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Thu Feb 12 22:07:39 2015 UTClccn-n790684110.54Selected works /0.750.94B. Taylor's opuscula the measures of friendship with additional tracts : to which is now added his Moral demonstration proving that the religion of Jesus Christ is from God : never before printed in this volume29566831Jeremy_Taylorn 79068411301255Author of The great exemplar 1613-1667Jeremy 1613-1667 Lord Bishop of DownJeremy, Lord Bishop of Down, 1613-1667Taylor 1613-1667 BishopTaylor 1613-1667 DrTaylor, Bishop (Jeremy), 1613-1667Taylor, Dr. (Jeremy), 1613-1667Taylor, J. 1613-1667Taylor, J. (Jeremy), 1613-1667Taylor, Jer 1613-1667Taylor, Jer (Jeremy), 1613-1667Taylor, Jeremia 1613-1667Taylor, Jeremias 1613-1667Taylor, JérémieTaylor Jérémie 1613-1667Taylor, Jeremy 1613-1667 Bp. of Down and ConnorTaylor, Jeremy 1613-1667 Bp. of Down and ConnorsTaylor (Jeremy), Bishop, 1613-1667Taylor, Jeremy, Bp. of Down and Connor, 1613-1667Taylor, Jeremy, Bp. of Down and Connors, 1613-1667Taylor (Jeremy), Dr, 1613-1667lccn-n79056234Church of Englandlccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n84229896Cave, William1637-1713autviaf-173581158Jesus Christlccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-n84133257Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio1595-1658autlccn-n84133255Mullineaux, VivianSirtrllccn-n80045877Gosse, Edmund1849-1928autlccn-n50025660Heber, Reginald1783-1826edtautctblccn-n50055780Church of IrelandTaylor, Jeremy1613-1667PrayersHistoryBiographySermonsDevotional literatureControversial literatureBibliographyParaphrasesMeditationsCriticism, interpretation, etcChristian lifeDevotional exercisesSickDevotional literatureApostlesSermons, EnglishTheologyChristian life--Anglican authorsEnglish literature--Early modernTheology, DoctrinalAnglican Communion--DoctrinesCatechisms, EnglishTheological anthropology--ChristianityCasuistryEnglandDeathPrayer booksPrayersChristian biographyAnglican Communion--LiturgySpiritual life--Anglican CommunionLiturgicsEnglish literature--Puritan authorsPuritans--Intellectual lifeConscienceClergyBible.--New TestamentPietyApologeticsBeauty, PersonalFuture lifeFuneral sermonsTaylor, Jeremy,Bible.--PsalmsChristian ethicsLord's SupperBiographyChurch of EnglandPsaltersDevotional calendarsFriendshipChristian ethics--Anglican authorsConduct of lifeCosmetics--Moral and ethical aspectsDeath--Religious aspectsFigures of speechDeath--Religious aspects--Church of EnglandTolerationButler, Samuel,Browne, Thomas,--Sir,161316671630163816421643164416461647164816491650165116521653165416551656165716581659166016611662166316641665166616671668166916701671167216731674167516761677167816801681168216831684168516861687168816891690169216931694169516961698169917001701170217031704170517061707170917101711171217131714171517171718171917231724172517261727172817341735173917421747175417551758176017611765176817701774177517761778177917811787178917921793179417961797179918001801180518071808180918101811181218131814181518161817181818191820182218231824182518261827182818291830183118321833183418351836183718381839184018411842184318441845184618471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419181919192019231925192619271928192919301933193419361937193819401941194419461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641966196719681969197019711972197319751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219951996199719982000200120052006200720092010201120132014514439574164248BV4500ocn049294231ocn021333626ocn017413332ocn002843910ocn002767050ocn000183739ocn000113557ocn728419784ocn642783300ocn085884084ocn008030553ocn755009219ocn658900722ocn658910479ocn6589104799904960ocn049294231book16500.70Taylor, JeremyThe rule and exercises of holy livingHistoryMeditationsPrayers+-+48432969451843160ocn642783300file16490.80Taylor, JeremyThe life of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ with considerations and discourses upon the conception, nativity, circumcision, baptism, temptation, preaching, miracles, passion, resurrection, and his ascension int [sic] heaven: including several unanswerable arguments, obvious to the meanest capacity, in defence of the divinity of our Holy Redeemer, and the truth of the Christian religion.-- Likewise, The lives, acts, and deaths of the holy evangelists and apostles, as recorded by the primitive fathers, and ancient writers of unquestionable veracity. By J. Taylor, B.DBiographyDevotional literature1384122ocn013605256book16600.82Taylor, JeremyThe worthy communicant, or, A discourse of the nature, effects, and blessings consequent to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper and of all the duties required in order to a worthy preparation : together with the cases of conscience occurring in the duty of him that ministers, and of him that communicates : to which are added, devotions fitted to every part of the ministrationMeditationsPrayers138498ocn745215695file16800.77Taylor, JeremyThe golden grove a choice manual: containing what is to be believed, practised, and desired or prayed for; the Prayers being fitted to the several Days of the Week. Also festival hymns, According to the Manner of the Ancient Church. Composed for the Use of the Devout; especially of Younger Persons. By Jeremy Taylor, D.DPrayers100164ocn642714666file16840.70Nieremberg, Juan EusebioContemplations of the state of man in this life and in that which is to come. By Jeremy Taylor, D.D. and late Lord Bishop of Down and ConnorControversial literature90747ocn012165312book16490.89Taylor, JeremyThe great exemplar of sanctity and holy life according to the Christian institution described in the history of the life and death of the ever-blessed Jesus Christ ... : with considerations and discourses upon the several parts of the story, and prayers fitted to the several mysteries, in three partsBiographyCommentariesDevotional literaturePrayers5735ocn021333626book19900.54Taylor, JeremySelected