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Spencer, Baldwin 1860-1929

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Most widely held works by Baldwin Spencer
The native tribes of Central Australia by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

83 editions published between 1899 and 2020 in English and Undetermined and held by 1,253 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Ethnography of Chingali (see Djingili), Walpari (see Waljbiri), Kaitish (see Gaididj), Waagai (see Wagaka), Iliaura (see Alja; wara), Ilpirra (see Waljbiri), Arunta (see Aranda), Luritcha (see Lurdja), Urabunna (see Arabana); compiled from fieldwork 1894-1897; covers many features of social organisation, ceremony, religion, healing, magic, material culture, myths of origin, sun, moon, eclipses, stars
The Arunta : a study of a stone age people by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

29 editions published between 1927 and 2011 in English and held by 548 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The northern tribes of central Australia by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

45 editions published between 1904 and 2010 in English and Dutch and held by 505 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Native tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

47 editions published between 1901 and 2018 in 3 languages and held by 482 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Physical characteristics; organization and marriage regulations, relationship terms, status terms, local grouping; initiation ceremonies - Melville Island, Larakia tribe, Worgait (circumcision) initiates visit other tribal camps; totemic systems and totem groups; ceremonial objects; burial and mourning ceremonies, magic & medicine, reincarnation and conception beliefs, weapons & implements, canoes, clothing & ornaments; ritual bodily decoration; vocabulary and notes of Warrai tribe & Melville Island tribe; subjects cover Wardaman, Laragia, Worgait, Warrai, Melville & Bathurst Islands tribes
Wanderings in wild Australia by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

27 editions published between 1928 and 1967 in English and Undetermined and held by 353 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

V.2; Myth of Wollunqua (rainbow serpent), ancestral journeying & ceremonies connected with it, words of songs sung by Kingilli & Uluuru sections of Warramunga, author visits sacred sites; death, burial & mourning ceremonies of Warramunga, discovering the supposed murderer; stone tools - cutting & flaking, grinding & pounding, method of manufacturing implements; trading knives of Tjingilli & Warramunga tribes, quarry at Renner Springs; details given of various types of knives; Tappin ceremony performed by Kingilli moiety; tradition of the giving of light & fire by Kingilli to Uluuru men, ceremony performed; white cockatoo ceremony; stone quarry near Banka Banka; Powell Creek - Tjingilli tribe, details of series of totemic ceremonies, tribal etiquette; Betaloo Downs, Umbaia tribe - method of fishing, totemic ceremonies, sacred objects; Karrabobba camp near Munda, Gnanji tribe - fishing, eating lilies, cooking, opossum, honey; Macarthur Station, Binbingga tribe - parcel of dead mans bones wrapped in paper bark & placed in fork of tree; death & burial customs of Mungarai & Binbingga; tables showing classificatory systems of Urabunna, Arunta & Mara, descent; Kurkutji, medicine man of Binbingga, spirit beliefs, myths; types of canoes - Malay influence (Anula); two types of spear-throwers (Umbaia & Gnaji); types of spears; Gillen acts as magistrate for trial of 3 natives after spearing a calf; illustration & method of making yam & dugong string figures; trials held & court proceedings; work of police & government authorities in Darwin, enquiries made into employment on pastoral properties; examination of camps in Darwin inhabited by Worgait and Larakia people; trials & treatment of natives, relations with Asians; Melville & Bathurst Islanders - physical appearance, cicatrization, hair depilation, description of huts; mourning ceremony performed at grave of woman who died two years before, few words of songs given, body decorations & objects; story of Joe Cooper; initiation ceremony described in detail, intimately associated with Yam Ceremony, part played by women in rituals; men painting graveposts - four main types; spear throwing, notes on sitting postures; decorative art of Melville islanders, armlets made by bark, flat discs, bark baskets; marks on spear, clubs - colours, designs discussed; building of Kalin Compound, Darwin; Spencer's trips as Chief Protector; East Alligator River - Kakadu tribe; designs drawn on bodies of Kakadu, Umoriu & Gembio natives for ordinary corroboree; Kulunglutchi visitors - fire, wallaby & turtle ceremonies; Kakadu ritual - snake men; ancestral tradition route & myth - origin of languages - Gnaruk, Watta, Kakadu, Witji, Puneitja, Koarnbut, Ngorbur, Umbugwalur, Djowei, Geimbio, the depositing of spirit children sent to various places; Tjilaiyu magic - injuring of a person, Korno ritual explained; types of healing magic - methods of medicine men; mourning and burial rites - Kakadu; initiation ceremony, words of songs given; Ober series - plan of ground, etc.; myth of Numereji the great snake; ceremony described; method of killing snakes; making of medicine men; tradition reference the exchange of women between different groups; restrictions in eating certain snakes; bark paintings, description & interpretation; totems within family groups, conception beliefs; Yaluru, the spirit part of each individual, ceremonies connected with this; rare type of spear thrower examined; cave shelters, Alligator River, description of drawings; Muraian ceremonies, sacred objects, body decorations, explanation & description of rite; weapons & artefacts of Kakadu tribe clubs, bags (palm leaf, paper bark, net, grasses), bark belts, conchs, corroboree wands, other ornaments; description of mosquito mia-mia on Roper River; Willaroo Station - Mudbura & Waduman natives, methods of cooking flying foxes, preparing damper, earth oven; map & list of Melville & Bathurst Islands groups
Across Australia by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

