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Thu Oct 16 17:58:52 2014 UTClccn-n790416500.06The father of the atom : Democritus and the nature of matter /0.650.95Demokrit : teksty, perevod, issledovanii︠a︡49224361n 7904165070117832483731275103Democrates ca. v460 - v370Democrates Philosophus ca. v460 - v370Democratus ca. v460 - v370Democrit, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Democrit ca. v460 - v370Démocrite.Démocrite, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Démocrite, ca460-ca380 v.Chr.Démocrite d'Abdère ca. v460 - v370DemocritoDemocrito, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Demócrito Atomista ca. v460 - v370Democrito, ca 460-ca 370 f.Kr.Democrito, ca460-ca380 v.Chr.Democrito, d'Abdera, ca460-ca380 v.Chr.Democrito di Abdera ca. v460 - v370Democrito Scolaro di Leucippo ca. v460 - v370Democritos von Abdera ca. v460 - v370Democritus.Democritus, AbderitaDemocritus Abderita, ca 460-ca 370 f.Kr.Democritus Abderyta ca. v460 - v370Democritus, ap 460-370 p.m.ē.Democritus (ca 460-ca 370 a.C.). [m]Democritus, ca. 460-ca. 370 B.C.Democritus, ca 460-ca 370 f. Kr.Democritus ca. v460 - v370Democritus, ca460-ca380 v.Chr.Democritus of Abdera ca. v460 - v370Democritus Philosophus ca. v460 - v370Demokrates ca. v460 - v370Demokrates Philosophos ca. v460 - v370Demokratos ca. v460 - v370Demokrit.Demokrit, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Demokrit, ca 460-ca 370 f.Kr.Demokrit ca. v460 - v370Demokrit, ca460-ca380 v.Chr.Demokrit von Abdera ca. v460 - v370Demokrit, von Abdera, ca460-ca380 v.Chr.Demokritos, ap 460-370 p.m.ē.Dēmokritos, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Dēmokritos, c. 460-c. 370 B.CDemokritos ca. v460 - v370Demokritos, ca460-ca380 v.Chr.Demokritos Schüler des Leukippos ca. v460 - v370Demokritos, van Abdera, ca460-ca380 v.Chr.Demokritos von Abdera ca. v460 - v370Demokritus ca. v460 - v370Demokryt.Demokryt, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Demokryt z Abdery.Demokʻŭritʻosŭ, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Dīmūqrīṭis, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Temokʻŭritʻosŭ, approximately 460 B.C.-approximately 370 B.C.Демокрит, ap 460-370 p.m.ē.lccn-no99064639Leucippuslccn-nr97025768Morel, Pierre-Marieedtlccn-n79121664Epicuruslccn-n82066505Taylor, C. C. W.(Christopher Charles Whiston)1936-auiothtrledtcwtlccn-n87903445Brancacci, Aldoedtlccn-n50061480Cole, Thomas1933-lccn-n80026261Cartledge, Paullccn-n78095675Heraclitusof Ephesuslccn-n81002855Protagoraslccn-n79033010Lucretius Carus, TitusDemocritusHumorHistoryDemocritusDemocritus,Philosophy, AncientAtomismLeucippusWeights and measures, AncientEthicsGreeceAnthropologyCivilizationEpicurusEthics, AncientRelativityMetaphysics (Aristotle)Aletheia (Protagoras)Theaetetus (Plato)MaterialismProtagorasGreat BritainEmpedoclesHeraclitus,--of EphesusAntiphon,AristotlePlatoNietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,Kant, Immanuel,Schopenhauer, Arthur,PhilosophyGreek languageLanguage and languagesLucretius Carus, TitusDepression, MentalHippocratesAtomsMathematics, GreekMatter--ConstitutionTemperance and religionTemperancePolitical scienceKnowledge, Theory ofGermanyMedicine, Greek and RomanScience, AncientNorth, Frederick,--Lord,Money supplyCoinageNeoplatonismProclus,Language and languages--PhilosophyPhilosophy of nature14961498149915031505151315201521153015321542156015721573157415791598160116071609161516231632163816391643164616471648165516581659166016631666167016711676167916811688169416961700170317051706171017111712171717231725173017331736174017411745175017541756175817671775177717811783178417891790179218061810181418151819182018271829183018321833183418351836183718391840184218431845184618471848184918541857186018611868187318781879188018831884188518861887188918901891189318941895189718981899190019011902190319061907190819091910191119121913191419151921192319241927192819291930193119331934193519361937193819391940194219461948195019511952195319541955195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197819791980198119821983198419851986198719891990199119921993199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201310934543977182.7B225.E5ocn074303283ocn879373093ocn837283646ocn776545235105312ocn244768656file19990.56LeucippusThe