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Thu Oct 16 18:00:13 2014 UTClccn-n790893340.23Svält0.400.92Hamsun, Holl, Hamarøy : literature, Knut Hamsun : architecture, Steven Holl : landscape, Hamarøy, Nordland /59083692Knut_Hamsunn 79089334321707Chamsoun, KnoutChamsoun, Knout, 1859-1952Chamsun, KnutDon QvixoteEgoGamsunʺ, KnutʺGamsun Knut 1859-1952H?msun, Kan?tHāmcan̲, Naṭ 1859-1952Hams-un, Knut 1859-1952Hamsun, K. 1859-1952Hamsun, KanootHamsun, Ḳenuṭ 1859-1952Hāmsūn, Kinūt, 1859-1952Hamsun, KnutHāmsūn, Knūt, 1859-1952Hamsun, Knut (Pseud. de Knut Pedersen)Hamsun, Qnut.Hamsun, Qnuṭ, 1859-1952Hamsunas, Knutas 1859-1952Hamsund, KnutHamsund, Knut PedersenHamsund, Knut Pedersen 1859-1952Hamsuns, 1859-1952Hamsuns, K. (Knuts), 1859-1952Hamsuns, KnutsHamsuns, Knuts 1859-1952Hamusun, K.Han MushengHanmusheng, KeNaṭhāmcan̲ 1859-1952Padersen, Knut.Pedersen Hamsund, KnutPedersen, Knud.Pedersen, Knud 1859-1952Pedersen, Knut.Pedersen Knut 1859-1952Pedersens, Knuts, 1859-1952Thode, KnutThode, Knut 1859-1952W.T.W.T. 1859-1952Гамсун, К. (Кнут), 1859-1952Гамсун, Кнут, 1859-1952Гамсунъ, Кнутъ, 1859-1952Хамсун, Кнут, 1859-1952האמסון, קנוטהאמסון, קנוט 1859-1952המסון, קנוטהמסון, קנוט 1859־1952קנוט, המסוןكنوت هامسون، 1859-1952هامسون، کنوت، 1859-1952ハムスン, Kハムスン, クヌウト哈姆生lccn-no98108220Worster, W. J. Alexander(William John Alexander)1882-1929trllccn-n83153754Lyngstad, Sverrelccn-n87855658Sandmeier, Juliustrledtcrelccn-n87933152Gay-Tifft, Eugene1898-trllccn-n79039877Current, Richard Nelsonlccn-n90686998Chater, Arthur G.trllccn-n80073682Hamsun, Marieothlccn-n50023899Stallybrass, Olivertrllccn-n84125174Egerton, Georgetrllccn-no2010091661Sjølyst-Jackson, PeterHamsun, Knut1859-1952FictionDomestic fictionPsychological fictionBiographyShort storiesCriticism, interpretation, etcLove storiesNorwayHamsun, Knut,Authors, NorwegianUnited StatesHungerAuthorsStarvationUrban poorTravelCivilizationDepression, MentalGeniusPioneersFarmersNorway--OsloNorwegian fictionFictionIntellectual lifePublic opinion, NorwegianNobel PrizesManners and customsFamiliesFarm lifeGerman Occupation of Norway (1940-1945)NorwegiansSami (European people)CollaborationistsFishersWidowsPaintersPoverty--Psychological aspectsLove stories, NorwegianNovelists, NorwegianCaucasusHoll, StevenSuicideStrindberg, August,Ibsen, Henrik,Technology--Social aspectsNorway, NorthernWorld War (1939-1945)PovertyIndustries--Social aspectsHamsun, Marie,Nobel Prize winnersPolitical and social viewsLitterateursNorwegian dramaMinnesotaEnglish fiction185919521877187818881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144892321387837839.8236PT8950.H3ocn811448565ocn701838683ocn248537820ocn740929223ocn247767639ocn257237170ocn258518130ocn258049198ocn691936970ocn470947767ocn494717513ocn692003754ocn822852134ocn820655663ocn762660259ocn407008180ocn691937001ocn743003525ocn692002191ocn724564071ocn725584301ocn691933110ocn724436020ocn186621646ocn725438386ocn072426321ocn723781841ocn724633142ocn723339838ocn185384112ocn459747385ocn798601231ocn7985985563860258ocn000296344book18900.31Hamsun, KnutHungerFictionPsychological fictionIn a moment-by-moment internal monologue, the novel portrays the profound anguish of a struggling writer facing the possibility of death in a world indifferent to his existence+-+65046902263243678128ocn589235794book19170.33Hamsun, KnutGrowth of the soilFictionDomestic fictionAnnotation+-+68566902263241508110ocn000218490book19110.35Hamsun, KnutVictoria; a love storyFictionLove storiesIn nineteenth-century Norway, a poet falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy lord, but social pressures and class barriers stand in the way+-+2284858965149133ocn000155826book19270.33Hamsun, KnutMysteriesFiction"Mysteries is the story of Johan Nielson Nagel, a mysterious stranger who suddenly turns up in a small Norwegian town one summer - and just as suddenly disappears. Nagel is a complete outsider, a sort of modern Christ treated in a spirit of near parody. He condemns the politics and thought of the age, brings comfort to the "insulted and injured," and gains the love of two women suggestive of the biblical Mary and Martha. But there is a sinister side of him: in his vest he carries a vial of prussic acid."