28 editions published between 1912 and 2010 in English and Undetermined and held by 350 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

V.2; chap.10; Sacred ceremonies of Arunta; inheritance of ritual objects & ceremony, messengers sent with invitation to neighbouring groups; Engwura ceremony described in detail, plan of ground, series of totemic rites plum tree, frog ceremonies given as example; instances of the use of Waningas and Nurtunjas, decorating the Kauaha pole, womens role at end of ceremomies; chap.11; The atninga or avenging party - account given in detail; chap.12; Alice Springs to Barrow Creek - bean tree beans used in the manufacture of ornaments, wood used for making shields and bowls; tradition of Irritchapuncha (Mount Winnecke); chap.13; Barrow Creek & the Kaitish and Unmatjeri tribes - account of the massacre in 1874; Alcheringa beliefs, reason for tooth avulsion among women; legend of Oruncha (Unmatjira), concerned with the making of medicine men, method of initiation, faith in medicine men by natives, methods of curing; chap.14; Magic various forms of pointing sticks & bones (Kaitish & Arunta); illustrations & account of magic implements used by the Warramunga, Kaitish, Arunta tribes, power of evil magic, kurdaitcha - gives two lines of song when shoes are being put on; chap.15; Barrow Creek to Tennant Creek; chap.16; Life in the Warramunga camp - physical stature, forehead & upper lip depilation camp life; method of making stone axes, adzes, knives, picks & spears; quarry at Renners Springs; manufacture of wooden bowls out of bark & wood (Kaitish, Warramunga, Arunta); tribal fight, tooth avulsion (women) - disposal of tooth (Kaitish, Warramunga), ceremonies connected with hair; gives 12 hand signs used when under ban of silence, ceremony performed when lifting the ban; chap.17; The great Wollunqua - Uluuru & Kingilli ceremonies, leading part taken by Worgaia man, lines of song given, ground drawings, notes on performers, myth behind ceremony, route of totemic ancestor; chap.18; Fire ceremony of the Warramunga - gives detailed account, role of women; chap.19; Death, mourning & burial ceremonies (Warramunga) - account of complete series from moment of death until final burial, women's part, finding the murder; chap.20; Tennant Creek to Powell Creek - Tappin ceremony; Renner Springs quarry - method of making stone knives; Tjingilli tribe at Powell Creek, Wantju totemic ceremonies, etiquette during rituals; chap.21; From Powell Creek to Gulf of Carpentaria, beliefs of Umbaia natives in regard to totemicancestors, tradition behind the 3 waterholes at Betaloo Downs, ceremonies connected with two lizard totems, a fly, a wallaby, a bird & a snake totem description of these, use of Anjulukli stone, Gnanji visitors attend rituals; camp of Gnanji at Karrabobba, food - fish, mussels, sugar bag (honeycombs) - method of fishing & collecting; hairdressing, messengers; Binbinga tribe at Macarthur River, bones of man in tree awaiting final burial, death & burial custom, eating of flesh; Chap.22; Mara, Anula & Binbinga at Borroloola classificatory system, descent, power & graduation of medicine men, types of canoes, barter from Malays of one type; spearthrowers, body ornaments; 4 string figures made by women; Appendix; Music transcription of corroboree song by Percy Grainger; map shows route taken by authors and position of the tribes
Guide to the Australian ethnological collection exhibited in the National Museum of Victoria by National Museum (Vic.)( Book )

