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Fri Mar 21 17:13:02 2014 UTClccn-n790714010.28Mankind and Mother Earth : a narrative history of the world /0.380.86A bibliography of the works in English of Arnold Toynbee, 1910-195454154945Arnold_J._Toynbeen 79071401304177Tʻang-en-pi, 1889-1975Tang, Enbi, 1889-1975Tʻang-yin-pi, 1889-1975Tang, Yinbi, 1889-1975Tangenbi, 1889-1975Tangyinbi, 1889-1975Tʻao-i-pʻi, 1889-1975Tʻao-yin-pʻi, 1889-1975Taoyinpi, 1889-1975Taoyipi, 1889-1975Thō̧ibī, Ānōl 1889-1975Toĭnbi, Arnolʹd Dzhozef, 1889-1975Tojnbi, A. Dž.Tojnbi, Ārnold.Tojnbi, Arnold, 1889-1975Tojnbi, Arnold Džozef 1889-1975Tojnbi, Ārnold Ğozef.Toynbee, A. 1889-1975Toynbee, A. J. 1889-1975Toynbee, A. J. (Arnold Joseph), 1889-1975Toynbee, A. Joseph 1889-1975Toynbee, Arnold.Toynbee, Arnold, 1889-1975Toynbee, Arnold (Arnold Joseph), 1889-1975Toynbee, Arnold J.Toynbee, Arnold J., 1889-1975Toynbee, Arnold JosephToynbee, Arnold Joseph, 1889-1975Tuyinbī, Arnūld, 1889-1975Тойнби, Арнольд Дж., 1889-1975טוינבי, ארנולד, 1889־1975أرنولد توينبي، 1889-1975توينبى، ارنولدتوينبي، أرنولد جوزف،, 1889-1975توينبي، أرنولد جوزيف،, 1889-1975토인비, 1889-1975.トインビー, Aトインビー, A. Jトインビー, アーノルドトインビー, アーノルド・Jトオインビー, アーノルド・ジェイ陶尹皮汤因比, 1889-1975湯恩比, 1889-1975lccn-n80008782Royal Institute of International Affairsothedtlccn-n50080422Somervell, D. C.(David Churchill)1885-1965othcomadpedtdrtlccn-n80057248Ikeda, Daisakulccn-n79071402Caplan, Janeothedtclblccn-n79066347Gage, Richard L.072comlccn-n50057114Schalit, Abrahamlccn-n79043229Murray, Gilbert1866-1957trllccn-nr94032226Wakaizumi, Kei1930-1996lccn-n50007853McNeill, William Hardy1917-edtlccn-no92003943Myers, Edward D.(Edward DeLos)Toynbee, Arnold1889-1975HistoryMapsBiographyRecords and correspondenceDramaBibliographyCivilizationHistory--PhilosophyToynbee, Arnold,HellenismCivilization--PhilosophyGreat BritainHistoriansCivilization, WesternCities and townsGreeceGreek literatureCivilization, ModernEast and WestReligionHistorical geographyScience and civilizationChristianity--OriginJudaismReligionsChristianity and other religionsMilitarismSocial historyLatin AmericaUnited StatesRelationsHistoriographyChinaJapanStatesmenDeathNietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,Marx, Karl,Ranke, Leopold von,Petrarca, Francesco,Voltaire,HerodotusAugustine,--Saint, Bishop of HippoScott, Walter,Machiavelli, Niccolò,ThucydidesDu Bois, W. E. B.--(William Edward Burghardt),Eliot, T. S.--(Thomas Stearns),Civilization, Modern--PhilosophyMedicineSubconsciousnessCommunication in the humanitiesPhilosophical anthropologyJung, C. G.--(Carl Gustav),PhilosophyInternational relations--Philosophy188919751889189018911894189519011902190419061908190919101913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220138365816535291909CB63ocn001668128ocn001059659ocn009227074ocn009012014ocn011777559ocn009011997ocn013597869ocn567814981ocn257773721ocn500032455ocn853096796ocn853096823ocn853096842ocn853096793ocn853096800ocn853096807ocn853096804ocn853096765ocn853096755ocn853096749ocn010522222ocn006162075ocn003215795ocn005771661ocn006162122ocn180673582ocn025699862ocn018407130ocn009773781ocn006345118ocn416973213ocn185751430ocn185751354ocn185679100ocn460404013ocn185993623ocn185608203ocn186577604ocn460056695ocn468572716ocn705929637ocn781037878ocn460353087ocn696729541ocn462669439ocn705929638ocn494337150ocn465391061ocn799088050ocn073801607ocn074147877ocn248734569ocn469477292ocn8014647568898478ocn000387787book19220.29Toynbee, ArnoldA study of historyHistoryMapsToynbee's analysis of the rise and fall of civilizations has been acknowledged as an achievement without parallel in modern scholarship. This