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Thu Oct 16 17:57:17 2014 UTClccn-n790271610.06Joshua Chamberlain and the American Civil War /0.270.98Military operations on the White Oak Road, Virginia, March 31, 1865 /62350909Joshua_Chamberlainn 79027161260870Chamberlain, Joshua J.lccn-n80044891Lee, Robert E.(Robert Edward)1807-1870lccn-n95117883Shaara, Jeff1952-lccn-n91092378United StatesArmyMaine Infantry Regiment, 20th (1862-1865)edtlccn-n80126151Grant, Ulysses S.(Ulysses Simpson)1822-1885lccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-no92020076Ehlers, Corkyflmlccn-nr89007936United StatesArmyCorps, 5th (1862-1865)lccn-no2003087206Esparza/Katz Productions (Firm)proviaf-305416338Edelman, Randycmplccn-n94003799Howell, C. Thomas1966-actChamberlain, Joshua Lawrence1828-1914HistoryPersonal narrativesBiographyRecords and correspondenceMilitary historyBibliographyUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence,GeneralsPennsylvania--GettysburgGettysburg, Battle of (Pennsylvania : 1863)Lee, Robert E.--(Robert Edward),Grant, Ulysses S.--(Ulysses Simpson),Military campaignsUnited States.--Army.--Maine Infantry Regiment, 20th (1862-1865)United States.--ArmyVirginiaJackson, Stonewall,MaineAppomattox Campaign (1865)Regimental historiesShaara, MichaelUnited States.--Army.--Corps, 5th (1862-1865)SoldiersFredericksburg, Battle of (Virginia : 1862)Virginia--FredericksburgAntietam, Battle of (Maryland : 1862)Chancellorsville, Battle of (Virginia : 1863)Virginia--ChancellorsvilleMarylandBull Run, 2nd Battle of (Virginia : 1862)American fictionMaine--BrewerFilm adaptationsUnited States--Confederate States of AmericaGovernorsCollege presidentsOates, William C.--(William Calvin),PresidentsBowdoin CollegeVeteransAlexander, Edward Porter,Universities and collegesChamberlain, Frances Adams,Gettysburg Campaign (1863)Harvard UniversityYale UniversityPrinceton UniversityColumbia UniversityWar storiesNew York UniversityHancock, Winfield Scott,Gettysburg address (Lincoln, Abraham)Shaara, Jeff,Generals' spouses1828191418541863186518661867186818691870187218751877188018821883188418901891189518971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190919131914191519171950196019611965196619741975197719781979198119821988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142296235703770973.738E467.1.C47ocn003175672ocn018826452ocn679306551ocn761334821ocn023316144ocn866482969ocn077064690ocn077064692ocn080667838ocn008193751ocn866398160ocn866717555ocn85309886767327ocn031283659book19150.28Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceThe passing of the armies an account of the final campaign of the Army of the Potomac, based upon personal reminiscences of the Fifth Army CorpsHistoryMilitary historyPersonal narratives"It was 1865 and the Army of the Potomac was on the move --in front of Petersburg, at White Oak Road, and Five Forks, outmaneuvering and outfighting a beleaguered enemy. In this extraordinary memoir, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain of the Fifth Corps records the dramatic final acts of the Civil War: Sheridan's rise, Warren's fall, and the slow, inexorable stalking of Lee's forces across the battle-scarred countryside. With rare eloquence, Chamberlain describes the troop movements, the clash and chaos of battle, and the soul of a Union army under the confident new command of U.S. Grant. Here is an unmatched portrait of war's end --from the moment a Confederate staff officer crossed the lines bearing a white flag to the cold gray morning at Appomattox that sealed the South's defeat and sent two armies home to a nation changed forever"--P. [4] of cover+-+13691142362166ocn000706846book18980.70Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceUniversities and their sons; history, influence and characteristics of American universities, with biographical sketches and portraits of alumni and recipients of honorary degreesHistory"The purpose of the book is to bring together in a single group the names, faces and condensed records of the wise founders, generous benefactors, earnest teachers and faithful officers who have established, fostered and developed the great institutions of learning to which this series of volumes is devoted"--Pref2063ocn065465639book19900.74Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceAfter action report1865ocn011246700book19010.59Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceNew York University its history, influence, equipment and characteristics ; with biographical sketches and portraits of founders, benefactors, officers and alumniHistory833ocn004031138book19090.74Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United StatesCeremonies in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, Philadelphia, February 12, 1909727ocn004103569book19010.70Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceUniversity of