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Thu Oct 16 17:56:02 2014 UTClccn-n790755790.00Deighton, Len0.170.86Die Darstellung des Zweiten Weltkrieges im englischen Roman : eine Untersuchung zum Problem der Fiktionalisierung von Zeitgeschichte anhand der Erzählwerke von Henry Patterson, Len Deighton, Evelyn Waugh und William Golding /273905397Len_Deightonn 79075579308264Deighton, LenDeighton, Leonard Cyril 1929-Deighton, Leonard CyrillDeĭton, Len 1929-Deitons, Lens 1929-דיטון, לן 1929-דייטון, לןדייטון, לן 1929-デイトン, レンfast-1104693Samson, Bernard (Fictitious character)lccn-n79046200Hitler, Adolf1889-1945np-samson, bernard fictitious characterSamson, Bernard (Fictitious character)viaf-281336400Whitfield, Robertnrtlccn-n78039435Schwartzman, Arnoldlccn-n84002994Daneman, Paulothnrtlccn-n83039602Goodenough, Simonlccn-n79083252Le Carré, John1931-lccn-n50004065Fleming, Ian1908-1964lccn-n82257753Sauerberg, Lars Ole1950-Deighton, Len1929-FictionDomestic fictionHistorySpy storiesSuspense fictionDramaBibliographyFilm adaptationsRadio playsHistorical fictionGreat BritainSamson, Bernard (Fictitious character)Intelligence serviceWorld War (1939-1945)Germany--BerlinFamiliesEgypt--CairoBritain, Battle of (Great Britain : 1940)Jungle warfareEquatorial GuineaEgyptCalifornia, SouthernSpy storiesTriangles (Interpersonal relations)New York (State)--New YorkBank robberiesLebanonSwindlers and swindlingMotion picture industryEnglish fictionSpy stories, EnglishDeighton, Len,Fleming, Ian,Le Carré, John,Fighter planesSpies in literatureEspionage in literatureCalifornia--Los AngelesWar storiesIntelligence officersConspiraciesSouth AmericaCold War (1945-1989)DefectorsScientistsSpiesRevolutionariesLawyersMysteryMissing personsMilitary operations, AerialDetective and mystery storiesRevolutionsGermanyMilitary campaignsAuthorsArtistsYoung adult literatureWar stories, EnglishFiction19291940194519461956195719621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014803546553289823.914PR6054.E37ocn072440865ocn061773338ocn070643931ocn231590533ocn455896252ocn438535927ocn415974290ocn674103867ocn419228078ocn762248143ocn781119392ocn780906847ocn816322125ocn691262670ocn691219134ocn256307180344447ocn017917873book19880.17Deighton, LenSpy hook : a novelFictionSpy storiesBernard Samson, now relegated to an administrative backwater at London Central, learns about a huge financial scam within the British Secret Service. As he investigates the situation, his behavior is regarded as paranoid+-+3570180985343450ocn020320112book19890.16Deighton, LenSpy line : a novelFictionSpy storiesEven before British agent Bernard Samson lands in Vienna, he has taken the first steps toward the center of a web of Secret Service mystery even more complex than he had feared+-+1155280985331341ocn021596270book19860.16Deighton, LenSpy sinkerFictionSpy storiesFiona Samson is caught between her husband and family and her country as she works as a superspy for British intelligence in East Germany+-+2374456155307766ocn009684873book19830.18Deighton, LenBerlin gameHistoryFictionSpy storiesBernard Samson must help an undercover agent escape from Berlin but fears that leaks in British intelligence will undermine the attempt+-+1573051305294638ocn025631620book19910.15Deighton, LenCity of goldFictionSpy storiesWhile Bert Cutler, Glasgow police inspector, escorts Jimmy Ross to Cairo to stand trial for killing an officer, he dies, and Ross assumes his identity so that in Cairo, Ross finds himself trying to apprehend the spy helping Rommell in Africa+-+2695456155288854ocn011157654book19840.17Deighton, LenMexico setFictionSpy storiesWhen British Intelligence assigns agent Bernard Samson to coax KGB major named Stinnes into defecting, swiftly shifting events lead to London Central to believe that Samson himself has traded loyalties+-+9673051305287554ocn012215498book19850.18Deighton, LenLondon matchFictionSpy storiesIn the sequel to Mexico Set, Bernard Samson finds himself suspected as the second Soviet informer in British intelligence+-+2081151305273333ocn031134177book19930.15Deighton, LenFaithFictionSpy storiesA Cold War spy story in which British agent Bernard Samson goes to East Germany to aid a high-ranking East German intelligence officer defect to the West. By the author of Spy Sinker+-+3771265155324263348ocn008590270book19820.18Deighton, LenGoodbye, Mickey MouseFictionHistorical fictionWar storiesIn the winter of 1944-45, a group of young American fighter pilots fly mission after dangerous mission, serving as protection for the huge fleets of bombers penetrating deep into Germany+-+5399051305262334ocn016470341book19840.18Deighton, LenWinter : a novel of a Berlin familyHistoryFictionDomestic fictionChronicles the lives of a German family named Winter, from the close of World War I through the Second World War+-+8684080985246737ocn033282057book19950.15Deighton, LenHopeFictionSpy storiesSuspense fictionA spy novel on British agent Bernard Samson as he searches for his missing brother-in-law, an Englishman of Polish origin. The search takes him to Poland and involves him in a series