atomists, Leucippus and Democritus fragments : a text and translation with a commentaryAnnotation+-+176761799615919ocn001700347book18930.82DemocritusDie Ethika des Demokritos1464ocn065267636file18390.88DemocritusA medical, moral, and Christian dissection of tee-totalism1264ocn065329245file16230.92DemocritusAvisi Parnassiaci, das ist, Absonderliche Relationes der teutschen Müntz Vnordnung betreffendt erstlichen Scusa dess Dalers & consorten, dass sie an der Theurung inn Teutschlandt nicht schuldig seyn : zum Andern, Heracliti vnnd Democriti alter Philosophorum relation, wie es der Staigerung dess Gelts haben, sampt der nachfolgenden inconvenientien in Teutschland fürgangen, sampt Apollinis censur vber beeder AnbringenHumor999ocn642246382file17750.74DemocritusThe history of the old fring'd petticoat ; a fragment translated from the original MS. Greek of Democritus. With an epistle and dedication to Lord N----6710ocn038911132book19960.47DemocritusFragmente zur Ethik : Griechisch/Deutsch535ocn001598705book19700.95Lurʹe, S. I︠A︡Demokrit : teksty, perevod, issledovanii︠a︡527ocn004375419book19620.70DemocritusDas Erlebnis; der Mensch zwischen Wirklichkeit und Idee529ocn832000953book18340.70Weber, Karl JuliusDemokritos; oder, Hinterlassene Papiere eines Lachenden Philosophen4310ocn006359422book19280.90DemocritusDoctrines philosophiques et réflexions morales349ocn257795920book18430.84DemocritusDemocriti Abderitae operum fragmenta.316ocn010814642book16380.79DemophilusDemophili, Democratis, et Secundi, veterum philosophorum Sententiae morales231ocn444815726book20090.93Leszl, WalterI primi atomisti : raccolta di testi che riguardano Leucippo e Democrito174ocn797003448book20110.93DemocritusMassime167ocn457989812book16010.79HippocrateEpistolae Hippocratis, Democriti, Heracliti, Diogenis, Cratetis, aliorúmque ad eosdem165ocn038713411book18610.77DemocritusFaction defeated: or, The political crisis of Victoria152ocn023392021book19280.82DemocritusDémocrite. Doctrines philosophiques et rétlexions morales151ocn833047113book19960.63Strohmaier, GotthardVon Demokrit bis Dante : die Bewahrung antiken Erbes in der arabischen Kultur155ocn312527648book15720.35DemocritusDe Arte Magna, Siue [sive] de rebus naturalibus152ocn017342133book17500.90EpictetusEpicteti Enchiridium cum Cebetis Thebani tabula. Accedunt Demophili Similitudines & Democratis philosophi Auree sententiae graece & latine10595ocn290558744file20070.50International Colloquium on DemocritusDemocritus science, the arts, and the care of the soul : proceedings of the International Colloquium on Democritus, Paris, 18-20 September 2003Conference proceedingsDemocritus' works : from their titles to their contents / Walter Leszl -- Democritus and Lucretius on death and dying / Cristopher C.W. Taylor -- Democritus on social and psychological harm / James Warren -- Démocrite et l'objet de la philosophie naturelle : a propos des sens de physis chez Démocrite / Pierre-Marie Morel -- Perception et connaissance chez Démocrite / Jean Salem -- Democritus, zoology and the physicians / Lorenzo Perilli -- Democritus' Mousika / Aldo Brancacci -- Le Démocrite technicien : remarques sur la réception de Démocrite dans la littérature technique / M. Laura Gemelli Marciano -- Démocrite à l'Académie? / Denis O'Brien -- Démocrite au Lycée : la définition / Annick Jaulin -- Out of touch : Philoponus as source for Democritus / Jaap Mansfeld+-+95160695543246447ocn001289884book19670.70Cole, ThomasDemocritus and the sources of Greek anthropologyHistory+-+56505900065876ocn040925832book19970.25Cartledge, PaulDemocritus+-+64387406954027ocn056834586book20050.77Lee, Mi-KyoungEpistemology after Protagoras : responses to relativism in Plato, Aristotle, and