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Thu Oct 16 17:53:10 2014 UTClccn-n790773580.21Oregon cemetery survey0.720.95Keyed riprap /153553646n 79077358255750310023Department of TransportationODOTOregon. Departamento de TransporteOregon. Dept. of TransportationOregon. Transportation, Department oflccn-n79032921United StatesFederal Highway Administrationlccn-n80092173Geological Survey (U.S.)lccn-n79117031OregonState Highway Divisionlccn-n99831352Wood, Tamara M.lccn-no91019592Crumrine, Milo D.lccn-n81114508Washington (State)Department of Transportationnc-columbia river crossing projectColumbia River Crossing (Project)lccn-no2008117754Stonewall, Adamlccn-n95118154Risley, John C.lccn-no2001079428Haluska, Tana L.OregonDepartment of TransportationMapsGenealogyDirectoriesHandbooks, manuals, etcGuidebooksConference proceedingsOregonOregon.--Department of TransportationScour at bridgesStream measurementsRoadside improvementOregon--Willamette River ValleyHerbicides--Environmental aspectsWater--PollutionCalcium magnesium acetate--Environmental aspectsOregon--Clackamas CountyWater qualityDeicing chemicals--Environmental aspectsRoads--Snow and ice control--Environmental aspectsErosionTransportation--Planning--Citizen participationRoadsOregon--WaldportBridgesOregon--Alsea RiverOregon--PortlandCar poolsBus lanesCemeteriesBridges--Environmental aspectsOregon--Lincoln CountyBridges--Maintenance and repairExpenditures, PublicTransportation and stateTraffic safetyTraffic signs and signalsRailroads--Passenger traffic--PlanningBritish ColumbiaRockfillsHistoric bridgesContracting outTransportationWashington (State)Small businessBridges--Earthquake effectsEarthquake engineeringEarthquake resistant designElectronic data processingHighway engineeringOregon--Willamette River WatershedConservation of natural resourcesLand useRegional planningRoads--Design and construction--StandardsProject managementManagement192219501965197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014863018352458553.70973 SGB701 .W375ocn4949383522241ocn243766063file20080.70Risley, John CEstimating flow-duration and low-flow frequency statistics for unregulated streams in OregonFlow statistical datasets, basin-characteristic datasets, and regression equations were developed to provide decision makers with surface-water information needed for activities such as water-quality regulation, water-rights adjudication, biological habitat assessment, infrastructure design, and water-supply planning and management. The flow statistics, which included annual and monthly period of record flow durations (5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, and 95th percent exceedances) and annual and monthly 7-day, 10-year (7Q10) and 7-day, 2-year (7Q2) low flows, were computed at 466 streamflow-gaging stations at sites with unregulated flow conditions throughout Oregon and adjacent areas of neighboring States2223ocn047032081book20010.77Wood, Tamara MHerbicide use in the management of roadside vegetation, western Oregon, 1999-2000 : effects on the water quality of nearby streams1853ocn044575807book20000.79Tanner, Dwight QThe effects of calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) deicing material on the water quality of Bear Creek, Clackamas County, Oregon, 19991512ocn025014820book19910.84Crumrine, Milo DResults of a reconnaissance bridge-scour study at selected sites in Oregon using surface-geophysical methods, 19891232ocn036910349book19960.82Crumrine, Milo DBridge-scour instrumentation and data for nine sites in Oregon, 1991-941182ocn027833148book19920.82Crumrine, Milo DBridge-scour data for the highway 101 bridge over Alsea River estuary at Waldport, Oregon, 1988-90811ocn004837782book19780.93OregonEvaluation of incentives for carpooling and bus use : Banfield FreewayThe report summarizes what has occurred on the Banfield Freeway Preferential Lanes for High Occupancy Vehicles Demonstration Project from November 1, 1977 through July 1978. Phase II of the project commenced November 1, 1977 and has a different emphasis than did Phase I. Phase I deals with evaluating the effects of adding preferential lanes for high occupancy vehicles on an existing facility, the Banfield Freeway, serving eastern Portland. Phase II, on the other hand, is concerned with the effects of adding new incentives for carpooling and riding the bus to the performance of an ongoing HOV lane on the Banfield Freeway781ocn005650552book19780.21OregonOregon cemetery surveyDirectoriesGenealogy712ocn009126731book19820.94Alsea River (Waldport) Bridge, Oregon Coast Highway (US 101), Lincoln County, Oregon : draft environmental impact statement and draft section 4(f) evaluation : submitted pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 