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Thu Oct 16 17:54:44 2014 UTClccn-n790833140.06Uranus /0.520.90Some experiments and observations on Sig. Volta's electrical pile, clearly elucidating all the phenomena; also observations on Dr. Herschel's paper, on light and heat, with other remarks19885773William_Herscheln 79083314315830Geršelʹ, Fridrich Vilʹgelʹm 1738-1822Geršelʹ, Vilʹjam 1738-1822Gershelʹ, Fridrikh Vilʹgelʹm 1738-1822Gershelʹ, Fridrikh Vilʹgelʹm 1738-1822 SirGershelʹ, Fridrikh Vilʹgelʹm, Sir, 1738-1822Gershelʹ, Vilʹi︠a︡m 1738-1822Gershelʹ, Vilʹi︠a︡m 1738-1822 SirGershelʹ, Vilʹi︠a︡m, Sir, 1738-1822Herschel, Frederick William.Herschel Frederick William 1738-1822Herschel, Frederick William 1738-1822 SirHerschel, Frederick William, Sir, 1738-1822Herschel, Friedrich W. 1738-1822Herschel, Friedrich Wilhelm.Herschel, Friedrich Wilhelm 1738-1822Herschel, Friedrich Wilhelm 1738-1822 SirHerschel, Friedrich Wilhelm, Sir, 1738-1822Herschel, Friedrich William 1738-1822 SirHerschel, Friedrich William, Sir, 1738-1822Herschel, Sir Frederick WilliamHerschel, Wilhelm.Herschel, Wilhelm 1738-1822Herschel, Wilhelm 1738-1822 SirHerschel, Wilhelm, Sir, 1738-1822Herschel, WilliamHerschel, William Sirlccn-n50036902Herschel, Caroline Lucretia1750-1848hnrlccn-n50029633Hoskin, Michael A.lccn-n50036903Herschel, John F. W.(John Frederick William)1792-1871lccn-n79142750Davy, HumphrySir1778-1829lccn-n81092200Holmes, Richard1945-lccn-n79135326Hale, George Ellery1868-1938lccn-n82110211Maunder, E. Walter(Edward Walter)1851-1928lccn-n86867046Carrington, Richard Christopher1826-1875lccn-n95118454Clark, Stuart(Stuart G.)lccn-n92097090Lemonick, Michael D.1953-Herschel, William1738-1822CatalogsHistoryObservationsBiographyCharts, diagrams, etcHerschel, William,Great BritainHerschel, Caroline Lucretia,ScienceAstronomersDiscoveries in scienceAstronomyDavy, Humphry,--Sir,Herschel, John F. W.--(John Frederick William),SunCarrington, Richard Christopher,Maunder, E. Walter--(Edward Walter),Hale, George Ellery,Uranus (Planet)Intellectual lifeScientistsBanks, Joseph,NebulaeSatellitesStars--ClustersTelescopesStarsEnglandSymphonies--ScoresOrchestral music--ScoresMusicMusic--Instruction and studySymphoniesConcertos (Oboe)--ScoresSymphonies (String orchestra)CosmologySaturn (Planet)Reflecting telescopesVenus (Planet)Solar eclipsesCometsAtmosphereVariable starsDouble starsElectricityInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Volta, Alessandro,RadiationLightInfrared spectraGalaxiesStars--RotationHeatAstronomical instrumentsScientific apparatus and instruments173818221759176317691772177817801781178217831784178517861787178817891790179117921793179417951796179717981799180018011802180318041805180618071808180918101811181218141815181618171818182118221823182418251826182718281831183318351836184218431845184818491850185118521857185918611862186718691870187118791881188218841886188918951896189719001901190219051906190719091912191619171918191919221928193219331936193819391940194519471949195119531954195519581959196019611962196319641965196619671968197119741975197619771978198019811982198319851987198819891990199119921994199519961997199820002001200220032004200520072008200920102011201220132014155905221112925.2QB36.H6ocn766032976ocn661882660ocn796657030ocn766033073ocn766033088ocn661882636ocn766033033ocn661882644ocn661882650ocn658573111ocn699530170ocn464919815ocn257020972ocn257020943ocn422081459ocn25776728022215ocn009765675score19830.84Herschel, WilliamThree symphonies, them. index 2, 5, 1322113ocn083422953file17870.84Herschel, WilliamAn account of the discovery of two satellites revolving round the Georgian planet By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. Read at the Royal Society, Feb. 15, 1787Observations2017ocn040427935score19980.88Herschel, WilliamThe oboe concertos of Sir William Herschel20113ocn811240190file20030.74Herschel, WilliamSymphonies15414ocn083313645file17990.74Herschel, WilliamOn the power of penetrating into space by telescopes with a comparative determination of the extent of that power in natural vision, and in telescopes of various sizes and constructions; illustrated by select observations. By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactions15313ocn083313635file17950.74Herschel, WilliamOn