abridgement, while reducing the work to one-sixth of its original size, preserves its method, atmosphere, texture, and for the most part, the author's very words+-+4635050465271174ocn000344360book19460.37Toynbee, ArnoldCivilization on trial : [essays]Thirteen essays and lectures written over a period of years, dealing with many problems192020ocn000272766book19560.32Toynbee, ArnoldAn historian's approach to religion : based on Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Edinburgh in the years 1952 and 1953History189659ocn000279839book19520.35Toynbee, ArnoldThe world and the WestHistoryProfessor Toynbee discusses the impact of our Western civilization on the rest of the world187724ocn002220763book19760.28Toynbee, ArnoldMankind and Mother Earth : a narrative history of the worldHistoryThe final work of the preeminent world historian of our time presents a general, balanced narrative of the world's great civilizations, East and West, from ancient Sumerian to modern technological185321ocn000487186book19670.31Toynbee, ArnoldCities of destinyHistoryA reference book about cities of the world175516ocn020186368book19760.50Toynbee, ArnoldChoose life : a dialogueThe topics discussed in this book are of very diverse kinds. Some of them are urgent concern at the present time, but some of them are issues of perennial importance that have been pondered and discussed by human beings ever since the unknown date at which our ancestors first awoke to consciousness. It seems probable that these perennial questions will continue to be debated so long as mankind survives in the psychosomatic form in which we exist in our material environment, that is to say, in the biosphere that covers the planet earth+-+8040660936174325ocn000619402book19660.35Toynbee, ArnoldChange and habit; the challenge of our time+-+1995316036166712ocn000030453book19690.32Toynbee, ArnoldThe crucible of Christianity : Judaism, Hellenism, and the historical background to the Christian faithHistory162134ocn000401876book19590.33Toynbee, ArnoldHellenism; the history of a civilizationHistory+-+9792778685324160715ocn000165034book19710.33Toynbee, ArnoldSurviving the futureRevision of a dialogue beween Kei Wakaizumi and Arnold Toynbee, originally published, in Japanese, in installments in the Mainichi Shimbun145951ocn000567783book19500.37Toynbee, ArnoldWar and civilizationIn een vertoog over de oorlogen door diverse landen van de vroegste tijdentot heden gevoerd, geeft schrijver zijn visie op het probleem oorlog en op de mogelijkheid tot bestrijding van wat hij heeft gesignaleerd als de oorzaak van de ondergang der beschavingen134316ocn000324945book19570.37Toynbee, ArnoldChristianity among the religions of the world131339ocn001663483book19240.53Toynbee, ArnoldGreek civilisation and character; the self-revelation of ancient Greek society131113ocn000622510book19730.31Toynbee, ArnoldHalf the world: the history and culture of China and JapanHistoryA history of Sino-Japanese civilization, written by thirteen major scholars and illustrated with many rarely seen documents and paintings128052ocn000404351book19240.56Toynbee, ArnoldGreek historical thought, from Homer to the age of HeracliusHistory127910ocn001147756book19620.37Toynbee, ArnoldAmerica and the world revolution, and other lecturesLectures given at University of Pennsylvania, McGill University, and the University of Puerto Rico, 1961-62126919ocn000090326book19700.33Toynbee, ArnoldCities on the moveHistory11539ocn000336810book19670.37Toynbee, ArnoldAcquaintancesBiography113922ocn000012858book19680.37Toynbee, ArnoldMan's concern with deathA contemporary appraisal by