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Thu Oct 16 17:50:48 2014 UTClccn-n790900700.63Little memoirs of the nineteenth century0.860.95Une irlandaise libérale en France sous la restauration: Lady Morgan, 1775-1859107533016Sydney,_Lady_Morgann 79090070322435Lady Morgan.Lady Morgan 1783-1859Morga, Lady SydneyMorgan.Morgan 1783-1859 LadyMorgan ca. 1776-1859 LadyMorgan, LadyMorgan Lady 1783-1859Morgan, Lady, ca. 1776-1859Morgan, Sidney 1783-1859Morgan, Sydney 1783-1859Morgan, Sydney 1783-1859 LadyMorgan, Sydney ca. 1776-1859Morgan, Sydney, Lady, 1783-1859Morgan, Sydney O.Morgan, Sydney O. 1783-1859Morgan, Sydney Owenson.Morgan Sydney Owenson 1783-1859Morgan, Sydney Owenson 1783?-1859 LadyMorgan, Sydney Owenson Lady 1783-1859Morgan, Thomas C. 1783-1859 LadyMorgan, Thomas C. Lady 1783-1859Morgan, Thomas CharlesO. SO, S. 1783-1859O. S. [a]O., S. Sydney Owenson), 1783-1859Owens, Miss.Owenson 1783-1859 MissOwenson ca. 1776-1859 MissOwenson, Miss.Owenson, Miss, 1783-1859Owenson, Miss, ca. 1776-1859Owenson Miss S. 1783-1859Owenson, Miss (Sydney), 1783-1859Owenson Morgan, Sydney.Owenson Morgan, Sydney 1783-1859Owenson Morgan, Sydney 1783-1859 LadyOwenson Morgan, Sydney, Lady, 1783-1859Owenson, S.Owenson, S. 1783-1859Owenson, S. (Sydney), 1783-1859Owenson, Sidney.Owenson, Sidney 1783-1859Owenson, Sydney.Owenson Sydney 1783-1859Owenson, Sydney 1783-1859 LadyOwenson, Sydney ca. 1776-1859Owenson, Sydney, Lady, 1783-1859S. OS.O 1783-1859S. O. [a].S.O. (Sydney Owenson), 1783-1859SO 1783-1859SO (Sydney Owenson), 1783-1859lccn-n88108570Morgan, Thomas CharlesSir1783-1843edtlccn-n50034039Haydon, Benjamin Robert1786-1846lccn-n50013892Paston, George-1936lccn-n80056889Stanhope, HesterLady1776-1839lccn-n82113974Willis, Nathaniel Parker1806-1867lccn-n50029228Howitt, William1792-1879lccn-n50029222Howitt, Mary Botham1799-1888lccn-n82017580Pückler-Muskau, HermannFürst von1785-1871lccn-n96054241Abbate Badin, Donatellaedtlccn-nb2011008264Campbell, Mary1917-MorganLady(Sydney)1783-1859FictionHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondenceDomestic fictionDiariesPoetryMorgan,--Lady--(Sydney),IrelandManners and customsFranceTravelLiteraturePrincessesCeltsBritishItalyWomen and literatureWomenAuthors, IrishHaydon, Benjamin Robert,Howitt, Mary Botham,Howitt, William,Stanhope, Hester,--Lady,Willis, Nathaniel Parker,Pückler-Muskau, Hermann,--Fürst von,Great BritainEnglish fiction--Women authorsTravelers' writings, EnglishIndiaRosa, Salvatore,English fictionMissionariesEnglish literaturePortugueseWomen prophetsAbsentee landlordismIreland--ConnachtRomanticismBiographyWomen authorsEnglandFeminism and literatureEnglish fiction--Irish authorsPolitical fiction, EnglishPolitics and literatureLiterature and historyEdgeworth, Maria,Hamilton, Elizabeth,Women in the BibleJewish womenSatire, EnglishCivilizationPolitical scienceAuthors, EnglishNovelistsWomen--Social conditions1783185918001801180318041805180618071808180918101811181218131814181518161817181818191820182118221823182418251826182718281829183018311832183318341835183618371838183918401841184218441845184618481850185118521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318651867187218791882188318931895189619021924193019361954195919691971197519761978197919801981198319851986198719881989199019911992199419951996199819992000200220032005200620072008200920102011201220132014130386121665823.7PR5059.M3ocn846683540ocn846680127ocn846756456ocn846756453ocn846679795ocn846679794ocn466275462ocn458201702ocn458201697ocn076835859ocn785433604ocn839900988ocn839901014ocn842261699ocn6698914391596118ocn012971381book18000.86MorganThe wild Irish girlHistoryFiction"When Horatio, the son of an English lord, is banished to his father's Irish estate as punishment for his dissipated ways, he goes off in search of adventure. On the wild west coast of Connaught he finds remnants of a romantic Gaelic past--a