15 editions published between 1901 and 1922 in English and held by 182 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Report on the work of the Horn Scientific Expedition to Central Australia by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

7 editions published in 1896 in English and held by 178 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The purpose of this scientific expedition, sponsored by mining magnate and philanthropist William Austin Horn, and with Charles Winnecke as commander and surveyor, was to examine the MacDonnell Ranges on the not unreasonable premise that 'when the rest of the Continent was submerged the elevated portions of the McDonnell [sic] Range existed as an island, and that consequently older forms of life might be found in the more inaccessible parts'. This in fact proved not to be the case, but the expedition (of some fourteen weeks and 2000 camel miles undertaken between May and August 1894) was an outstanding success. 'It was not the intention ... to explore a new region ... But in the pursuit of natural history the expedition split into independent groups and explored undiscovered areas, thus filling in more of the blank spaces in this vast region' (Feeken, Feeken and Spate). 'These volumes constitute one of the most substantial contributions in nineteenth-century Australian exploration [but perhaps more importantly, the expedition is] a landmark in anthropological history because it resulted in [Baldwin] Spencer meeting Frank Gillen' (Mulvaney)
From the frontier : outback letters to Baldwin Spencer by Patrick Michael Byrne( Book )

2 editions published in 2000 in English and held by 131 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The subjects of their letters were the Aboriginal people, the landscape in which they lived and the unusual flora and fauna of their habitat. These earthy and thoughtful men offered an extended report from the frontier of the relations between white and black Australians, a place then characterised by mutual incomprehension, outbreaks of violence and the vast distance between two seemingly incompatible ways of responding to an extreme environment."--Jacket
Spencer's last journey, being the journal of an expedition to Tierra del Fuego by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

12 editions published between 1931 and 1979 in English and Undetermined and held by 107 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Introduction by Sir J. Frazer and memoir by R.R. Marett annotated separately
Aranda : OI08( )

in English and held by 106 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Aranda refers to a language group of separate cultural communities who live or lived in the central Australian desert. They are the Western Aranda, Northern Aranda, Eastern Aranda, Central Aranda, Upper Southern Aranda, and Lower Southern Aranda and are either extinct or have become assimilated
Spencer's scientific correspondence with Sir J.G. Frazer and others by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

13 editions published between 1932 and 2002 in English and held by 103 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Across Australia by Baldwin Spencer( )

13 editions published between 1912 and 2012 in English and Undetermined and held by 53 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Eminent biologist Sir Baldwin Spencer (1860-1929) was born in Lancashire but moved to Australia to take up the chair in biology at the University of Melbourne in 1887. As a member of the 1894 Horn Scientific Expedition to Central Australia, Spencer made the acquaintance of F. J. Gillen, an advocate of Aboriginal rights, with whom he later formed a working partnership. Spencer and Gillen returned to Alice Springs in Central Australia in 1896-1897, to carry out observations on the local Aboriginal tribe, the Arunta. These observations were published in 1899, in The Native Tribes of Central Australia (also reissued in this series), which represented the most comprehensive study of Aboriginal customs and habits. Gillen and Spencer continued to undertake fieldwork until 1903. Volume 1 of Across Australia (published in two volumes in 1912) describes the region's topography, and the customs and beliefs of the Arunta
Handbook of Melbourne : for the use of members of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science, Melbourne meeting, 1900 by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

