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Thu Oct 16 17:54:10 2014 UTClccn-n790384600.24The lives and times of the great composers /0.430.59Rigoletto : opera in four acts /22329110Giuseppe_Verdin 79038460271983Verdi.Verdi 1813-1901Verdi, D.Verdi, D. 1813-1901Verdi, Dž.Verdi, Dzh 1813-1901Verdi, Dzhuzepe 1813-1901Verdi, Džiuzeppe 1813-1901Verdi, Džuzepe 1813-1901Verdi, Džuzeppe.Verdi, Džuzeppe 1813-1901Verdi, Fortunato Giuseppe Francesco 1813-1901Verdi, Fortunino Giuseppe Francesco 1813-1901Verdi, Fortunio Giuseppe FrancescoVerdi, Fortunio Giuseppe Francesco 1813-1901Verdi, G.Verdi, G. 1813-1901Verdi, G. (Giuseppe)Verdi, G. (Giuseppe), 1813-1901Verdi, GiuseppeVerdi, Giuseppe Fortun. Francesco 1813-1901Verdi, Giuseppe Fortunino FrancescoVerdi, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco 1813-1901Verdi, Giuseppo 1813-1901Verdi, Guiseppe 1813-1901Verdi, J.Verdi J. 1813-1901Verdi, Jakab 1813-1901Verdi, Jos 1813-1901Verdi, José 1813-1901Verdi, Josef 1813-1901Verdi, Joseph.Verdi, Joseph 1813-1901Verdi, Józef.Verdi, József 1813-1901Verdis, Dž 1813-1901Verdy, Giuseppe 1813-1901Verudi, G. 1813-1901Wei'erdi 1813-1901Werdi, G.Верди, Джузеппе 1813-1901ווערדי, ג'וזפה 1813-1901ורדי, ג'וזפה 1813-1901ליאונקובלו, ר.רדדי, ג.جوسيبي فيردي، 1813-1901فيردي، جوزيبي، 1813-1901فيردي، جيوسبي، 1813-1901ڤيردي، جيوسپي، ‪1813-1901‬ヴェルディヴェルディ, ジュセッペヴェルディ, ジュゼッペ・フォルトゥニーノ・フランチェスコlccn-n79089277Piave, Francesco Maria1810-1876othprflbtlyrauiadpctbcreedtcmplccn-n80010162Boito, Arrigo1842-1918othtrlprflbtlyrcrpctbcreedtcmplccn-n2002067221Fisher, Burton D.lccn-n81014470Domingo, Plácido1941-othsngcndprfvoclccn-n80067196Ghislanzoni, Antonio1824-1893othstdprflbtlyrantlibctbcretrlnp-cammarano, salvatore$1801 1852Cammarano, Salvatore1801-1852prflbtedtlccn-n50056787Teatro alla Scalaprfartproactitrorclccn-n81012217Pavarotti, Lucianoothsngcmmprfvocedtactlccn-n81016975Milnes, Sherrillothsngprfvoccndactlccn-n82006554Solera, Temistocle1815-1878othlbrlbtlyrantprfplbctbcreVerdi, Giuseppe1813-1901DramaBiographyRecords and correspondenceFictionMusical settingsCriticism, interpretation, etcStories, plots, etcOperasLive sound recordingsMotion picture musicOperasVerdi, Giuseppe,Operas--LibrettosComposersItalyOperas--Vocal scores with pianoOperas--ExcerptsAïda (Verdi, Giuseppe)Traviata (Verdi, Giuseppe)Otello (Verdi, Giuseppe)Rigoletto (Verdi, Giuseppe)RequiemsOperas--ScoresLive sound recordingsOperaBallo in maschera (Verdi, Giuseppe)California--San FranciscoPerformancesFalstaff, John, Sir (Fictitious character)Nebuchadnezzar--II,--King of Babylonia,Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix,Britten, Benjamin,Offenbach, Jacques,Bellini, Vincenzo,Dvořák, Antonín,Grieg, Edvard,Strauss, Johann,Stravinsky, Igor,Meyerbeer, Giacomo,Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich,Puccini, Giacomo,Bartók, Béla,Liszt, Franz,Bizet, Georges,Sibelius, Jean,Rossini, Gioacchino,Schubert, Franz,Schumann, Robert,Fauré, Gabriel,Scriabin, Aleksandr Nikolayevich,Smetana, Bedřich,Janáček, Leoš,Shostakovich, Dmitriĭ Dmitrievich,Haydn, Joseph,Franck, César,Brahms, Johannes,Wagner, Richard,Elgar, Edward,Beethoven, Ludwig van,Rachmaninoff, Sergei,18131901181918241825182818321833183418351837183918401841184218431844184518461847184818491850185118521853185418551856185718581859186018611862186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320143685883984587559782.1ML50.V484ocn055592485ocn003083417ocn018012816ocn003530647ocn028468861ocn015617253ocn811337071ocn051214000ocn002949551ocn006799183ocn797490929ocn797444215ocn797925499ocn800811346ocn797865518ocn797546882ocn797864315ocn801212093ocn797466266ocn797545346ocn799968433ocn799413585ocn799599797ocn797902608ocn797894531ocn797736874ocn799821215ocn797900595ocn658436880ocn797631537ocn724139696ocn707607100ocn725357979ocn725541330ocn724927000ocn725409573ocn073774827ocn698661693ocn725455963ocn724426652ocn865503148ocn862141952ocn854372879ocn865127001ocn881616848ocn865087917ocn881220433ocn864651772ocn864990724ocn880863181ocn005515748ocn427869708ocn061675917ocn729926125ocn844077942ocn874731183ocn820418389ocn699014770ocn867178928ocn302286590ocn258056