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Fri Mar 21 17:05:06 2014 UTClccn-n790736470.10Grob, Gerald N.: history of medicine0.500.88The inner world of American psychiatry, 1890-1940 : selected correspondence /14854091n 79073647306388Grob, Gerald N.lccn-n79056612Billias, George Athan1919-edtlccn-n81136414Horwitz, Allan V.lccn-n50006206Beck, Robert N.(Robert Nelson)1924-edtlccn-n80140496Goldman, Howard H.lccn-n81009584Worcester State Hospitallccn-n84805281Jarvis, Edward1803-1884lccn-no00074310Jordan, Donaldson1897-lccn-n50039703Lee, Dwight Erwin1898-lccn-n50000198National Committee for Mental Hygienelccn-n79110461Foreign Policy AssociationGrob, Gerald N.1931-HistoryBibliographyBiographyRecords and correspondenceSourcesUnited StatesPsychiatryMental health policyMedicineMentally ill--CareAmericaDiseasesMentally ill--Public opinionPhilosophyDiseases and historyDiagnosisSocial medicineHistoriographyIntellectual lifeMental illness--TreatmentPsychiatric hospital carePsychiatric hospitalsLabor unionsPhilosophy, AmericanAmerican literatureFederal aid to community mental health servicesMedical policyMental health servicesHealth care reformPsychiatristsCivilizationSocial historyWorcester State HospitalJarvis, Edward,History, ModernAliens--Mental healthPsychology, Pathological--EtiologySocial psychiatryPsychiatric hospitals--Sociological aspectsMental illnessChurchCanadaNaturalism in artEvolution (Biology)ReformersGeographyPhilosophy, ModernLiberalismScientistsIdeology1931195219571958196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197619781979198019811982198319851986198719881990199119921994199819992000200220032005200620072008200920102011201416667117378362.20973RC443ocn001076625ocn005846481ocn000242919ocn004241275ocn004884682ocn000226363ocn301268111ocn557992769ocn499723192ocn315928457ocn000085571ocn757148833188512ocn049304885book20020.35Grob, Gerald NThe deadly truth : a history of disease in AmericaHistory"The Deadly Truth chronicles the complex interactions between disease and the peoples of America from the pre-Columbian world to the present. Grob's ultimate lesson is stark but valuable: there can be no final victory over disease. The world in which we live undergoes constant change, which in turn creates novel risks to human health and life. We conquer particular diseases, but others always arise in their stead. In a powerful challenge to our tendency to see disease as unnatural and its virtual elimination as a real possibility, Grob asserts the undeniable biological persistence of disease."--BOOK JACKET+-+4202659215172333ocn001076625book19670.47Grob, Gerald NInterpretations of American history: patterns and perspectivesHistory+-+6031764755155312ocn029255799book19940.31Grob, Gerald NThe mad among us : a history of the care of America's mentally illHistoryAmericans want to be humane toward the mentally ill, yet we have always been divided about what is best for them and for society. Now, the foremost historian of the care of the mentally ill compellingly recounts our various attempts to solve this ever-present dilemma. In the first comprehensive one-volume history of the treatment of the mentally ill, Gerald Grob begins with colonial America, when families and local communities accepted responsibility for their mentally ill members. Their solutions varied, from confinement under lock and key, to granting mentally ill persons a wide measure of autonomy. As American society grew larger and more complex, the first mental hospitals were created to deal with growing numbers of the severely and persistently mentally ill. Grob brings to life the charismatic and innovative individuals who administered these hospitals and shows how they were successful at first in providing humane care and treatment.But under the pressure of too many patients and too few resources, the hospitals subsequently deteriorated into custodial institutions, and Grob charts this transformation. He traces the growth of the psychiatric profession, the change of the mental health field during World War Il, and the use of controversial shock therapies, drugs, and lobotomies. Mounting criticism of some of these techniques and of mental institutions as inhumane places led to the emptying of the hospitals and a new emphasis on community care and treatment. Americans daily encounter the pitiful sight of homeless, mentally ill people in the streets of our cities, and wonder how it came to be this way. Grob shows that while many patients benefited from the new community policies, there arose a new group of mentally ill substance abusers who desperately need treatment but who resist it. He argues that these people, and not deinstitutionalized patients, make up most of the disturbed homeless who confront us today. Their presence demands new solutions, and Grob's definitive history points the way. It is at once an indispensable reference and a call for a humane and balanced policy in the future+-+404176475513669ocn593295655file20090.47Grob, Gerald NDiagnosis, therapy, and evidence conundrums in modern American medicineIn Diagnosis, Therapy, and Evidence, Gerald N. Grob and Allan V. Horwitz employ historical and contemporary data and case studies, combining into one book a variety of medical and psychiatric conditions. They utilize case studies and examine tonsillectomy, cancer, heart disease, PTSD, anxiety, and depression, and identify differences between rhetoric and reality and the weaknesses in diagnosis and treatment+-+5621908635116710ocn009219468book19830.53Grob, Gerald NMental illness and American society, 1875-1940History110412ocn000673067book19720.47Grob, Gerald NMental institutions in America; social policy to 1875History+-+750353769691026ocn000265122book19610.59Grob, Gerald NWorkers and Utopia : a study of ideological conflict in the American labor movement, 1865-1900History86524ocn005846481book19630.53Grob, Gerald NAmerican ideas; source readings in the intellectual history of the United StatesSources8334ocn808381518file20060.53Grob, Gerald NThe dilemma of federal mental health policy radical reform or incremental change?+-+23048086357935ocn022705080book19910.56Grob, Gerald NFrom asylum to community : mental health policy in modern AmericaHistory6675ocn000116740book19710.59Billias, George AthanAmerican history; retrospect and prospect5915ocn000085655book19700.63Grob, Gerald NAmerican social history before 1860Bibliography4524ocn000812412book19660.73Grob, Gerald NThe state and the mentally ill; a history of Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts, 1830-19203786ocn003729969book19780.79Grob, Gerald NEdward Jarvis and the medical world of nineteenth-century AmericaHistoryBiographyUSA / Medizingeschichte (19. 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