the nature and construction of the sun and fixed stars By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactions15211ocn642252047file17860.74Herschel, WilliamInvestigation of the cause of that indistinctness of vision which has been ascribed to the smallness of the optic pencil. By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. Read at the Royal Society, June 22, 178615214ocn085868826file17860.70Herschel, WilliamCatalogue of one thousand new nebulæ and clusters of stars By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. Read at the Royal Society, April 27, 1786Catalogs14914ocn642455552file17980.74Herschel, WilliamOn the discovery of four additional satellites of the Georgium Sidus. the Retrograde motion of its old Satellites announced ; and the cause of their disappearance at certain distances from the Planet explained. By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical Transactions14812ocn084805526file17950.79Herschel, WilliamDescription of a forty-feet reflecting telescope By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From The philosophical transactions14613ocn642140396file17890.77Herschel, WilliamCatalogue of a second thousand of new nebul? and clusters of stars with a few introductory remarks on the construction of the heavens. By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactionsCatalogs14611ocn642230489file18000.74Herschel, WilliamExperiments on the solar and on the terrestrial rays that occasion heat ; with a comparative view of the laws to which light and heat, OR Rather The Rays Which Occasion Them, are subject, In Order To Determine Whether They Are The Same, OR Different. By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. Part ii. From the Philosophical transactions14510ocn642610963file17870.70Herschel, WilliamRemarks on the new comet. By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. Read at the Royal Society, Nov. 16, 178614410ocn083313619file17880.77Herschel, WilliamOn the Georgian planet and its satellites By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactions14310ocn083309778file17910.77Herschel, WilliamOn nebulous stars, properly so called By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactions14210ocn083313639file17960.79Herschel, WilliamOn the periodical star [alpha] Herculis with remarks tending to establish the rotatory motion of the stars on their axes. To which is added a second catalogue of the comparative brightness of the stars. By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactionsCatalogsCharts, diagrams, etc14110ocn083306575file17940.74Herschel, WilliamObservations of a quintuple belt on the planet Saturn also, an account of some particulars observed during the late eclipse of the sun: and also, on the rotation of the planet Saturn upon its axis. By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactions1418ocn083269288file17850.70Herschel, WilliamCatalogue of double stars By William Herschel ... Read at the Royal Society, December 9, 1784Catalogs1408ocn083402035file17840.70Herschel, WilliamAccount of some observations tending to investigate the construction of the heavens By William Herschel, Esq. F.R.S. Read at the Royal Society, June 17, 178414010ocn083306026file17930.77Herschel, WilliamObservations on the planet Venus By William Herschel, LL. D.F.R.S. From the Philosophical transactionsObservations12094ocn712044660file20110.37Hoskin, Michael ADiscoverers of the universe William and Caroline HerschelBiographyThis biography traces William and Caroline Herschel's many extraordinary contributions to astronomy, shedding new light on their productive but complicated relationship, and setting their scientific achievements in the context of their personal struggles, larger-than-life ambitions, bitter disappointments, and astonishing triumphs.--Book jacket+-+2763835596324103316ocn233787689book20080.23Holmes, RichardThe age of wonder : how the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of scienceHistoryBiographyThe Age of Wonder' is Richard Holmes' first major work of biography for a decade. It has been inspired by the scientific ferment that swept through Britain at the end of the 18th century, and which Holmes now radically redefines as 'the revolution of Romantic Science."