748ocn799478441ocn247785907ocn462192092ocn314248881ocn632795032ocn467490810ocn467490789ocn082889210ocn247810118ocn441924391ocn442168793ocn444337281ocn443782512ocn442362127ocn445634585ocn442833669ocn443167173ocn439307571ocn781123686ocn189865751ocn799392307ocn777812936ocn777029423ocn156082830ocn777778982ocn777923819ocn777810098ocn409404114ocn844204607ocn844502113ocn221420004ocn779653005ocn779646109ocn846757625ocn061219335ocn849324475ocn780743309ocn780578089ocn846696779ocn846757624ocn846691347ocn440667600ocn440874863ocn123070480ocn742976874ocn061219335ocn802421645ocn062011174ocn844363238ocn026488790ocn469059309ocn842110085ocn842288007ocn843477928ocn691974333Composers89071315ocn016695745rcrd19000.47Verdi, GiuseppeRigolettoCriticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsOperasThis recording contains the complete opera sung in Italian. The book contains the complete text of the libretto with annotations in both English and Italian and a critical historical commentary. The text also includes the background of the composer, biographies of the principal singers and conductor+-+929576420677911051ocn028245073rcrd19000.47Verdi, GiuseppeIl trovatoreCriticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsInterviewsPictorial worksOperasEMI: Cdh 7 61052 2+-+51157642066512910ocn012832613rcrd13240.50Verdi, GiuseppeOtelloMusical settingsInterviewsMusicDramaMotion picture musicThe story: Act I. The action unfolds on Cyprus, under Venetian rule in the 16th century. The scene is outside the castle, residence of Otello, governor of the island, facing the port. It is night. A furious storm churns the sea, and a crowd of Venetian citizens and soldiers helplessly watch while the ship of the Moor Otello desperately tries to make it into port. Only Iago, one of Otello's men, does not participate in the general apprehension for the safety of his leader: he hates Otello, because Otello has promoted Cassio captain instead of him; he meditates revenge. The crowd is jubilant as Otello finally lands safely and announces that the Turkish fleet has been defeated. When the Moor enters the castle, the fireworks start and all drink to his victory. In the midst of the rejoicing, Iago starts to weave the scheme that will lead to his commander's downfall: he treacherously insinuates to Roderigo, who had revealed to Iago his love for Otello's wife, Desdemona, that Captain Cassio also feels the same affection for the woman. Then Iago gets Cassio drunk, and incites a fight between the two men, but the dangerous duel that starts between them is stopped by Montano. However, the peacemaker is wounded by Cassio. Iago sounds the alarm, swelling the episode out of proportion until the crowd is in tumult. Called back by the shouts and noise, Otello, falsely informed by Iago, punishes Cassio and demotes him. This is a first victory for Iago, who exults576119ocn050861847file20010.31Verdi, GiuseppeVerdi's La Traviata-- Engaging Commentary and Analysis about the composer, the opera and its characters.-- Story Narrative with Music Highlight Examples-- A complete Libretto (newly translated) that incorporates Music Highlight Examples-- A Discography-- A Videography-- A Dictionary of Opera and Musical TermsEach Opera Classics Library edition is a comprehensive guide and complete analysis and evaluation of a specific opera; each is a unique "encyclopedia" that integrates important and pertinent information about each timeless classic. The objective of Opera Classics Library is to unlock opera's mysteries for the general audience, and enlighten and educate. Understanding and knowledge are the master keys to enhance enjoyment and appreciation of this great art form.Alexandre Dumas, in the final words of his novel, La Dame aux Camelias, dutifully summed up the sense of poignancy that became the basis of one of Verdi's most treasured operas: "Sleep in peace, Marguerite! Much will be forgiven you for you have greatly loved." La Traviata is an intimate portrait of a woman's agonizing defeat against the forces of destiny. Verdi's music score is a tone poem that musically captures the story's profound