dilapidated castle, a Catholic priest, a deposed king, and the king's lovely daughter, Glorvina. In this setting and among these characters Horatio learns the history, culture, and language of a country he had once scorned, but he must do so in disguise, for his own Enlgish ancestors are responsible for the ruin of the Gaelic family he comes to love." -- back cover+-+783783746561249ocn065250465book18170.90MorganFranceFirst edition of Lady Morgan's detailed account of French society and culture written during her 1816 residence. The work contains chapters on the peasantry, society, Paris, the theatre, literary figures and four appendices on law, medicine, finance and political opinion written by her husband, Thomas Charles Morgan. c/f Goldsmith53737ocn050511008book18110.88MorganThe missionary : an Indian taleHistoryFiction"Set in seventeenth-century India, The Missionary focuses on the relationship between Hilarion, a Portuguese missionary to India, and Luxima, an Indian prophetess. Both are aristocratic, devoted to their religions, bound by vows of chastity, and begin the novel biased against other cultures+-+481766600644143ocn539262661book18270.88MorganThe O'Briens and the O'Flahertys a national tale.FictionDomestic fiction43528ocn001420763book18400.86MorganWoman and her masterHistoryBiography42046ocn830963066book18180.93MorganFlorence Macarthy an Irish taleFiction41224ocn654874062book18000.93MorganWoman: or Ida of AthensFiction37336ocn652370566book18140.93MorganO'Donnel a national taleFiction+-+088974459634629ocn015568161book18070.93MorganThe lay of an Irish harp, or, Metrical fragmentsPoetry33229ocn065248186book18210.90MorganItalyHistory+-+398578069531626ocn830979203book18030.92MorganSt. Clair, or, The heiress of Desmond30317ocn656801958book18300.88MorganFrance in 1829-30History29229ocn655657352book18060.93MorganThe novice of Saint Dominick26527ocn830986454book18330.92MorganDramatic scenes from real lifeFiction24418ocn003687935book18240.86MorganThe life and times of Salvator Rosa2069ocn065258697file18250.88MorganAbsenteeism17821ocn015567749book18070.94MorganPatriotic sketches of Ireland, written in Connaught1235ocn065241930file18190.86Playfair, WilliamFrance as it is, not Lady Morgan's France In two volumesHistory1168ocn276911161file18220.86MorganThe Mohawks a satirical poem with notes11220ocn003959070book18350.92MorganThe princess; or, The BeguineFiction38510ocn000024538book18930.63Paston, GeorgeLittle memoirs of the nineteenth centuryBiography3526ocn609225466book18590.88MorganPassages from my autobiographyBiography2974ocn213305792file20070.70Abbate Badin, DonatellaLady Morgan's Italy Anglo-Irish sensibilities and Italian realitiesCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+235196884626713ocn057607902book18620.84MorganLady Morgan's memoirs autobiography, diaries and correspondenceBiographyDiariesRecords and correspondence+-+83833239052593ocn016753896book19880.63Campbell, MaryLady Morgan : the life and times of Sydney OwensonHistoryBiography+-+08573081353242513ocn191932704file20070.63Bélanger, JacquelineCritical receptions Sydney Owenson, Lady MorganCriticism, interpretation, etc"This volume of the Irish Critical Receptions Series traces the development of the literary reputation of Sydney Owenson (Lady Morgan) and the contemporary reception history of her writings. One of the most widely reviewed and commercially successful authors of her time, until recently Owenson's literary reputation was largely eclipsed by her contemporaries Maria Edgeworth and Walter Scott. It has only been in the later decades of the twentieth century that scholars have begun to re-examine Owenson as a pivotal figure in post-Union Irish literature and culture. In this work, Owenson is situated firmly in the context of her role in the development of the Irish 'national tale' and in terms of her often overlooked contribution to the genre of the Romantic-era novel. The critical material included in this volume will provide scholars with a more complete historical context in which to understand how Owenson's career and personal life served as touchstones for cultural debates surrounding gender, nationality, and authorship. Her career in Italy as a travel writer and commentator is also discussed at length."