DemocritusHistory"Relativism was first formulated in Western philosophy by Protagoras in the fifth century BC. Protagoras is famous for his claim that 'man is the measure of all things'. Mi-Kyoung Lee examines this and the work of Plato, Aristotle, and Democritus"--Provided by publisher+-+07771744653264ocn048390710book20020.79Warren, JamesEpicurus and Democritean ethics : an archaeology of ataraxia"The Epicurean philosophical system has enjoyed much recent scrutiny, but the question of its philosophical ancestry remains largely neglected. It has often been thought that Epicurus owed only his physical theory of atomism to the fifth-century B.C. philosopher Democritus, but this study finds that there is much in his ethical thought which can be traced to Democritus. It also finds important influences on Epicurus in Democritus' fourth-century followers such as Anaxarchus and Pyrrho, and in Epicurus' disagreements with his own Democritean teacher Nausiphanes. The result is not only a fascinating reconstruction of a lost tradition, but also an important contribution to the philosophical interpretation of Epicureanism, bearing especially on its ideal of tranquillity and on the relation of ethics to physics."--Jacket+-+24186367052482ocn054988783book20040.84Chitwood, AvaDeath by philosophy : the biographical tradition in the life and death of the archaic philosophers Empedocles, Heraclitus, and DemocritusBiography+-+23386672952445ocn012878287book19810.82Nill, MichaelMorality and self-interest in Protagoras, Antiphon, and Democritus1994ocn057506634book20050.84Swift, Paul ABecoming Nietzsche : early reflections on Democritus, Schopenhauer, and KantThe first study of its kind suitable for Nietzsche specialists, historians of philosophy, and newcomers who have broad interests in the humanities, Becoming Nietzsche investigates how Democritus's rejection of teleology and Kant's analysis of reflective judgment directly influenced Nietzsche's aesthetic perspectivism in the 1860s."--BOOK JACKET+-+857876482518713ocn006775363book19380.84Fritz, Kurt vonPhilosophie und sprachlicher Ausdruck bei Demokrit, Plato und AristotelesTerms and phrasesTerminology18111ocn003682641book19360.77Nizan, PaulLes Matérialistes de l'antiquité1752ocn024669356book19920.88Rütten, ThomasDemokrit, lachender Philosoph und sanguinischer Melancholiker : eine pseudohippokratische GeschichteSpurious and doubtful works+-+88704595541461ocn268547453book20100.06Macfarlane, KatherineThe father of the atom : Democritus and the nature of matterJuvenile works"A biography of ancient Greek philosopher Democritus, who believed that all matter was made up of indivisible and indestructible particles called atoms moving around in a void"--Provided by publisher+-+55698511251382ocn186535363file17770.74The laughing philosopherHumor1171ocn008212981book19810.37O'Brien, DenisDemocritus, weight and size an exercise in the reconstruction of early Greek philosophy+-+57861595541153ocn011693732book19840.88Stückelberger, AlfredVestigia Democritea : die Rezeption der Lehre von den Atomen in der antiken Naturwissenschaft und Medizin1127ocn010268831book19340.82Langerbeck, HermannDoxis epirysmiē, Studien zu Demokrits Ethik und Erkenntnislehre992ocn003610668book19640.82Lurʹe, S. I︠A︡Zur Frage der materialistischen Begründung der Ethik bei Demokrit912ocn007307792book19790.88Hirschle, MaurusSprachphilosophie und Namenmagie im Neuplatonismus : mit e. Exkurs zu "Demokrit" B 142History872ocn056796367file20040.23Marx, KarlDiferencia entre la filosofía de la naturaleza de Demócrito y Epicuro866ocn148735358book20070.82Gemelli Marciano, M. LauraDemocrito e l' Accademia : studi sulla trasmissione dell'atomismo antico da Aristotele a SimplicioHistoryReview text: "Si tratta in conclusione di un contributo molto improtante non solo per la storia della filosofia ma anche per la storia della scienza antica."Marco Beretta in: Nuncius 2/2008+-+8790365668+-+1767617996+-+1767617996Thu Oct 16 14:58:47 EDT 2014batch41272