human passions and psychological depth+-+79969358465523644ocn011606338rcrd19300.50Verdi, GiuseppeFalstaffMusical settingsDramaOperasRecorded Mar. 30-Apr. 15, 1932 at Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy+-+22659713954513696ocn013039899rcrd19040.50Verdi, GiuseppeUn ballo in mascheraMusical settingsInterviewsRecorded at the Rome Opera House in June and July 19434381794ocn811257935rcrd19250.35Verdi, GiuseppeAidaCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksStories, plots, etcFeatures highlights from Riccardo Muti's interpretation of Verdi's Aida, whose cast includes Montserrat Caballe and Placido Domingo+-+55377393364376893ocn016696904rcrd19120.33Verdi, GiuseppeLa traviataCriticism, interpretation, etcMusical settingsDramaOperasGiuseppe Verdi's sentimental favorite is the story of Violetta, the self-sacrificing courtesan who sells her jewels to keep her younger lover living in bucolic bliss+-+06781713954041595ocn015649855rcrd10000.56Verdi, GiuseppeLa forza del destinoMusical settingsOperasZinka Milanov, soprano ; Giuseppe di Stefano, tenor ; Leonard Warren, Bariton3957525ocn028907634score18500.59Verdi, GiuseppeRigoletto : opera in four actsArchivesMusical settingsOrchestral excerptsManuscriptsCollection of printed and published parts (some photocopied) with annotations by Richard Divall+-+701800842538188ocn049415128file19830.30Verdi, GiuseppeVerdi's AidaA comprehensive guide to Verdi's Aïda, featuring insightful and in depth commentary and analysis, a complete, newly translated libretto with ItalianEnglish side-by side, and over 30 music highlight examples+-+5357862245380612ocn049852307file19830.30Verdi, GiuseppeVerdi's RigolettoA comprehensive guide to Verdi's RIGOLETTO, featuring insightful and in depth Commentary and Analysis, a complete, newly translated Libretto with Italian/English side-by side, and over 35 music highlight examples+-+7026935846371414ocn050861785file20010.30Verdi, GiuseppeVerdi's Otello-- Engaging Commentary and Analysis about the composer, the opera and its characters.-- Story Narrative with Music Highlight Examples-- A complete Libretto (newly translated) that incorporates Music Highlight Examples-- A Discography-- A Videography-- A Dictionary of Opera and Musical TermsEach Opera Classics Library edition is a comprehensive guide and complete analysis and evaluation of a specific opera; each is a unique "encyclopedia" that integrates important and pertinent information about each timeless classic. The objective of Opera Classics Library is to unlock opera's mysteries for the general audience, and enlighten and educate. Understanding and knowledge are the master keys to enhance enjoyment and appreciation of this great art form.After the tremendously successful premier of Otello, Verdi responded to his librettist Arrigo Boito's enthusiastic congratulations: "Congratulations to HIM -- to Shakespeare, the immortal bard." Verdi's Otello represents the ultimate flowering of the composer's musico-dramatic genius, a milestone in Italian opera whose portrait of a tragic human conflict becomes intensified by the emotive power of its music+-+77009622453608514ocn659739977rcrd19400.35Verdi, GiuseppeMessa da RequiemMusicLive sound recordingsRequiemsThis extraordinary performance of Verdi's unforgettable Requiem features a dream cast: soprano Leontyne Price, equally acclaimed for her soaring phrasing and the nobility with which she sings the words, is joined by Plácido Domingo, one of the great Verdi tenors of his generation, distinguished mezzo-soprano Florence Quivar, and magnificent bass John Cheek. Under James Levine's inspired conducting, the Met Orchestra and Chorus deliver a thrilling account of this breathtaking score3369298ocn003077830score18530.56Verdi, GiuseppeLa Traviata : opera in three actsArchivesMusical settingsManuscriptsLibretto van de opera van de Italiaanse componist (1813-1901) met vertaling en toelichtingen+-+06781713953041293ocn003821045score18700.53Verdi, GiuseppeAïda : opera in four actsRobert Patterson Strine announces a season of grand opera by the entire company from the Metropolitan Opera House