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Fri Mar 21 17:09:24 2014 UTClccn-n790990660.23American masters0.450.84Cézanne/Pissarro, Johns/Rauschenberg : comparative studies on intersubjectivity in modern art /29544362Robert_Rauschenbergn 79099066331214Rauschenberg, Bob, 1925-2008Rauschenberg, Milton ErnestRauschenberg, Milton Ernest, 1925-2008Rauschenberg, Milton Ernest 1925-2008 Wirklicher NameRauschenberg, RobertRauschenberg, Robert Milton ErnestRauschenberg, Robert Milton Ernest, 1925-2008Robert Rauschenbergラウシェンバーグロウシェンバーグlccn-n80005155Tomkins, Calvin1925-ivelccn-n50038923Johns, Jasper1930-dsrartegrlccn-n50032828Cage, Johniveprfartmusillcmplccn-n80131392Kotz, Mary Lynnlccn-no00097792Joseph, Branden Waynelccn-n83149905De Kooning, Willem1904-lccn-n50023482Steinberg, Leo1920-2011lccn-n50011850Tinguely, Jean1925-1991lccn-n83047112Cunningham, Merceiveprfdncauichrspklccn-n80057220Duchamp, Marcel1887-1968Rauschenberg, Robert1925-2008Exhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyInterviewsCatalogsHistoryCase studiesAnecdotesJuvenile worksArtRauschenberg, Robert,United StatesArtistsArt, AmericanPainting, AmericanDuchamp, Marcel,PaintersCage, JohnCunningham, MerceAbstract expressionismArt, ModernBride stripped bare by her bachelors, even (Duchamp, Marcel)Johns, Jasper,New York (State)--New YorkPhotography, ArtisticPainting, ModernArtistic collaborationAssemblage (Art)Tinguely, Jean,FriendshipModernism (Art)ChoreographersRauschenberg Overseas Culture InterchangeArt--Private collectionsAvant-garde (Aesthetics)ArtComposersModern danceDancersSteinberg, Leo,Cornell, JosephGeldzahler, HenryNineteen sixtiesArt and technologyArts--Experimental methodsPrintmakersAustraliaTyler Graphics LtdArt museum curatorsArt--Social aspectsMetropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)Prints, AmericanTyler, Kenneth EFrankenthaler, Helen,Motherwell, RobertLichtenstein, Roy,Stella, FrankAlbers, JosefHockney, DavidModernism (Art)--Influence1925200819571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320143231012791987709.2N6537.R27ocn472492200ocn313142251ocn180414034ocn246649065ocn311969372ocn614251655ocn311423405ocn312971815ocn315022908ocn311587421ocn701520709ocn701730993ocn701730991ocn701730995ocn053465587ocn057705701ocn701727399ocn691861162ocn060358324ocn086111849ocn154715318ocn079637516ocn442946396ocn691528378ocn083352139ocn083126272ocn079461342ocn767481723ocn840075208ocn799773204ocn800124753ocn186323826ocn799329005ocn797342500ocn440564501ocn446806005ocn452788437ocn690841454ocn797675853ocn154715318ocn721973853ocn723803807ocn072024951ocn079419140ocn085042895ocn085042906ocn079419158ocn086108363ocn079431377ocn144684526ocn124067922ocn079431554ocn085038290ocn701730993ocn613205828ocn701730991ocn701730995ocn057705701ocn701727399ocn866829670ocn701727403ocn057705695ocn691916555ocn845620100ocn578826998ocn462387768ocn762403461ocn464140165ocn701730993ocn701730991ocn701730995ocn701727399ocn701727403ocn701731297ocn185891614ocn691592784ocn442907005ocn032138194ocn442907005ocn858155649ocn795405569ocn866829670ocn691429431ocn691429444ocn405571424ocn078503930ocn693149774ocn867569614ocn862301684ocn745532807ocn753586534ocn079450563ocn76175100613733ocn052376338com20020.39Robert RauschenbergCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+2145567175104418ocn002968146book19760.50National Collection of Fine Arts (U.S.)Robert RauschenbergCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksExhibition catalogs+-+95321456358546ocn050868265book20030.39Mattison, Robert SaltonstallRobert Rauschenberg : breaking boundariesCriticism, interpretation, etc"Robert Rauschenberg is one of the most prolific and best-known artists of the post-war period, whose work, ranging across a number of disciplines, has influenced avant-garde art since the 1950s. Rauschenberg has allowed Robert Mattison into his studio to observe the artist at work and this resulting book examines selected projects in depth so that the meaning of his art, his working procedures, and the reasons behind his various artistic choices may be better understood." "The book covers the influence of urbanism on Rauschenberg's Combine paintings of the 1950s and explores his involvement with the "space race" during the 1960s and 1970s, relating his works to popular culture and demonstrating the development of his ideas about the peaceful exploration of space. Mattison examines Rauschenberg's extensive involvement in the performing arts, tracing his connections to avant-garde dance in America, addressing his own performances, and focusing on his work with the well-known choreographer Trisha Brown. The final chapter examines Rauschenberg's most extensive artistic undertaking, the Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange (ROCI). One venue of this seven-year and eleven-country project was Chile, which Rauschenberg visited while the country was under the rule of dictator Augusto Pinochet. The author shows how in dangerous political circumstances Rauschenberg was able to execute and exhibit works critical of the government." "Lavishly illustrated with Rauschenberg's works and photographs of the artist in performance and in the studio, the mixture of the visual arts, politics, technology, dance, and urban theory - among other issues - covered in this study recommends it to a wide audience and speaks to the multidisciplinary scholarship of our era."