4332 (2) (c) and 49 U.S.C. 1653 (f)638ocn005673552map19920.93OregonOregon state mapMaps5512ocn040001747map19760.93OregonOfficial highway map of OregonMaps417ocn062246991file20050.47Oregon temporary traffic control handbook for operations of 3 days or lessHandbooks, manuals, etc355ocn033964407book19950.31British ColumbiaOptions for passenger rail in the Pacific Northwest rail corridor : a planning report336ocn822997079file20120.37Final 2012-2015 STIP302ocn862507884book20130.21Burrow, RebeccaOregon's historic bridge field guideGuidebooks302ocn003124273book19760.95OregonKeyed riprap295ocn492451213file20070.63Small contracting program for construction frequently asked questions243ocn050587529book20020.84National Seismic Conference on Bridges and HighwaysProceedings of the Third National Seismic Conference and Workshop on Bridges and Highways : advances in engineering and technology for the seismic safety of bridges in the new millenium : held at Double Tree Hotel, Columbia River Complex, Portland, Oregon April 28-May 1, 2002Conference proceedings225ocn002596267map19500.37Royston, Hanamoto, Beck & AbeyWillamette River Greenway : a plan for the conservation and management of the Willamette River Greenway : prepared for the State of Oregon, Department of TransportationMaps213ocn049749590book20020.53Oregon standard specifications for constructionHandbooks, manuals, etcVol. 1 (General Conditions) includes defined terms and describes the solicitation process and contractual relationships. Vol. 2 (Technical Specifications) describes the prosecution of the work1421ocn039333045book19970.74Public involvement for transportation decision-makingCase studies324ocn054005426book20030.70Rogge, David FEvaluation of Oregon Department of Transportation project delivery : outsourcing project delivery in state departments of transportation : literature review and DOT survey183ocn717638404file20080.66Singh, RonEngineering automation key concepts for a 25 year time horizon151ocn015346284book19860.88The Oregon Weigh-in-Motion/Automatic Vehicle Identification Demonstration Project : final report132ocn070126222file20050.56CVISN132ocn051174189book20020.74Rogge, David FImproving the effectiveness of partnering132ocn274069878file20070.59OregonOregon Department of Transportation workforce development program133ocn649578408book20100.74Sillars, David NeilAnalysis of QA procedures at the Oregon Department of TransportationThis research explored the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) practice of Independent Assurance (IA), for validation of the contractor's test methods, and Verification, for validation of the contractor's Quality Control (QC) data. The intent of the project was to discover whether adjusted or additional processes for comparison between ODOT's test results and the contractor's test results may be available to improve confidence regarding whether the contractor's test results are reliable. It was found that ODOT utilizes a combination IA/Verification process that uses the comparison of single results for its IA and Verification decisions. Based on statistical principles, published literature, FHWA guidance, and a small case study, recommendations were made that ODOT establish the breadth of systematic testing bias and that the IA and Verification processes be enhanced to include statistically-based comparison tests, including the often-used t-test and F-test123ocn039674839book19980.33State of Oregon, Oregon Department of Transportation, sources and uses of highway funds122ocn086173371book20070.47Sillars, David NeilEstablishing guidelines for incentive/disincentive contracting at ODOT111ocn036234885serial0.47OregonComprehensive annual ... financial report and summary of operationsPeriodicals102ocn052723008serial0.47OregonAnnual financial report for the fiscal year ended ...Periodicals101ocn029874203book19930.59A chronological history of the Oregon Department of Transportation, 1899 to August 1993History101ocn044450761serial0.59Transportation ... key factsPeriodicals101ocn422621373book20090.47Oregon on the move : a history of Oregon's transportation systemsHistory102ocn760918069file20020.74Adkins, JanetState highway projects91ocn027405404serial0.47OregonCombined comprehensive annual financial statement for the fiscal year ending ...Periodicals91ocn034510183book19960.30Reengineering reexamined : a review of recent management practices at the Oregon Department of Transportation and its Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Branch91ocn024032957book19900.47OregonState agency coordination program81ocn053449767book20030.47Two-way radio communications : opportunities exist to strengthen planning and coordinationThu Oct 16 15:45:04 EDT 2014batch51122