--Publisher's website+-+92165458462342ocn020827698book19900.86Newcomer, JamesLady Morgan the novelistHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc2095ocn000010665book19360.77Stevenson, LionelThe wild Irish girl : the life of Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan (1776-1859)HistoryBiography1643ocn015565632book18240.90Canonici Fachini, GinevraProspetto biografico delle donne italiane rinomate in letteratura dal secolo decimoquarto fino a'giorni nostri di Ginevra Canonici Fachini con una risposta a Lady Morgan risguardante alcune accuse da lei date alle donne italiane nella sua opera l'ItalieBio-bibliographyBiography1384ocn830978091file18290.90MorganThe book of the boudoirBiography1342ocn276406199book20090.90Egenolf, Susan BThe art of political fiction in Hamilton, Edgeworth, and OwensonHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4857119025892ocn000148582book19710.84MorganLady Morgan in France753ocn005249948book19540.95Moraud, Marcel IanUne irlandaise libérale en France sous la restauration: Lady Morgan, 1775-1859653ocn213443690book20090.93Donovan, JulieSydney Owenson, Lady Morgan and the politics of styleCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8001968846324474ocn004894536book18600.93Fitz-Patrick, William JLady Morgan; her career, literary and personalBiography442ocn012644202book19830.93Schoner, UrsulaLady Morgans Irlandromane als Spiegel des angloirischen Identitätsproblems im Zeitalter O'ConnellsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc422ocn003112672book18300.88MorganFrance in 1829-30History384ocn011135246book18590.90Fitz-Patrick, William JThe friends, foes and adventures of Lady Morgan284ocn699940228book20100.82Franklin, CarolineThe female romantics : nineteenth-century women novelists and ByronismHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"The nineteenth century is sometimes seen as a lacuna between two literary periods. In terms of women's writing, however, the era between the death of Mary Wollstonecraft and the 1860s feminist movement produced a coherent body of major works, impelled by an ongoing dialogue between Enlightenment 'feminism' and late Romanticism. This study focuses on the dynamic interaction between Lord Byron and Madame de Staël, Lady Morgan, Mary Shelley and Jane Austen, challenging previous critics' segregation of the male Romantic writers from their female peers. The Romantic movement in general unleashed the creative ambitions of nineteenth-century female novelists, and the public voice of Byron in particular engaged them in transnational issues of political, national and sexual freedom. Byronism had itself been shaped by the poet's incursion onto a literary scene where women readers were dominant and formidable intellectuals such as Madame de Staël were lionized. Byron engaged in rivalrous dialogue with the novels of his female friends and contemporaries, such as Caroline Lamb, Mary Shelley and Jane Austen, whose critiques of Romantic egotism helped prompt his own self-parody in Don Juan. Later Victorian novelists, such as George Sand, the Brontë sisters and Harriet Beecher Stowe, wove their rejection of their childhood attraction to Byronism, and their dawning awareness of the significance for women of Lady Byron's actions, into the feminist fabric of their art."--Publisher description182ocn023430641book18180.94Dupin, CharlesLettre a my lady Morgan sur Racine et Shakespeare+-+4817666006+-+4817666006Thu Oct 16 15:18:20 EDT 2014batch47436