--Jacket+-+768445558577412ocn035258436visu19720.32De Antonio, EmilePainters paintingHistoryInterviewsEmile de Antonio was a close friend to many New York painters long before the art world thrust them into international prominence. De Antonio filmed and interviewed the painters informally in their studios. Artists interviewed include Willem de Kooning, Andy Warhol, Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, Jules Olitski, Frank Stella, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Helen Frankenthaler, Kenneth Noland, Larry Poons, Phillip Pavia, and Hans Hoffman7194ocn037882796book19970.47Rauschenberg, RobertRobert Rauschenberg, a retrospectiveExhibition catalogs+-+88541456356254ocn051722833book20030.50Joseph, Branden WayneRandom order : Robert Rauschenberg and the neo-avant-gardeCriticism, interpretation, etc"Robert Rauschenberg is one of the most important visual artists of the second half of the twentieth century. In Random Order, Branden Joseph examines Rauschenberg's work in the context of the American neo-avant-garde. One of the foundations of his study is Rauschenberg's professional relationship with experimental composer John Cage. From the moment of their encounter at Black Mountain College in 1952, Joseph argues, Rauschenberg and Cage initiated a new avant-garde project, one that approached the idea of difference not in terms of negation but as a positive force. Claiming that Rauschenberg's work cannot be understood solely from the standpoint of the Frankfurt School - whose theories have dominated discussions of avant-garde and neo-avante-garde aesthetics - Joseph turns to the theoretical positions of Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Derrida. Rauschenberg's neo-avant-garde was not a simple repetition of earlier avant-garde movements, Joseph shows, but a series of practices that opposed the rise of postwar spectacle, commodification, and mass conformity." "Beginning with the White Paintings, Joseph examines Rauschenberg's artistic development from 1951 to 1971. He looks at the black paintings, Red Paintings, Elemental Paintings and Elemental Sculptures. Combines and Combine paintings transfer drawings and silkscreens, performances, and explorations in art and technology. Joseph's study not only offers new interpretations of Rauschenberg's work but also deepens our understanding of the entire neo-avant-garde project."--BOOK JACKET+-+64455671755589ocn000579114book19630.50Forge, AndrewRauschenbergBiographyInterviewsExhibition catalogs5509ocn023179869book19910.39Rauschenberg, RobertRauschenberg Overseas Culture InterchangeExhibition catalogsOversigt over værker skabt af den amerikanske kunstner Robert Rauschenberg f. 1925 for ROCI, 1985-1991, en samling som han rejste rundt med og viste verden over5466ocn081452931book20070.59Rauschenberg, RobertRobert Rauschenberg : cardboards and related piecesCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+232876558551418ocn043251310book19630.56Hunter, SamRobert RauschenbergCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogsA volume on the work of Robert Rauschenberg, this relevatory selection of rarely seen masterworks is curated in collaboration with the artist's estate and includes an extensive chronology+-+38367329354804ocn022209918book19900.53Feinstein, RoniRobert Rauschenberg : the silkscreen paintings, 1962-64Exhibition catalogs4802ocn042935789book19990.59Steinberg, LeoEncounters with Rauschenberg : (a lavishly illustrated lecture)Criticism, interpretation, etcAnecdotes"Leo Steinberg is the rare art historian who has known the pressures implicit in reviewing the work of living artists. In his engrossing lecture, filled with exciting insights and personal memories, he surveys the career of Robert Rauschenberg, one of the great American postwar artists. Beginning with his own experience as a moonlighting critic in the turbulent art world of New York in the 1950s and 1960s, he reveals much about himself and more about the insolent originality of the young Rauschenberg." "Steinberg offers in-depth discussions of such major challenges as the Erased de Kooning Drawing, Bed, and Monogram. Where his interpretations differ from those of other critics, he shows how, and why. And he reflects candidly on his own changes of mind over the years." "Steinberg warns against the modish interpretations that now load Rauschenberg's work with murderous symbolism or same-sex iconography. He argues that meaning in this artist's work is almost unspeakable, and the novel relationship established between the work and the viewer more subtly intentioned."