9 editions published between 1890 and 1900 in English and held by 52 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Volume edited by B. Spencer; includes article by A.W. Howitt and L. Fison The Aborigines of Victoria (RB A945.72/H1) Four nations - Kurnai, Kulin, Wotjo, Mara; Location of tribes within nations; Social organization, cannibalism, mother-right to father-right, property rights, exclusive marital right, marriage regulations
Across Australia by Baldwin Spencer( )

11 editions published between 1912 and 2012 in English and Undetermined and held by 51 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Volume 2 of Across Australia describes Aboriginal tribes of the present-day Northern Territory, between Alice Springs and the Gulf of Carpentaria."--Back cover
A new family of Hydroidea, together with a description of the structure of a new species of Plumularia by Baldwin Spencer( )

5 editions published between 1890 and 2016 in English and held by 48 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The photographs of Baldwin Spencer by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

6 editions published between 2004 and 2007 in English and held by 32 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The work of Spencer and Gillen was the first major template for Australia's understanding of Aboriginality. This is a new, expanded edition of The Photographs of Baldwin Spencer, with a new introduction by John Morton reflecting the considerable advances in knowledge and thinking about Aboriginality since 1982
Aranda : OI08( )

1 edition published in 1996 in English and held by 31 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This file contains 47 documents concerning Aranda culture and traditions. Aranda refers to a language group of separate cultural communities who live or lived in the central Australian desert. They are the Western Aranda, Northern Aranda, Eastern Aranda, Central Aranda, Upper Southern Aranda, and Lower Southern Aranda and are either extinct or have become assimilated
An introduction to the study of certain native tribes of the Northern Territory by Baldwin Spencer( Book )

6 editions published in 1912 in English and held by 30 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer : Fieldwork( Visual )

3 editions published between 1985 and 2008 in English and held by 28 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Before the study of other cultures was thought of as reputable or even important, observations about distant peoples were usually reproted by travellers, missionaires, and the sort of people involved in investigating newly contracted parts of the world. Among these pioneers was British Scientist Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer
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From the frontier : outback letters to Baldwin Spencer
The northern tribes of central AustraliaNative tribes of the Northern Territory of AustraliaFrom the frontier : outback letters to Baldwin SpencerAcross AustraliaThe photographs of Baldwin Spencer"My dear Spencer" : the letters of F.J. Gillen to Baldwin SpencerKakadu people
Alternative Names
Gualterius Baldwin Spencer

Spencer, B.

Spencer, Baldwin

Spencer, Baldwin 1860-1929 Sir

Spencer, Baldwin, Sir

Spencer, Baldwin, Sir, 1860-1929.

Spencer, Sir Baldwin

Spencer, W. B. 1860-1929 Sir

Spencer, W. B. (Walter Baldwin), Sir, 1860-1929

Spencer, W. Baldwin

Spencer, W. Baldwin 1860-1929

Spencer, Walter B.

Spencer, Walter B. 1860-1929

Spencer Walter Baldwin

Spencer, Walter Baldwin 1860-1929

Spencer, Walter Baldwin Sir

Walter Baldwin Spencer ahli biologi asal Australia

Walter Baldwin Spencer anthropologue, spécialistes des Aborigènes australiens

Walter Baldwin Spencer australisk-brittisk biolog, antropolog och etnolog

Walter Baldwin Spencer Biologe, Anthropologe und Ethnologe

Walter Baldwin Spencer biólogo e antropólogo anglo-australiano

Walter Baldwin Spencer biologo e antropologo britannico

Walter Baldwin Spencer Brits bioloog (1860-1929)

Walter Baldwin Spencer English-Australian biologist and anthropologist.

Спенсер, Уолтер Болдуин

וולטר בולדוין ספנסר

والتر سبنسر

スペンサー, B.

スペンサー, ボールドウィン


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