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Fri Mar 21 17:04:20 2014 UTClccn-n790945430.00Papers, 1958-19870.361.00Stop ERA video13448129Phyllis_Schlaflyn 79094543326793McAlpin Stewart Schlafly, Phyllis, 1924-Stewart Schlafly, Phyllis, 1924-lccn-n79102779Ward, Chester Charleslccn-n80124139Felsenthal, Carollccn-n80067040Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )lccn-n84217356Critchlow, Donald T.1948-lccn-n79018911Kissinger, Henry1923-lccn-n82048664Wallace, George C.(George Corley)1919-1998lccn-n79091232Glenn, John1921-lccn-n79103680Fonda, Jane1937-lccn-n79055215Carroll, Peter N.lccn-n2012036383Neumayr, GeorgeSchlafly, PhyllisHistoryConference proceedingsDocumentary television programsNonfiction television programsDocumentary filmsNonfiction filmsUnited StatesSchlafly, PhyllisWomen's rightsFeminismPolitical scienceWomen--Political activityConservatismAnti-feminismSocial reformersWomen--Social conditionsWomen--PsychologyRepublican Party (U.S. : 1854- )Political activistsWomen political activistsConservativesSex roleMilitary readinessInternational relationsGlenn, John,Fonda, Jane,Wallace, George C.--(George Corley),Presidents--ElectionJudge-made lawPolitical questions and judicial powerJudgesPolitical and social viewsReligion and politicsReligionObama, BarackWomen conservativesPay equitySoviet UnionMilitary policyLiberalismEducation--Curricula--Psychological aspectsPsychological child abuseEducation and statePublic schoolsSex instruction for children--Psychological aspectsWomen political candidatesChild care services--Government policyDay care centers--Government policyChild care--Government policyChild carePolitical cultureSexism in political culturePolitical participationPolitical participation--Sex differencesWorld politicsPornography--Social aspects1924196019611964196519661967196819701972197319741975197619771978197919811982198319841985198619871989199019911992199319941995199619971999200020012003200420052006200820102011201220139079186286305.42HQ1426ocn001123761ocn037230717ocn246348195ocn855926988ocn085018161ocn0363427757877ocn002875046book19770.28Schlafly, PhyllisThe power of the positive woman6653ocn051559941book20030.25Schlafly, PhyllisFeminist fantasiesEssays written during the 1980s and 1990s argue that most women have no need or desire to work outside the home, and to do so damages the security of both the economy and family life+-+01917154366273ocn001056882book19740.31Schlafly, PhyllisKissinger on the couch50712ocn002699902book19640.56Schlafly, PhyllisA choice not an echoHistoryA history of the selection of Republican Party presidential candidates between 1936 and 19644202ocn056044460book20040.27Schlafly, PhyllisThe supremacists : the tyranny of judges and how to stop itArgues that the supreme power of judges over political, social, and economic policy is one of the greatest threats to American democracy in the twenty-first century, revealing how judges have used their own power as a way to overturn the Constitution and the rights it guarantees American citizens+-+90017154364144ocn794624803book20120.18Schlafly, PhyllisNo higher power : Obama's war on religious freedomHistoryChronicles transgressions the authors claim Barack Obama has made as president against religious freedoms, addressing such topics as the Defense of Marriage Act, the abortion debate, and military chaplains3276ocn011583624book19840.27Child abuse in the classroom : excerpts from official transcript of proceedings before the U.S. Department of Education in the matter of proposed regulations to implement the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, section 439 of the GEPA, also known as the Hatch AmendmentExcerpts from Official Transcript of Proceedings before the U. S. Department of Education In the Matter of: Proposed regulations to implement the protection of pupil rights amendment, section 439 of the GEPA, also known as the Hatch Amendment3255ocn690083972book20110.19Venker, SuzanneThe flipside of feminism : what conservative women know--and men can't sayArgues that the feminist movement has been harmful to women and society and that traditional roles will benefit everyone+-+52762508463033ocn010941795book19840.70Conference on Comparable WorthEqual pay for unequal work : a conference on comparable worth : with 19 speakers, Washington, D.C., October 17-18, 1983Conference proceedings30011ocn001627435book19650.56Schlafly, PhyllisStrike from space; how the Russians may destroy us2463ocn000644538book19640.56Schlafly, PhyllisThe gravediggers2001ocn000579365book19720.53Vecsey, JosefMindszenty the man1984ocn063818168visu20050.66Running in high heelsHistoryNonfiction filmsNonfiction television programsDocumentary television