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Fri Mar 21 17:04:57 2014 UTClccn-n790384110.00Beyond Lewis & Clark0.571.00Circular : Bureau of Top'l Engineers, January 3, 1842148354727n 79038411271936Corps of Topographical EngineersCorps of Topographical Engineers United StatesU.S. Army Corps of Topographical EngineersU.S. Army Topographical Engineer CorpsU.S. Army Topographical EngineersUnited States Corps of Topographical EngineersUnited States. Topographical EngineersUSA Army Corps of Topographical EngineersUnited States. Army. Corps of EngineerscontainsVIAFID/131268963United States. Topographical Bureaulccn-n87881042Stansbury, Howard1806-1863lccn-n87872571Emory, William H.(William Hemsley)1811-1887cmplccn-n79063095Goetzmann, William H.lccn-no98079676Abert, J. W.(James William)1820-1897lccn-n84075762Torrey, John1796-1873lccn-n50082080Baird, Spencer Fullerton1823-1887lccn-n87827736Hall, James1811-1898lccn-n87859699United StatesArmyCorps of EngineersOffice of Historylccn-no2004027689Girard, Charles1822-1895lccn-n84804071Haldeman, Samuel Stehman1812-1880United StatesArmyCorps of Topographical EngineersDiariesHistorySurveysDiscoveries in geographyTravelUnited StatesUnited States, WestSouthwest, NewNatural historyUnited States.--Army.--Corps of Topographical EngineersUtahUtah--Great Salt LakeNorth America--Colorado RiverIndians of North AmericaGeological surveysMexican War (1846-1848)Regimental historiesScientific expeditionsCanyonsUnited States--Four Corners RegionPaleontologyMacomb, J. N.--(John N.),GeographyMilitary topographyAbert, J. W.--(James William),New MexicoExplorersArizonaGreat PlainsCanada--Canadian RiverUnited States--Zuni RiverStansbury, Howard,SoldiersEmployeesScientistsEmory, William H.--(William Hemsley),Military roadsBoundariesBotanyMexicoGeologyBirdsRocky MountainsTexasMilitary campaignsUnited States--Dakota TerritoryWashington (State)MormonsMormon ChurchSouthern Pacific Railroad CompanyMontanaPacific railroads--Explorations and surveysAtchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Company181518221831183218341835183618371838183918401841184218431844184518461847184818491850185118521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618671868186918711872187318751876187818791880188618911892189418951900193819401941194519471950195119541956195819591960196119621963196419651966196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811984198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002002200320042006200720082010201313055578990917.8F826ocn866072776ocn866298995ocn866431603ocn866344236ocn86629905190212ocn002567454book18520.39United StatesAn expedition to the valley of the Great Salt Lake75412ocn001468130book18520.73United StatesExploration and survey of the valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah : including a reconnoissance of a new route through the Rocky Mountains+-+40791007964113ocn000535293book19510.39United StatesLieutenant Emory reports : a reprint of Lieutenant W.H. Emory's Notes of a military reconnoissance [reconnaissance]38416ocn003553101book18530.81United StatesReport of an expedition down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers36111ocn000550333book18480.73United StatesNotes of a military reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including part of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila rivers3471ocn000091013book19700.53United StatesThrough the country of the Comanche Indians in the fall of the year 1845 : the journal of a U.S. Army expedition led by Lieutenant James W. Abert of the Topographical Engineers, artist extraordinary whose paintings of Indians and their Wild West illustrate this book31215ocn005869034book18480.73United StatesNotes of a military reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including parts of the Arkansas, Del Norte, and Gila rivers2801ocn000000022book19660.53Abert, J. WWestern America in 1846-1847 : the original travel diary of Lieutenant J.W. Abert, who mapped New Mexico for the United States ArmyDiaries2233ocn001452004book18530.47United StatesReport of an expedition down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers, in 18512019ocn017369338book18610.63United StatesMilitary road from Fort Benton to Fort Walla-Walla1936ocn017369458book18540.66United StatesReport of explorations for a railway route near the thirty-fifth parallel of north latitude, from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean19011ocn665190030book18480.84United StatesReport of the Secretary of War, communicating, in answer to a resolution of the Senate, a report and map of the examination of New Mexico17815ocn002175450book18520.81United StatesAn expedition to the valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah : including a description of its geography, natural history and minerals, and an analysis of its waters ; with an authentic account of the Mormon settlement ; illustrated by numerous beautiful plates, from drawings taken on the spot, also a reconnoissance [sic!] of a new route through the Rocky Mountains and two large and accurate maps of that region1755ocn017369647book18550.59United StatesReport of explorations for that portion of a railway route near the 32d parallel of latitude, lying between Dona Ana, on the Rio Grande, and Pimas Villages, on the Gila1678ocn002010498book18520.88United StatesReport of the Secretary of War, communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, the report of Lieutenant Colonel Graham on the subject of the boundary line between the United States and Mexico1575ocn000012981book19690.66United StatesReport upon the Colorado River of the West1482ocn017369727book18560.56United StatesReport of the geology of the route, near the thirty-second parallel1405ocn423585393file18420.84United StatesReport of the Secretary of War communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, a map showing the operations of the army of the United States in Texas and the adjacent Mexican states on the Rio Grande : accompanied by astronomical observations and descriptive and military memoirs of the country1272ocn004391111book19620.63United StatesAbert's New Mexico report, 1846-'4712310ocn006181586book18560.79United StatesExplorations in the Dacota country in the year 1855146813ocn001856502book19590.37Goetzmann, William HArmy exploration in the American West, 1803-1863HistorySurveysFirst published in 1959, this book tells the story of the U.S. Army's role in exploring the trans-Mississippi West, particularly the role of the