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Professor Wickham surveys the foundations on which this dramatic art was built: the architecture, costumes and ceremonial of the imperial court at Byzantium, the liturgies of countires in the Eastern and Western Empires and the triumph of the Roman rite and the Romanesque style in Western art. Within this context Professor Wickham describes three major influences upon the drama: religion, recreation and commerce. The first produced the liturgical music drama rooted in praise of Christ the King, vernacular Corpus Christi drama, Saint Plays and Moralities centred on the humanity of Christ. The second gave rise to the secular theatres of social recreation based on the games and dances of village communities ad the more sophisticated sex and war games of the nobility. The section on commerce shows how the development of the drama was intimately related to questions of funding and management which led, during the sixteenth century, to the substitution of a professional for an amateur theatre, and to a growing emphasis on stage spectacle. For this third edition the author has added a substantial section on monastic reform and its effect on Biblical translation and the use of allegory; a final chapter charts the transition in different European countries from this medieval Gothic theatre to the neoclassical methods of play construction and representation which flourished for the next two hundred years. The book gorges a coherent pattern through a very large and complicated subject. It is an excellent introduction to medieval theatre for undergraduates and to the growing number of theatregoers who enjoy contemporary revivals of medieval plays. A large plate section gives a pictorial version of the story, using photographs of contemporary manuscript illuminations, mosaics, frescoes, paintings and sculptures. -- publisher+-+039768670595821ocn000011266book19690.56Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneShakespeare's dramatic heritage; collected studies in mediaeval, Tudor, and Shakespearean dramaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcSourcesShakespeare's Dramatic Heritage shows that the drama of Elizabethan and Jacobean England is deeply indebted to the religious drama of the Middle Ages and represents a climax, in secular guise, to mediaeval experiment and achievement rather than a new beginning. This is fully examined in terms of dramatic literature as well as in terms of theatres, stages and production conventions. The plays studied include: Richard II, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Macbeth, Coriolanus, The Winter's Tale and Marlowe's King Edward II+-+K46808069557011ocn001551546book19750.56English moral interludes55811ocn001138197book19620.66Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneDrama in a world of science, and three other lecturesCriticism, interpretation, etc34613ocn041564956book20000.76English professional theatre, 1530-1660HistorySources+-+376587670515635ocn058853984book19590.28Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneEarly English stages, 1300-1660History+-+K83246069511512ocn005188882book19560.86Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneThe relation between universities and films, radio and televisionConference proceedings1105ocn000883010book19480.88Coghill, NevillThe masque of Hope7519ocn500394707book19660.31Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneEarly English stages, 1300 to 1660 : Vol. 2 1576 to 1660, Pt. 2. onlyHistory+-+10324606956520ocn049690754book19630.39Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneEarly English stages, 1300 to 1660History+-+3932460695551ocn000134324book19700.84Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneStyle in dramatic art, from the divine to the absurd; an inaugural lecture delivered in the University of Hull on 11 November 1969401ocn059862390book19720.19Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneEarly English stages, 1300-1660History394ocn013987394book19850.84Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneThe dramatic structure of Shakespeare's King Henry the Eighth : an essay in rehabilitation232ocn016962576book19620.53Ibsen, HenrikThe pretenders : historical play in five acts192ocn555118715book19910.70National theatre in northern and eastern Europe, 1746-1900HistorySources+-+1199976705324186ocn049690830book20020.33Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneEarly English stages, 1300 to 1660History+-+K958570695174ocn052064830book19660.59Wickham, Glynne William GladstoneEarly English stages 1300 to 1600History+-+3932460695162ocn838391661book19960.76Schumacher, ClaudeNaturalism and symbolism in European theatre, 1850-1918HistorySources+-+996587670511ocn039808039art19971.00Sorgenfrei, Carol FisherDesperately seeking Asia : a survey of theatre history textbooks+-+0397686705+-+0397686705Fri Mar 21 15:32:29 EDT 2014batch20578