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Fri Mar 21 17:13:29 2014 UTClccn-n790072490.00Papers, 1951-19700.121.00Piers Anthony Papers,59078045Piers_Anthonyn 79007249241376Anthony, Piers, 1934-Ėntoni, PirsEntony, Pirs, 1934-Jacob, Piers A. D.Jacob, Piers Anthony.Jacob, Piers Anthony Dillingham.Jacob, Piers Anthony Dillingham, 1934-Jacob, Piers Anthony Dillingham 1934- Wirklicher NamePiers Anthony.Piers, Robert 1934-Xanthony, Pier 1934-Джекоб, Пирс Энтони Диллингэм, 1934-Энтони, Пирс, 1934-אנתוני, פירアンソニイ, ピアズfast-887850Darius (Fictitious character)fast-867044Colene (Fictitious character)lccn-n80009447Margroff, Robert E.1930-fast-811787Apprentice Adept (Fictitious character)lccn-n85039370Lackey, Mercedeslccn-n92017839Guidall, Georgenrtlccn-n93091939Riggs, Alanedtlccn-n00035986Leming, Ronlccn-n98085274Brady, Julielccn-n99262801Taeusch, Jo AnneAnthony, PiersFictionFantasy fictionBiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcXanth (Imaginary place)Fantasy fictionMagicFantasyDevilScience fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanGood and evilAnthony, PiersKings and rulersColene (Fictitious character)Darius (Fictitious character)Apprentice Adept (Fictitious character)Authors, AmericanPropheciesMusic--Instruction and studyMusiciansScience fiction--AuthorshipAnimals, MythicalImaginary wars and battlesDeathHellApparitionsMagiciansFantasy fiction--AuthorshipSetting (Literature)Science fiction, AmericanMissing childrenAmnesiaDragonsTime travelZombiesWomen--ProtectionGhouls and ogresKnights and knighthoodAdventure storiesWar storiesHarpistsDevil as literary charactersLiteratureKeene, CarolynHopkinson, DeborahChildren's literatureCensorshipTimeComputersElixirsHorsemen and horsewomenNightmaresFiction19341967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320141102356352017813.54PS3551.N73ocn013136594ocn074803088ocn074846723218223ocn009393093book19830.13Anthony, PiersOn a pale horseFictionFantasy fictionZane belongs to a world in which the scientific revolution has been followed by the revolution of magic, and he is thrust into the role of Death+-+3303880985189423ocn010507643book19840.13Anthony, PiersBearing an hourglassFictionFantasy fictionNorton, grief-stricken over the death of his child and the suicide of his beloved, volunteers to become the Incarnation of Time and finds himself enmeshed in Satan's foul plot to destroy all that is good+-+6068680985186118ocn013395102book19860.13Anthony, PiersWielding a red swordFictionVolume 4+-+0677780985174822ocn011915079book19810.14Anthony, PiersWith a tangled skeinFictionNiobe's only chance of revenging her lover's murder is to solve a maze of riddles devised by Satan. But since her strength is beauty, not intelligence, the question becomes whether her failure has already been woven into the Tapestry of Fate+-+9033680985174623ocn016224483book19870.08Anthony, PiersBeing a green motherFictionFantasy fictionOrb, a mythical female plays her magic harp and Satan appears. Phrophecy had said she would marry Evil+-+6877780985168126ocn008104209book19810.12Anthony, PiersCentaur aisleFiction"This fantasy series features magic as a weapon in the conservation of the universe." "The magic of Xanth was useless in Mundania, until Dor tried honestly."+-+2197080985158712ocn019555148book19900.10Anthony, PiersAnd eternityFictionThree women form a triumvirate and pursue a mysterious quest that takes them through numerous trials and their souls become the proving ground for eternal questions of good, evil, and divinity+-+2137025385155614ocn017551687book19880.08Anthony, PiersFor love of evilFictionIn twelfth-century France, Parry grows into a powerful sorcerer and then a powerful Inquisitor. Living in depravity, he ends his days at the gates of hell+-+4037025385154016ocn027071663book19930.08Anthony, PiersDemons don't dreamFictionFantasy fictionTwo young adventurers are drawn into the world of Xanth through a computer game and find themselves in a desperate race against time when treachery, danger, and deceit place Xanth itself in peril, as they learn that some things are more important than winning+-+7839807635144412ocn022110868book19910.07Anthony, PiersVirtual modeFictionTwo young people in love search for each other in separate realities+-+3850136995143429ocn002798214book19770.13Anthony, PiersA spell for ChameleonFictionAt age 25 Bink was exiled from the magic land of Xanth because he had no magic spell that was observable to his people. But both the good genie and the magic wall chart insisted that he did. How could he prove he had magic? This is the introductory Xanth novel where the reader first meets the young hero Bink and his quest to find magical powers. Two others in this extensive series are: Castle Roogna and The Source of Magic (both 1987). Exiled to Mundania from the magical land of Xanth for failing to demonstrate any magical talents, Bink and his friend Chameleon eventually discover that Bink's unique talent is that magic cannot harm him+-+1802980985142126ocn009086838book19820.12Anthony, PiersNight mareFictionNight Mare centers around Mare Imbrium, one of the night mares charged with delivering bad dreams to the people of Xanth. Imbri carries half a soul, her fee for being the unwilling steed of the half-nymph Tandy. She is unwilling to relinquish her soul, though the conscience that comes with it impedes her ability to deliver bad dreams. The Night Stallion, ruler of the gourd realm, banishes Imbri to the day world and sends her to meet Trent, King of Xanth, with an ominous message. Mare meets the relentless, unforgiving Horseman and for the night mare, everything begins to become a horrible nightmare!