--BOOK JACKET+-+136136696592712ocn003845144book19280.37Hamsun, KnutThe women at the pumpFictionIn their gossiping at the pump the women express the poetry, the tawdriness and, above all, the sheer vitality of life in Hamsun's small coastal town. A birth (where did those brown eyes come from?); a marriage (shotgun?); a death in strange circumstances (the victim flattened by a barrel of whale oil); the up-and-down career of the town's leading citizen and philanderer; the elderly spinster's pregnancy; the sinking of the steamship that is the town's pride and joy. Above all, talk centres on the doings of Oliver Andersen and the large family that he and his wife contrive to create despi+-+031391037532490310ocn714642306file19360.35Hamsun, KnutThe ring is closedFictionFeaturing an iconoclastic hero who refuses to accept the standards of his society, this novel is one of the Nobel Prize–winner's greatest works. The only son of a miserly lighthouse-keeper and an alcoholic mother, Abel grows up in a remote Norwegian village then travels around the United States. Upon returning from America as a young man, Abel falls in love with his longtime acquaintance Olga, the pharmacist's daughter. Haunted by the secrets of his travels, however, Abel determines to live on the barest of necessities and pursue a life without desire or ambition. Available in the United States for the first time since the 1930s, this controversial novel features themes that are strikingly contemporary+-+331381037585730ocn001562625book19550.37Hamsun, KnutPan : from Lieutenant Thomas Glahn's papersFictionLove in the Norwegian woods. For other editions, see Author Catalog+-+4165509285847209ocn010194487book18940.37Hamsun, KnutPanFictionHamsun builds his story through the papers of his main character, Lieutenant Thomas Glahn. A complex man, Glahn has rejected society and turned to nature, delving into the recesses of his own psyche. The Lieutenant recounts his relationship with Edvara, who, by rejecting him, utterly destroys him. Hamsun's Pan is as beautiful as it is disturbing+-+655156769676312ocn005892737book19800.29Hamsun, KnutWayfarersFictionExposes life in a poor Norwegian fishing village from the Old days, in a realistic but also satirical way+-+625491037532473221ocn001230755book19320.30Hamsun, KnutThe wandererFictionThe Wanderer consists of two closely related novels, Under the Autumn Star and On Muted Strings, has been acclaimed as one of Hamsun's greatest works. The narrator, Knut Pedersen (Hamsun's real name), is a complicated character in search of the simple life, which he hopes to attain by wandering around the Norwegian countryside doing such work as he can find. His quest is continually frustrated, not least by his susceptibility to the wives and daughters of successive employers. In Under the Autumn Star he joins forces, first, with Grindhusen, a man bessed with the faith that ""something wi+-+42329103753245869ocn000078958book19690.59Hamsun, KnutThe cultural life of modern America57212ocn001846868book19210.39Hamsun, KnutDreamersFictionThe antics of Ove Rolandsen, telegraph operator and local Casanova in a fishing village in Norway. He serenades the curate's wife, fights a drunken giant, but taking on the town's fish-glue magnate is a more difficult matter. By the winner of the 1920 Nobel Prize for Literature+-+367867663551831ocn000602529book19000.53Hamsun, KnutVagabondsFiction50245ocn001138215book19300.59Hamsun, KnutAugustFictionRoman over het harde bestaan van Noorse vissers en kleine neringdoenden4722ocn000159427book19710.29Ernest Hemingway, Knut