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Fri Mar 21 17:11:49 2014 UTClccn-n790727020.00The Life of William Sterndale Bennett. [With plates, including portraits.]0.761.00William Sterndale Bennett letters to Edward Thring,34720795William_Sterndale_Bennettn 79072702305451Bennett, SterndaleBennett, Sterndale, 1816-1875Bennett, Sterndale, Sir, 1816-1875Bennett, W. St.Bennett, W. Sterndale 1816-1875Bennett, W. Sterndale (William Sterndale), 1816-1875Bennett, W. Sterndale (William Sterndale), Sir, 1816-1875Bennett, William, 1816-1875Bennett, William S. 1816-1875Bennett, William St.Bennett, William St. 1816-1875Bennett, William Sterndale.Bennett, William Sterndale, Sir, 1816-1875Bennett, Willm. Sterndale (William Sterndale), 1816-1875Bennett, Wm. St. 1816-1875Bennett, Wm. St. (William Sterndale), 1816-1875Bennett, Wm. St. (William Sterndale), Sir, 1816-1875Sterndale, BennettSterndale Bennett, W. (William), 1816-1875Sterndale Bennett, W. (William), Sir, 1816-1875Sterndale Bennett, WilliamSterndale Bennett, William 1816-1875lccn-n90615025Prunyi, Ilona1941-prfitrlccn-n82037862Temperley, Nicholasedtlccn-n81014129Bush, Geoffreyedtlccn-n78041800Binns, Malcolmprfitrlccn-n83047792Chorley, Henry Fothergill1808-1872lyrlccn-n81012219Braithwaite, Nicholascndlccn-n85352574Botvay, Károly1932-prflccn-n88663778Dráfi, Kálmán1955-prflccn-n91071013Kiss, András1943-prflccn-n94123412Williamson, RosemaryBennett, William Sterndale1816-1875Criticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsBiographyBibliographyHymnsMusicPassion musicPiano musicSuites (Piano)Sonatas (Piano)Music--Instruction and studyBennett, William Sterndale,Piano trios--ScoresEngland--LondonConcertos (Piano)Symphonies--ScoresPiano with orchestraSonatas (Cello and piano)Sextets (Piano, violins (2), viola, cello, double bass)Great BritainVocal musicInstrumental musicComposersSymphoniesCantatas, Sacred--Vocal scores with pianoChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with orchestra--Vocal scores with pianoLiszt, Franz,Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus,Chopin, Frédéric,Music--Philosophy and aestheticsMusical formSchubert, Franz,Beethoven, Ludwig van,Wagner, Richard,Bach, Johann Sebastian,Handel, George Frideric,Organ (Musical instrument)Hymns, EnglishPianoRondos (Piano)AnthemsChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts), UnaccompaniedOratorios--Vocal scores with pianoHenrici, Christian Friedrich,Hymns, GermanCantatas, SecularOratoriosChorley, Henry Fothergill,Oratorios--ScoresEnglandSonatas (Cello and piano)--ScoresChoral musicMatthäuspassion (Bach, Johann Sebastian)Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts) with pianoPart songs, EnglishPart songs, Sacred18161875182918331834183518361837183818391840184118421843184418451846184718481849185018511852185318541855185618571858185918601861186218631864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719191920192119221923192419251926192719311932193319341935193619371938193919401944194719481953195419551956196419651966196719681972197419751979198019811982198419851986198819891990199219931994199519961997199820022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201353379811678782.23M2003.B12ocn005422557ocn002098646ocn805613133ocn054538339ocn055118710ocn055118797ocn612101036ocn179760040ocn055118553ocn055046545ocn002098641ocn370722806ocn056116401ocn811484133ocn844148763ocn828235949ocn844148766ocn844148765ocn844148764ocn844021348ocn844021340ocn844021347ocn742875169ocn441776318ocn813975498ocn816560752ocn82823595040310ocn000739799score19720.66Bennett, William SterndalePiano and chamber music2539ocn008875443score19820.84Bennett, William SterndaleThree symphonies21643ocn032584396score18580.79Bennett, William SterndaleThe May queen : a pastoralMusical settings1783ocn812531468file19940.79Bennett, William SterndalePiano sextet, op. 