--BOOK JACKET+-+773622177538818ocn038949516visu19970.32Granlund, ChrisRobert Rauschenberg man at workBiographyInterviewsA look at one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. For the last fifty years his art has encompassed a vast array of media including silkscreening, printmaking, photography and current technologies. Suggested audience: secondary, general3774ocn815379835book20130.29Craft, CatherineRobert RauschenbergCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThe work of Robert Rauschenberg has had a profound impact on avant-garde art from the 1950s onwards. A pioneer of multimedia are, this book explores his experimentations from his Combines (works melding painting and sculpture), prints, silkscreen paintings to his use of technology and his collaborations with choreographers such as Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown. This book explores his work3502ocn070181202visu20050.27Who gets to call it art? the legend of Henry Geldzahler, 1935-1994InterviewsHenry Geldzahler (1935-94), star curator and cultural impresario, lived a life worth examining. The first curator of the Department of 20th-Century Art at the Metropolitan Museum, first director of visual arts for the National Endowment of the Arts, and the first full-time commissioner of cultural affairs for New York City, his landmark 1969 show at the Metropolitan is still remembered with awe. "New York Painting and Sculpture: 1940-1970" filled 35 galleries with more than 400 groundbreaking works of contemporary art. This film is not a full biographical examination of this singular figure's life, but rather a portrait in profile, as many of 'his' artists talk about Geldzahler and what his friendship meant to them3134ocn458892506book20100.73Ikegami, HirokoThe great migrator : Robert Rauschenberg and the global rise of American artCriticism, interpretation, etcThis volume examines American artist Robert Rauschenberg's (1925-2008) activities abroad and charts the increasing international dominance of American art during that period. Rauschenberg came to prominence during the 1950s transition from Abstract Expressionism to Pop Art. The author focuses on Rauschenberg's stops in four cities -- Paris, Venice, Stockholm, and Tokyo. In each city Rauschenberg's work encountered both enthusiasm and resistance. The author feels that the global rise of American art as a cross-cultural phenomenon in which each art community Rauschenberg visited was searching in different ways for cultural and artistic identity in the midst of Americanization. Rauschenberg's travels and collaborations established a new kind of transnational network for the postwar art world -- prefiguring the globalization of art before the era of globalization+-+50796571753242492ocn047232079book20010.50Gundel, MarcRauschenberg : postersExhibition catalogs+-+33417864282395ocn123995299visu19910.59Cage CunninghamHistoryBiographyCase studiesCombines archival material and eight years of world tour footage to document the 50 year collaboration between composer John Cage and dancer/choreographer Merce Cunningham22711ocn085895381visu19970.53Rauschenberg, RobertOpen scoreInterviewsExhibition catalogsBased on a series of performances held at the 69th Armory, New York City on Oct. 13-26, 1966. These were an experimental collaboration between 10 New York based artists and 30 engineers from Bell Laboratories. "Archival material has been assembled into ten films, each of which reconstructs the artist's original work and uses interviews with the artists, engineers and performers to illuminate the artistic, technical and historical aspects of the work. Open score by Robert Rauschenburg is the first film to be released in a series that will bring to life a historic moment in contermporary art history"--Container2263ocn072151830book20060.70Hunter, SamRobert Rauschenberg : works, writings and interviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviews+-+787668989319684ocn021160480book19900.33Kotz, Mary LynnRauschenberg, art and lifeBiography"In preparing this book, the author interviewed just about everybody who has been important to Rauschenberg over the course of some six decades. Fresh anecdotes complement those already familiar to Rauschenberg followers, and new contributions from the artist further personalize and update this biography." "With 200 illustrations - 92 in full color - Rauschenberg/Art and Life is an impressive portrait of the artist. In addition to the scores of works of art reproduced (paintings, combines, floor and wall constructions, prints made at U.L.A.E., and more), are personal photographs of Rauschenberg and his friends and family, creating in sum an intimate portrait of this living legend. A special feature of the book are the many reproductions, for the first time, of his most recent and significant work - ROCI (Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange) - a continually evolving body of work developed and exhibited in countries all over the world."