Topographical Engineers. An interdisciplinary book, it addresses the military's role in the founding of archaeology and ethnology in this country and inlucdes art and photography as part of the historical story. - Publisher+-+K5666612356843ocn699513556file20100.50Madsen, Steven KExploring desert stone John N. Macomb's 1859 expedition to the canyonlands of the ColoradoHistorySourcesThe confluence of the Green and Colorado Rivers, now in Canyonlands National Park, near popular tourist destination Moab, still cannot be reached or viewed easily. Much of the surrounding region remained remote and rarely visited for decades after settlement of other parts of the West. The first U.S. government expedition to explore the canyon country and the Four Corners area was led by John Macomb of the army's topographical engineers. The soldiers and scientists followed in part the Old Spanish Trail, whose location they documented and verified. Seeking to find the confluence of the Colorado+-+23526792353245904ocn025093180book19930.47Traas, Adrian GeorgeFrom the Golden Gate to Mexico City : the U.S. Army Topographical Engineers in the Mexican War, 1846-1848History2283ocn052203058book20030.56Ronda, James PBeyond Lewis & Clark : the Army explores the WestHistoryBiography+-+11083404752182ocn039085356book19980.79Norris, L. DavidWilliam H. Emory : soldier-scientistBiographyEmory worked for nine years on the new border between the United States and Mexico after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the Gadsden Purchase and was responsible for the survey and marking of the boundary. When the Civil War broke out, Emory refused a commission in the Confederate Army, instead commanding a regiment defending Washington, D.C+-+56646016352073ocn017385113book19880.73The Nation builders : a sesquicentennial history of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, 1838-1863HistoryThis book marks an important anniversary in the history of our development as a nation. In 1838 Congress established the Corps of Topographical Engineers, an organization whose main purpose was the peacetime fostering of economic growth and national cohesion. This small dedicated group of officers contributed to the development of many aspects of the national transportation network-railroads, highways, and inland waterways. They provided maps for overland travelers and charts for navigators on our Great Lakes. By the time that the organization was abolished during the Civil War, it had played a major part in a period of dramatic development aptly characterized by one historian as a transportation revolution151ocn004834028book19740.79Strother, David HunterPorte Crayon sampler : David Hunter StrotherHistoryLocal historyBiographyPersonal narratives121ocn051175776book20020.92Wermiel, Sara EArmy engineers' contributions to the development of iron construction in the nineteenth century81ocn496619053book2003Ronda, James PBeyond Lewis & ClarkHistory+-+110834047553ocn011949339book19680.66Ryan, Garry DWar Department Topographical Bureau, 1831-1863 an administrative historyHistorySurveysDescribes the history of the War Department Topographical Bureau, from its establishment as an independent War Dept. organization in June 1831 to its merger into the Engineer Department in March 1863. An administrative convenience for the whole of its thirty two years, the Corps of Topographical Engineers planned, supervised, and regulated operations and activities of the small number of officers who performed a variety of duties across America. Topographical engineers explored and mapped the Western territories, removed sand bars, silt deposits, and dredged rivers, deepened harbors and ports, surveyed railroad lines and canal routes, provided topographical surveys and supervised the construction of roads, bridges, lighthouses41ocn042588405book19720.96United StatesReturns of the Corps of Topographical Engineers, November 1831-February 1863Microform catalogs21ocn038117110book19890.47Hess, DemianMinnesota military roads21ocn048429949book20000.47Knetsch, JoeThe impact of the Bureau of Topographical Engineers on the development of FloridaHistorySurveys21ocn237797145art2008Sylvia, Stephen WCivil War insigniaHistory11ocn662491084mixDerby, George HoratioLetters to John James Abert [facsimiles]HistorySet of facsimile letters written from George Horatio Derby to Colonel J.J. Abert, mainly regarding work on the San Diego River levee. Derby writes of his activities at Monterey, his appointment to San Diego, his various expenses, his "long and tedious passage" from New York to San Diego, the results of his levee building survey for the San Diego River, the difficulties of acquiring funding for the project, his troubles trying to carry equipment on horseback, the completion of work on the San Diego River, Abert's unhappiness with modifications made by Derby to original levee plans ("I believe I am the only officer on this coast whose official drafts have ever been dishonored" writes Derby of the incident), his appointment as Aide-de-Camp of General Wool, and his work in the Cascades (Washington state). Derby also writes of being delayed on his travels by the birth of his child aboard a ship and his request to "improve in my examining the fortifications of Europe" with the hope of achieving the rank of Captain. Also includes a letter to Secretary of War Jefferson Davis in which Derby asks to be sent east to be near his ailing mother, a list of equipment lost in the Punta River, and various plans and estimates relating to the San Diego River11ocn040573177art1999Abert, John JamesHistoryBiography11ocn008159417mix0.47Thom, GeorgePapersSurveysOfficer, U.S. Army, Corps of Topographical Engineers. "Prime vertical observations at Richford, Vermont" (2 copies); miscellaneous notes for boundary survey, Richford, Vt., 1845; "Transit observations at East Albany, N.Y., 1845."11ocn759935419mix1862McClellan, George BrintonGeorge B. McClellan letter to H. Wilson and F. P. BlairRecords and correspondenceLetter from George B. McClellan, near Cumberland, Virginia, to Henry Wilson and Francis P. Blair, 3 pp, 15 May 1862, regarding the need for legislation to merge the Corps of Engineers and Topographical Engineers and to make them work more efficiently. With typed transcript11ocn826673956book18401.00United StatesCircular : Bureau of Top'l Engineers, January 3, 1842Rules11ocn732896198book0.47Graham, J. DMemoirs &c. on scientific subjects+-+4079100796+-+4079100796Fri Mar 21 15:56:42 EDT 2014batch38281