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Fri Mar 21 17:13:53 2014 UTClccn-n790698000.00An intimate biography0.721.00Hamlet : the Henry Miller-Michael Fraenkel correspondence /7401572Alfred_Perlesn 79069800302621Perlès, Alfredペルレス, アルフレッドlccn-n79069799Miller, Henry1891-1980auicrelccn-n79066532Durrell, Lawrencecrelccn-n79042183Rilke, Rainer Maria1875-1926viaf-202633156Borgner, Hedwiglccn-n79041785Nin, Anaïs1903-1977lccn-n78095781Saroyan, William1908-1981lccn-n2004095481Stone, Douglaslccn-no2006037911Great BritainArmyPioneer Corpsviaf-32764761Wagenseil, Kurt1904-1988trllccn-n81140214Fraenkel, Michael1896-1957Perlès, AlfredBiographyRecords and correspondencePeriodicalsCriticism, interpretation, etcPersonal narratives‡vEnglishHistoryPersonal narratives‡vFrenchMiller, Henry,Perlès, AlfredAuthors, AmericanFriendshipDurrell, LawrenceNew York (State)--New YorkTravelManners and customsRelations with womenAuthors, FrenchSpiesWorld War (1939-1945)Ocean travelLiterature, ModernAuthorsAuthors, EnglishAllied Occupation of Austria (1945-1955)AustriaAustriansWit and humorGreat Britain.--Army.--Pioneer CorpsLittle magazinesFraenkel, Michael,FranceGrosz, George,Hesse, Hermann,Ackroyd, GrahamBaker, DianeRobitaille, GéraldPrefacesPeriodicalsJones, JenniferSewell, BrocardAllen, SteveChaplin, Charlie,Miller, EveWhitman, Walt,Grauer, BenMoreau, JeanneShakespeare, William,Dunn, MichaelStettner, Irving,18971990193519361938193919401943194419451946195519561957195819591960196119621963196819711972197319741975197919821983198419871991199319971999200320042006329975228BPS3525.I5454ocn001726387ocn002123576ocn07521181252925ocn000290048book19590.59Perlès, AlfredArt and outrage; a correspondence about Henry Miller between Lawrence Durrell and Alfred PerlèsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecords and correspondence20616ocn000394236book19550.63Perlès, AlfredMy friend, Henry Miller; an intimate biographyBiography18611ocn003465555book19610.88Perlès, AlfredMy friend Lawrence Durrell; an intimate memoir on the author of The Alexandrian quartetBiography1349ocn000227160book19710.94Miller, HenryWhat are you going to do about AlfBiography1165ocn001059973book19590.95Miller, HenryReunion in Barcelona : a letter to Alfred Perlès, from Aller retour New YorkRecords and correspondence944ocn000528337book19590.93Perlès, AlfredReunion in Big Sur : a letter to Henry Miller in reply to his Reunion in BarcelonaRecords and correspondence795ocn001726387book19560.32Perlès, AlfredGreat true spy adventures5916ocn002692344book19560.84Perlès, AlfredMon ami, Henry Miller = (My friend, Henry Miller)Biography491ocn060066554book19870.95Rilke, Rainer MariaThe lay of love and death of Cornet Christopher Rilke485ocn005742462serial0.96DeltaPeriodicals343ocn002314188book19460.96Perlès, AlfredRound tripPersonal narratives English304ocn003132500book19570.73BORGNER, HedwigRathausplatz no. 16HistoryBiography279ocn008475988book19350.94Perlès, AlfredSentiments limitrophes262ocn017530723serial0.95The BoosterPeriodicals252ocn001257254book19730.94Perlès, AlfredHenry Miller in Villa SeuratBiography226ocn002294733book19440.94Perlès, AlfredAlien cornPersonal narratives French215ocn002454929book19430.93Perlès, AlfredThe renegade144ocn048371449book19380.93Perlès, AlfredLe quatuor en ré majeur82ocn016539557book19610.96Perlès, AlfredArte e oltraggio; dibattito epistolare fra Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell [e] Alfred Perlès51ocn852109323book1955Perlès, AlfredAn intimate biography3572ocn000260701book19560.63Perlès, AlfredMy friend, Henry Miller; an intimate biographyBiography2992ocn005101793book19790.56Miller, HenryJoey : a loving portrait of Alfred Perlès together with some bizarre episodes relating to the opposite sexBiography2745ocn001375502book19590.59Perlès, AlfredArt and outrage; a correspondence about Henry Miller between Lawrence Durrell and Alfred PerlèsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyRecords and correspondence1962ocn023765988book19910.56Miller, HenryAller