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Fri Mar 21 17:14:27 2014 UTClccn-n790111070.00Holroyd, Michael0.310.70Hugh Kingsmill, a critical biography64045401Michael_Holroydn 79011107245182Courcy Fraser Holroyd, Michael de 1935-De Courcy Fraser Holroyd, Michael 1935-Fraser Holroyd, Michael de Courcy 1935-Holroyd, Michael, 1935-Holroyd, Michael de Courcy Fraser 1935-ホルロイド, マイケルlccn-n79006533Shaw, Bernard1856-1950lccn-n79135291Strachey, Lytton1880-1932lccn-n50038612John, Augustus1878-1961lccn-n50013070Terry, EllenDame1847-1928lccn-n81059736Irving, HenrySir1838-1905lccn-nr96026586Fairfax, Evelyn Constance1871-1978lccn-n50011630Trefusis, Violet1894-1972lccn-n85142698Keppel, Alice1869-1947lccn-n50019045Craig, Edward Gordon1872-1966lccn-n50024423Easton, MalcolmedtHolroyd, MichaelBiographyFictionPsychological fictionDramaReviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryFilm adaptationsConference proceedingsAnecdotesGreat BritainBiographersAuthors, EnglishShaw, Bernard,Strachey, Lytton,Dramatists, IrishCriticsHolroyd, MichaelPaintersFamiliesEnglandJohn, Augustus,Dramatists, EnglishEngland--MaidenheadManners and customsWorld War (1914-1918)VeteransVillagesEngland--North Riding of YorkshireArt restorersMural painting and decoration, Medieval--Conservation and restorationWomenAutobiographyActorsTerry, Ellen,--Dame,Irving, Henry,--Sir,Biography as a literary formFathers and daughtersGifted womenDaughtersAbsentee fathersUnmarried mothersIllegitimate childrenMistressesTrefusis, Violet,Keppel, Alice,Fairfax, Evelyn Constance,ActressesTheatrical managersCraig, Edward Gordon,BiographyCarrington, Dora de Houghton,History, ModernLoveBooksEnglish literatureCountry lifeTheaterDramatists, English--BiographyBloomsbury group19351963196419671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197919801981198219831985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200820092010201120122013201421853236831BPR5366ocn000147989ocn000205173ocn000123624ocn000126023ocn416281310ocn464333026ocn301631689ocn806339664ocn457240233ocn185729891ocn463100065ocn757738430ocn463917495ocn469789197ocn470937661ocn466539427ocn420466919ocn408455376ocn781370062ocn691872724ocn691935373ocn742834245ocn691935369ocn760612458ocn185734812307461ocn018415481book19880.27Holroyd, MichaelBernard ShawCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyTo his own generation Bernard Shaw's greatest creation seemed to be himself. Playwright, wit, socialist, polemicist and irresistible charmer, he was the most controversial literary figure of his age and the scourge of all that was most oppressive in late-Victorian England. In his writing and public speeches, he embodied the unfamiliar virtues of reason, sense and unanswerable good humor. And yet, as the opening volume of this masterly four-volume biography makes clear, Shaw's invention of this monumental figure was a paradoxical method of concealment and his way of coming to terms with a world that had abandoned him in childhood. - Jacket flap+-+6608866525324250574ocn000255104book19670.35Holroyd, MichaelLytton Strachey; a critical biographyBiographyPreviously published as the biographical material in Lytton Strachey: a critical biography, London, Heinemann, 1967-68 Includes index Bibliography: p 1079-1087+-+1647884455324160044ocn001093381book19740.37Holroyd, MichaelAugustus John : a biographyBiographyThis volume is a biography of Welsh painter Augustus John (1878-1961). In the early part of the 1900s, he was an important practitioner of Post-Impressionism in the United Kingdom. By the age of 20 he had won a reputation for his brilliant drawing technique. Here he soon emerged as a bohemian figure as well as a highly gifted artist. The need to support Ida Nettleship (1877-1907), whom he married in 1901, led him to accept a post teaching art at the University of Liverpool. John Sampson, then University Librarian and an acknowledged expert on gypsies, became a friend and a major influence on him, introducing him to the Romany language and way of life. This led him to spend periods traveling with his growing family in gypsy caravans through Wales and England and inspired much of his work before World War I, including a series of etchings depicting gypsy life. He is best known for his portraits of leading European personalities, including those of James Joyce and George Bernard Shaw+-+9007569285117413ocn004549463book19790.29The Genius of Shaw : a symposiumBiographyConference proceedings96615ocn243544503book20080.25Holroyd, MichaelA strange eventful history : the dramatic