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Fri Mar 21 17:12:14 2014 UTClccn-n790738600.00SS-1 : Heinrich Himmler : nepravděpodobná smrt /0.231.00Rudorufu Hesu ansatsu : Shupandau shūjin dai 7-gō no himitsu /5217818n 79073860306600Thomas, HughThomas, Hugh, 1935-Thomas Hugh Walter 1935-....Thomas, W. Hugh, 1935-Thomas, Walter HughThomas, Walter Hugh, 1935-Thomas, Walter Hughes, 1935-Tomasu, Hyū 1935-トマス, ヒューlccn-n79078096Hess, Rudolf1894-1987lccn-n79046200Hitler, Adolf1889-1945lccn-n50043247Braun, Evalccn-n50034966Himmler, Heinrich1900-1945lccn-n80133120Cortés, Hernán1485-1547viaf-3720845MontezumaIIEmperor of Mexicoca. 1480-1520lccn-n79100227West, Rebeccapseud. van Cicily Isabel Fairfield1892-1983viaf-286884019Kuipers, Nicolccn-n79049617Bormann, Martin1900-1945np-hess, rudolfHeß, RudolfThomas, W. Hugh(Walter Hugh)1935-HistoryBiographyCortés, Hernán,Montezuma--II,--Emperor of Mexico,MexicoConquest of Mexico (1519-1540)NazisGermanyHess, Rudolf,Hitler, Adolf,Braun, EvaHimmler, Heinrich,Heads of stateFriendshipNational socialismStatesmenBattle casualtiesWorld War (1939-1945)Death--Proof and certificationNationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-ParteiBormann, Martin,ConquestPolitical science193519711973197919801981198219881990199419951996199719981999200120022003200728083059972.02F1230103110ocn005171982book19790.23Thomas, W. HughThe murder of Rudolf HessBiographyPresents evidence to support the author's theory that the man who has spent thirty-four years in Spandau Prison is not Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, but an imposter5833ocn033443537book19950.22Thomas, W. HughThe murder of Adolf Hitler : the truth about the bodies in the Berlin bunkerBiographyIn this fascinating real-life detective story, forensic expert and physician Hugh Thomas uses new evidence to prove that Adolf Hitler was murdered in the Berlin Bunker while his mistress Eva Braun escaped4702ocn048501658book20010.21Thomas, W. HughThe strange death of Heinrich Himmler : a forensic investigationHistoryBiographyPresents an exploration into the mysterious death of the most significant member of the Nazi hierarchy, who supposedly committed suicide in Allied custody and then was buried at a secret site+-+08743776852386ocn017840090book19790.23Thomas, W. HughHess : a tale of two murdersBiography2019ocn032891026book19950.24Thomas, W. HughDoppelgängers : the truth about the bodies in the Berlin bunkerStudie waarin de hypothese wordt gelanceerd dat de Duitse diktator Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) en zijn echtgenote Eva Braun (1912-1945) in de laatste dagen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog wisten te vluchten naar Paraguay+-+52287520363241794ocn047767038book20010.29Thomas, W. HughSS-1 : the unlikely death of Heinrich HimmlerHistoryBiographyFornyet undersøgelse af omstændighederne ved den tyske rigsbefuldmægtigede SS-leders selvmord i engelsk fangenskab+-+8158066936324321ocn317397239book19940.25Thomas, HughConquest : Montezuma, Cortés, and the fall of Old MexicoHistoryIn Conquest one of the most distinguished modern historians has written the first major history of the conquest of Mexico since Prescott's classic account, published over 150 years ago. Cortes' conquest of Mexico in 1519-1521 is one of the most famous stories in the world. Macaulay wrote that the way Aztec emperor Montezuma died was one of the two things that every schoolboy knew. The story of the 500 conquistadores landing near Vera Cruz, the subsequent burning of the boats, the march up to the Aztec capital, the extraordinary battles and ruses en route, the welcome by Montezuma, the later quarrels, the Spanish withdrawal, the bloody fighting, and the eventual apocalyptic victory can never fail to excite the imagination. Drawing on newly discovered sources and taking into account information not available to earlier scholars, Hugh Thomas, author of the bestselling The Spanish Civil War and The History of the Cuban Revolution, presents a full and balanced history of one of the most significant events of Western civilization, a subject and an era of continued fascination to millions of readers. Here, in a brilliant and detailed narrative, full of the sound and fury of great events and the clash of empires and personalities, is a book that rivals Prescott's for its sweeping view of history, but is written with a new respect for the civilization and culture that Cortes ruthlessly destroyed. Hugh Thomas' account of the collapse of Montezuma's great Mexican empire under the onslaughts of Cortes' conquistadores is one of the major historical works of the decade. It bristles with moral and political issues that are profoundly relevant to our time, and is also a thrilling narrative, brimful of the sheer excitement of discovery+-+6956606215121ocn063316046book19790.23Thomas, W. HughMei 1941 : de liquidatie van Rudolf Hess121ocn064957407book19880.18Thomas, W. HughDe moord op Rudolf Hess : Nazi-komplot of Britse afrekening?Schrijver stelt dat de in de Spandaugevangenis overleden gevangene nr. 7 niet Rudolf Hess (1894-1987) was, maar een dubbelganger. De echte zou door mede-nazi's zijn vermoord111ocn174478225book19790.27Thomas, W. HughDer Mord an Rudolf Hess101ocn040328362book19980.18Thomas, W. HughDvoĭniki : pravda o trupakh v berlinskom bunkere72ocn851991905book19880.47Thomas, W. HughA tale of two murders21ocn068674545book20020.47Thomas, W. HughSS-1 : tajemnica śmierci i bogactw Heinricha Himmlera21ocn749412693book19970.47Thomas, W. HughSobowtór : tajemnice berlińskiego bunkra21ocn012655262book19800.10Thomas, W. HughLe meurtre de Rudolf HessBiography21ocn228599384book2007Thomas, W. HughSS-1 : Heinrich Himmler : nepravděpodobná smrt11ocn009368045book1980Thomas, W. HughEl enigma de Rudolf Hess11ocn075758275book1995Thomas, HughAdolf Hitler halálának rejtélye11ocn317888590book19950.23Thomas, W. HughDoppelgangers : mystery of the bodies in the Berlin bunkerBiography11ocn071794048book19811.00Thomas, W. HughRudorufu Hesu ansatsu : Shupandau shūjin dai 7-gō no himitsu+-+0874377685+-+0874377685Fri Mar 21 16:00:26 EDT 2014batch12049