retour New YorkRecords and correspondence+-+7846676635324896ocn003085519book19360.94Miller, HenryWhat are you going to do about AlfBiography822ocn006012411book19450.88Miller, HenryAller retour New YorkBiographyRecords and correspondence782ocn000220000book19680.95Perlès, AlfredScenes from a floating life: excerpts from an unfinished autobiography401ocn001031650book19730.95Perlès, AlfredMy friend Alfred Perlès; coda to an unfinished autobiographyBiography252ocn001254607book19740.96Stone, DouglasAlfred Perlès : renegade and writer242ocn001250662book19730.93Perlès, AlfredReunion in Big Sur : a letter to Henry Miller in reply to his Reunion in BarcelonaRecords and correspondence182ocn001257468book19730.95Perlès, AlfredA snail's pace suits me fine : further reflections on a floating lifeBiography141ocn001057403book19730.95Perlès, AlfredMy floating lifeBiography92ocn046621833book19971.00Harris, MichaelHamlet : the Henry Miller-Michael Fraenkel correspondenceRecords and correspondence41ocn043334199book19990.17Perlès, AlfredMoĭ drug, Genri Miller : druzheskai︠a︡ biografii︠a︡Biography22ocn495209112com19460.96Perlès, AlfredRound tripPersonal narratives English11ocn651603411mix0.47Miller, HenryHenry Miller collectionPhotographsRecords and correspondenceThe collection consists of correspondence including: letters and postcards to Alfred Perlès, letters and postcards to Graham Ackroyd, letters to Father Brocard Sewell, and miscellaneous letters to and from publishers and others. Also included are watercolours, sketches, and photographs plus typescripts, with holograph corrections, for "Max", "Quiet Days in Clichy", Miller's preface to "Hollywood Hallucination" by Parker Tyler, "This Is My Answer", and "Just Wild About Harry"11ocn606226836book19791.00Miller, HenryJoey : a loving portrait of Alfred Perlès together with some bizarre episodes relating to the other sex : volume III, Book of friendsBiography11ocn270955608book0.10Miller, Henryto Suzen KahanerWhile a student at Hofstra University, Kahaner wrote to Miller after secretly reading a copy of Tropic of Cancer. Miller responded with a postcard followed by numerous letters, friendly and lascivious, with mention of many celebrities, brief comment on works ranging from Shakespeare's writing to The Sound of Music, and advice to Kahaner on personal problems. Miller and Kahaner never met, but spoke frequently on the telephone. The letters make passing reference to, among others: Steve Allen, Ursula Andress, Diane Baker, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali, Michael Dunn, Lawrence Durell, Ava Gardner, Ben Gazzara, Ben Grauer, Jennifer Jones, Louis Lomax, Lisa Lu, Jeanne Moreau, Alfred Perls̈, Jean Renoir, Elkie Sommer, Inga Stevens, and Rip Torn, and the work of George Grosz, Hermann Hesse, Longsang Rampa, William Shakespeare, and Walt Whitman11ocn646006255mix0.47Perlès, AlfredAlfred Perles fondsThe fonds consists of an unidentified manuscript [unpublished novel?, 1955?]; typescript and corrected page proofs of "Alien Corn", 1944; typescripts, carbon typescripts, and galley proofs of "Art & Outrage", 1959, and "My Friend Henry Miller", 1955; plus some correspondence with writers and publishers. Correspondents include Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Lawrence Durrell, Anne Rives and Neville Spearman Ltd11ocn256484850mix1.00Robitaille, GéraldGérald Robitaille lettersRecords and correspondenceThis collection contains correspondence that reflects the close friendship and working relationship of Gérald Robitaille and Henry Miller, as well as the subsequent friendships Robitaille had with Alfred Perlès, Lawrence Durrell, and others of Miller's friends. The letters in this collection are almost entirely from Miller to Robitaille, with occasional letters from Eve Miller (Henry Miller's fourth wife) and Lawrence Durrell to Robitaille. They are arranged chronologically, and comprise a unique perspective on areas of Miller's life otherwise unseen+-+7846676635324Fri Mar 21 15:59:45 EDT 2014batch21049