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Fri Mar 21 17:06:08 2014 UTClccn-n790743650.23Hostage to heaven /0.430.97Wŏlli immun /157132622n 7907436586679722056546307096A.U.C.M.Akademii︠a︡ professorov za mir vo vsem mireAsociación del Espíritu Santo para la Unificación del Cristianismo MundialAssociation for the Unification of World ChristianityAssociation pour l'unification du christianisme mondialAssot︠s︡iat︠s︡ii︠a︡ Svi︠a︡togo DukhaAssot︠s︡iat︠s︡ii︠a︡ Svi︠a︡togo Dukha po obʺedinenii︠u︡ vsemirnogo khristianstvaAUCMAUCM AbkuerzungAUCM (Association pour l'unification du christianisme mondial)CARPChiesa dell’unificazioneChiesa dell'unificazioneEglise de l'unificationEglise pour l’unificationÉglise pour l'unificationFederat︠s︡ii︠a︡ semeĭ za mir vo vsem mireH.S.A.-U.W.C.Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World ChristianityHSA-UWCHSA-UWC (Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity)Iglesia de la UnificaciónKARPLatthi MūnisưmMezhdunarodnyĭ fond obrazovanii︠a︡Mezhdunarodnyĭ religioznyĭ fundMezhdunarodnyĭ zhenskiĭ fond za mir vo vsem mireMooniesMoonies (Church)Pionniers du Nouvel AgeSecte MoonSegye Kidokkyo T ̒ongil Sillyŏng HyŏphoeSegye Kidokkyo Tʻongil Kyohoe Sillyŏng HyŏphoeSegye Kidokkyo Tʻongil Sillyŏng HyŏphoeSekai Kirisutokyō Tōitsu Shinrei KyōkaiSekai Kirisutokyo Toitsu Shinrei Kyokai Sekai Senkyo HonbuSekai Kirisutokyo Toitsu Shinrei Kyokai Senkyo HonbuSekta MunaShih chieh Chi-tu chiao tʻung i shen ling hsieh huiStudencheskai︠a︡ assot︠s︡iat︠s︡ii︠a︡ CARPT ̒ongil KyohoeToitsu Genri Homu Sutadi Kosu SutatsufuTōitsu KyōkaiTʻongil KyohoeT︠S︡erkovʹ obʺedinenii︠a︡Tʻung i chiaoUnification ChurchVereinigung KircheVereinigungskircheWorld Unification Churchセカイ キリストキョウ トウイツ シンレイ キョウカイセカイ キリストキョウ トウイツ シンレイ キョウカイ セカイ センキョウ ホンブセカイ キリストキョウ トウイツ シンレイ キョウカイ センキョウ ホンブトウイツ キョウカイトウイツ ゲンリ ホーム スタディ コース スタッフ世界 基督教 統一 神靈 協會世界基督教統一神靈協會世界基督教統一神霊協会世界宣教本部世界基督教統一神霊協会宣教本部統一原理ホームスタディコーススタッフ統一教會lccn-n79006991Moon, Sun Myunglccn-n79026851Sontag, Fredericklccn-n82083851Barker, Eileen1938-lccn-n79091589Horowitz, Irving Louislccn-n78097030Bryant, M. Darrollccn-n84008101Durst, Mose1939-lccn-n85319675Biermans, John T.lccn-n79068968Shupe, Anson D.lccn-n80113003Bromley, David G.lccn-n79040649Underwood, BarbaraUnification ChurchBiographyPeriodicalsSermonsHistoryUnification ChurchMoon, Sun MyungUnited StatesPersecutionCultsTheology, DoctrinalDurst, Mose,DeprogrammingCanadaHistory--Religious aspects--ChristianityUnificationistsChurch and stateWood, Allen TateReligious leadersNew York (State)--New YorkTrials (Tax evasion)Trials (Conspiracy)Malicious prosecutionReligionEx-cultistsInternational Society for Krishna ConsciousnessChildren of God (Movement)Krishna (Hindu deity)--CultInternational relationsKorea (South)Pak, Bo HiWŏlli haesŏl (Moon, Sun Myung)KoreaMessiahGod (Christianity)Christianity--PhilosophyUnderwood, BarbaraHistory--Religious aspectsApologeticsUnderwood, Betty,Cults--Psychological aspects19561957196019621963196419661967196819701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013224078671115230.99BT75.25938ocn001220411book19730.50Moon, Sun MyungDivine principle1586ocn011778728book19800.50Kwak, Chung HwanOutline of The principle : level 41531ocn011778773book19850.39Moon, Sun MyungGod's warning to the world : Reverend Moon's message from prisonSermons601ocn012412852book19850.56Moon, Sun MyungGod's warning to the world, book II : God's voice to today's America371ocn009046492serial0.79Unification newsPeriodicals243ocn019114547book19560.81Kim, Young OonThe divine principlesHistory231ocn001119495book19740.76The Unification Church ; as others see us181ocn035786312book19960.37Moon, Sun MyungExposition of the Divine Principle1611ocn031492687book19660.93Unification ChurchYuan li jiang lun161ocn011497605book19830.59Moon, Sun MyungHome church : the words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon141ocn005791364book19770.81Divine principle : six hour lecture131ocn013952845book19810.95Research on the Unification principle : seminars of Korean scholars on unification theology121ocn004651895book19760.59Moon, Sun MyungAmerica in God's providence : two speeches111ocn017211871visu19840.47Unification ChurchThe Unification principles an in-depth presentation of the theology of the Unification Church101ocn038849039book19780.47Unification ChurchLe Mouvement de l'Unification101ocn007740127book19800.81Introduction to the Principle : an Islamic perspective = al-Muqaddimah lil-Mabdaʼ91ocn015662516book19860.81Werner, PaulIn harmony with the eternal81ocn014191023book19830.59Kim, Young OonAn introduction to theology52ocn029703388book19810.97Wŏlli immun51ocn071804703book20030.73World leaders speak: the Messiah has come : remarkable revelations from the spiritual world15132ocn003071834book19770.29Sontag, FrederickSun Myung Moon and the Unification Church14375ocn010923532book19840.29Barker, EileenThe making of a Moonie : choice or brainwashing?Onderzoek naar de wervingsmethoden van de sekte van de Koreaan Moon