programsDocumentary films"Follows the political campaign of Emily [Csendes], an engaging but inexperienced 29 year-old woman, as it posits the question: Should women vote for women, regardless of politics? Interwoven with Emily's story are a chorus of powerful women from the left and right of American politics, from comically conservative old-timer Phyllis Schlafly to Rosalind Wiseman, whose books begat the movie 'Mean girls'" -- Container1543ocn020341366book19890.39Who will rock the cradle? : the battle for control of child care in AmericaPrompted by their concern for the American family, 18 noted scholars and professionals probe the child care question and look carefully at the social implications, tax and economic considerations, and cultural ideologies of a nation trying to decide who should raise its kids. While it is still unclear to what length America is prepared to go to support child care, these authors are already forcing tomorrow's questions to the forefront: What is really best for our children? Have we really thought through the consequences of a national child care system? And, if we have, who should benefit and who should pay the bill? Who Will Rock the Cradle is a well-documented look at the facts, fallacies, and options of child care in America today. - Back cover+-+83468449351342ocn000183688book19670.76Schlafly, PhyllisSafe--not sorry1281ocn007460722book19810.37Schlafly, PhyllisThe power of the Christian woman1132ocn000042847book19680.66Schlafly, PhyllisThe betrayers1014ocn015650296book19870.50Schlafly, PhyllisPornography's victims906ocn071817341file20050.13Schlafly, PhyllisFeminist fantasiesPhyllis Schlafly was one of the first to recognize that radical feminism, like other destructive ideologies, is at odds with human nature. As the rest of the intellectual elite fell compliantly into line, Schlafly courageously took up the fight for the right to be a woman. Feminist Fantasies is the inspiring story of that fight. In these dispatches from the battlefront, Schlafly exposes the delusions and hypocrisy behind a movement that has cheated millions of women out of their happiness, health, and security. Like communism, feminism has been a catastrophe for the people it was meant to help. Schlafly opens with a demonstration of its failure in every aspect of women's lives. Next, she dissects the feminist agenda policy by policy, from "comparable worth" to the attack on reason. Finally, she returns to the heart of most women's lives, marriage and motherhood, where feminism has inflicted the deepest pain+-+3417061325324783ocn002568721book19760.66Schlafly, PhyllisAmbush at Vladivostok10182ocn006791117book19810.25Felsenthal, CarolThe sweetheart of the silent majority : the biography of Phyllis SchlaflyBiography8343ocn056982287book20050.35Critchlow, Donald TPhyllis Schlafly and grassroots conservatism : a woman's crusadeBiography"Longtime activist, author, and antifeminist leader Phyllis Schlafly is for many the symbol of the conservative movement in America. In this new book, historian Donald T. Critchlow sheds new light on Schlafly's life and on the underappreciated role her grassroots activism played in transforming America's political landscape." "Based on exclusive and unrestricted access to Schlafly's papers as well as sixty other archival collections, the book reveals for the first time the inside story of this Missouri-born mother of six who became one of the most controversial forces in modern political history. It takes us from Schlafly's political beginnings in the Republican Right after World War II through her years as an anticommunist crusader to her more recent efforts to thwart same-sex marriage and stem the flow of illegal immigrants." "Schlafly's political career took off after her book A Choice Not an Echo helped secure Barry Goldwater's nomination. With sales of more than 3 million copies, the book established her as a national voice within the conservative movement. But it was Schlafly's bid to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment that gained her a grassroots following. Her anti-ERA crusade attracted hundreds of thousands of women into the conservative fold and earned her a name as feminism's most ardent opponent. In the 1970s, Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum, a Washington-based conservative policy organization that today claims a membership of 50,000 women."