New York, under the direction of Mr. Heinrich Conried, Ernest Goerlitz, general manager. "Aida" opera in four acts and seven scenes, music by Verdi, book by A. Ghislanzoni. (In Italian). Conductor Mr. Arturo Vigna, stage director, Mr. Eugene Dufriche+-+52360084253020380ocn003773534rcrd19330.53Verdi, GiuseppeDon CarloMusical settingsInterviewsDramaOperasThe young Leonie Rysanek triumphs in her second Met broadcast of the almost four dozen she would do during her astonishing career. Here she is Elizabeth of Valois, married to King Philip II of Spain (Jerome Hines), even though she loves his son, Don Carlo (Giulio Gari). Rysanek's heartbreaking performance fully connects with Elizabeth's passion and despair. Beloved baritone Robert Merrill is Don Carlo's friend, Roderigo, killed by the Inquisition. Blanche Thebom is Princess Eboli and future superstar Martina Arroyo is heard in her Met debut role as the Celestial Voice2813334ocn000682564book18650.50Verdi, GiuseppeAïdaStories, plots, etcTrois colonnes: au centre le texte italien avec traduction française et anglaise, mot à mot, de chaque côté traduction littéraire dans les deux langues. Brève introduction sur Verdi, sur les personnages de l'opéra et synopsis de chacun des actes+-+05228096252615353ocn017021086rcrd19500.53Verdi, GiuseppeSimon BoccanegraDramaThe role of Simon Boccanegra is one of the capstones of Verdi's baritone repertoire. Sherrill Milnes gives a stunning portrayal of the 14th century Genoa doge, singing with both power and poetry, and reminding everyone why audiences acclaimed him the great American Verdi baritone of the day. Anna Tomowa-Sintow is Amelia, his long-lost daughter, in love with one of Boccanegra's most bitter political enemies. James Levine reveals his passion for Verdi's score, bringing out all the drama while reveling in its aching lyricism2589405ocn010991102rcrd19490.47Verdi, GiuseppeNabuccoDramaThis is the opera that made Verdi famous overnight, performed here with the all-star cast that introduced the work to the Met shortly before this broadcast. Thomas Schippers' superb conducting galvanized the Met orchestra and chorus, to say nothing of the magnificent soloists, headed by Cornell MacNeil as the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, who loses his throne to his demented, scheming daughter, played by a blazing Leonie Rysanek. Majestic bass Cesare Siepi is the high priest Zaccaria. The opera is still a rarity and this rendition is legendary219616ocn727944797book19850.39Budden, JulianVerdiCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"In this third edition of the classic Verdi, renowned authority Julian Budden offers a comprehensive overview of Verdi the man and the artist. Budden traces his ascent from humble beginnings to the status of a cultural patriarch of the new Italy, whose cause he had done much to promote, while demonstrating the gradual enlargement of his artistic vision over the years."+-+9798780465167815ocn001175452book19630.33Martin, George WhitneyVerdi; his music, life and timesBiography+-+651656423515365ocn026851700book19930.29Phillips-Matz, Mary JaneVerdi : a biographyBiographyVerdi was one of the greatest, the most successful, and the longest-lived of all composers. Nearly a century after his death, many of his operas remain in the standard repertory, and some, such as Rigoletto, Il trovatore, La traviata, and Aida, are among the most popular of all operas+-+455116346532414852ocn044957879file19930.39Martin, George WhitneyVerdi at the Golden Gate opera and San Francisco in the Gold Rush years+-+987635570511194ocn042923668book20000.30Rosselli, JohnThe life of VerdiBiography"Verdi's long life spanned Napoleonic rule and the age of broadcasting. He was the last great composer to give direct voice to basic human emotions, yet he was not always as straightforward as the directness of his work suggests: he was neither the uneducated peasant he claimed to be nor the conservative nationalist he seemed to become in his later years. In this new biography, John Rosselli traces the life and work of a boldly innovative artist. He investigates Verdi's businesslike running of a landed estate as well as a highly successful career, and looks into his complex relationships - still not quite clear - with two women singers: his second wife Giuseppina Strepponi and his probable lover Teresa Stolz. At the same time he considers the music with clarity and insight, dwelling on the most important operas and showing us why they still fill theatres and rouse enthusiasm today."