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Fri Mar 21 17:10:55 2014 UTClccn-n790067760.06Pilot for Spaceship Earth : R. Buckminster Fuller, architect, inventor, and poet /0.340.59Buckminster Fuller : starting with the universe /36898370Buckminster_Fullern 79006776240910Buckminster Fuller.Buckminster Fuller, R.Buckminster Fuller, R. 1895-1983Buckminster Fuller, R. (Richard)Buckminster Fuller, R. (Richard), 1895-1983Buckminster Fuller, RichardBuckminster-Fuller, Richard 1895-1983BuckyFuller, B., 1895-1983Fuller, Buckminister R. 1895-1983Fuller, Buckminster.Fuller, Buckminster, 1895-1983Fuller, Bucky.Fuller, Bucky, 1895-1983Fuller, R., 1895-1983Fuller, R. B., 1895-1983Fuller, R. Buckminster.Fuller, R. Buckminster, 1895-1983Fuller, R. Buckminster (Richard Buckminster), 1895-1983Fuller, Richard B. 1895-1983Fuller, Richard Buckminster.Fuller, Richard Buckminster, 1895-Fuller, Richard Buckminster, 1895-1983R. Buckminster Fullerフラー, R. バックミンスターフラー, バックミンスターlccn-n80060475Applewhite, E. J.lccn-n2009036198Bognanni, Peterlccn-n50040736Marks, Robert W.1907-1993othedtnp-kenner, hughKenner, Hughlccn-n79029188Killian, James Rhyne1904-1988lccn-n83828439Walker, Eric A.(Eric Arthur)1910-1995lccn-n97011703Krausse, Joachimedtcrelccn-n87920107Sieden, Lloyd Stevenlccn-no99080218Snyder, Robert1916-2004drtedtlccn-n50033371Hatch, Alden1898-1975Fuller, R. Buckminster(Richard Buckminster)1895-1983BiographyPoetryExhibition catalogsArtists' booksIllustrationsCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryFuller, R. Buckminster--(Richard Buckminster),United StatesArchitectsInventorsCivilization, ModernCivilizationEngineersTechnology and civilizationTechnologyMathematics--PhilosophyThought and thinkingSystem theoryEducation--PhilosophyTechnology--PhilosophySynergeticsTechnology--Social aspectsMaturation (Psychology)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Social isolationGrandmothersYoung menIntuitionAmerican poetryHuman beingsEducation--Data processingEducational anthropologyScienceEngineeringPatentsIndustrializationDesignPhilosophyArtists' booksReificationAlcohol as fuelVisionary architectureArchitecture and technologyCosmographyGeometry--PhilosophyAmerican literatureFuturologistsGeodesic domesSocial historyPsychologyCivilization--PhilosophyScience and civilizationCollege facilities--PlanningEducational technologyPoetrySocial change189519831900192819301932193719381939194119431944194519461947194919501952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144316210911873620.0092TA140.F85ocn264982072ocn778126259ocn174520599ocn443175676ocn455857492ocn442548257ocn439728124ocn439729038ocn438544633ocn003942704ocn006011117ocn469556641ocn780725433ocn439385569ocn438838622ocn761052827ocn751966349ocn723916366ocn040511403ocn040848942ocn762588492ocn762588494ocn468729016ocn439779213ocn494349363ocn866060441ocn494449370ocn220147220ocn837907777178920ocn000886421book19740.31Fuller, R. BuckminsterSynergetics : explorations in the geometry of thinking+-+9578015755167637ocn000005304book19670.33Fuller, R. BuckminsterOperating manual for spaceship earth+-+9208584535164814ocn006735342book19810.27Fuller, R. BuckminsterCritical pathHistoryIncludes chronologies of scientific discoveries and world events+-+3649267685151038ocn000107190book19690.33Fuller, R. BuckminsterUtopia or oblivion: the prospects for humanity126216ocn000340668book19720.31Fuller, R. BuckminsterIntuitionA blank verse expressing the idea that man must use his whole mind, intuition as well as reason, in order to fulfill his role in the universe114917ocn000076847book19700.53Fuller, R. BuckminsterApproaching the benign environment107033ocn000217740book19380.50Fuller, R. BuckminsterNine chains to the moon10235ocn002318161book19760.27Fuller, R. BuckminsterAnd it came to pass--not to stay101516ocn001000360book19600.39Marks, Robert WThe Dymaxion world of Buckminster FullerBiography"This book shows the practical applicaitons of the Dymaxion concept to the world of design and