+-+77049625558663ocn099812121book20070.26Clark, StuartThe sun kings : the unexpected tragedy of Richard Carrington and the tale of how modern astronomy beganHistoryBiographyRecounts the story behind English astronomer Richard Carrington's observations of a mysterious explosion on the surface of the sun and how his understanding that the sun's magnetism directly influences the Earth helped usher in the modern era of astronomy+-+251176641583211ocn000536557book19630.56Hoskin, Michael AWilliam Herschel and the construction of the heavensBiography5744ocn227016271book20090.21Lemonick, Michael DThe Georgian star : how William and Caroline Herschel revolutionized our understanding of the cosmosHistoryA tribute to the scientific contributions of Uranus planet discoverer William Herschel and his pioneering sister, Caroline, describes their establishment of surveying techniques that are still in use today, Caroline's cataloguing of nebulae, and William's discovery of infrared radiation+-+K9201584854825ocn000174519book19620.47Armitage, AWilliam HerschelBiographyIn this book Dr. Armitage retells the story of the life and work of William Herschel, the self-taught amateur astronomer who rose from obscurity to world-fame, almost literally in a night, and whose achievements opened a new era in astronomical optics. The author gives an outline of Herschel's life and deals in detail with his scientific achievements, including his invention of an improved more effective telescope4054ocn187014240file20070.63Mullaney, JamesThe Herschel objects and how to observe themHandbooks, manuals, etc"The Herschel Objects and How to Observe Them offers an exciting opportunity to retrace the footsteps of Sir William Herschel, discoverer of Uranus and arguably the greatest visual observer and celestial explorer that ever lived!" "Following a biography of Herschel's life and times, a look at his various handmade telescopes, an overview of his classification system, and techniques for viewing his discoveries, this practical observing guide then reviews the most impressive of his star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies." "More than 600 of the brighter Herschel objects are listed, and there are detailed visual descriptions and images of some 200 of the very best sights for viewing with backyard telescopes."--Jacket+-+39763123852835ocn010527970book19530.63Sidgwick, J. BWilliam Herschel, explorer of the heavensBiography2762ocn244352665book20100.06Sherman, JosephaUranusJuvenile works"Describes Uranus, including its history, its composition, and its role in the solar system"--Provided by publisher+-+53979961252722ocn000438676book19680.06Crawford, DeborahThe king's astronomer, William HerschelJuvenile worksBiographyA life of the musician and astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus and infrared radiation, and through his development of and work with the high powered telescope, proved that a star's brightness is not necessarily proof of its nearness27116ocn001907329book18950.74Clerke, Agnes MThe Herschels and modern astronomyHistoryBiography+-+47486535662234ocn859251410file20130.70Hoskin, Michael AWilliam and Caroline Herschel : pioneers in late 18th-century astronomyHistoryBiography"This beautifully structured book presents the essentials of William and Caroline Herschel's pioneering achievements in late 18th-century astronomy. Michael Hoskin shows that William Herschel was the first observational cosmologist and one of the first observers to attack the sidereal universe beyond the solar system: Herschel built instruments far better than any being used at the royal observatory. Aided by his sister Caroline, he commenced a great systematic survey that led to his discovery of Uranus in 1781. Unlike observers before him, whose telescopes did not reveal them as astronomical objects, Herschel did not ignore misty patches of light. Hoskins points out Herschel's achievement in surveying, cataloguing, and describing them as nebulae and even coming to the correct conclusion that their structure evolved over time, with Newton's gravity being the agent of change. Herschel s surveys established a new astronomy looking at the universe rather than the planets! Michael