Pennsylvania; its history, influence, equipment and characteristics; with biographical sketches and portraits of founders, benefactors, officers and alumniHistory454ocn002394801book18770.84Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceMaine, her place in history : address delivered at the Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, Nov. 4, 1876, and in convention of the Legislature of Maine, February 6, 1877History415ocn056754783file18650.88Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceThe passing of the armies an account of the final campaign of the Army of the PotomacHistory352ocn003405202book18770.31Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceMaine: her place in history. Address delivered at the Centennial exhibition, Philadelphia, Nov. 4, 1876History261ocn005102392book19780.37Parker, BarrettIn commemoration of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain : a guide-bibliographyBibliography221ocn000635315book19000.95Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceHarvard university : its history, influence, equipment and characteristics, with biographical sketches and portraits of founders, benefactors, officers and alumniHistory202ocn018826452book19000.79Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceYale university; its history, influence, equipment and characteristics, with biographical sketches and portraits of founders, benefactors, officers, and alumniHistory202ocn006936732book18910.79United StatesDedication of the Twentieth Maine monuments at Gettysburg, Oct. 3, 1889 : with report of annual reunion, Oct. 2d, 1889History191ocn034338553book19890.25Spear, AbbottThe 20th Maine at Fredericksburg : and other titlesHistory183ocn006732694book19020.84Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceFive Forks; a paper read before the Militry Order of the Loyal Legion, Commandery of Maine, May 2, 1901172ocn027777235book18770.47Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceMaine, her place in history addressHistory113ocn012792282book18970.98Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceMilitary operations on the White Oak Road, Virginia, March 31, 1865112ocn032231902book19030.88Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceAppomattox : paper read before the New York Commandery, Loyal Legion of the United States, October seventh, 1903111ocn036048037book18660.59Gorham (Me.)Dedication of the Soldiers' monument, at Gorham, Maine, Thursday, October 18th, 1866. Addresses, poem, and other exercisesHistory115ocn020747202book19010.31Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceUniversities and their sons. University of Pennsylvania, its history, influence ... with biographical sketches ... of founders ... and alumniHistory345513ocn038024226book19980.17Shaara, JeffThe last full measureHistoryFictionThe last year of the Civil War as seen by the two commanding generals, Grant and Lee. The novel is the final volume in a trilogy, begun by the author's father with The Killer Angels. In the Pulitzer prize-winning classic The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara created the finest Civil War novel of our time, an enduring bestseller that has sold more than two million copies. In the bestselling Gods and Generals, Shaara's son, Jeff, brilliantly sustained his father's vision, telling the epic story of the events culminating in the Battle of Gettysburg. Now, Jeff Shaara brings this legendary father-son trilogy to its stunning conclusion in a novel that brings to life the final two years of the Civil War. As The Last Full Measure opens, Gettysburg is past and the war advances to its third brutal year. On the Union side, the gulf between the politicians in Washington and the generals in the field yawns ever wider. Never has the cumbersome Union Army so desperately needed a decisive, hard-nosed leader. It is at this critical moment that Lincoln places Ulysses S. Grant in command, and turns the tide of war. For Robert E. Lee, Gettysburg was an unspeakable disaster, compounded by the shattering loss of the fiery Stonewall Jackson two months before. Lee knows better than anyone that the South cannot survive a war of attrition. But with the total devotion of his generals; Longstreet, Hill, Stuart, and his unswerving faith in God, Lee is determined to fight to the bitter end. Here too is Joshua Chamberlain, the college professor who emerged as the Union hero of Gettysburg, and who will rise to become one of the greatest figures of the Civil War. Battle by staggering battle, Shaara dramatizes the escalating confrontation between Lee and Grant, complicated, heroic, deeply troubled men. From the costly Battle of the Wilderness to the agonizing siege of Petersburg to Lee's epoch-making surrender at Appomattox, Shaara portrays the riveting conclusion of the Civil War through the minds and hearts of the individuals