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Fri Mar 21 17:12:30 2014 UTClccn-n790710770.00Lettres familières /0.431.00Min Gedenkschriften39510739n 79071077303874Eugenia de MontijoEugenia, Empress, consort of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 1826-1920Eugénia María de Montijo de Guzmán, 1826-1920Eugénie, 1826-1920Eugénie, Comtesse de TebaEugénie, Consort of Napoleon III, 1826-1920Eugénie, de MontijoEugénie de Montijo, 1826-1920Eugénie de Montijo impératrice des Français 1826-1920Eugénie, Emperatriz consorte de Napoleón III, Emperador de FranciaEugénie, EmpressEugénie, Empress, consort of Napoleon III, Emperor of the FrenchEugénie, Empress, consort of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 1826-1920Eugénie, Eugenia Maria de Montijo de Guzman, comtesse de Teba, impératrice, 1826-1920Eugénie France, Impératrice 1826-1920Eugénie, fransk kejsarinna, 1826-1920Eugénie Pierrefonds, Gräfin 1826-1920 Spaeterer NameEvženie, 1826-1920Guzmán, Eugénia María de Montijo deMaria Eugenia Ignacia Augustina, 1826-1920Montijo de Guzmán, Eugénia María de, 1826-1920Montijo de Guzmán, Eugenia María de, Condesa de TebaMontijo de Guzmán, Maria Eugenia Ignacia Augustina deMontijo de Guzmán Maria Eugenia Ignacia Augustina de 1826-1920Montijo de Guzmán, Maria Eugenia Ignacia Augustina de, comtesse de Teba, 1826-1920Montijo, Eugenia deMontijo, Eugénie deMontijo, Eugénie de, 1826-1920Montijo, Eugénie de 1826-1920 Frueherer NameNapoléon, Madame, 1826-1920ウージェニーlccn-n79071059NapoleonIIIEmperor of the French1808-1873lccn-n80010364Ridley, Jasper Godwinlccn-n79071053Duff, David1912-lccn-n79017983VictoriaQueen of Great Britain1819-1901lccn-no97029935Kurtz, Haroldlccn-n50001566Aronson, Theolccn-n87874622Barker, Nancy Nicholslccn-n50051831Paléologue, Maurice1859-1944lccn-no94032888Fleury, Mauricecomte1856-1921edtlccn-nr98013391Aubry, Octave1881-1946EugénieEmpress, consort of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French1826-1920BiographyRecords and correspondenceSourcesHistoryEugénie,--Empress, consort of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French,Napoleon--III,--Emperor of the French,FranceMarriageEmpressesKings and rulersInternational relationsVictoria,--Queen of Great Britain,Great BritainAuthors, EnglishStatesmenMiles, Hamish,QueensRelations with FrenchUnited StatesManners and customsDentistsEvans, Thomas Wiltberger,Louis Napoléon,--Prince Impérial of the French,Smyth, Ethel,EnglandComposersArt patronagePolitics and cultureInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Courts and courtiersDiamondsMusiciansArt--Political aspectsArts, FrenchLlanos y Torriglia, Félix de,Women--SuffrageSuffragistsPankhurst, Emmeline,Women composersZulu War (1879)182619201850185318541855185618571858185918601861186218631864186518661868186918701871187218731874187618771878187918801881188218841885188618871889189018911893189418951896189718991900190119031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419161918192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019521953195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197219741975197619771978197919801981198319861988198919901991199219941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520082009201020112012201312412427736923.144DC280.2ocn801181571ocn801182885ocn801186061ocn801195353ocn801190821ocn459580188ocn467159272ocn762736518ocn467159267ocn762736575ocn658335308ocn658820063ocn658957258ocn658500912Empresses1810ocn459427351book19350.88EugénieLettres familières de l'impératrice Eugénie, conservées dans les archives du palais de Liria et publiées par les soins du duc d'Albe avec le concours de F. de Llanos y Torriglia et Pierre Josserand; préface de Gabriel Hanotaux171ocn063812852book19200.27EugénieMijn gedenkschriften103ocn603821523book19280.81Paléologue, MauriceLes entretiens de l'impératrice Eugénie63ocn832070097book19350.47EugénieLettres familières de l'impératrice Eugénie62ocn432043738book19440.63EugénieCartas familiares de la Emperatriz Eugenia52ocn702601055book19100.81Legge, EdwardThe Empress Eugénie, 1870-1910; Her Majesty's life since "the terrible year."43ocn174752428book19350.47EugénieLettres familieères de l'impératrice Eugénie41ocn459580188book19350.88Filon, AugustinLe prince impérial: souvenirs et documents, 1856-187941ocn668397743book18820.66Streeter, Edwin WThe great diamonds of the world : their history and romance33ocn731452853book18710.70EugénieMadame Napoléon31ocn490471655book1935EugénieLettres familières31ocn717236877book19350.86Daudet, LucienDans l'ombre de l'impératrice EugénieRecords and correspondence21ocn369627121book19240.66Guedalla, PhilipA galleryBiography22ocn767480731artEugénieLettres intimes de l'impératrice Eugénie à Madame Cornu22ocn764707422artEugénieRéponse21ocn083833152book19201.00EugénieMin Gedenkschriften23ocn779635759artEugénie[Correspondance]22ocn764759620artEugénieLettre du 8 juillet 1861 à la princesse Metternich22ocn613658664book0.92Smyth, EthelEthel Mary Smyth LettersRecords and correspondenceThis collection contains letters between Dame Ethel Smyth, Lady Ponsonby, Emmeline Pankhurst, Empress Eugenie and members of the Empress's circle, an anonymous typescript describing the months preceding Empress Eugenie's death, and a suffragette broadside about Emmeline Pankhurst. The largest group of