works+-+202686453556326ocn007884722book16530.92Taylor, JeremyXXV sermons preached at Golden-Grove being for the winter half-year beginning on Advent-Sunday until Whit-SundaySermons56236ocn012291449book16600.90Taylor, JeremyDuctor dubitantium, or, The rule of conscience in all her generall measures serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience : in four books52246ocn014526923book16540.82Taylor, JeremyA dissuasive from popery to the people of IrelandControversial literature49655ocn012186180book18220.74Taylor, JeremyThe whole works of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, Lord Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore with a life of the author and a critical examination of his writingsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc48432ocn012167007book16510.87Taylor, JeremyClerus Domini, or, A discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacrednesse, and separation of the office ministerial together with the nature and manner of its power and operationHistorySermons45721ocn012418135file16620.85Gauden, JohnA discourse of artificial beauty, in point of conscience between two ladies with some satyrical censures on the vulgar errors of these times42317ocn083336844file17750.74Taylor, JeremyA moral demonstration of the truth of the Christian religion with an introduction on the nature and force of probable arguments. First printed in the year 1660, and now accurately reprinted by the editorHistory38242ocn085884086file16470.85Taylor, JeremyTheologia eklektikē a discourse of the liberty of prophesying. Shewing the unreasonableness of prescribing to other mens faith, and the iniquity of persecuting differing opinions. By Jer. Taylor36514ocn728419784file16860.63Taylor, JeremyThe rule and exercises of Holy living In which are described the means and instruments of obtaining every vertue, and the remedies against every vice, and considerations serving to the resisting all temptations. Together with prayers containing the whole duty of a Christian, and the parts of devotion sitted to all occasions, and furnished for all necessities. By Jer. Taylor, D.D. chaplain in ordinary to King Charles the first35510ocn007884759book16680.93Taylor, JeremyXXVII sermons preached at Golden Grove being for the summer half-year beginning on Whitsunday and ending on the XXVth Sunday after trinitySermons35111ocn012841113book16460.93Taylor, JeremyThe psalter of David with titles and collects according to the matter of each Psalme : whereunto is added Devotions for the help and assistance of all Christian people, in all occasions and necessitiesParaphrasesPrayers34023ocn011920932book16750.92Taylor, JeremyAntiquitates Christianæ, or, The history of the life and death of the Holy Jesus as also the lives, acts & martyrdoms of His Apostles, in two parts : the first part, containing The life of ChristBiography33711ocn013574714book16780.94Taylor, JeremyB. Taylor's opuscula the measures of friendship with additional tracts : to which is now added his Moral demonstration proving that the religion of Jesus Christ is from God : never before printed in this volumeApologetic worksControversial literature111918ocn023247399book19030.60Gosse, EdmundJeremy Taylor4385ocn000355956book19300.67Taylor, JeremyThe Golden grove; selected passages from the sermons and writings of Jeremy TaylorBibliography4292ocn000261711book19600.70HUGHES, Henry TrevorThe piety of Jeremy Taylor4022ocn000161873book19710.74Gathorne-Hardy, RobertA bibliography of the writings of Jeremy Taylor to 1700 : with a section of Tayloriana4012ocn000089385book19700.70Huntley, Frank LivingstoneJeremy Taylor and the Great Rebellion; a study of his mind and temper in controversy3527ocn000819070book19520.74Stranks, C. JThe life and writings of Jeremy TaylorBiography3356ocn000386870book19520.70Ross Williamson, HughJeremy TaylorBiography27810ocn010767520book16680.92Rust, GeorgeA funeral sermon preached at the obsequies of the right reverend father in God, Jeremy, Lord Bishop of Down who deceased at Lysburne August 13th, 1667Sermons25211ocn004815208book19080.74George, Edward AugustusSeventeenth century men of latitude; forerunners of the new theology2142ocn000227935book19580.70Bolton, F. RThe Caroline tradition of the Church of Ireland, with particular reference to Bishop Jeremy TaylorHistory2052ocn002465726book19520.77Wood, ThomasEnglish casuistical divinity during the seventeenth century, with special reference to Jeremy TaylorHistory1902ocn005103108book19790.82Williams, William ProctorJeremy Taylor, 1700-1976 : an annotated checklistHistoryBibliography1891ocn001469047book19540.80Taylor, JeremyThe house of understanding : selections from the writingsHistory1836ocn002528088book19460.87ANTOINE, Mary SalomeThe rhetoric of Jeremy Taylor's prose: ornament of the Sunday sermons1702ocn006761906book19790.67Porter, Harry BooneJeremy Taylor, liturgist (1613-1667)1463ocn002221846book19010.54Dowden, EdwardPuritan and Anglican: studies in literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of 48 of the finest examples of contemporary print-making in colour executed by the Hudson Bay Eskimos with explanatory text1365ocn012256233book16700.89Barksdale, ClementA remembrancer of excellent menBiography1309ocn004335130book19040.77Worley, GeorgeJeremy Taylor; a sketch of his life and times with a popular exposition of his works1284ocn012308557book16670.87Mathews, LemuelA p[i]ndarique elegie upon the death of the R.R. Father in God Jeremy, late Lord Bishop of Doune, Connor, and DromorePoetry1223ocn007884602book16720.94Taylor, JeremyClerus Domini, or, A discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacredness, and separation of the office ministerial together with the nature and manner of its power and operation : written by the special command of King Charles the FirstSermons+-+2026864535+-+2026864535Fri Feb 13 11:07:20 EST 2015batch85883