lives of Ellen Terry, Henry Irving, and their remarkable familiesHistoryBiographyChronicles the lives of Ellen Terry, Henry Irving, and their families; and discusses Terry's acting career, marriage to George Frederick Watts, and her feminist daughter, Edith Craig; as well as Irving's successes as an actor and manager in Victorian England and his sons+-+049479768588415ocn038249393book19970.28Holroyd, MichaelBernard Shaw : the one-volume definitive editionBiographyA one-volume abridgement of Holroyd's original four-volume study+-+44955002858335ocn681499498book20100.20Holroyd, MichaelA book of secrets : illegitimate daughters, absent fathersBiographyThe author shares the stories of unknown women who played significant roles in the lives of prominent figures, including a mistress shared by the second Lord Grimthorpe and the Prince of Wales, a creative muse of Auguste Rodin, and a novelist lover of Vita Sackville-West+-+83006692858119ocn031206301book19940.31Holroyd, MichaelLytton Strachey : the new biographyBiographyIn telling Strachey's life anew, Holroyd has drawn on a wealth of previously unavailable material, bring fresh candor and accuracy to his account of Strachey's friendships with E. M. Forster, Virginia and Leonard Woolf, Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, Ralph and Frances Patridge, and his companion Dora Carrington, among others. In many of Bloomsbury's three-cornered relationships, Holroyd could lay claim to only two sides of the triangle. Now he has all three with which to recount the story of this extraordinary man and his complex world. At the center of the drama is the long-lasting relationship between Strachey and Carrington and their "Triangular Trinity of Happiness" with Ralph Partridge. In equally elegant and humorous prose, Holroyd shows the parts that many men and women played in this comedy of manners as it developed into a tragedy+-+801970928580316ocn049261161book20020.32Holroyd, MichaelWorks on paper : the craft of biography and autobiographyReviewsA collection of essays presents two pieces on the ethics and values of nonfiction writing and continues with an examination of several contemporary biographers, discussions of the author's experiences, and a treatise on the role of fiction+-+250689730672714ocn000147989book19710.47Strachey, LyttonLytton Strachey by himself; a self-portraitBiography+-+669238445532466311ocn001227429book19740.35John, AugustusThe art of Augustus John62110ocn005751237book19800.50Strachey, LyttonThe shorter StracheyBiography61215ocn007653328book19810.35Gerhardie, William AlexanderGod's fifth column : a biography of the age, 1890-1940Sources+-+099397620532454215ocn001498287book19730.39Holroyd, MichaelUnreceived opinionsCriticism, interpretation, etc3856ocn044013957book19800.21Carr, J. LA month in the countryFictionPsychological fiction"Tom Birkin, a veteran of the Great War and a broken marriage, arrives in the remote Yorkshire village of Oxgodby to restore a recently discovered medieval mural in the local church. Living in the bell tower, surrounded by the resplendent countryside of high summers, and laboring each day to uncover an anonymous painter's extraordinary depiction of the apocalypse, Birkin finds that he himself has been restored to a new, and hopeful, attachment to life."--P. [4] of cover+-+629778594537730ocn020264453book19880.20Holroyd, MichaelBernard ShawBiographyBiografie van de Iers-Britse toneelschrijver (1856-1950) over de periode 1898-19182195ocn002595205book19640.70Holroyd, MichaelHugh Kingsmill, a critical biography2116ocn037232758book19920.18Shaw, BernardPygmalion and Major BarbaraDramaPresents a story in which a professor succeeds in transforming an unkempt London flower girl into a society belle and a play involving a complex moral debate, pitting a munitions manufacturer against an officer in the Salvation Army+-+K35967800518419ocn027676952book19910.20Holroyd, MichaelBernard ShawBiographyBeschrijving van de verwikkelingen rond de nalatenschap van de Iers-Britse toneelschrijver (1856-1950)1808ocn000267139book19710.59Holroyd, MichaelLytton Strachey and the Bloomsbury group: his work, their influenceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc84610ocn042753484book19990.24Holroyd, MichaelBasil Street bluesBiography"Not long before his parents died in the 1980s, Michael Holroyd asked them to write some account of their early lives." "A biographer by profession, Holroyd had always assumed that his own family was perfectly English, or at least perfectly ordinary. But old photograph albums, papers found in the lining of an evening bag and crumbling documents in various public record offices gradually yield clues to a constellation of startling events and eccentric characters: a long, slow decline from English nobility on one side, and on the other a dramatic Scandinavian ancestry that could have been imagined by Isak Dineson. Fatal fires, suicides, bankruptcies, divorces, unconsummated longings, and the rumor of a fabulous Indian tea fortune ... all these flow from the pages of his parents' recollections, to which he adds his own."