81652ocn811254200file19930.79Bennett, William SterndalePiano works1612ocn811253530file19930.79Bennett, William SterndalePiano music1596ocn077011639book20060.84Bennett, William SterndaleLectures on musical lifeCriticism, interpretation, etcLectures by leading Victorian conductor and composer reveal much about musical life at the time+-+57278389361563ocn811253724file19930.81Bennett, William SterndalePiano works1524ocn011975235score19840.88Clementi, MuzioWorks for pianoforte solo by continental composers in London : from 1810 to 18501381ocn183193351score0.70Musica Britannica : a national collection of music10831ocn008700338score18000.59Bennett, William SterndaleThe woman of Samaria, a sacred cantata954ocn025867365rcrd19900.73Bennett, William SterndalePiano concerto no. 1 in D minor, op. 1 Caprice in E, op. 22 ; Piano concerto no. 3 in C minor, op. 9904ocn024109084rcrd19900.73Bennett, William SterndalePiano concerto no. 2 in E flat, op. 4 ; Adagio ; Piano concerto no. 5 in F minor822ocn811488992file20050.84Bennett, William SterndaleSymphony in G minor, op. 43644ocn003643897score19720.79Bennett, William SterndaleSuite de pieces5011ocn001936827score18630.79Bennett, William SterndaleThe chorale book for England : a complete hymn-book for public and private worship, in accordance with the services and festivals of the Church of England : the hymns from the Lyra Germanica and other sources, translated by Catherine Winkworth ; the tunes from the sacred music of the Lutheran, Latin, and other churches, for four voices, with historical notes, etc., etc.Hymns4832ocn029949832score18680.37Bennett, William SterndaleGod is a SpiritMusical settings483ocn026217502rcrd19900.81Bennett, William SterndalePiano concerto no. 4 in F minor ; Fantasia in A, op. 16 ; Symphony in G minor475ocn005422557score18620.53Bach, Johann SebastianThe passion of Our Lord according to S. MatthewMusical settingsMusic472ocn182522863rcrd20070.81Bennett, William SterndalePiano concerto no. 4 in F minor1804ocn031815453book19950.88Williamson, RosemaryWilliam Sterndale Bennett : a descriptive thematic catalogueThematic catalogs+-+338916346532415010ocn001987764book19070.73Bennett, James Robert SterndaleThe life of William Sterndale BennettBiographyBibliographyFirst published in 1907, this volume presents the biography of the nineteenth-century English composer Sir William Sterndale Bennett by his son, J.R. Sterndale Bennett. Divided into five parts, the volume traces Bennett's childhood, musical education, his work as a teacher and conductor, and his compositions and honours. Included with the volume are a number of drawings, facsimiles, and photographs, as well as some appendices detailing Bennett's published and manuscript works543ocn007478708book18920.66Statham, H. HeathcoteMy thoughts on music and musiciansCriticism, interpretation, etc31ocn662405193book20100.47Sterndale Bennett, James RobertThe Life of William Sterndale Bennett (1816-1875) (Facsimile of 1907 Edition)Biography+-+081500493632431ocn020821591mix19890.96Thornton, Ty RobertThe songs of William Sterndale Bennett22ocn556714479book1907The Life of William Sterndale Bennett. [With plates, including portraits.]21ocn045267436book19190.92Freemantle, W. TSterndale Bennett and Sheffield. Comprising an account of the Bennett family (Derbyshire, Cambridge and Sheffield). Also, part II., Sir William Sterndale Bennett and associations with his native city11ocn270581472book0.10Macfarren, Walter[London], to Mr. [Joseph] BennettAccepting Bennett's invitation to contribute to "The Orpheus," asking Bennett to be a mourner at his brother's funeral, mentioning a Spohr symphony, his performance of the Mozart Double Concerto with his pupil Linda Scates, his "Professorial Jubilee" and celebration, Arabella Goddard, J.W. D[avison], Sterndale Bennett, G.A. Macfarren, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Broadwood, Frederick