en naar de sociale en levensbeschouwelijke achtergronden van de volgelingen13164ocn003892678book19780.37Science, sin, and scholarship : the politics of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church+-+279530717532410552ocn010724653book19840.35Durst, MoseTo bigotry, no sanction : Reverend Sun Myung Moon and the Unification ChurchApologetic works9133ocn015221610book19860.53Biermans, John TThe odyssey of new religious movements : persecution, struggle, legitimation : a case study of the Unification ChurchHistoryChurch history+-+K4341943357253ocn004983025book19790.23Underwood, BarbaraHostage to heaven7133ocn005126088book19790.59Bromley, David GMoonies in America : cult, church, and crusade5755ocn022109543book19910.50Chryssides, George DThe advent of Sun Myung Moon : the origins, beliefs, and practices of the Unification ChurchHistory"In writing any account of someone else's religious beliefs and practices, any author must find himself between two poles: what members of the religion wish to tell, and what the public wishes to know. Nowhere are these polarities more distant than in the field of new religions. The public wishes to know about 'recruitment', 'brainwashing', and fundraising within the Unification Church, while the authors discussion with UC members elicited far more material on their own inner spiritual life. After consideration the author has concluded that a common meeting ground is simply not possible, and that any book, including this one, has to be a compromise. Just as any mainstream Christian would be irritated by an inquirer's relentless pursuit of questions relating to the precise ingredients of the eucharistic wine, it is understandable that UC members should feel that the author has given too much attention to the more obviously external manifestations of their faith in some of their ceremonies. However, while recognising the importance of the insider's definition, the author still believes that it is important to answer many of the commonly asked outsider's questions too, and it is simply not possible to speak of sets of internal religious experiences which the author does not share. If those Unificationists who were willing to discuss their beliefs with the author hoped that they might be able to endorse this book's contents, then they may be disappointed: the account which they wanted can, the author believes, only be written by themselves. In normal circumstances a phenomenological account of a religion is relatively problem free. The author reads, listens, observes, and writes as far as possible without imposing his or her own value judgments. In the area of new religious movements, however, it seems that no neutral ground is possible. Even using the phrase 'new religious movement' is a conscious choice which involves rejecting terms like 'cult', 'sect' or 'fringe group', terms which some commentators would claim to be more suitable substitutes for what they regard as euphemism. In this book, however, the author decided as far as possible to present the Unification Church (although not uncritically) in terms which would at least be recognisable by its members, in accordance with the normal canons of scholarship or unless, of course, what the author saw clearly differed from what they explained to me." -- Introduction+-+03414988853245322ocn011943682book19850.50Fichter, Joseph HenryThe holy family of Father Moon5264ocn004708127book19780.59A Time for consideration : a scholarly appraisal of the Unification ChurchControversial literature4082ocn009779048book19790.53Our response to the report of October 31, 1978 on the Investigation of Korean-American relations regarding Reverend Sun Myung Moon and members of the Unification Church4071ocn003186402book19770.37Yamamoto, J. IsamuThe puppet master : an inquiry into Sun Myung Moon and the Unification ChurchControversial literature4063ocn004933479book19790.25Wood, Allen TateMoonstruck : a memoir of my life in a cultBiographyControversial literature3956ocn638962627book20090.28Moon, Sun MyungAs a peace-loving global citizenBiographyA first-person account by Moon about his family and childhood roots, his call from God, and the terrible persecution he overcame while in Korea to found his church and lay the foundation for his world-wide mission3924ocn004708090book19780.56Exploring Unification theologyConference proceedings3922ocn015365297book19870.66Mickler, Michael LThe Unification Church in America : a bibliography and research guideChurch historyBibliography3662ocn004732908book19780.53Pak, Bo HiTruth is my sword : testimony of Col. Bo Hi Pak at the Korea hearings, U.S. Congress3652ocn023357495book19910.59Sherwood, CarltonInquisition : the persecution and prosecution of the Reverend Sun Myung MoonTrials, litigation, etc+-+K7801704353342ocn003669926book19780.35Streiker, Lowell DThe cults are coming!3341ocn016898257book19870.63Wright, Stuart ALeaving cults : the dynamics of defection+-+K434194335Fri Mar 21 15:14:02 EDT 2014batch35445