Hoskins account includes sketches and diagrams from Herschel's manuscripts in the Royal Astronomical Society Archives in which he attempts to delineate the structure of the Milky Way galaxy. While it is well-known that Herschel was a revolutionary in telescope design who constructed the world s largest telescopes, Hoskin also gives the full picture of the man as an entrepreneur who built and traded some 400 telescopes. Hoskin also pays close attention to the role of William's sister Caroline Herschel, who is usually portrayed as a helpmate to her brother. But in fact she became a significant astronomer in her own right"--Provided by publisher2185ocn003471517book19000.74Sime, JamesWilliam Herschel and his workBiography20211ocn003569850book18810.77Holden, Edward SSir William Herschel : his life and worksHistoryBiography+-+95908078961979ocn733061937file20100.12Holmes, RichardThe age of wonder how the romantic generation discovered the beauty and terror of scienceHistory"The Age of Wonder" explores the earliest ideas of deep time and space, and the explorers of "dynamic science": an infinite, mysterious Nature waiting to be discovered. Three lives dominate the book: William Herschel, his sister Caroline, and Humphry Davy+-+16896600961824ocn756767602book20120.82Hoskin, Michael AThe construction of the heavens : the cosmology of William HerschelHistoryBiography"William Herschel (1738-1822) was a musician and composer for the first half of his life, and astronomer to the King of Britain for the second half. Astronomers of the time might distinguish themselves either as makers of telescopes, or as observers, or as theoreticians. Herschel distinguished himself in all three. In November 1778, while a musician in the English spa resort of Bath, Herschel as an amateur observer ground and polished for his 7-ft reflector a mirror that was simply the finest anywhere; and using it he discovered the planet we know as Uranus. This won him the patronage of the King and with it the opportunity to give up music and dedicate himself to astronomy. With funding from the King he then built himself the biggest reflector ever seen, and he conducted a brisk trade in telescopes, the crowned heads of Europe competing to be allowed to buy a Herschel reflector"--1788ocn000726881book19330.74Lubbock, Constance AThe Herschel chronicle; the life-story of William Herschel and his sister, Caroline HerschelHistoryBiography1571ocn074029420book20070.10Venkatraman, PadmaDouble stars : the story of Caroline HerschelBiographyExamines the life of eighteenth-century English astronomer Caroline Herschel, discussing her early bout with typhus, and focusing on her work in astronomy during which she helped her brother William and made independent discoveries of her own+-+97950844061496ocn712644488book20110.77Bratton, MarkThe complete guide to the Herschel objects : Sir William Herschel's star clusters, nebulae, and galaxiesHandbooks, manuals, etc"Sir William Herschel's contributions to astronomy during the late eighteenth century are unrivalled. His lasting legacy is his dedicated all-sky survey of star clusters and nebulae, and these objects continue to be among the most studied in the night sky. This unique book provides a complete re-examination of Herschel's entire catalogue of non-stellar discoveries, making it the most accurate and up-to-date reference of its kind. Retrace the footsteps of one of history's greatest astronomers and explore every one of Herschel's landmark discoveries, including those considered to be lost or non-existent. Read detailed notes about each object's appearance and physical characteristics, and view hundreds of photos of the most intriguing Herschel objects, along with dozens of sketches of what is visible at the eyepiece. This superb book is a must-have for amateur astronomers seeking new and exciting observing challenges, and as the ultimate reference on the Herschel objects"--Provided by publisher+-+97431267053241152ocn014826789book18010.90Harrington, RobertSome experiments and observations on Sig. Volta's electrical pile, clearly elucidating all the phenomena; also observations on Dr. Herschel's paper, on light and heat, with other remarks+-+2511766415Thu Oct 16 15:38:11 EDT 2014batch46625