--BOOK JACKET+-+97552564154752ocn012106692book19850.21Carroll, Peter NFamous in America : the passion to succeed : Jane Fonda, George Wallace, Phyllis Schlafly, John GlennBiography951ocn008801272book19820.31Felsenthal, CarolThe biography of Phyllis Schlafly : the sweetheart of the silent majority141ocn132704986book20060.96Põldsaar, RailiCritical discourse analysis of anti-feminist rhetoric as a catalyst in the emergence of the conservative universe of discourse in the United States in the 1970s-1980sHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc83ocn010438143book19730.95Sims, Bobby JoeThe American right-wing : a case study of the political role and ideas of Phyllis Schafly51ocn048234345visu20000.86Revelations exposing the radical rightPresents a feminist perspective on the convergence of right-wing political, religious and economic forces in the United States from the 1970s to the present. Looks at political strategists such as Richard Viguerie, Paul Weyrich, Phyllis Schlafly and Ralph Reed, conservative funders Joseph Coors and Richard Mellon Scaife, and religious leaders like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson and Bill McCartney53ocn038199125book19960.66Tillson, Patricia AThe defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment : a propaganda analysis of Phyllis Schlafly's STOP ERA campaignHistory42ocn611363905com0.18Phyllis Schlafly : (1924-)Criticism, interpretation, etc33ocn835082913visu19841.00Schlafly, PhyllisStop ERA videoA video produced to dissuade Iowa voters from passing the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). Schlafly links feminism and the ERA movement with abortion rights and gay/lesbian rights issues and makes the case that the ERA will threaten traditional values and undermine American society22ocn244271793book19820.47O'Neill, Petra JPhyllis Schlafly: the sweetheart of the vocal minority21ocn021187586serial1.00[Minutewomen of Florida, Inc. : newsletter]Periodicals21ocn054752203rcrd19780.47Schlafly, PhyllisPhyllis Schlafly pure joy21ocn028409983mix1.00Anderson, TomPeriodicalsRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence (ca. 20,000 letters); writings and speeches by Anderson and others; American Party files, including campaign material for George Wallace and Anderson's candidacy for vice-president in 1972 and president in 1976; subject files; accounts of trips to Northern Europe and the Soviet Union in 1959 with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson; editorial policies, financial statements, and sample issues of farm publications; and audiovisual materials, including tapes of John Birch Society meetings and American Party conventions, motion pictures, and phonograph records. Correspondents include T. Coleman Andrews, Howard H. Baker, Ezra Taft Benson, William F. Buckley, Willis A. Carto, Kent Courtney, Harry T. Everingham, J. Evetts Haley, Jonathan Kirby, Douglas C. Morse, John H. Rousselot, Phyllis Schlafly, Robert B. Snowden, Willis E. Stone, George Wallace, Robert Welch, and Glenn O. Young11ocn750273556rcrd2011Deuchler, SuzanneAn interview with Suzanne DeuchlerInterviewsOral historiesAn interview of Suzanne Deuchler conducted by Mark R. DePue for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library12ocn232008858book1.00Friedan, BettyHistoryConference proceedingsCollection includes personal and professional correspondence, photographs, clippings by and about Friedan, drafts of The Second Stage (1981) and The Fountain of Age (1993), revisions for the 20th anniversary edition of The Feminine Mystique (1983) and It Changed My Life (1985), speeches, lectures, teaching material, research notes, and records from Friedan's involvement with a number of organizations. Also included are audio and videotapes11ocn849528202mix1.00Schuyler, George SGeorge S. Schuyler PapersBiographyArchivesSourcesCorrespondents include Erskine Caldwell, Malcolm Cowley, Nancy Cunard, W.E.B. Du Bois, Amelia Earhart, Ralph Ellison, James Farmer, Eric Hoffer, H.L. Mencken, Alice Dunbar Nelson, Jackie Robinson, Philippa Schuyler, Josephine Schuyler, Phyllis Schafly, Lillian Smith, Carl Van Vechten, Robert Welch, Nathaniel Weyl, Roy Wilkins, and Whitney M. Young11ocn154691229mix1.00Adamson, Lee JRecords and correspondenceChiefly correspondence (1954-1969; bulk 1960-1967), concerning national and international issues and conservative and anti-Communist individuals and activities; together with articles, essays, and editorials by Adamson, mostly on political subjects but including writings on accounting, and subject files. Correspondents include Bryton Barron, Pedro A. del Valle, William E. Fort, Jr., Suzanne Labin, Phyllis Schlafly, Robert Welch, Church League of America, John Birch Society, and Mothers' Crusade for Victory over Communism11ocn019412364mix1.00Citizens for Schlafly CommitteeEphemeral materialsIncludes a letter11ocn173700286mixRollin, BettyBiography+-+0191715436+-+0191715436Fri Mar 21 15:45:18 EDT 2014batch27954