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Thu Oct 16 18:02:16 2014 UTClccn-n790895820.39A short history of English church music0.511.00The John Kirkpatrick papers,79201068Erik_Routleyn 79089582321952Routley, EricRoutley, Eric 1917-1982Routley, Erik Reginald 1917-1982lccn-sh85146135Wesley familylccn-n84095815Dakers, Lionellccn-n50003882Wesley, Charles1707-1788lyrlccn-n82033020Wesley, Samuel Sebastian1810-1876lccn-n81017340Wesley, Samuel1766-1837lccn-n79060434Wesley, John1703-1791lccn-nr92001864Wesley, Charles1757-1834lccn-n79147947Reformed Church in Americalccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n83155712Leaver, Robin A.edtRoutley, ErikCriticism, interpretation, etcDiscographyBiographyHymnsHistoryBibliographyChurch musicHymns, EnglishEnglandChurch music--Protestant churchesMusicHymnsMusic--Instruction and studyCarolsWesley familyHymn tunesMusic in churchesDissenters, ReligiousHymn writersWesley, Samuel,Wesley, Charles,Wesley, John,Wesley, Samuel Sebastian,Wesley, Charles,Reformed Church in AmericaTheology--Early churchChristian literature, EarlyTheologyRoutley, ErikComposersPsalms (Music)Tindall, AdrienneCarols, EnglishDissentersChurch music--Church of EnglandProtestant churchesPsalms (Music)--98th PsalmSacred vocal musicUnited StatesGelineau, JosephMusic--Religious aspectsMiller, Philip Lieson,Webster, Beveridge,Strickland, WilliamGriffis, ElliotBiggs, E. Power--(Edward Power),Schuller, GuntherMorris, Harold,Cage, JohnHeinsheimer, Hans W.,Jacobi, Frederick,Hume, Paul,Donato, AnthonyFinney, Ross Lee,Fuchs, JosephBoatwright, Howard1917198219441950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911993199419951996199720002003200420052006200720082009201018063242580783ML3000ocn051507178ocn658807268ocn500723877ocn658807283ocn658807237ocn658807290ocn658807246ocn842203767ocn781381345ocn015670596ocn051926973ocn023928206ocn885058630ocn885065998ocn051948490ocn186242879ocn056479483ocn059824653ocn056479457ocn713066871ocn724182495ocn059824653ocn056479457ocn462198148ocn311748753ocn006765007125429ocn000765916book19640.47Routley, ErikTwentieth century church musicHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDiscographyWith the aid of many musical illustrations, the author discusses church music, its recent developments, and the many composers of church music. Attention is given the current "pop" manifestations110914ocn000608801book19000.50Routley, ErikThe English carolCriticism, interpretation, etc106917ocn741690660file19770.39Routley, ErikA short history of English church musicHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcRanging from the medieval period to the present day, this is a brief history of church music as it has developed through the English tradition. Described as "a quick journey", it provides a broad historical survey rather than an in-depth study of the subject, and also predicts likely future trends+-+259921917532497211ocn000002421book19680.50Routley, ErikThe musical WesleysCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+899136283532485523ocn001287170book19500.56Routley, ErikThe church and music : an enquiry into the history, the nature, and the scope of Christian judgment on musicCriticism, interpretation, etc6635ocn000337850book19680.53Routley, ErikWords, music, and the church63717ocn002794805book19520.53Routley, ErikHymns and human lifeCriticism, interpretation, etc62115ocn000395171book19600.59Routley, ErikEnglish religious dissentHistoryReligious Dissent (which Dr Routley takes to include all free Church denominations) is as English an institution as the House of Commons. That it was not always so is well enough known; why it became so is not. The Dissenters have never been adept at public relations, and many who are ignorant of their faith regard them as an uncomely - though worthy - body of men. This historical portrait does not paint out their blemishes; but it does give attention to their virtues. The main purpose is to show the changing nature of Dissent and what it has dissented against. Dr Routley does not trace the history of each denomination: he is concerned rather with the overall pattern of non-conformity. However, he gives special attention to the early origins of Puritanism and he re-examines in detail the cultural and intellectual 'Dissent' of the Reformation, in which the English dissenting tradition has its roots+-+K4244567055979ocn001375910book19550.50Routley, ErikHymns and the faithCriticism, interpretation, etc58414ocn003944977book19590.56Routley, ErikChurch music and theology5818ocn005380992book19790.56Routley, ErikA panorama of Christian hymnodyCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+970844420657410ocn004883833book19780.53Routley, ErikChurch music and the Christian faithThe author is concerned with the intrinsicality of appropriate music in the Christian context5529ocn000757198book19670.53Routley, ErikMusic leadership in the church : a conversation chiefly with my American friends53812ocn000566887book19640.50Routley, ErikHymns today and tomorrowCriticism, interpretation, etc4835ocn005429179book19790.56Routley, ErikAn English-speaking hymnal guideCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyBibliography3887ocn009206131book19790.53Routley, ErikChristian hymns observed : when in our music God is glorifiedCriticism, interpretation, etc37410ocn000608902book19510.59Routley, ErikThe music of Christian hymnody; a study of the development of the hymn tune since the Reformation, with special reference to English ProtestantismCriticism, interpretation, etc3713ocn008103798book19810.53Routley, ErikThe music of Christian hymnsCriticism, interpretation, etc3575ocn012346598score19850.53Routley, ErikRejoice in the Lord : a hymn companion to the ScripturesHymns+-+64554375353417ocn002862027book19570.50Routley, ErikThe wisdom of the FathersHistory871ocn037834561book19970.53Encounter with Erik RoutleyCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondence321ocn021149323book19900.53Routley, ErikOur lives be praise : the hymn tunes, carols, and texts of Erik Routley+-+407791164521ocn013950316mix19800.47Pottie, Charles SThe theological meaning of music in Christian worship : two views, Joseph Gelineau and Erik Routley21ocn032648557score19930.47Ferguson, John AllenNew songs of celebration render = Rendez á Dieu : for S.A.T.B. voices, hand drum and soprano recorder (or C instrument)Musical settings11ocn702150415mix1.00Kirkpatrick, JohnThe John Kirkpatrick papersThe John Kirkpatrick Papers document the life and career of American pianist John Kirkpatrick through his correspondence with composers, performers, music educators, and family members. The Papers also hold an extensive collection of music, including sketches, manuscripts, and published versions of Kirkpatrick's many editions of music by composers such as Charles Ives and Carl Ruggles. Kirkpatrick's life and work are further documented with photographs, programs, reviews, writings, teaching materials, and miscellaneous items11ocn603676841visu19820.47Our new hymn book don't panic!HymnsFeatures a talk given on October 6, 1982 at the New Brunswick (N.J.) Theological Seminary by noted hymnologist Dr. Erik Routley on the subject of the new hymnal of the Reformed Church in America, titled "Rejoice in the Lord." Routley was a faculty member at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, N.J11ocn031049416book19940.47Studies in the writings of Erik Routley : a collection of papers prepared at the School of Church Music, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in partial fulfillment of the requirement for 89100Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn059824664book19880.47Howe, Mark A. DeWThe praise of grace abounding : the hymns and hymnology of Erik Routley, 1917-1982Biography+-+6455437535+-+6455437535Thu Oct 16 16:03:58 EDT 2014batch25023