who gave their last full measure. Full of human passion and the spellbinding truth of history, The Last Full Measure is the fitting capstone to a magnificent literary trilogy+-+7649590985195515ocn052362689visu20030.18Gods and generalsHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsGods and Generals follows the rise and fall of legendary war hero "Stonewall Jackson". The prequel to the 1993 hit Gettysburg+-+771722542532415938ocn044957211file19980.28Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceThe passing of the armies an account of the final campaign of the Army of the Potomac, based upon personal reminiscences of the Fifth Army CorpsHistoryMilitary historyPersonal narrativesWritten by one of the Union army's most celebrated officers, The Passing of the Armies offers a remarkable first-hand account of the final campaign of the Army of the Potomac. In his gripping memoir, first published in 1915, General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain presents a highly literate, clear-eyed description of the momentous events that occurred during the last weeks of the American Civil War. He offers an assessment of the military situation in the eastern theater during these final, hard-fought days; a description of the surrender by the Army of Northern Virginia at an Appomattox farm; and the multitude of emotions felt by soldiers after the disbandment of the Union army following its last review. Chamberlain also recounts the logistical challenges facing his Fifth Corps as it moved toward Appomattox ("The roads [have been] reduced to a hopeless pudding."). He relates the decision making at the top of the chain of command ("General Grant had experienced a change of mind-a complete and decided one"). He conveys the stark terror and disastrous confusion of battle ("General Sheridan was by my side in a moment, very angry. 'You are firing into my cavalry!, he exclaims."). After witnessing the Army of Northern Virginia's formal surrender, Chamberlain writes with compassion about the fate awaiting the Confederate troops now that the war is over ("Then, their ranks broken, the bonds that bound them fused away by forces stronger than fire, they are free at last to go where they will; to find their homes, now most likely stricken, despoiled by war.") Well-deserving of its place as a key document in American military history, and crafted with true literary skill, The Passing of the Armies is a must read for Civil War buffs and anyone interested in the history of warfare+-+754817853512575ocn045731619file19960.23Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceThrough blood & fire selected Civil War papers of Major General Joshua ChamberlainHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives+-+K50262663511495ocn044954557file19990.28Longacre, Edward GJoshua Chamberlain the soldier and the manHistoryBiography"Edward G. Longacre ... had written the first biography of Joshua Chamberlain that places the Civil War hero's career in the full context of his life before and after the war, explires all aspects of his character, and draws on independent, and occasionally contradictory, eyewitness accounts of his battlefield actions"--Dust jacket+-+697556030532410643ocn024668912book19920.27Trulock, Alice RainsIn the hands of Providence : Joshua L. Chamberlain and the American Civil WarHistoryBiographyPresents a comprehensive biography of Civil War General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain who commanded the Twentieth Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment and traces his life and career that included campaigns at Antietam, Fredericksburg, and his brilliant charge on Little Round Top at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863+-+75757325359324ocn045728433file19990.26Pullen, John JJoshua Chamberlain a hero's life and legacyHistoryBiography+-+81983703053249213ocn037107129book19970.24Perry, MarkConceived in liberty : Joshua Chamberlain, William Oates, and the American Civil WarHistoryBiographyWilliam Oates, an Alabama frontiersman of humble origins, was also a farmer's son, and his valiant service during the war became the platform upon which he built a career as a lawyer who helped revitalize the Democratic party in the South. He was elected to both the U.S. Congress and the governorship of Alabama+-+30771352156873ocn062149304file20040.56Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceThe grand old man of Maine selected letters of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1865-1914HistoryPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondenceIt also says much about state and national politics (including the politics of pensions), family roles and relationships, and ideas of masculinity in Victorian America."