Westlake, etc11ocn270668286book18810.10Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and GreenLondon Feb. 4-23 June 1881, to Otto GoldschmidtDiscussing financial arrangements concerning The Chorale Book for England, mentioning Sterndale Bennett, Miss Winkworth, etc.; with two ledger sheets recording sales of the book in 1879-8011ocn270671948book0.10Barnett, John Francis[London], to Richard PeytonOf a social nature, discussing preparations for the performance of his cantata Paradise and the Peri at the Birmingham Festival, mentioning his cantatas The Ancient Mariner and The Raising of Lazarus, his overture to Shakespeare's Winter's Tale, Mr. Beale, Santley, Foli, Titiens [i.e. Therese Tietjens], Rigby, Cummings, Scholfield, Sterndale Bennett, Benedict, Ingram, Arabella Goddard, etc11ocn050334841score18551.00Bennett, William SterndaleMädchen mit dem rothen MündchenMusical settingsManuscripts11ocn056937482mix1.00Bennett, William SterndaleWilliam Sterndale Bennett letters to Edward ThringRecords and correspondenceThe collection consists of four letters from Bennett to Thring, including: 10 Oct. 1871, reviewing the work of his current students; 18 Oct. 1871, thanking him for a copy of his latest work; 29 Dec. 1873, replying to a letter and affirming that he admired the verses and would do his best when setting them to music; undated, arranging to meet11ocn216884730mix18421.00Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, FelixLetter : Leipzig, to Grattan Cooke, LondonRecords and correspondenceHas had no time during [William Sterndale] Bennett's stay in Leipzig to write a solo for Cooke, which he would gladly do, concluding, "if I should not succeed in my attempt at composing for your instrument which I know too little (I fear) at least you may be sure that it is want of skill, but not want of good will"11ocn863411826book18720.47Royal Academy of Music (London, England : 1822- )Sterndale Bennett testimonial11ocn034422799mix1.00Goldman, Edwin FrankoEdwin Franko Goldman autograph collectionCollection of photographic portraits (some autographed), letters, and portions of musical scores from the principal composers, conductors, and musicians mainly in the period since 1823. The collection does include a musical notation by Mozart dated ca. 177011ocn054427442mix19560.47Clark, Brewer LeeThe life and piano works of William Sterndale Bennett11ocn270565468book18800.10Davison, James William[London, undated by year], to [Joseph] BennettCommenting on Bennett's criticisms in the Daily Telegraph, and of a personal, social (and occasionally abstruse) nature, mentioning Sterndale Bennett, Albani, Macfarren, [Sutherland?] Edwards, Boucicault, Oxenford, Barrett, Sullivan, Bülow, Liszt ("that arch imposter"), Burnand, Adelina [Patti], etc., etc11ocn270670337book0.10Sullivan, Arthur[London], Cabbé-Roquebrune, [and other places], to [Joseph Bennett]Discussing a variety of musical subjects, mentioning The Lute, The Merry Wives [of Windsor] (with two musical examples), The Golden Legend, The Martyr [of Antioch], Nicolai, Mendelssohn, Sterndale Bennett, Macfarren, Steck, Stanford, Parry, Mackenzie, Cowen, Raff, Littleton, Richter and the Birmingham Festival, Barnby, Randegger, Tom Chappell, Lloyd, Hanslick, Johnstone, Milward, Fuller Maitland, Sedley Taylor, Helmholtz, the Prince of Wales, Clay, Carter, Mrs. Ronalds, etc11ocn030704902book19921.00Douglas, JonathanWilliam Sterndale Bennett and the politics of musical performance in early Victorian LondonCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography11ocn762759712book1912Perth Musical UnionSir W. Sterndale Bennett's cantata, The May Queen [performed] St George's Hall, Perth. 29 June 1912. : programmeWords only of cantata given+-+5727838936+-+5727838936Fri Mar 21 15:09:18 EDT 2014batch47193