--BOOK JACKET+-+55039584853398ocn223941129book20040.23Holroyd, MichaelMosaic : portraits in fragmentsBiography'Mosaic' is Michael Holroyd's second volume of family memoirs which relates to but is independent of 'Basil Street Blues'. The work begins with the author trying to make sense of his aunt's labyrinthian financial affairs, then moves onto Holroyd searching for a missing relative and uncovering his family tree+-+20507216853242852ocn049243533visu20010.23Hampton, ChristopherCarringtonBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsThe life of Dora Carrington, the Victorian Era painter whose passionate life created one of England's greatest scandals. Unable to possess the one man she loves, Lytton Strachey, Carrington embarks on a long string of loveless sexual encounters2482ocn055887276book20040.25Holroyd, MichaelMosaic : a family memoir revisitedBiographyThe noted biographer continues the chronicle of his family with an account of the murder of a fearsome headmaster, a discovery about his Swedish grandmother's identity, and a letter that reveals details about his mother's longtime affair+-+28270584852324ocn651073857book20100.20Holroyd, MichaelA book of secrets : illegitimate daughters, absent fathersBiographyOn a hill above the Italian village of Ravello stands the Villa Cimbrone a place of fantasy and make-believe. The characters that move through Michael Holroyd's book are destined never to meet as they lived through different eras and reside in different countries. Yet the Villa Cimbrone unites them all+-+6980366525725ocn048048820rcrd20000.12Holroyd, MichaelBasil Street bluesBiography701ocn812068744book20130.19Holroyd, MichaelOn wheels : five easy piecesAnecdotes"As a child, the master biographer Michael Holroyd spent his best hours daydreaming in the backseat of his family's black eight-horsepower Ford, which, disappointingly, almost never left the garage. Now, in [this book], Holroyd's imagination travels back in time to the cars that took him where he needed to go"--Dust jacket flap331ocn651072608book20100.16Holroyd, MichaelBasil Street blues ; MosaicBiography+-+K043904455292ocn156376688rcrd20040.10Holroyd, MichaelMosaicBiography71ocn681736300book20100.28Holroyd, MichaelBasil Street blues ; and, Mosaic : family storiesBiography+-+K04390445542ocn611351463com0.18Michael (de Courcy Fraser) Holroyd : (1935-)Criticism, interpretation, etc31ocn223955309rcrd20060.10Holroyd, MichaelMosaic portraits in fragmentsBiographyA family memoir which shows the strange interconnectedness of our family lives, and how other people's stories, however eccentric or extreme, echo our own dreams and experiences21ocn859183678book20130.18Holroyd, MichaelOn wheelsAnecdotes22ocn810777593book20040.47Holroyd, MichaelMosaicBiography+-+205072168532421ocn222677263rcrd20000.10Holroyd, MichaelBasil Street bluesBiographyMichael Holroyd is one of the finest biographers of the century. And yet he was never interested in his own family's history until the death of his parents in the 1980s. In 'Basil Street Blues' Michael turns the spotlight on himself with the tale of his eccentric, incompatible family and the result is entrancing, startlingly funny and profoundly moving11ocn048520112art1989Holroyd, Michael11ocn444734661mix0.47Clark, KennethPapersHistoryDiariesRecords and correspondenceThe collection consists of correspondence, composed largely of incoming letters to Kenneth Clark and his wife, Jane, with occasional typescript carbon copies of Clark's response, and partial diary from 1934. It also includes one group of letters from Clark to his biographer, Meryle Secrest, who originally compiled these papers. Although the letters span from 1923 to 1983, the bulk covers the years between 1923 and 1950, documenting the period in Clark's life when he began to develop his skills as an art historian, and make his mark on the art world11ocn785732295book19880.47Holroyd, MichaelBernard Shaw+-+8300669285+-+8300669285Fri Mar 21 15:53:15 EDT 2014batch36320