--BOOK JACKET+-+09137325356205ocn001468214book19600.30Wallace, Willard MosherSoul of the lion : a biography of General Joshua L. ChamberlainHistoryBiography+-+85591142365695ocn030543969book19940.24Golay, MichaelTo Gettysburg and beyond : the parallel lives of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Edward Porter AlexanderHistoryBiographyHistorian and journalist Michael Golay has written a full-scale joint biography of two remarkable men of Gettysburg: Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, the scholarly amateur who saved the day at Little Round Top, and Edward Porter Alexander, the outstanding confederate artillery expert whose enigmatic message launched Pickett's charge. From Manassas to Appomatox, Chamberlain and Alexander fought in nearly every major eastern battle of the Civil War. Tested by the savagery of combat, Chamberlain mastered the soldier's art and rose to become one of the best of the Union's frontline infantry commanders. Alexander, artillerist and engineer, indispensable aide to Lee and Longstreet, built a reputation as one of the most brilliant officers of the Confederacy. - Jacket flap+-+84046603364592ocn154670494book19920.06Kennedy, Robert FrancisJoshua Chamberlain and the American Civil WarHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyPresents the life of the Civil War general from Maine whose skill as a commander in twenty-four battles, despite being wounded six times, made him a symbol for bravery and perseverance for the Union side+-+86225687963175ocn080199211visu20030.19GettysburgHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsGettysburg: Civil War drama depicting the events and personal struggles of the Union and Confederate soldiers at the Battle of Gettysburg3116ocn847010104file19990.53Smith, Diane MonroeFanny & Joshua the enigmatic lives of Frances Caroline Adams & Joshua Lawrence ChamberlainBiographyThe intimate history of Civil War hero Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his wife, Frances Caroline Adams2934ocn039193761rcrd19980.13Shaara, JeffThe last full measureHistoryFictionAs the American Civil War moves into its third year, Lincoln puts Ulysses S. Grant in command, and the tide of the war turns+-+94585902852423ocn031455643book19940.25Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceBayonet! Forward : my Civil War reminiscencesHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives"A compilation of the General's most substantial Civil War addresses and writings. This collection contains chapters on the campaigns of Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Petersburg, the White Oak Road, Five Forks and Appomattox, as well as Chamberlain's personal account of the surrender of the Confederate Army and the Grand Review of the Army of the Potomac ... Also contained in this informative assemblage are appendices including official battle reports of the Gettysburg and Appomattox campaigns, a moving account of the last salute to the Army of Northern Virginia, monument dedication exercises on the Gettysburg Battlefield, and a stirring memorial address on the life of President Abraham Lincoln"--Dust jacket+-+16791142361801ocn049822726book20020.18Ku╠łnstler, MortGods and generals : the paintings of Mort Ku╠łnstlerHistoryBiographyPictorial works"The year prior to the battle of Gettysburg was the high-water mark for the Confederacy; single-minded, its superior officers were unified under the command of General Robert E. Lee. [This book] focuses on the strategic collaboration between Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson in the battles leading up to July 1863: Second Bull Run (or Manassas), Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville. The roots of a tradition of undying valor and constancy were founded here, and they have been a vibrant heritage for subsequent generations. This story, based on the best-selling novel by Jeff Shaara (Gods and Generals), also involves Union officers Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Winfield Scott Hancock, one a professor of religion from Bowdoin College, and the other a graduate of West Point. The dramatic text and pictures bring to life this crucial time as the Confederacy dominated the battlefields with their skillful speed and flexibility"--Publisher's description+-+49358621351601ocn677926547visu20050.59Chamberlain at GettysburgHistory1452ocn677927117visu19940.39General Joshua L. ChamberlainHistoryBiographyFirst part focuses on Joshua L. Chamberlain, a professor, who was wounded six times and accepted the Confederate troop surrender at Appomattox. Second part describes the astronomical casualties at Gettysburg and Lincoln's memorial to them1277ocn078272520file20010.14Pullen, John JThe Twentieth Maine a volunteer regiment in the Civil WarHistoryLt. Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain leads the Twentieth Maine regiment in the American Civil War+-+8317861325324+-+1369114236+-+1369114236Thu Oct 16 15:54:43 EDT 2014batch80852