letters, dated 1910-1914, are from Ethel Smyth to Emmeline Pankhurst. Most of them are written from Helouan, Egypt, about events concerning the women's suffrage movement in England, and a wide variety of other topics. The broadside issued by the Women's Social and Political Union [1913] entitled, "The Case of Mrs. Pankhurst; a Victim of the 'Cat and Mouse Act'", is an appeal for the repeal of the force-feeding of imprisoned suffragettes who had gone on hunger-strikes to dramatize their position on women's rights. It describes the activities of Mrs. Pankhurst and mentions her attendance at the funeral of Emily Wilding Davison, the suffragette who threw herself in front of the King's horse in view of the King and Queen on the Derby course and was killed in June 191322ocn042894415com19201.00EugénieMemoirsHistorySources9237ocn006016151book19790.29Ridley, Jasper GodwinNapoleon III and EugenieHistoryBiography8156ocn004157460book19780.27Duff, DavidEugenie and Napoleon IIIBiographyThe Glittering story of Europe's most extraordinary royal couple -- Napoleon III, who with the Second Empire restored the Bonapartes to power for twenty years, and his Spanish wife, Eugenie, one of the loveliest women of all time7546ocn000305150book19640.32Kurtz, HaroldThe Empress Eugénie, 1826-1920BiographyTraces the colorful patchwork that was the life of the Empress of Napoleon the Third from her birth in Granada in 1826 to her death in Madrid in 19207515ocn000401044book19720.28Aronson, TheoQueen Victoria and the BonapartesBiography5802ocn000203568book19670.63Barker, Nancy NicholsDistaff diplomacy; the Empress Eugénie and the foreign policy of the Second Empire5353ocn000912797book19200.63Fleury, MauriceMemoirs of the Empress Eugenie3812ocn004003716book19780.27Brodsky, AlynImperial charade : a biography of Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, nineteenth-century Europe's most successful adventurersBiography3654ocn001668808book19280.56Paléologue, MauriceThe tragic empress; a record of intimate talks with the Empress Eugénie - 1901-19192862ocn008785260book19830.28Carson, GeraldThe dentist and the Empress : the adventures of Dr. Tom Evans in gas-lit ParisBiography2853ocn001139451book19310.53Aubry, OctaveEugénie, empress of the French2713ocn053389374book20040.35Seward, DesmondEugénie : the empress and her empireHistoryBiography"From 1853 to 1870 Eugénie de Montijo was the world's most powerful woman. Empress of the French, she shared the Second Empire with her husband, Napoleon III, so impressing the Prussian Chancellor Bismarck that he called her 'the only man in Paris'. In the first biography of her for many years, Desmond Seward recreates the nerve-racking politics and glittering social world of her empire, and gives an often startling reassessment of an extraordinary life that began in a tent at Granada during an earthquake." "This biography charts the dramatic rise and fall of the Second Empire and of the fascinating woman at its heart. It will be a captivating read for anyone interested in the history of France or in women's history."--BOOK JACKET+-+95347450252593ocn000939851book19610.22Chapman, Hester WEugénie, a novelFictionBased on the life of the Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III2446ocn003271646book19310.53Sencourt, RobertThe life of the Empress Eugénie2218ocn000992883book19210.66Smyth, EthelStreaks of lifeBiographyRecords and correspondence2109ocn002578967book19200.66Filon, AugustinRecollections of the Empress Eugénie1969ocn002062732book19100.81Legge, EdwardThe Empress Eugénie, 1870-1910; Her Majesty's life since "the terrible year."1875ocn001915807book19200.59Carey, AgnesEmpress Eugenie in exile1803ocn670248486book20110.81McQueen, AlisonEmpress Eugénie and the arts : politics and visual culture in the nineteenth centuryHistoryPortraits+-+10305945963241803ocn001382253book19620.18Kenyon, F. WThat Spanish womanHistoryFictionThis historical novel concerns the provocative Empress Eugénie, a dark-haired Spanish beauty who captured the love of brilliant but fickle Louis Napoleon. How did a girl from a Spanish merchant family ever marry a monarch? Her mother, the Countess of Teba, was a cunning matchmaker. But she urged her daughter to be shy, reserved, and agree with everything Napoleon said. And because Eugénie was attracted to the short little man with the keen eyes and the quick mind, she obeyed. At first Napoleon considered her a ninny. Yet her natural wit and charm finally made him offer her marriage where once he had offered her only his bed. Eugénie's salon was soon filled with Europe's elite and among her intimates were Pauline Metternich, wife of the Austrian statesman; Prosper Mérimée, the writer, and Queen Victoria of England. Eugénie was gay and chic and invented the fantastic crinoline. Also kind and warm-hearted, she did her best to relieve les miserables of her realm. No one ever doubted her independence or daring. As a young woman, she blew smoke in the face of a lecherous old Duke. As Napoleon's wife she not only bore France a Prince Regent but proved herself an adept politician. And at eight she found climbing Mt. Vesuvius mere child's play1784ocn001188822book19310.56Rheinhardt, Emil AlphonsNapoléon and Eugénie; the tragicomedy of an empireHistory+-+9534745025Fri Mar 21 15:43:38 EDT 2014batch33310