--Jacket+-+K20411670511189ocn000351014book19620.37Walker, FrankThe man VerdiBiography10772ocn003709839book19770.37Weaver, WilliamVerdi : a documentary studyBiography10732ocn005029760book19790.39The Verdi companionExamines Verdi's life and works from different points of view and includes a documented chronology of his life+-+989958848510591ocn055764605book20040.24Steen, MichaelThe lives and times of the great composersBiographyStudies the social, cultural, and political spheres that affected the lives and works of approximately 50 composers+-+5367770465102410ocn016089031book19870.28Osborne, CharlesVerdi : a life in the theatreBiographyCarries Giuseppe Verdi, the musical and theatrical genius whose operas are the most popular of all time, from his humble beginnings through his youthful struggles and mature triumphs, to his acclaimed old age as the national hero of Italian music9922ocn010936465book19840.35Encounters with Verdi+-+85894965359229ocn000401199book19420.50Verdi, GiuseppeVerdi, the man in his lettersRecords and correspondence90611ocn004076010book19780.24Southwell-Sander, PeterVerdi : his life and timesBiographyA view of the nineteenth century Italian composer which captures the feeling of the times, and outlines Verdi's own personal life through the use of letters and documents+-+85075466253248725ocn001058938book19740.28Wechsberg, JosephVerdiBiography8055ocn707969114book20110.24Wills, GarryVerdi's Shakespeare : men of the theaterHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcExplores the writing and staging of Verdi's three triumphant Shakespearian operas: Macbeth, Othello, and Falstaff. An Italian composer who couldn't read a word of English but adored Shakespeare, Verdi devoted himself to operatic productions that authentically incorporated the playwright's texts. Wills focuses on the intense working relationships both Shakespeare and Verdi had with the performers and producers of their works+-+89587552157588ocn052055090book20030.56The Cambridge companion to VerdiCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"This Companion provides an accessible biographical, theatrical, and social-cultural background for Verdi's music, examines in detail important general aspects of its style and method of composition, and discusses stylistic themes in reviews of representative works. Aspects of Verdi's milieu, style, creative process, and critical reception are explored in essays by highly reputed specialists. Individual chapters address themes in Verdi's life, his role in transforming the theatre business, and his relationship to Italian Romanticism and the Risorgimento. Chapters on four operas representative of the different stages of Verdi's career, Ernani, Rigoletto, Don Carlos, and Otello synthesize analytical themes introduced in the more general chapters and illustrate the richness of Verdi's creativity. The Companion also includes chapters on Verdi's non-operatic songs and other music, his creative process, and writing about Verdi from the nineteenth century to the present day."--BOOK JACKET+-+037781670575435ocn024052328book19230.59Werfel, FranzVerdi : Roman der OperFictionRoman om et vigtigt år, 1883, i komponisten Giuseppe Verdis liv (1813-1901), da han i Venedig kredser om sin konkurrent Richard Wagner og omsider slider sig løs af ti års kunstnerisk dødvande69816ocn001110446book19630.53Hussey, DyneleyVerdiCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography6805ocn000238946book19710.47Verdi, GiuseppeLetters of Giuseppe VerdiRecords and correspondence6606ocn000412420book19580.37Sheean, VincentOrpheus at eightyBiography+-+0476362835324+-+5357862245+-+5357862245Thu Oct 16 15:02:33 EDT 2014batch1184002