industrial production. Here are explanations, diagrams, and photographs of the most important of Fuller's inventions - his Dymaxion car, the Geodesic dome, the Dymaxion bathroom etc. This book gives a clear verbal and pictorial explanation of Fuller's anticipatory design science. It is also a concise history of the development of his ideas, from the early 1920's to the time when Fuller finally gained the international recognition he deserved"--Back cover8338ocn008846752book19820.29Fuller, R. BuckminsterGrunch of giants+-+360515924581213ocn001215795book19630.47Fuller, R. BuckminsterNo more secondhand God, and other writingsProse-poem essays on man's relation to the universe6907ocn000632556book19730.47Fuller, R. BuckminsterEarth, incHistory67913ocn000222558book19620.53Fuller, R. BuckminsterUntitled epic poem on the history of industrializationPoetry5405ocn008494470book19770.28Fuller, R. BuckminsterTetrascroll : Goldilocks and the three bears : a cosmic fairy taleIllustrationsArtists' books5096ocn000094894book19700.47Fuller, R. BuckminsterI seem to be a verb5012ocn213481091book20070.19Blume, DavidDavid Blume's Alcohol can be a gas! : fueling an ethanol revolution for the 21st centuryA comprehensive text on alcohol fuel production and use. Packed with actual experiences, proven data, practical designs and great stories to give every reader the power to take back control of energy from oil companies+-+32289542455014ocn024703137book19920.31Fuller, R. BuckminsterCosmography : a posthumous scenario for the future of humanity4708ocn000184847book19620.56Fuller, R. BuckminsterEducation automation: freeing the scholar to return to his studies; a discourse before the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Campus Planning Committee, April 22, 196143033ocn003300202book19610.59Fuller, R. BuckminsterEducation automation : freeing the scholar to return to his studies3995ocn233283774book20090.39Lorance, LorettaBecoming Bucky FullerCriticism, interpretation, etcConcerned with the origins and development of the Dymaxion House project as well as Fuller's public persona, the author uses Buckminster Fuller's archives, particularly the multivolume "Chronofile" to construct a history parallel to the accepted sequence of events+-+475876717512303ocn000417988book19730.29Kenner, HughBucky : a guided tour of Buckminster FullerBiography11615ocn391411434book20100.17Bognanni, PeterThe house of tomorrowFictionBildungsromansHomeschooled teenager Sebastian Prendergast is forced by his grandmother's stroke to venture out of his geodesic dome habitat and befriends a chain-smoking teen who introduces him to pop culture through the punk band they form together+-+2451064485116013ocn000193282book19630.37Fuller, R. BuckminsterIdeas and integrities : a spontaneous autobiographical disclosureBiography9556ocn000924156book19740.28Hatch, AldenBuckminster Fuller; at home in the universe9342ocn033404107book19960.08Baldwin, JBuckyWorks : Buckminster Fuller's ideas for todayBiographyPhotographs, illustrations, and text help chronicle the career of inventor R. Buckminster Fuller+-+98047662959272ocn004804874book19790.35Fuller, R. BuckminsterR. Buckminster Fuller on education9125ocn018963281book19890.32Sieden, Lloyd StevenBuckminster Fuller's universe : an appreciation"Buckminster Fuller, an eccentric futurist philosopher, and an incomparable designer, engineer and architect...[this book] brings new light to Fuller's belief system, recognizes his many contributions to humanity, and shows readers how to apply Fuller's ideas to daily life."