as well as her relationship to the prominent Transcendentalists, reformers, literati, and other personalities of her time, and his headnotes to each selection present valuable connecting contexts. The woman who admitted that at nineteen she was the most intolerable girl that ever took a seat in a drawing-room; whose Woman in the Nineteenth Century is considered the first major book-length feminist call to action in America, never conformed to nineteenth-century expectations of self-effacing womanhood. The fascinating contradictions revealed by these narratives create a lively, lifelike biography of Fullerrs' ; rare gifts and solid acquirements . . . and unfailing intellectual sympathy+-+36414723069887ocn057417714file20000.47Fuller, MargaretMargaret Fuller, critic writings from the New-York Tribune, 1844-1846Criticism, interpretation, etcReviewsCD-ROM contains: Fully searchable version of Fuller's complete writings for the New-York Tribune+-+578666687593812ocn010020972book19840.53Modern Language Association of AmericaThe Transcendentalists : a review of research and criticismBibliographyThe Transcendentalist: a review of research and criticism is the first comprehensive bibliography of American Transcendentalism. Many of the Transcendentalists discussed here have not been covered in general bibliographies of American literature, and over half have not been favored by individual bibliographies of secondary works. This book rectifies these omissions and evaluates nearly a century and a half of writings by and about Transcendentalists+-+36177082353248804ocn021333504book19900.23Alcott, Louisa MayLouisa May Alcott : selected fictionFictionSelections from "Little Women", "Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag" and other writings+-+18687857358167ocn727367664file20110.53Myerson, JoelSupplement to "Walt Whitman, a descriptive bibliography"Bibliography℗¡Focusing on actual publications by Whitman rather than those about him, Joel Myerson’s painstakingly compiled supplement to his 1993 Walt Whitman: A Descriptive Bibliography (Oak Knoll, ISBN 0-82293-739-5) includes almost twenty years of newly discovered and updated materials that will be invaluable to Whitman scholars. The entries describe in detail the various forms of Whitman’s books, newspaper articles, broadsheets, reprints, translations, and so on. Myerson includes facsimiles of title pages as well as information on pagination, illustrations, dimensions, contents, publicatio+-+34244723067897ocn044953994com19960.35Emersonian circles essays in honor of Joel MyersonBiographyEmersonian Circles pays tribute to an essential tradition of literary scholarship and to the figure who has perhaps done more than anyone to sustain its vitality over the past generation. Bibliographer, editor and interpreter of the American Renaissance, Joel Myerson has devoted his academic career to recovering the literary legacy of the Transcendentalists and reconstructing the biographical and historical contexts in which they lived and wrote. This valuable collection gathers together original essays by fourteen scholars who share Joel Myerson's commitment to historically grounded investigations of American literature. Centered on Emerson and his circle, the pieces connect Transcendentalist thought to diverse contexts in antebellum America: family and gender relations, personal and professional friendships, the politics of antislavery, the transatlantic dialogue of American and British intellectuals7756ocn017548688book19820.39Myerson, JoelCritical essays on Henry David Thoreau's Walden7226ocn003547435serial0.56Studies in the American renaissanceCriticism, interpretation, etcPeriodicalsBio-bibliography11ocn213480677mix1.00Association for Documentary EditingAssociation for Documentary Editing recordsRecords and correspondenceThe collection consists largely of correspondence regarding several facets of the Association for Documentary Editing. These include the formation of the Association for Documentary Editing, correspondence and manuscripts for "A Guide to Documentary Editing" (published in 1987), materials related to the organization of annual conventions, membership records, financial records, correspondence regarding several awards, and correspondence related to a questionnaire about members' projects and protocol. Much of the material is from persons who occupied the positions of President, Secretary-Treasurer (later divided into two posts - Secretary, and Treasurer), and Director of Publications. Mary-Jo Kline, as author of "A Guide to Documentary Editing" (1987), also contributed a significant portion of the correspondence. There are many people represented within the vast body of correspondence in this collection. However, the following individuals contributed a majority of the correspondence: Charlene Bickford, Warren Billings, Jo Ann Boydston, Lester Cappon, David Chesnutt, Don Cook, Charles Cullen, Richard Leffler, John Kaminski, Mary-Jo Kline, Jon Kukla, Arthur Link, Beth Luey, Thomas Mason, Joel Myerson, Barbara Oberg, Linda Pike, Robert Rutland, Richard Showman, Harriet Simon, John Y. Simon, Raymond Smock, Sharon Ritenour Stevens, and Celeste Walker11ocn043738537mix1.00Jackson, David KellyPapersCollection consists of correspondence, research notes, reviews, catalogs, bulletins, printed matter, clippings, notes and other materials relating to Jackson's interest in Edgar Allan Poe. The bulk of the material pertains to the publication of Jackson's POE LOG, and includes correspondence with Joel Myerson, Dwight Thomas, Clarence Ghodes, and Thomas O. Mabbott; and manuscripts for IN SEARCH OF ELDORADO and the final POE LOG. Some items pertain to other works by Jackson regarding the history of the SOUTHERN LITERARY MESSENGER during the years of Poe's affiliation with that publication. The collection also contains copies of two letters of Edgar Allan Poe written in the 1840's, a copy of a letter from George W. Bagby to Augustin L. Taveau, and letters from J.H. Whitty, a scholar and collector of Poe, along with letters of other individuals interested in Poe and American literature. A portion of the collection consists of class notes, exams, and essays from Jackson's undergraduate and graduate student days at Duke University11ocn048548411book20011.00The Joel Myerson collection of nineteenth-century American literature : 26 November 2001Exhibition catalogs+-+2767760465+-+2767760465Fri Mar 21 15:47:03 EDT 2014batch34809