--BOOK JACKET+-+770284563511071ocn000618368book19730.29O'Doherty, BrianAmerican masters: the voice and the mythBiography9295ocn005941038book19800.33Tomkins, CalvinOff the wall : Robert Rauschenberg and the art world of our timeBiography+-+10307976859014ocn000517779book19650.37Tomkins, CalvinThe bride & the bachelors; the heretical courtship in modern art7867ocn061724501book20050.37Rauschenberg, RobertRobert Rauschenberg : combinesExhibition catalogsWith these mixed-media works of art, Rauschenberg reinvented collage, changing it from a medium that presses commonplace materials to serve illusion into something very different: a process that undermines both illusion and the idea that a work of art has a unitary meaning. Appearing as either wall-hung works or as freestanding objects, the combines are composed as syncopated grids that draw on materials from everyday life and the history of art. - Metropolitan Museum of Art. This book focuses on the works created roughly between 1954 and 1964, the most important decade in the artist's 50-year career, and constitutes the most complete survey of the Combines ever presented, as well as the most rigorous analysis of their political, social, autobiographical, and aesthetic significance. An introductory essay by exhibition curator Paul Schimmel titled "Reading Rauschenberg" offers an iconographic analysis of the earlier Combines, based on in-depth conversations with the artist. Other texts help to contextualize the Combines, such as Thomas Crow's essay that calls them the major artistic statement of their time. - Publisher+-+809667013868922ocn003172639book19680.56Tomkins, CalvinThe bride and the bachelors : five masters of the avant gardeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcAn explanation of the avant garde via 5 great artists+-+18689559653246115ocn008865586book19810.39Rauschenberg, RobertPhotographs59211ocn000523495book19630.56Hunter, SamRobert RauschenbergCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogsA volume on the work of Robert Rauschenberg, this relevatory selection of rarely seen masterworks is curated in collaboration with the artist's estate and includes an extensive chronology+-+02009864285549ocn000049466book19630.50Forge, AndrewRauschenbergBiographyInterviewsExhibition catalogs4935ocn016356539book19870.31Rauschenberg, RobertRauschenbergInterviews4482ocn061325717book20050.59Kosinski, Dorothy MDialogues : Duchamp, Cornell, Johns, RauschenbergExhibition catalogs+-+61745655853431ocn051812000book20020.59Kinsman, JaneThe art of collaboration : the big AmericansCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogsThe art of collaboration: the big Americans+-+89069079153243212ocn013197442book19850.70Rauschenberg, RobertRobert Rauschenberg : work from four series, a sesquicentennial exhibitionExhibition catalogs3131ocn830201856book20120.56Tomkins, CalvinDancing around the Bride : Cage, Cunningham, Johns, Rauschenberg, and DuchampExhibition catalogsThis book explores the interwoven lives, radical art, and shared experimental spirit of Marcel Duchamp and four of America's most important postwar artists: composer John Cage, choreographer Merce Cunningham, and visual artists Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. The publication traces the relationships among all five of these artists by mapping their intersections and examining the depth of their artistic exchanges. At the heart of the publication is an anthology of key texts from selected interviews, magazine articles, and book excerpts, by scholars, critics, and the artists themselves, that together narrate the younger generation's first connections to Duchamp and his work, which would profoundly redefine his legacy as well as the entire field of contemporary art. A new text by Calcin Tomkins provides an insightful first-person account of his encounters with these artists at a key moment int he 1960s. The book also includes the first extensive chronology that recounts the lives, art, and common projects of this influential group of artists2834ocn041937541visu19990.29Robert Rauschenberg inventive geniusBiographyInterviewsCelebrates the life and work of American painter Robert Rauschenberg. As guru of the movement that transformed modern art, Robert Rauschenberg is the ideal focus for an exploration of the revolution that has taken place in American art over the past 45 years. A rich mixture of visual images and engaging commentary examines the life of this revolutionary American painter2816ocn060340871book20050.84Pissarro, JoachimCézanne/Pissarro, Johns/Rauschenberg : comparative studies on intersubjectivity in modern artArt+-+45918367052154ocn692287528book20110.76Rauschenberg, RobertRobert Rauschenberg : photographs, 1949-1962This volume gathers and surveys Rauschenberg's numerous uses of photography for the first time. It includes portraits of friends, studio shots, photographs used in the Combines series, silkscreens, photographs of lost works and works in progress, allowing us to re-imagine almost the entirety of the artist's work+-+47075708462101ocn024106154book19910.79Hopps, WalterRobert Rauschenberg : the early 1950sExhibition catalogs2052ocn054962193visu20040.23American mastersBiography"Six biographies of America's most influential painters, photographers and creative minds."--Container+-+30107072063241953ocn037636710book19970.76Rauschenberg, RobertRobert Rauschenberg : haywire : major technological works of the 1960sExhibition catalogs+-+5131520228+-+7684455585+-+7684455585Fri Mar 21 15:32:29 EDT 2014batch61680