representatives of several disciplines: medicine, psychiatry, theology, philosophy, anthropology, literature and psychical research15238ocn018382487book19890.33McNeill, William HardyArnold J. Toynbee, a lifeBiographyExamines the life of the eminent American historian, analyzing the merits and shortcomings of his many works and his often troubled personal life13514ocn000007980book19690.33Toynbee, ArnoldExperiencesThe author writes "In the first and third parts of 'Experiences' I am the subject as well as the narrator. I the second part I am an observer and an appraiser. This second part is a survey of, and a commentary on, human afffairs in my lifetime." That lifetime, he points out, has been remarkable both for the extension through medical science of the individual's chances of longevity, and for the unprecedented rapidity of change in science and technology, education and public affairs. The personal writings in the first section show how he reached the standpoint from which he observes the world. He adds in the third part a collection of verses he has written at various times, mainly in Greek and Latin9301ocn008345175book19820.32Barker, JohnThe superhistorians : makers of our pastBiography8157ocn000789566book19490.56Geyl, PieterThe Pattern of the past: can we determine it?76820ocn025398036book19550.56Martin, P. WExperiment in depth : a study of the work of Jung, Eliot and ToynbeeCriticism, interpretation, etcFirst published in 1999+-+76945706955833ocn000509267book19720.56Stromberg, Roland NArnold J. Toynbee, historian for an age in crisis5332ocn012052895book19850.63Thompson, Kenneth WToynbee's philosophy of world history and politics5073ocn001031308book19740.56Winetrout, KennethArnold Toynbee: the ecumenical vision4206ocn012550400book19860.63Toynbee, ArnoldAn historian's conscience : the correspondence of Arnold J. Toynbee and Columba Cary-Elwes, monk of AmpleforthBiographyRecords and correspondence3743ocn007945066book19740.63Perry, MarvinArnold Toynbee and the crisis of the WestBiographyStudie over de ideeën van de Britse historicus (1889-1975)3133ocn004834870book19790.76Morton, S. FionaA bibliography of Arnold J. ToynbeeBibliography3043ocn019515840book19890.81MacIntire, C. TToynbee : reappraisals2651ocn000490192book19580.81Mason, Henry LToynbee's approach to world politics [in his A study of historyS. 147-151: A bibliography of Toynbee critics2134ocn000983028book19590.66Buttle, MyraToynbee in Elysium; a fantasy in one actDrama1998ocn007124484book19650.50Singer, C. GreggToynbee1812ocn003028985book19550.86Popper, MonicaA bibliography of the works in English of Arnold Toynbee, 1910-1954Bibliography1762ocn032013037book19960.79Perry, MarvinArnold Toynbee and the Western traditionArnold Toynbee was the most prolific historian of the twentieth century. In his massive A Study of History, Toynbee made a comparative study of all the world's civilizations, surviving and extinct, analyzing their rise, growth, breakdown, and disintegration. Arnold Toynbee and the Western Tradition summarizes and appraises Toynbee's understanding of the nature, evolution, and destiny of Western civilization, focusing on his critique of the liberal-rational tradition1492ocn008773682book19810.63Dillistone, F. WReligious experience and Christian faith1042ocn028844002book19860.84Clogg, RichardPolitics and the academy : Arnold Toynbee and the Koraes ChairBiographyFirst Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company+-+7547819625942ocn005061873book19550.76Anderle, OthmarDas universalhistorische System Arnold Joseph Toynbees+-+4635050465+-+4635050465Fri Mar 21 15:54:41 EDT 2014batch95271