of adventures. The time is 1987, the story taking place amid the turmoil of the Solidarity movement which led to the fall of Communism. By the author of Charity+-+7141265155237942ocn023732391book19910.16Deighton, LenMAMistaFictionSuspense fictionA group of Marxist revolutionaries try to take over a South American country led by a drug industry+-+3945456155237634ocn035621856book19960.15Deighton, LenCharityFictionSuspense fictionA British spy in 1980s Berlin investigates the death of his sister-in-law. She may have been murdered by his own service to save the life of his wife, also a spy. A tale of double agents and sacrificial lambs by the author of Hope+-+K372365155237353ocn007177002book19810.18Deighton, LenXPDFictionNear the beginning of World War II, Winston Churchill proposes a deal to Hitler, which would be detrimental to Churchill's allies, but when it does not occur, some agents want the minutes of the meeting very badly+-+7299051305221442ocn029292722book19930.20Deighton, LenBlood, tears and folly : an objective look at World War IIDeighton explores and analyzes some of the myths and realities of the war, the mistakes and the achievements, the ironies and failures--of intelligence, technology, planning, and policies--of both the Allied and the Axis powers+-+6966630325218123ocn028216733book19930.16Deighton, LenViolent wardFictionSuspense fictionMicky Murphy, a Los Angeles criminal lawyer, gets involved with a shady millionaire who is married to Micky's childhood sweatheart+-+5708977555324212151ocn003516554book19770.21Deighton, LenFighter : the true story of the Battle of BritainText and captioned photographs recount the air war over Britain in 1940. Examines the personalities involved, the weaponry, and the tactics of both sides+-+8357630325210436ocn004135551book19780.19Deighton, LenSS-GB : Nazi-occupied Britain, 1941 : a novelFictionA fictional account of what might have happened if the Nazis had invaded and defeated England during World War II+-+2755051305202579ocn000252825book19460.20Deighton, LenFuneral in Berlin : a novelHistoryFictionSpy storiesSuspense fictionAn agent, whose real identity is hidden, attempts to get a Russian scientist "over the wire" through Berlin+-+0530951305186814ocn015016403book19670.15Deighton, LenOnly when I laughFictionThree virtuoso con artists' plan to bilk an emerging African nation misfires. A bank in Lebanon is their next target and there each member of this trio gets what they deserve4063ocn010484168book19840.50Sauerberg, Lars OleSecret agents in fiction : Ian Fleming, John le Carré, and Len DeightonCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+96131888851203ocn059781939book19870.77Milward-Oliver, EdwardThe Len Deighton companionDictionaries241ocn013669490book19850.84Milward-Oliver, EdwardLen Deighton : an annotated bibliography 1954-1985Bibliography222ocn017443279book19870.86Bangert, KurtDie Darstellung des Zweiten Weltkrieges im englischen Roman : eine Untersuchung zum Problem der Fiktionalisierung von Zeitgeschichte anhand der Erzählwerke von Henry Patterson, Len Deighton, Evelyn Waugh und William GoldingHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc151ocn527378562book20040.15Authors & artists for young adultsBio-bibliographyBiographyInterviewsFacts about the writers, artists, film directors, graphic novelists, and other creative personalities that interest teens. International in scope+-+4091112325122ocn862466170visu20050.20Hamilton, GuyFuneral in BerlinDramaFilm adaptationsHarry Palmer, ex-army corporals, who unwillingly serves as a spy for Her Majesty rather than serve a long stint behind bars. Palmer is sent to Berlin, where he is to extricate a Russian general who wants to defect. He arranges for an escape plan, which includes a fake funeral, but unfortunately, the wrong body is transported out of Russia. Palmer keeps his cool and there's plenty of scenery as he wanders about Berlin and in and out of the arms of some intriguing women103ocn265193943visu19910.21Deighton, LenThe Ipcress fileDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA drama of espionage and murder, involving British security. Originally produced in 196542ocn611343746file0.17Len Deighton : (1929-)Criticism, interpretation, etc21ocn382240228visu20060.47Len Deighton's The Ipcress fileDramaFilm adaptationsBritish scientists begin being kidnapped and brainwashed, and an intelligence officer begins to suspect someone in his own department21ocn039626436book19970.10Deighton, LenKrovavyĭ krug : romany11ocn051867731art1984Deighton, Len11ocn811642246book19980.10Contemporary authors, new revision series. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fieldsBio-bibliography+-+K18571232501ocn607450812rcrd19990.13Deighton, LenBomberHistoryFictionDramaAudio adaptationsRadio playsStory of the final mission of RAF Lancaster bomber WF183. It is also the story of the many men and women whose lives were irrevocably changed by that night's bombing raid+-+111700810532401ocn037064917rcrd1977Deighton, LenLen Deighton+-+3771265155324+-+3771265155324Thu Oct 16 15:47:00 EDT 2014batch66153