Hamsun, Hermann Hesse45845ocn002107026book19080.56Hamsun, KnutRosaFictionDomestic fictionA new translation of a Norwegian classic in which two men vie for the love of a woman. One suitor is a poor painter, the other a rich businessman. By a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature+-+K40886200643385ocn001197190book19000.63Hamsun, KnutBenoniFictionRoman fra et nordnorsk handelssted, Sirilund i 1870'erne om et almindeligt postbud, der ved stræben når frem til magt og indflydelse432148ocn016155876book19000.47Hamsun, KnutSegen der ErdeFiction40318ocn000748006book19140.59Hamsun, KnutShallow soilFictionThis is an electronic edition of the complete book complemented by author biography. This book features a table of contents linked to every chapter. The book was designed for optimal navigation on the Kindle, PDA, Smartphone, and other electronic readers. It is formatted to display on all electronic devices including the Kindle, Smartphones and other Mobile Devices with a small display+-+51515676963568ocn004479205book19340.50Hamsun, KnutThe road leads onFiction+-+185156769612355ocn056601377file20030.47Hamsun, KnutKnut Hamsun remembers America essays and stories, 1885-1949Annotation+-+31096717358507ocn705944517file20100.47Sjølyst-Jackson, PeterTroubling legacies migration, modernism, and fascism in the case of Knut HamsunCriticism, interpretation, etc'Troubling Legacies; analyses the heterogeneous and conflicted legacies of the enigmatic European writer Knut Hamsun. Moving through different phases of his life, this study emphasizes the dislocated nature of Hamsun's works and the diverse and conflicting responses his fiction elicited from such figures as Frank Kafka and Walter Benjamin+-+87302669963246886ocn015639443book19870.35Ferguson, RobertEnigma : the life of Knut HamsunBiography+-+88457092856665ocn778339780file20110.35Hamsun, MarieThe Nobel Novelist Knut Hamsun During the Nazi Occupation of Norway the Final Chapter That Was Omitted from Marie Hamsun's Autobiography of their Life togetherHistoryBiographyThis is Marie Hamsun's personal narrative from the years 1940-1952, i.e. from the invasion and occupation of Norway until the death of Knut Hamsun. She illuminates personal, psychological, and political facets of Knut Hamsun's character and traces the roots of his deep-seated Germanophilia and Anglophobia, respectively. Her insights are based on her forty-three-year marriage to the controversial Nobel Prize winning Norwegian writer and World War II Nazi collaborator. This edition is the first authorized English edition of Marie Hamsun's memoir, a work, which is indispensable to the understandi5292ocn001032724book19670.33Hamsun, KnutOn over-grown pathsBiography5162ocn009893938book19840.56Næss, Harald SKnut HamsunCriticism, interpretation, etc4094ocn263977351book20090.31Kolloen, Ingar SlettenKnut Hamsun : dreamer and dissenterBiography"Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun (1859 - 1952), winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1920, was a man both brilliant and controversial. Lauded for his literary achievements by Hemingway, Gide, Hesse, and others, he also provoked outrage for his open collaboration with the Fascists during the German occupation of Norway and for his insistent refusal to renounce his Nazi sympathies. This gripping biography of Hamsun, now available for the first time in English, offers a nuanced account of this morally ambiguous man. Drawing on Hamsuns extraordinary private archives and on his psychoanalysts notes, Ingar Sletten Kolloen delves deeply into Hamsuns personal life and character. In vivid and telling detail, he describes Hamsuns early years in a peasant farming family, his tempestuous and jealousy-racked second marriage, his erratic relationship with his children, and his infamous love affair with Nazi Germany, the roots of which Kolloen traces to Hamsuns