--cover+-+93268915853247854ocn060838512book20050.35Gorman, Michael JohnBuckminster Fuller : designing for mobilityBiographyHailed as one of the greatest minds of our times, Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) is known as an American visionary. Designer, architect, engineer, inventor, and philosopher, he was undeniably one of the key innovators of the 20th century.This volume provides a visually rich and complete overview of Fuller's design and architectural production, situating Fuller's projects in their historical context. The book features never-before-published material from the Fuller archives that were recently donated to Stanford University.Michael John Gorman's essay offers an in-depth analysis of Fuller's work-focusing more attention on his innovative architectural projects than to other aspects of Fuller's "design science"-as well as an interesting perspective on post-war American society and architectural culture. Chapters include concepts of Fuller's philosophy, his manifesto for mass-produced housing, the role of mobile shelter in transforming behavior, geodesic domes, and Fuller's early experiments. Fuller's achievements, astonishing design, and production are fully documented using original and often unknown archival materials+-+60179712337661ocn009556356book19830.31Fuller, R. BuckminsterInventions :Catalogs7532ocn003275475book19780.06Lord, Athena VPilot for Spaceship Earth : R. Buckminster Fuller, architect, inventor, and poetJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of R. Buckminster Fuller, the architect and inventor whose investigations into the principles of nature influenced his designs and helped revolutionize our world6323ocn050422671book19990.47Fuller, R. BuckminsterYour private sky : R. Buckminster Fuller, the art of design scienceExhibition catalogs"As an engineer, a poet; as a designer, a philosopher; as a researcher, an artist - R. Buckminster Fuller established new standards. Convinced that specialists usually create more problems than they solve, he developed his concepts for a vision of the whole. In addition, in his unique way Fuller inter-linked the fields of architecture, geometry, engineering, natural science and anthropology. This book provides a highly multi-faceted insight into Fuller's world, also showing many of its up-to-now unknown sides."--BOOK JACKET+-+13399525486144ocn034562815book19620.39McHale, JR. Buckminster FullerBiography5821ocn005171755book19800.28Snyder, RobertR. Buckminster Fuller : an autobiographical monologue/scenarioBiography5213ocn045015251book20010.28Zung, Thomas T. KBuckminster Fuller : anthology for the new millenniumBiography+-+64811776855013ocn181730551book20080.59Fuller, R. BuckminsterBuckminster Fuller : starting with the universeExhibition catalogs"From his geodesic dome to books popularizing the terms "spaceship earth" and "synergetics," the life mission of R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) was to create living environments that minimized consumption of the earth's resources while maximizing interconnections with global systems of information and transportation. This book explores Fuller's extraordinary body of work focusing on his wide-ranging and sometimes controversial role within the worlds of art, architecture, and utopian thought."--Jacket+-+95717655854909ocn013823498book19870.59Edmondson, Amy CA Fuller explanation : the synergetic geometry of R. Buckminster FullerFeatures "A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller," a book written by Amy C. Edmonson, originally published in Boston by Birkhauser in 1986 and presented online by Mark Somers Gold Arts. The book focuses on the geometry of American engineer and inventor Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983)4262ocn000048555book19690.24Rosen, SidneyWizard of the dome : R. Buckminster Fuller, designer for the future4081ocn002646428book19770.32Applewhite, E. JCosmic fishing : an account of writing Synergetics with Buckminster Fuller3811ocn009895499book19830.37Fuller, R. BuckminsterHumans in universe+-+26550744353631ocn013093899book19860.06Aaseng, NathanMore with less : the future world of Buckminster FullerJuvenile worksA biography of the architect and inventor whose investigations into the principles of nature influenced his designs and helped revolutionize our world+-+3228954245+-+3228954245Fri Mar 21 16:01:42 EDT 2014batch49819