+-+6849080985139516ocn031518074book19940.12Anthony, PiersGeis of the GargoyleFictionFantasy fictionThe latest adventure of Gary Gargoyle in the land of Xanth. It centers on a geis, a magical compulsion, an obligation of honor which the bearer must complete before the spell is lifted. In this case, the hero's geis is to save a river from pollution. By the author of Harpy Thyme+-+4039807635137113ocn014588877book19870.10Anthony, PiersOut of PhazeFictionMach sometimes dreams about Phaze where magic abounds when things seem hard in his logical world, Proton. One day he awakes in Phase to discover that he has changed places with Bane, a resident of Phase+-+6019916995136020ocn008389131book19820.12Anthony, PiersOgre, ogreFictionWhen Tandy and Nymph becomes lost in the magical land of Xanth, she is forced to rely on the ugly ogre, Smash, to rescue her+-+8749080985134712ocn028964406book19930.12Anthony, PiersHarpy thymeFictionGloha, the beautiful offspring of a chance mating between a harpy and a goblin, asks the Good Magician Humfrey for help in finding the one true love with whom she can share her life and is sent on a perilous quest in search of truth, friendship, and eventually happiness+-+5939807635131219ocn011528854book19840.12Anthony, PiersCrewel lye : a caustic yarnFictionJordan was once a valorous knight before he was killed. Now he is a ghost in Xanth riding his horse on dangerous missions over 400 years into the past+-+6440980985129921ocn005353583book19800.12Anthony, PiersSplit infinityFictionAfter escaping assassination on Pronto, Stiles finds himself on Phaze, where another power is set on destroying him+-+0649080985127225ocn006392247book19790.10Anthony, PiersCastle RoognaFictionMillie had been a ghost for 800 years. But now restored by the magic of Xanth, she was again a maddeningly desirable woman+-+5395080985127025ocn009936416book19830.12Anthony, PiersDragon on a pedestalFictionFantasy fictionThe Gap Dragon had escaped from the Gap and was ravaging across the land. The forget-spell that had covered the Gap was breaking up into small forget-whorls that wandered about, giving amnesia to all they touched. There was trouble on Xanth+-+41849809855295ocn017264327book19880.17Anthony, PiersBio of an ogre : the autobiography of Piers Anthony to age 50BiographyRecounts the early life and career successes of the science fiction and fantasy author4344ocn046462852book20010.18Anthony, PiersHow precious was that while : an autobiographyBiographyAn intimate memoir of one of fantasy's most popular authors. While this book focuses on the past fifteen years of his life, he also reveals new details of his early years not included in Bio of an ogre+-+79192376853285ocn027937086book19930.13Anthony, PiersLetters to JennyRecords and correspondenceA collection of letters written by the fantasy master to a twelve-year-old fan lying in a coma captures the drama of the slow response that the reading of the letters elicits from the injured child+-+17377076353111ocn020707348book19890.15Anthony, PiersPiers Anthony's visual guide to XanthStories, plots, etcBursting with exquisitely detailed maps, charts, and illustrations, here'e an indispensable addition to the amazing Anthony Xanthian anthology that no true "Xanthophile" will want to be without+-+94920253852153ocn010403955book19830.27Collings, Michael RPiers AnthonyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+0707821645402ocn232333497com20070.33Children's literature review. excerpts from reviews, criticism, and commentary on books for children and young peopleCriticism, interpretation, etcBook reviewsPresents full-text literary criticism on writers and illustrators for children and young adults. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, monographs, reviews, and scholarly papers+-+9495312325143ocn026579323book19900.90Stephensen-Payne, PhilPiers Anthony, biblio of an ogre : a working bibliographyBibliography42ocn611351870com0.18Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob : (1934-)Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn811644105book19990.10Contemporary authors : new revision series.Bio-bibliography+-+898571232511ocn030405942book19930.47Hunter, Edward WilliamFantasy and the self-referential in Anthony and EscherCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn811624188book0.10Contemporary authors. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fieldsBio-bibliography11ocn050638236mix0.47Anthony, PiersPiers Anthony collectionRecords and correspondenceManuscripts, correspondence, and related papers11ocn849527351mix1.00Anthony, PiersPiers Anthony PapersArchivesCorrespondents include Poul Andersen, Isaac Asimov, Lloyd Biggle, Terry Carr, Robert Coulson, Samuel R. Delany, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Margroff, Andre Norton, Andrew J. Offutt, Alexei Panshin, Frederik Pohl, Norman Spinrad, and Roger Zelazny11ocn853605695book20070.10Anthony, PiersAlfred : a fictionalized biography of my father based on journals, letters, and experienceFiction+-+K29542079601ocn122481571mixAnthony, PiersArchivesCorrespondence with editors, fans, and other authors (1960-1969); and writings, including typescript draft and manuscript short stories and novels01ocn439386856comHi Piers the official homepage of Piers Anthony and XanthBiographyThis Web site is the official on-line resource of award-winning author Piers Anthony, famous for his Xanth series novels. Come and explore Anthony's talent at writing and creating, read the current newsletter, find out what is soon to be published from Anthony, and also get a helpful resource on publishers and services for the budding writer+-+1802980985+-+1802980985Fri Mar 21 15:28:10 EDT 2014batch49397