earliest days. Much like the characters he created in novels such as Hunger, Growth of the Soil, Mysteries, and Pan, Hamsun was irrational, eccentric, strange, and compelling - a man uncomfortable in his own time" -- from book jacket+-+11087655853865ocn704275605file20090.66Žagar, MonikaKnut Hamsun the dark side of literary brillianceCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+40943404752947ocn068728082visu19960.24Troell, JanHamsunHistoryDramaThe shocking true story of Knut Hamsun, the Nobel Prize-winning author who stunned the world by siding with Hitler and the Nazis2937ocn001517635book19220.59Larsen, Hanna AstrupKnut HamsunBiography2102ocn025202985book19920.37Hamsun, KnutNight roamers and other storiesFiction2001ocn070126066visu20060.23SvältDramaFilm adaptationsSet in 1890, presents the realm of the starving writer living in a landscape of obsession. Pontus is a genius and madman, who will waste away before jeopardizing his talent, integrity, and soul1403ocn042690449book19680.63Hamsun, KnutOn overgrown pathsBiography+-+05604774361203ocn002990739book19220.82Wiehr, JosefKnut Hamsun : his personality and his outlook upon life1032ocn037757025book19970.35Hamsun, KnutTales of love and lossShort storiesThese 20 short stories are fascinating companions to Hamsun's classic novels and contain echoes of the greater works he would later write and for which he was ultimately awarded the Nobel Prize. Alive with humor, melancholy, tenderness, and lawlessness, as well as sparkling with psychological insights, these stories have never been published in the United States until now+-+K8388103751002ocn052687927book20030.53Hamsun, KnutIn wonderland"First published one hundred years ago, and now translated into English for the first time by noted Norwegian scholar Sverre Lyngstad, In Wonderland is a diaristic account of a trip Hamsun took to Russia at the turn of the century. This detailed travelogue is a rich and loving portrait of the people and culture of Russia, and is filled with the trademark style and keen observations of the author of such classics as Hunger, Mysteries, and Growth of the Soil. In Wonderland is unlike any other book written by Hamsun, and offers not only an intimate glimpse into the mind of the Nobel prize-winning author at his unguarded best, but also a rare view into a Russia that would soon vanish in the fire of revolution."--BOOK JACKET+-+0007685245968ocn013268516book19520.77Hamsun, ToreKnut HamsunBiography9012ocn005456350book19170.90Landquist, JohnKnut Hamsun, sein Leben und sein Werk. Autorisierte Übertragung aus dem schweidischen von Hienich Goebel Mit zehn BildernCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography832ocn004132494book19780.90Carlsson, AnniIbsen, Strindberg, Hamsun : Essays zur skandinav. LiteraturCriticism, interpretation, etc822ocn648103275book20100.92Hamsun, Holl, Hamarøy : literature, Knut Hamsun : architecture, Steven Holl : landscape, Hamarøy, NordlandCriticism, interpretation, etcSteven Holl has set up a documentation centre for the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun (1859 -1952) on Hamarøy, in northern Norway. This unconventional building reflects the author's no less unusual personality. The centre in the barren landscape of Hamarøy, where Hamsun lived and worked, the silence and solitude, challenge visitors to involve themselves with him and his work. The book records the connection between Hamsun, the architecture and the landscape. Photographer Iwan Baan relates the landscape and the building to each other, and historical documents illustrate Hamsun's contradictory life and influential work, et al. the novel Hunger (1890), with which Hamsun achieved his fame. In 1920 the poet was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature. With photographs by Iwan Baan+-+0967322858+-+6856690226324+-+6856690226324Thu Oct 16 15:43:18 EDT 2014batch136388